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3860Maximthen I'd have an even higher count hehehe (I have a reputation for long posts ;-)7-Jan-10 19:26
3859SunandaA better measure might be words [or bytes] posted rather than total posts.....Some people post every new line (understandable given AltME's post-losing abilities) and that boosts their post count over those of us who....

....use multi-paragraph posts. [That's a hint for you and your 2010 aspirations, Graham ;)]

Still, however it is measured, we have worthy champions.

7-Jan-10 8:18
3858Maximwell, for the last year I guess.7-Jan-10 6:20
3857Maximyay!!! it actually was a goal of mine for this year ;-)7-Jan-10 6:20
3856GrahamEh? I want out!! Spend way too much time posting.2-Jan-10 19:08
3855SunandaStats start appearing after 500 or so posts. Good luck, Graham!2-Jan-10 11:54
3854GrahamI'm aiming to get out of the top 3 for 20102-Jan-10 10:28
3853Grahamno stats for 20102-Jan-10 10:28
3852BrianHGuess you've been busy this year :)2-Jan-10 10:27
3851Grahamoh well, I was top poster for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 ... lol2-Jan-10 10:26
3850BrianHHe's been posting a lot lately, especially in the R3 groups and his project groups.2-Jan-10 10:24
3849GrahamSunanda, I think you should exclude all the non-rebol groups ...2-Jan-10 10:22
3848GrahamThis is bizarre .. he's hardly ever here.2-Jan-10 10:21
3847BrianHPossible nominee for user.r REBOL of the Year for 2010, if he keeps things up the way he's been going lately :)2-Jan-10 9:20
3846SteeveWho's Maxim ?2-Jan-10 9:17
3845SteeveI'm not bad :-)2-Jan-10 9:12
3844BrianHAnd of just how active we are - that's a lot of posts.2-Jan-10 8:52
3843SunandaCongratualtions to Maxim -- most prolific poster of 2009 in the [web-public] groups of this world. And to BrianH as a close runner up:

Over 36,000 posts from just over 100 people.....It's an indication of the size of the active REBOL developers' community.

2-Jan-10 8:40
3842CarlHeading back to R3 Chat "world". Have a good weekend all.30-Oct-09 20:57
3841CarlThanks.... that's a good place for it.30-Oct-09 20:08
3840HenrikThere was a lot written in R3 Chat.30-Oct-09 20:07
3839CarlSo... where's the "marketing discusson".... I want to read the comments on it.30-Oct-09 20:06
3838BudzinskiCAh great, much better now :)29-Oct-09 19:10
3837SunandaLooks like the code snippet formating at REBOLtutorial is fixed now.29-Oct-09 18:06
3836Sunandare looks like a CSS typo rather than a (bad!) design decision. (The site has just changed hosts, and had a complete makeover....there are some tweaks and bug fixesstill needed). I've send him what I think is the fix, but it looks like reboltutorial is having a short post-move break.29-Oct-09 6:36
3835BudzinskiCYeah I skimmed over a few of the reboltutorial articles. Why are the code snippets there all on one line? Makes it really hard to read.28-Oct-09 22:14
3834BudzinskiCXD Is there also an implementation of lolcode? (lolcat like language, I can haz a hamburger?)28-Oct-09 22:14
3833Maximrebol tutorial has a twitter api under 10 lines IIRC28-Oct-09 22:11
3832GeomolThere is REBOL implementation of Brainfuck, if you wanna reconsider: 22:11
3831BudzinskiCIn Hackety Hack (an app that teaches Ruby programming to kids) one of the first examples was how to use Ruby to mash up YouTube with the iTunes Top 10 music titles. You ended up getting a list of music videos for those top ten songs. It was just 5 lines or so and was pretty cool. I wrote an article a year ago teaching Shoes (a Ruby GUI toolkit) that mashed up YouTube with Twitter to show you videos of the current buzz on the net. Something like that is pretty easy, takes just a few lines, but the results are actually usable and fun.28-Oct-09 22:09
3830BudzinskiCWow that list is long :) Brainfuck.. I tried that once. I don't remember it fondly.. XD28-Oct-09 22:06
3829BudzinskiCAs for the code golfing, it might also be a good idea to use popular topics as a theme. A puzzle that makes use of an API like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook etc. REBOL seems to be pretty good in the internet/Network department, so why not make use of it? Those websites are popular for a reason. This could also end up producing some more libraries to easily use REBOL with popular APIs.28-Oct-09 22:05
3828Pekr:-)28-Oct-09 22:04
3827Pekr 22:04
3826Maximhehe28-Oct-09 22:03
3825BudzinskiCCan't say that I've heard of Turbo C, so far I've only tried 38 languages, there are just too many to know them all :)28-Oct-09 22:03
3824Maxim(if you don't know what Turbo C is ... well ... then I guess you never knew the world without the internet ;-)28-Oct-09 21:59
3823MaximI've even seen a karaoke version using tones and bouncing ball DOS graphics in the wee days of turbo C :-D28-Oct-09 21:58
3822Maxim(or longer, or written backwards, or using an online translator in real-time, ;-)28-Oct-09 21:56
3821BudzinskiCWhy not use easy puzzles then, then you don't need experts. has a lot of really easy puzzles that everyone can solve, the focus lies more on how you solve them, not if you solve them and personally I like that approach better than bashing my head against the table for hours until I can finally start writing code. I really liked the 99 bottles of beer puzzle for example. You don't have to think about how you can solve it at all. You could just use a single print statement that outputs the lyrics in one go. The thinking comes when you try to make the code smaller.28-Oct-09 20:39
3820Sunanda[continuing a discussion from Core].....The occasional code golf type quiz can be fun, but only if the enough of the expert REBOLers have time to drop by and try their hand. Generally, I think they are more likely to respond to real problems rather than quizzes, but I am happy to be proved wrong.

