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1840GrahamSorry, it's ask Gabriele, BrianH or Carl29-Dec-09 5:05
1839GrahamAsk Gregg29-Dec-09 5:03
1838WuJianDitto29-Dec-09 4:09
1837amacleodHow do I get an account to R2Beta?29-Dec-09 3:45
1836GreggSeconded.29-Dec-09 2:13
1835GrahamWe already have a R2beta world ... why not use that?28-Dec-09 20:24
1834amacleodThanks Maxim, Waiting for your GLass/Liquid stuff to be completed...I would love to get a better inface on my app...right now I feel its full of hacks to get R2 view to do what I need it to do...

I looked at GLayout (and REBGUI) but I thought pure VID would be easier for me to make any needed workarounds to missing needed compoments.

Once I get a solid version 1 out I will look into porting to R3 (If new VID is ready) or your stuff again if you release a new version...

2-Oct-09 1:35
1833Maximamacleod - your C.A.P.T.A.I.N. app is quite impressive... congrats, its fun to see what people are doing with REBOL and to know that all the help going around here leads to amazing stuff !1-Oct-09 21:11
1832amacleodThanks, Michael29-Sep-09 0:57
1831ChrisIt wasn't so much a rewrite as following on from code I'd written prior. Whether it's better, I don't know - I was going for cleaner, and the /flat option.28-Sep-09 23:29
1830GrahamChris, is your Rebol <-> Json converter better than the others? Why rewrite?28-Sep-09 21:52
1829Mcheanamacleod - nice28-Sep-09 21:36
1828Chrisi.e. submit to service from Ajax, use JSON ( ), or build a web form with the 'name.first' style keys.22-Sep-09 1:00
1827ChrisWhich (when fixed), 'import (see filtered-import) can validate.22-Sep-09 0:55
1826ChrisThe goal is to make them interchangeable. You could set up a service that took the same structured data in JSON as it does from a web form...22-Sep-09 0:53
1825MaximI don't think either... I guess I was wondering if such a lib already existed, from which you ported a rebol server-side equivalent.22-Sep-09 0:53
1824ChrisI don't think it'd be difficult.22-Sep-09 0:53
1823Maximfor ajax, this system could be really handy :-)22-Sep-09 0:52

>> to-webform context [name: context [first: "Chris" last: "RG"]] == "name.first=Chris&name.last=RG"

22-Sep-09 0:52
1821Maximis there a javascript way to formulate the above url based of from nested JSON objects?22-Sep-09 0:51
1820ChrisShould work on blocks and objects too.

>> load-webform "name.first=Chris&name.last=RG" == [name [first "Chris" last "RG"]]