BC if you have an idea or two for a good round of Golf, we could start with a couple of new [web-public] groups here....It would not quite be as nice a website as (say) but it would help gather the requirements and gauge the interest in a REBOL golf website.

28-Oct-09 15:33
3819SunandaThanks for leaping to his aid, Henrik.28-Oct-09 15:33
3818Henrikseems to be another case of the installer not being run.27-Oct-09 19:45
3817SunandaWin XP user having trouble installing REBOL -- can anyone help?,4428.0.html27-Oct-09 19:32
3816PekrI think it is not all that good activity of Reboltutorial. He missuses SO for marketing purposes, and it got noticed. It is like I would ask questions there and send you over there to answer them for me ...23-Sep-09 16:32
3815SunandaGreg Higley has asked a few REBOL questions on Stackoverflow. It looks like just him and Reboltutorial are trialing Stackoverflow as a place for REBOL questions.

I am not convinced the competitive points scoring paradigm of Stackoverflow currently fits the more "amicable experts" character of the REBOL-specific forums that exist.

I will attempt to answer questions on Stackoverflow as I am also critical of the somewhat unoutreaching character of most REBOL-specific forums [darknet / gated communities are terms that have been used]. But I am not greatly hopeful that Stackoverflow will become the premier destination site for REBOL questions....

....Thus leading to the obvious question: what should be that site? Maybe it is time to build it!

23-Sep-09 15:41
3814MaximI didn't look at all the names... but I did notice a few names I had never seen before... the few times I went to that site... after posting this I saw that most of the replies where from known REBOL experts.

I guess its attracting some people, maybe not as much as I initially imagined...

23-Sep-09 7:01
3813Geomol"is it just me or is stack overflow generating a hell of a lot of new users for the language?"

As I see it, it's mostly the same person asking REBOL questions on stackoverflow, the reboltutorial guy. How did you come to the conclusion with lots of new users?

23-Sep-09 6:59
3812BrianHBut coming here takes some doing. It is best to motivate people to do so - being cool usually works.23-Sep-09 0:44
3811MaximIMO coming here and asking newbie questions is the same s asking them elsewhere.23-Sep-09 0:39
3810Maximand many don't learn by reading references.... rebol is after all more inclined to the technically savy and those on the other spectrum.23-Sep-09 0:38
3809Maximnot every one is a developper by trade.23-Sep-09 0:37
3808BrianHSo, this is just an advocacy problem. Be nice to them there, and they'll be more likely to come here eventually.23-Sep-09 0:37
3807SteeveBut they don't use the mailing list or the official documentation either. Most of their problems are well known.23-Sep-09 0:35
3806Maximhaving more that one channel is ok, nothing wrong with rebol being more spread out.23-Sep-09 0:33
3805SteeveDon't know why they don't come here instead23-Sep-09 0:32
3804Maximis it just me or is stack overflow generating a hell of a lot of new users for the language?23-Sep-09 0:32
3803SteeveI don't like that sort of question about parse. We don't know the output the guy wants. Instead, we try to guess the output by reading his dirty code. boring....23-Sep-09 0:12
3802SunandaPerhaps someone else could have a go at answering some of the outstanding and/or poorly answered questions regarding REBOL: 22:53
3801GrahamStop answering him!22-Sep-09 19:55
3800SunandaAm I a spammer? Perhaps the truth is out there: 16:23
3799GreggNice Doc.28-Aug-09 21:07
3798GrahamNice.26-Aug-09 20:11
3797PekrSounds so cool :-) I was just in need to produce simple scheduler for power-point replay of multiple files, so I will look into your script :-)26-Aug-09 17:17
3796DockimbelComments & bug reports (here, for now) are welcome.26-Aug-09 17:16
3795DockimbelBtw, it started as a simple extension for UniServe kernel, but I was keeping adding it might have a broader usage, so I decided to release it as a standalone library.26-Aug-09 17:15
3794DockimbelScheduler library released (see Announce channel). A few words about that :

- it allows you to program deferred tasks (like night batchs or short-term tasks like sending a mail in 10 minute from now). - it's feature-close to CRON or QUARTZ java library (not covering 100% yet). - it needs a lot of additional testing before using it in production for critical tasks. - some issues are not yet addressed like tasks execution overlapping over other tasks events, daylight saving gaps or system time changes. - minimum delay between 2 events is 1 second. - maximum delay between 2 events is 9999 hours (a little more than a year) - event loop is currently a custom one, next version will add 'do-events patching for a easier and more transparent integration with View or network apps.