22-Sep-09 0:50
1819ChrisThanks, Max! I do wonder if I could do the same in less, but for now it works as advertised...22-Sep-09 0:43
1818Maximreplying to ( 18:53
1817Maximnice stuff Chris.21-Sep-09 18:53
1816amacleodServer logs looked light - low traffic- so it must have been a slow connection...working fine now5-Sep-09 14:24
1815amacleodServer is still slow but it might be my internet connection as another computer running at the same location is also super slow....unless my bandwidth is getting eaten up with server attack?? I cannot get into the server to check the logs..5-Sep-09 3:35
1814amacleodintergrated fixed..thanks. I've missed that same typo before5-Sep-09 2:45
1813GrahamI think so5-Sep-09 2:44
1812amacleodOh, Tool bar in your browser...really? So if I have the bar in my browser I can visit my own sites to get them goolge aware?5-Sep-09 2:44
1811Grahamnow that I have visited ... google knows about your site5-Sep-09 2:43
1810amacleodgoogle toolbar?5-Sep-09 2:43
1809Grahamgoogle will crawl your site if you have the google toolbar5-Sep-09 2:42
1808amacleodNo, I just threw it up...noit ready for prime time yet5-Sep-09 2:41
1807Grahamdo you have a robots.txt file?5-Sep-09 2:40
1806Grahammaybe a bot is crawling your site5-Sep-09 2:40
1805Grahamcheck the server logs5-Sep-09 2:40
1804amacleodMy server seems to be crawling right now...don't know why. Usually flys5-Sep-09 2:39
1803GrahamUse imagemagick or something ...5-Sep-09 2:38
1802GrahamYeah .. you need to thumbnail them.5-Sep-09 2:38
1801amacleodimages download fast here but I'm sure you are right..they are full size.5-Sep-09 2:36
1800amacleodFDNY New York City Fire Department5-Sep-09 2:35
1799GrahamSomething to do with fire fighting?5-Sep-09 2:35
1798GrahamWhat is FNDY ??5-Sep-09 2:34
1797GrahamI think you need to thumbnail those images .. they're just not downloading for me.5-Sep-09 2:32
1796GrahamAlan, "integrated" is the correct spelling.5-Sep-09 2:32
1795Michathis code not work4-Sep-09 17:21
1794Michaif i change "thread: func [ n ][ i: i + 1 ] " on "thread: func [ n ][ for m 1 10 1 [] i: i + 1 ] "4-Sep-09 17:21
1793Michaas I add features until the thread does not works4-Sep-09 17:19
1792Micharebol[] ;------------------

system/words/&: func [ "Return the memory address of a binary, string or struct as a binary value" b [binary! string! struct!] ][ to-integer reverse third make struct! [s [string!]] reduce [either struct? b [third b][b]] ]


integer: make struct! [ value [integer!] ] none


kernel32: load/library %kernel32.dll

CreateThread: make routine! [

pThreadAttributes [integer!]


lpStartAddress [callback [int return: [int]]]



lpThreadId [integer!]

return: [integer! ] ] kernel32"CreateThread"


i: 0

thread: func [ n ][ i: i + 1 ]


loop 10 [ print t: CreateThread 0 0 :thread 0 0 & integer wait 0.1 print i ] halt

4-Sep-09 17:17
1791MichaI wrote this code4-Sep-09 17:17
1790Michahow to create threads in REBOL?4-Sep-09 17:17
1789james_nakThx.3-Sep-09 17:51
1788PekrCyphre should upload some examples, till that time, you are on your own. I don't use the SW myself ....3-Sep-09 17:10
1787james_nakPekr, et. al, how do you use that tray.r?3-Sep-09 17:02
1786WillThat is a great idea!1-Sep-09 21:35
1785GrahamMaybe Popper (David May) can start the first bounty for a GUI for video processing!1-Sep-09 20:34
1784GrahamThe Rebol community is small .. but they still have money!1-Sep-09 20:34
1783ReichartIf you do this, do it in (or with) other language sites....REBOL is also sadly elitist......a little blending, and being “part of the crowd” would be nice too....1-Sep-09 17:52
1782PekrThis is better - you can see even particular bounties - 17:15
1781RebolekLet's start a bounty to build the bounty site...1-Sep-09 16:36
1780Steevei got the name: Rebol bounty hunters ;-)1-Sep-09 16:02
1779SteeveFound one: 16:02
1778DockimbelPekr, I was thinking about that since a long time, but never proposed it due to the small size of the community...1-Sep-09 16:01
1777SteevePekr, can you show us a site like that ?1-Sep-09 16:01
1776SteeveWe need a site for this purpose (Rebol bounty hunters)... Who can do that ? Hum, bad idea because we need this site to build this site.1-Sep-09 15:58
1775PekrI proposed to speed-up REBOL developments by bounty system, like Amiga or other communities had. I think this might be a great idea .... simply put - I would like to have LDAP protocol? OK, maybe community gathers enough money, so that e.g. Softinnov can pick-it up, and does not need to work for free necessarily ...1-Sep-09 14:22
1774ReichartAgreed.... this is the type of thing that gets people to use REBOL more.1-Sep-09 14:15
1773DockimbelCyphre systray: great news!1-Sep-09 11:30
1772GrahamRomano's kit was GPL ... had drag and drop between styles but no one could use it with that license.30-Aug-09 19:37
1771HenrikPekr, read the docs.30-Aug-09 18:50
1770PekrI will be realistic - have not studied the styles yet, but from the style browser, I am very disappointed by the look :-( It really looks like Amiga 1.3, 25 yars old. Or some very old Unix. Who uses such plain buttons and field, with so basic borders? Or is there any skin system attached?