26-Aug-09 17:13
3793PekrInteresting - maybe he used some free low-level code?7-Aug-09 15:39
3792Sunanda[I'm sure I posted this a few days ago....Perhaps the resync bug ate it] On the R3 Alpha page, Carl name checks a couple of Windows sandboxes: Sandboxie and DropMyRights. Anyone have experience of using these? 15:38
3791GrahamAnd what is Pekr going to use for the next Devcon?? :)6-Jul-09 23:00
3790GrahamWhat was used for the devcons?6-Jul-09 23:00
3789Grahamvideolan server?6-Jul-09 23:00
3788Grahamvideolan ?6-Jul-09 22:59
3787GrahamWhat's the easiest way to setup streaming audio on the net?6-Jul-09 22:59
3786RobertBTW: I', living in the city where the Bycicle was invented.

Overall, it seems that mobility is an important topic here. Karl Benz was born in Karlsruhe as well. And the world's first "car" drive was just around the corner...

23-May-09 7:51
3785ChrisDesigned by someone with a dark sense of humour?22-May-09 12:15
3784SunandaThough, as this collection of photos show, not all of it is world class: 8:01
3783SunandaUnflat countries can make some effort too (see map -- it's a 35.meg PDF linked to from thism page): 7:57
3782Grahamthe country is flat ...22-May-09 7:51
3781MaartenBicycle paths... you should see it in Amsterdam or any Dutch city.22-May-09 7:14
3780Maximand yes... seasons are a constant race ;-)22-May-09 4:03
3779Maximyep if you stray to far from montreal... english weeds out pretty quick.. a part from the eastern townships... which basically follow the US border.22-May-09 4:03
3778RobertS2 of my 3 children born in Montreal but both declined to go to U. there ... I don't get back often ... I always found spring too short: a long winter and suddenly its summer and hot and muggy (not like St Louis or Memphis, but still ...) Fall was usually great - and biking and skiing in the Laurentides - I started out in Levis, but only spent one summer at U. Laval ... in German - and one summer in college up in Lac St Jean (no English spoken up there ! )22-May-09 3:59
3777Maximits probably the most culturally-oriented city in all of canada.22-May-09 1:44
3776Maximvisiting montreal in the summer is really cool, there are festivals back to back for 3 months, sometimes there are 2-3 major events overlapping in the schedule.22-May-09 1:43
3775Maximhehehe22-May-09 1:42
3774Chris(and I have an abundance of legs...)22-May-09 1:41
3773ChrisI can believe it...22-May-09 1:41
3772Maximtoo bad there's no F1 this year... (in montreal) we won't be able to walk on ferrari street for a whole week... imagine, its been said by pilots, that montreal was the favorite spot for partying on the F1 championship after monaco.22-May-09 1:40
3771Maximand grow legs :-D22-May-09 1:38
3770Chris(been there - GV on race day : )22-May-09 1:37
3769Maximyep... get a mountain bike ;-)22-May-09 1:37
3768Chrisiirc, Montreal is somewhat hilly - is there some accomodation for this in the design of the paths?22-May-09 1:37
3767Maximand where I use my race-bike is on the Formula 1 race track... on circuit Gilles-Villeneuve which is reserved for walking, cycling, and skating. its one of the few places on the island where you are allowed to go well over 40km/h on your bike without getting speeding fines :-)22-May-09 1:37
3766Maximand some paths actually go for like 80km from top to bottom...

in the state, we even have regional paths crossing entire regions... everywhere... you can litterally pedal several hundred kilometers in a pretty straight line many directions :-)

22-May-09 1:34
3765Maximso its more than 350 km of cycling paths, finally... checked it up :-)22-May-09 1:32
3764Maximand we really have quite a selection of pretty women ;-) ... people from the states coming in for training sessions, always marvel at how women here are at ease, varied in style, and usually pretty charming.22-May-09 1:31
3763Maximand quebec, the province (state), still has one of the lowest cost of life in the developped countries. taxes are balanced, between socialism oriented services and capitalism oriented "let people spend money into the economy to let it go round and round.22-May-09 1:29
3762Maximmontreal and quebec city really are nice cities, in that they share many typical north american traits and other more european qualities (especially quebec city)22-May-09 1:27
3761MaximIIRC they are something like 500km of bicycle paths, but I could be really off.22-May-09 1:25
3760Maximmontreal claims to have the most bicycle paths in any north american city. we even are closing streets and completely removing parking downtown for bicycle lanes.

note montreal is a 365 day/year bicycle city... that include when there are blizzards, litterally :-) they have winter tires with studs for sale during the winter :-) people are just nuts.

22-May-09 1:24
3759Maximfunny, the town next to mine (8 miles away is called napierville :-)22-May-09 1:21
3758GrahamOne of the new initiatives to "fight" the depression here is to build a cycle way from the top of the country to the bottom. I expect though you'll still have to catch the ferry to get across Cook Strait.22-May-09 1:19
3757ChrisAnd of course, half the traffic are huge trucks or SUVs. And noone thinks twice about opening a car door on you as you pass a parked car...

I expect every city you have to be agressive to cycle consistently. I do envy those that live in cities that encourage cycling - evident in the Copenhagen pics above...

22-May-09 0:31
3756ChrisIt's definitely not cycle friendly (though I do every day) - the few cycle lanes that exist are like sick jokes with sudden dead ends and lines that traffic generally treat as optional, or parking lanes.22-May-09 0:26
3755ChrisBirmingham (Alabama) is even by US standards, a new city. Designed around the placement of a railroad junction where in the hills there was a confluence of iron ore, coal and limestone. It's a grid system as much as the hills flanking it permit. The hills - long ridges at the tippy-tail of the Appalachians - form a stark barrier between the town and the spidery suburbs.22-May-09 0:24
3754ChrisH: I visited your part of Denmark once about as far back my memory goes, not exactly sure how close to where you are, but I have some vivid images of some beautiful places...22-May-09 0:14
3753BrianHGeomol, I live in Chicago, on the north edge near the lake. My parents live in Naperville (moved there when they retired.21-May-09 22:44

Close to what I would see if I looked out the window. Taken in the winter, so it doesn't look as good as in the summer.

21-May-09 19:37
3751HenrikI've only been there once. It was enjoyable, but I prefer my homeland a little west from there. :-)21-May-09 19:31
3750Geomol:-)21-May-09 19:29
3749IzkataLooks like an interesting place.. And I can definitely believe that about GPS from the maps21-May-09 19:28
3748Henrikyes21-May-09 19:25
3747IzkataCopenhagen Denmark?21-May-09 19:24
3746HenrikGeomol, I think it's because of our road system that GPS is so popular.21-May-09 19:23
3745GeomolI've found Bartlett too, a little north of Naperville.21-May-09 19:16
3744GeomolOk, I've found Naperville at Google maps, and you live north in what area?21-May-09 19:12
3743BrianHNaperville came first, then Chicago. Many of the suburbs started out as villiages or farming communities - the rest are filler. The grid is no more than 150 years old at most.21-May-09 19:07
3742GeomolWhat the oldes parts of US cities? The city or suburbs? If it's the city, why wasn't the grid just continued? Or maybe the suburbs are old villages and the city came later?21-May-09 19:04
3741BrianHMost of the outer suburbs are laid out at random. The city is a grid, with some occasional diagonal weirdness for indian trails.21-May-09 19:01
3740IzkataWinding roads in a city make it more fun to explore - "Wait a minute, how'd we get over here?"21-May-09 19:01
3739GeomolOur cities are not lined up like yours. Ours are just a mess of roads going in all directions. :-) It's because our cities are maybe 1000 years old, and the roads were never straighten. I've heard, some danes find the US way more practical and makes it easier to travel around. Others find our way more charming.21-May-09 19:00
3738GeomolYes, Copenhagen is pretty flat: Not like Chicago: :-)21-May-09 18:57
3737BrianH8 blocks = 1 mile.21-May-09 18:56
3736IzkataThe scale on Google Maps looks like most are around 400 feet, but there's the river that messes it up, and some locations have a slightly different layout... Unfortunately, that's the best I can do21-May-09 18:56
3735GeomolAre all blocks 500 yards or something, or is it different from place to place?21-May-09 18:53
3734IzkataA friend from Texas got confused once, because apparently we're one of the few places in the US that measures distance in units of time. I'd never even thought much of it.21-May-09 18:53
3733HenrikI often hear "a couple of blocks away" in US TV shows, but I have no idea how big a block is. :-)21-May-09 18:51
3732IzkataEr, what size is standard size?21-May-09 18:51
3731IzkataHow standard is standard size?21-May-09 18:51
3730IzkataWell, my roommate and a friend did bike from IIT to O'Hare and back once - from Midnight to about 8 AM21-May-09 18:50
3729GeomolIs a block a standard size?21-May-09 18:50
3728BrianHYeah, loop traffic is a little to scary for your averave biker. That's why every bike messenger I know is likely clinically insane :)21-May-09 18:50
3727Izkataat least in/around the Loop21-May-09 18:47
3726IzkataOr walking, but it generally seems too crowded for bikes21-May-09 18:46
3725BrianHPeople tend to either use cars or public trans, but less often both. Neighborhoods with easy access to public trans (particularly trains) tend to not have parking, and vice versa. I live in a rare neighborhood with both.21-May-09 18:45
3724GeomolKind of the same is going on here. Parking is getting more and more expensive to get the cars out of the city. It's free to use the roads though. You only pay, if you cross the large bridge to go to Fyn and Jutland. I use a motorbike, train/bus or bike. It's free to park a motorbike, so less exensive.21-May-09 18:43
3723HenrikI suppose the amount of highrises in Chicago creates a different street environment than Copenhagen, that AFAIR is a very flat city.21-May-09 18:42