As for completness, still the most complete add-on kit for R2 VID is some 6 years or more old Romano Paolo Tenca's one - tabbing, grid, etc. supported ...

30-Aug-09 18:49
1769PekrBack from training course. Read new VID message from ML on my cellphone :-) I was very surprised, that nearly at the end of R2 lifestyle, where RebGUI is the king, something like that is coming.30-Aug-09 18:46
1768GrahamVID+ was for R329-Aug-09 20:52
1767Henriknah, creating a new group. one sec.29-Aug-09 20:51
1766Henrikwe have an old VID+ group :-)29-Aug-09 20:51
1765GrahamAnyway, you need to create your own group here for people to discuss your extension set :)29-Aug-09 20:51
1764Grahamsave all the flags and just reset them?29-Aug-09 20:50
1763Henrik(I'm open to ideas, though)29-Aug-09 20:48
1762Henrikunfortunately not29-Aug-09 20:48
1761GrahamIs there a way to "reset" the gui after bad resizing?29-Aug-09 20:48
1760HenrikYou can get surprisingly far with that. :-) I've focused the most on that, yes.29-Aug-09 20:47
1759Grahamand data entry29-Aug-09 20:47
1758GrahamJust reading your announce and it seems you have concentrated more on the fundamentals with focus control, keyboard use29-Aug-09 20:46
1757HenrikI've been thinking about generic drag and drop methods, but haven't reached a conclusion yet. If it is to be done, it should be done generally, so it's simple to apply to any style.29-Aug-09 20:45
1756HenrikIt's hard to say. I don't want to steal any thunder from Ashley's work, as it's tremendously well done and obviously works in bigger scenarios. I guess it's a matter of trying the other if you don't like the first one you tried.29-Aug-09 20:44
1755GrahamThe thing I miss are drop and drag calendars, and an editable grid29-Aug-09 20:43
1754Grahamthat was an earlier demo29-Aug-09 20:42
1753Henrikyour second example looks simpler BTW.29-Aug-09 20:42
1752GrahamI was wondering if someone were starting off from scratch .. better to use rebgui or your extension kit?29-Aug-09 20:41
1751Grahamat least 9 months ago29-Aug-09 20:41
1750HenrikI haven't done much of a comparison, but I think if you are relying on RebGui, it would not be wise to switch. Also I wouldn't market this as a separate, new toolkit, but as VID as it should be. RebGui is probably more stable. There are still plenty of things left to do here. Even though many of the things I've done here are very generic, it has primarily been designed to solve specific problems with some apps I've had to build a few months ago.29-Aug-09 20:40
1749GrahamSo, how would you compare your vid exxtensions with RebGui ?29-Aug-09 20:37
1748GrahamThe problem with mine appears with lots of data as I don't use a face iterator but build everything in memory.29-Aug-09 20:35
1747GrahamMicrosoft29-Aug-09 20:34
1746GrahamI was trying to emulate the Microoft Common User Interface aka CUI29-Aug-09 20:33
1745GrahamProbably a better example 20:33
1744HenrikI see. Yours is quite advanced. My first try would be a simpler one, and we would have to see where we could go from there.29-Aug-09 20:32
1743Graham 20:30
1742GrahamSure ... let me find one29-Aug-09 20:26
1741Grahamtabs ( accordions ), tables, grids29-Aug-09 20:26
1740Henrikcan you point to an image or example?29-Aug-09 20:26
1739GrahamI think the basic style set people are looking for are those that are used in JS.29-Aug-09 20:25
1738Henrikmaybe I can figure something out.29-Aug-09 20:25