3722BrianHOwning a car is very expensive in Chicago because the traffic and parking rules are defined by the Department of Revenue - lots of bogus charges and tickets.21-May-09 18:39
3721Geomolor 18:38
3720Geomolok, typical image of traffic in copenhagen: What does it look like in Chicago?21-May-09 18:35
3719BrianHSome people bike in the city - there's bike lanes everywhere - but for the most part people either use cars or public trans. Suburban people mostly use cars - the suburbs are designed that way.21-May-09 18:34
3718GeomolYeah, or around the suburb or around the city? I sometimes take bicycle to center of Copenhagen, about 40-45 minutes. Many use bicycles in copenhagen. Paths for bicycles along most of the roads.21-May-09 18:31
3717IzkataI prefer rollerblading for exercise anyway21-May-09 18:29
3716IzkataWhat, bicycle from the suburbs to the city?21-May-09 18:29
3715GeomolIs it common to use triain, metro and bus, or do eveybody travel by car? Anyone going by bicycle?21-May-09 18:28
3714BrianHYeah. I live on the north edge of the city, my parents live in a west suburb (Naperville, not the furthest west), and it's an hour drive each way. Between gas and tolls it costs me $12-16 to visit my parents. I have friends who live 260 blocks from me.21-May-09 18:27
3713IzkataI'm in Bartlett, it's about 45 minutes to an hour on average by car. A couple times it's taken about an hour and a half, though. Also, I don't have my own car - there's 3 vehicles to share among 5 people in my family.21-May-09 18:26
3712GeomolHow far is it from the suburbs to the center of the city? I live in the suburbs of Copenhagen, and it takes about half an hour with train or car to get to the center. I guess, the distances are greater where you live?21-May-09 18:21
3711BrianHMore diversity in the city, and more to do. None of my friends who have moved from the suburbs have regretted it.21-May-09 18:12
3710IzkataI've been thinking more and more that I'd rather live in the city than in the suburbs, too. But this is the only city I've even been to, so I can't really compare to other parts of the US ;)21-May-09 17:45
3709BrianHI like Chicago, and have lived here more than everywhere else. It would be hard to leave :)21-May-09 17:23
3708BrianHThat's probably for the best, Izkata. After graduating, switch to learning environments where they pay you to learn (less loans).21-May-09 17:23
3707GeomolChicago :-) I think of gansters 80 or so years ago and ... Al Bundy. I know, probably a cranky view. How is Chicago?21-May-09 17:21
3706IzkataComputer Science - I just finished my third year as an undergrad. Just one more to go - I don't plan on doing any more school after getting a B.S., at least not for a while.21-May-09 15:53
3705BrianHThat's a good school, congrats. What are you studying?21-May-09 14:40
3704IzkataAll my classes are on the main campus, just south of the Loop on the green line21-May-09 3:39
3703IzkataIIT (not to be confused with ITT)21-May-09 3:36
3702BrianHWhich college do you go to?21-May-09 2:22
3701BrianHReally? I live in Chicago, on the north edge near the lake.21-May-09 2:22
3700IzkataBrianH: I live in the west suburbs of/go to college in Chicago20-May-09 23:48
3699PaulI think if any state gets away with taxing software developers for producing software then it wont be long before other states follow.20-May-09 21:11
3698Paulnone is gone?20-May-09 21:09
3697BrianHNow that none is gone, are there any other Illinois residents in the community besides me?20-May-09 20:31
3696Paul 19:32
3695PaulFor Illinois residents but all of us should be alarmed by this:20-May-09 19:32
3694ReichartWe wrote our own.19-May-09 15:01
3693GrahamI'm using one based in SA.19-May-09 7:38
3692GrahamWhich SMS provider does Qtask use?19-May-09 7:38
3691ReichartQtask does this for your SMS...18-May-09 20:54
3690Maximwrang.... hehehe18-May-09 20:08
3689Maximwhat was a bit unsettling was the speed at which their server called me when I hit call now... I think the phone wrang before the page refresh occured!18-May-09 20:07
3688Maximheheh18-May-09 20:06
3687Henrik:-) "Knock, knock, Neo"18-May-09 20:05
3686Grahammy cellphone provider does this type of thing .. sends me a passkey to my cell to enter online.18-May-09 20:04
3685Maximtechnology is surprising sometimes... my DNS provider just sent me a mail to confirm my phone number.... - I click on the link in the mail, - a web page opens up with a form to verify my number (it was wrong!) - I click a little link that says... call now! - not 1 second after hitting the link, *my phone actually rings* and it spells out a magic number - the next web page that arrives after "call now!", has a field to enter the number! - press submit. - done!

the most advanced captcha I've seen so far.

this mixing of web and physical space is always a bit strange... is it not?

18-May-09 20:03
3684?LOL.13-May-09 20:57
3683?The permissions must be tied to the name of the ALTME user.13-May-09 20:57
3682?Weird, because when my name got removed it gave me certain permissions back.13-May-09 20:57
3681?I'm like a Ghost13-May-09 20:56
3680PekrBut - I never tried Xen based virtualisation and Mikrotik will not allow me to use my favourite vmware ESXi.13-May-09 19:12
3679PekrWell, I need secondary router anyway for fail-over, so I might use it for my linux server too. We are buying currently 50mbit, having something like 550 ppl13-May-09 19:11
3678HenrikI can get what... 5-6 months of Linode for one disk? That's pretty good.13-May-09 19:09
3677HenrikPekr, I decided against buying a new HD for my old server. The Linode is much cheaper and there is of course much more bandwidth. I think there is a big advantage to it.13-May-09 19:09
3676Maximsorry..thats 200GB/month13-May-09 19:01
3675Maximyep, for 20$ a month per 200mb transfer, its pretty cheap. obviously, you are sharing CPU bandwith, but for most uses, this is a non-issue, unless you have a heavily visited site (several hundred hits a minute)13-May-09 19:00
3674PekrI have one server here, which just takes 220Watts ... it costs really X-times more, than to rent that server ....13-May-09 18:59
3673Maximyep, linode has free backups for the os, automatic fall-back to other server on crash, auto-reboot. all runs on raid, with ups, etc.13-May-09 18:59
3672PekrSo maybe I will not build my new server, but rent some virtualised one, create tunnel to it (to allow sendmail on our local network), install Ubuntu server, and be done ...13-May-09 18:59
3671Pekrare those servers fault tollerant? backed-up?13-May-09 18:58
3670Maximsetting up and booting a vps on linode takes exactly 4 mouse clicks! and you can log into it using ssh right there and then ! :-) this is going to be really nice.13-May-09 18:57
3669Maximyep13-May-09 18:56
3668PekrWhat are you talking about? Using some virtualised server providers?13-May-09 18:56
3667Maximok, in any case for 20$ its not going to risk me selling my arm to do the test... I mean, it costs more to go out for one lunch at the restaurant ;-)13-May-09 18:55
3666kcollinsI used the NXServer software from to connect to it.13-May-09 18:54
3665kcollinsMaxim, I played around with the X Window system on a Linode 360. If I remember correctly I was able to get REBOL/View running on it.13-May-09 18:53
3664HenrikI think View requires an X-Windows running locally, but I'm not sure.13-May-09 18:49
3663Maxim(I need this for server-side image processing)13-May-09 18:47
3662Maximdo the view parts work on debian, like AGG fonts?13-May-09 18:47
3661JankoI use debian for server side, most things work on it13-May-09 18:46
3660HenrikI use a minimal 32-bit debian. Worked immediately.13-May-09 18:46
3659Maximwhat's the best linux for rebol... ubunto?13-May-09 18:45
3658Maximautomatic fall back on crashes, instant server re-installs, this rocks. and its so well designed from the management stand-point :-)13-May-09 18:45
3657HenrikI'm not really gonna go back to regular webhosting now. This stuff offers so much more.13-May-09 18:44
3656Maximthis is insane! my 8 year old could setup a web-visible server in minutes.13-May-09 18:43
3655Maximlooking at them right now :-D13-May-09 18:40
3654Henrikthere are a couple of videos on linode's site. if you follow them, the setup is frightningly simple.13-May-09 18:40
3653MaximI think I'll be getting an linode account cheap, and very well designed vps controls :-)13-May-09 18:37
3652Maximlinode looks very cool :-)13-May-09 18:34
3651JankoInstalling cheyenne or rebol is easy and I don't need much else :)13-May-09 18:31
3650Jankocool , I used Linode and they are highly recommended by users , this prgmr sounds interesting approach too so I might try it when I need VPS13-May-09 18:30
3649MaximI used to be an SGI Irix expert... the cleanest unix desktop I've used. man sooo long ago hehe13-May-09 18:28
3648Janko(install xwindow server I meant -- I am not a linux pro)13-May-09 18:27
3647Jankoyou can install anything on VPS so I think if you can install them and have enough ram on VPS it should work, but I have no concrete idea13-May-09 18:27
3646Maximdoes it allow remote xwindows sessions?13-May-09 18:26
3645JankoIf you are good with linux (command line) this one is the cheapest and offers the most, but you have to know your way around linux a little better than Linode or Slicehost 18:23
3644Henrikit seems the shortest path these days is something like a linode VPS, but of course there will be a monthy fee for that too. The advantage is that you can pay per month, if you only need a month for testing a site, it'll cost 20 $.13-May-09 18:10
3643MaximI'll be purchasing a Domain name for it once setup.13-May-09 18:01
3642MaximI'm looking for a free server which allows rebol cgi. I want to start coding a new site for all my work, rebol, music, visual arts, blogs, etc... does anyone have free space/bandwidth on a server they can share?13-May-09 18:01
3641IzkataI think that last one did happen before, back around when I first joined...12-May-09 19:56
3640CarlOn that last item, I can see that happening.12-May-09 19:28
3639ReichartI'll do me very best to tread here lightly...

- First, I have no direct control over this world, but will indeed try to help.

- Paul, it is a little bit like an "after school special TV show" when you accuse someone without knowing for sure. It might all fit for you, but perhaps siding with best in your fellow man would serve you better than siding with the worse?

- If I were to make a guess here, someone, not understanding the interface to remove themselves from a bunch of groups, might have in fact gone out and deleted them instead, and may not even realize they did this.

12-May-09 18:05
3638PekrSome time ago there was a debate (dunno what group it was in) about making online tutorials. Could you please suggest me some tool? On of my folks used Wink tool, but I am not satisfied with the result, but maybe he just applied wrong settings - the letters could not be read, unless I enlarged it to 150%, but then it did not fit the screen .... I don't need voice, I would be OK with titles, and ability to let user read the comment, and then press some button to proceed ...12-May-09 13:35
3637GrahamAFAIK, even if you are booted from a private group the messages are still on your local drive.12-May-09 11:22
3636PekrThere is a Compression group still existing, and it is set as public - all users should see it.12-May-09 11:03
3635GeomolMaybe Reichart has a backup ready? :-)12-May-09 10:55
3634GeomolI don't see any of those.12-May-09 10:54
3633sqlabMy question was more related to the private goups .. as !Compression, Politics, Flex, HLA etc12-May-09 10:50
3632GeomolThe only two not in "Math" is Paul and Dockimbel. Paul choosed himself not to be in "Math". I know this, because I asked him privately. Later Doc was excluded from "Math". It can't have been Paul, who excluded Doc, as Paul wasn't in "Math". So either Doc choosed himself to not be in "Math" or someone kicked him. I've asked Doc privately to figure this out.

(Or it could be a mistake by someone or an error in AltME.)

12-May-09 10:45
3631sqlabIs someone still in these groups? If no, then probably soneone made a mistake, if yes, then there was a selection.12-May-09 10:40
3630GeomolFor example, Doc is not in "Math" any longer, but it exists. I've written him privately to hear, if it on intention.12-May-09 10:31
3629GeomolYou can only recreate a group, if it has been deleted, I think. Maybe we were just kicked?12-May-09 10:30
3628GrahamJust re-create the groups .. and make them private, and opt in.12-May-09 10:28
3627Maximme too12-May-09 10:12
3626GeomolI've been removed from Politics too. Someone's lost it, I think.12-May-09 10:12
3625ICariii seem to have been removed from multiple groups i was previously in.. this is rather annoying. Politics, Flex, rCommerce, Health ...12-May-09 10:07
3624sqlabI think, that we all are man enough confessing when deleting some groups willfully. If someone says, no I did not, then I will believe him.12-May-09 7:16
3623BrianHOr someone sensible can just look at the list of people in the group, and realize that it was made private by mistake. Fixed.12-May-09 4:09
3622GrahamYou'll have to ask someone if you want to opt back in to Cheyenne.12-May-09 3:20
3621IzkataIt looks like everyone was just opted out of !Compression, Politics, and a couple others. I just tested by opting myself out of !Cheyenne, and it also disappeared from my list after I logged back in twice. (First time, it was greyed out, then second time it vanished)12-May-09 2:44
3620?But I'm going to take this persecution to the bank with me and leave the REBOL3 world. I want to see if my account gets deleted first which I would appreciate.12-May-09 0:49
3619?Graham, if you don't like me being a Christian then that doesn't give you a right to delete my group especially when it had nothing to do with Christianity at all.12-May-09 0:48
3618?I know they won't do anything about it and have requested to have my account removed here.12-May-09 0:43
3617?I think everyone should be alarmed at your behavior Graham. I only expect Gregg or Reichart to be deleting my groups.12-May-09 0:43
3616? 0:41
3615?Yes it is. We call Pharisee's vipers also - have a problem with that?12-May-09 0:41
3614GrahamWell, that's so christian of you paul ... just like your namesake i guess12-May-09 0:40
3613?You deleted !COMPRESSION asshole.12-May-09 0:39
3612?I have no need to Graham. I spoke the TRUTH and your a LIAR!12-May-09 0:39
3611GrahamI think you need to retract the accusation you made.12-May-09 0:39
3610?Are you going to deny that you deleted !Compression?12-May-09 0:38
3609?That is enough to be abusing your privledges here.12-May-09 0:38
3608?I don't know which other ones Graham but I know for SURE you deleted !Compression.12-May-09 0:37
3607?Graham, you abused your privledges in the community.12-May-09 0:37
3606GrahamThis is what you said "He deleted my groups" ... so name them all.12-May-09 0:37
3605?I just named it. !COMPRESSION. Don't deny it Graham. You came in here saying "We should not be opted in to someone's belief systems". Now your changing your tune.12-May-09 0:36
3604?I have no interest in communicating here where people can just delete all the data because they disapprove of me or what I said or because they didn't like how the group was created.12-May-09 0:35
3603GrahamHang on ... you're accusing me of deleting "groups" and you can't name them now??12-May-09 0:35
3602?Who knows how many Graham. You deleted !Compression which was a private group that people could have opted out of. Your the first person I know that just went around deleting groups because it didn't FIT your perspective of how this world should operate.12-May-09 0:34
3601GrahamAnd what groups am I supposed to have deleted ??12-May-09 0:33
3600?Now your denying it?12-May-09 0:33
3599GrahamHmm. What proof is there that I did this??12-May-09 0:32
3598?Exactly what you did Graham. You deleted groups. Your not a master.12-May-09 0:32
3597GrahamWhat are you accusing me of??12-May-09 0:31
3596?Nope he purposely did it. He is not supposed to be doing such things. He didn't even have to come into the group so his spamming argument is a pathetic attempt for sympathy.12-May-09 0:11
3595GrahamThat's spamming us.11-May-09 23:49
3594GrahamWe should not be opted in to someone's belief systems.11-May-09 23:49
3593PekrI am not sure why Graham should delete anything? Maybe he just removed someone mistakenly from some group?11-May-09 23:00
3592?k11-May-09 22:38
3591ReichartHmmmm. Ok, let me go confirm a couple of things, and then I will honour your request, figure 24 hours...11-May-09 22:38
3590ReichartHmmm....11-May-09 22:36
3589?But don't care anymore. Delete my account please.11-May-09 22:34
3588?He decided to delete my groups.11-May-09 22:34
3587ReichartUh...............what did Graham do?11-May-09 22:33
3586?Graham the retaliation has begun, I will go further if you want to continue to be an asshole.11-May-09 22:25
3585?Yeah, I'm thinking you guys are right which is why if I get my stuff to a point of production that I'm not going to go with a patent and sell it to Microsoft.11-May-09 19:15
3584MaximI`ve read that many companies get patents, as patent infringement protection... if you sue them they'll couter claim whatever you infringe on their patents. cause let's face it, basically every single piece of software on the planet infringes at least one patent in the US or Canada.11-May-09 18:26
3583GreggThe idea of having a patent seems great, and can be very exciting. I'm co-inventor on one--just granted--and the company got together to discuss whether it was worth it to go international, add a continuation, etc. It's a long process, and has taken many years and a lot of money to get to this point.

As we talked, we looked at who might pay for it. To make it worthwhile, we would need to go after big companies who would fight tooth and nail, and cost everybody more money and time. The best hope is to get *one* big company to acquire it for a reasonable sum, and let them add it to their arsenal for bartering and battle with other big companies. Other than that, it may keep our small competitors at bay in that area.

For us, it's clear that we would rather be doing real work than fighting legal battles.

So, the product will now have a patent # associated with it, rather than "patent pending", and maybe we'll make something on it, but nobdoy is planning to get rich on licensing it.

11-May-09 18:07
3582MaartenA great example is the RIM patent infringement - they got away with it until theyw ere big enough and then simply paid.10-May-09 9:33
3581RobertSimple: They just use it and don't pay you. It's your turn to claim your rights. It's your effort, money etc. you have to spend They just continue to use your idea.10-May-09 7:58
3580?I guess I don't get how they can TAKE it?10-May-09 1:00
3579TomBonpaul, what robert mean is that a patent is worthless until you have enough power to defend it. Unfortunatly I have the same experience, to expensive and if a real big player like to take it, they will get it even if it takes years, your money and nerves. there are enough simple and dirty tricks to dry you out. only speed helps here in my opinion.9-May-09 23:07
3578Antonif: func [cond then-block [block!]][do then-block]9-May-09 16:40
3577?Well let's discuss that Robert. How can it not be worth it if I hold the patent? I would get the $$$ if I win the case against anyone infringing which will be the case so I don't get your conclusions here.9-May-09 16:34
3576RobertPaul, forget patents. Not worth. I hold 13, costs a lot, takes endless time and if a big player is infringing it you won't have enough $$$ to get your rights.9-May-09 14:51
3575?Thanks for the comments. Regarding protection of patents - this is an area where I believe the patent search is important. If your lawyers have done a good patent search then I think the only defense your doing is for those that are infringing on your patent. In which case I think you stand to make MORE $$$ if that is the case.9-May-09 13:30
3574ICariiyes - patenting algorithms is something that only the USA seems to be doing.. it gets a little stupid in the end..9-May-09 7:56
3573JankoWould patenting a compression algoritm be a "software patent" ?9-May-09 7:54
3572PekrWe wanted ti patent our CCD camera ethernet interface, but we were adiced to not to do so, because even if there would be some patent violation, you have to start court case in the given country, and we would have to be really rich, to affort that ...9-May-09 7:33
3571HenrikYou would have to defend the patent as well, if you want to keep it valid. That may cost way more than the patent itself. I personally think that patenting an algorithm is a surefire way of avoiding widespread use.9-May-09 6:59
3570?Well the way I look at it - if I do get compression working then I'm willing to pay $10k for a patent and go after patents for it internationally. I think it will market if it works.9-May-09 3:54
3569ReichartI hold patents in many fields, and around the world. Costs are tricky. In general, a patent is not worth it in the big scheme of things. You best have something amazing. Today, coming up with a patent in compression would not really matter, since it would just annoy people, i.e. the Unisys patent inside GIF.

Let's say you came up with a way to make something 50% smaller even, but if you patent it, and no one will touch it, does it really matter? And then, WHO would touch it, knowing that it is not open? Is it really worth it. Keep in mind, I made a lot of money specifically selling compression technology. If you did much better, like 70% over the next best open system, then it might become worth something.

You have to weigh the value. But figure to file outside of America will cost half again what it cost in America. That can range from you doing it your self (a few grand all said, to an average of $8K - $12K ).

I personally have never paid less than $20K just in America. But my patents tend to be well researched (better than most people do for their patents).

The patent "search" is the expensive part.

9-May-09 3:33
3568?Reichart, do you have any patents through other offices other than the US Patent office? Curious about costs you typically seen for filing and is your patents utility or design patents?9-May-09 1:46
3567?Thanks Doc, yeah that document is tied to comp.compression group. I know that group and have read their materials. Thanks anyway though.9-May-09 1:45
3566ReichartI have helped file patents for 25 years... I'm not sure what your real question is though.8-May-09 23:54
3565ReichartI have patents, just type in the word patent and my last name...8-May-09 23:53
3564GeomolThat's quite funny! (And stupid.)8-May-09 23:41
3563DockimbelPaul, I guess that it's about your compression methods. Maybe this analysis can help or even enlight you : 22:43
3562GeomolNever did. Probably never will.8-May-09 22:36
3561HenrikNever did. Never will.8-May-09 22:20

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