1737GrahamI've got one in rebgui ... but it's all hard coded ... I wouldn't know how to generalise it.29-Aug-09 20:24
1736Henrikvertical tabs that collapse? that's probably possible to do.29-Aug-09 20:23
1735Graham:)29-Aug-09 20:22
1734GrahamNo accordion style tab panels ??29-Aug-09 20:22
1733Henrikbut, this holds a possible replacement, one that is much better designed and way smaller.29-Aug-09 20:22
1732Grahamoh .. ok :)29-Aug-09 20:22
1731HenrikLIST-VIEW works fine in it. My internal 0.0.54 is adapted to it.29-Aug-09 20:22
1730HenrikIt's much the same resize code as Brian and I showed two years ago.29-Aug-09 20:21
1729GrahamYour well developed table style I guess is not ported ...29-Aug-09 20:21
1728HenrikNo, the only way is a minimum size on the window.29-Aug-09 20:20
1727Grahamand a SVN29-Aug-09 20:20
1726HenrikThere are bound to be a lot of bugs in it. Maybe I should set up a curecode for it.29-Aug-09 20:20
1725GrahamSo, can't you specify a minimum resize value to stop this?29-Aug-09 20:20
1724Grahamthe text in white also goes crazy29-Aug-09 20:20
1723HenrikYes, if you downsize a face beyond minimum size, resizing will screw up. That's one of the things I've not figured out how to fix yet.29-Aug-09 20:19
1722GrahamInitially it's centred in the panel .. but shrink it down to minimum and then resize it, it falls to the bottom29-Aug-09 20:19
1721HenrikIt has not been in a usable state until very recently, which counts for the development time, where I got to test it in a larger business app. It's still not there, but it was way more fun than plain VID or simple customizations on VID.29-Aug-09 20:18
1720GrahamI just tried resizing the style browser and the face in the middle doesn't return to the same place it started from.29-Aug-09 20:18
1719HenrikYes, he has. However I wanted to stay simple with this and after a long time of messing around, I found a good angle to extending VID without having to resort to a complete rewrite or nasty hacks.29-Aug-09 20:17
1718GrahamAnton has his own style set too.29-Aug-09 20:16
1717HenrikBrianH and Anton has known for a couple of months. No one else. I only told Carl last week who wanted me to go public with it.29-Aug-09 20:15
1716GrahamSo Carl, Max etc knew about this?29-Aug-09 20:14
1715HenrikAbout 9 months. :-)29-Aug-09 20:13
1714GrahamHenrik, how long have you been working on this in secret! ?29-Aug-09 20:13
1713Steeveit's in the announce, sqlab just missed it29-Aug-09 15:32
1712sqlabYou did already. My fault not to read.29-Aug-09 15:32
1711Henrikbut, I should probably make a message in the script about that..29-Aug-09 15:31
1710sqlabsorry.(29-Aug-09 15:31
1709Henrikah, yes. :-) it's for R2.29-Aug-09 15:30
1708Steeveit's not for R329-Aug-09 15:30
1707Henrikok, let's see...29-Aug-09 15:30
1706sqlabWhat are the prerequisites?

>> do Script: "VID Extension Kit" Version: 0.0.1 Date: 29-Aug-2009/14:02:19+2:00 ** Script error: insert-event-func has no value ** Where: catch either either applier do ** Near: catch/quit either var [[do/next data var]] [data]

29-Aug-09 15:27
1705Maximpages = sites20-Aug-09 17:07
1704Maximabout , its one of the best rebol specific pages out there... There is a lot of very cool & unknown work on that page.... too bad the author hasn't put any of his stuff on we would have more knowledge of it. strange is that the author's name isn't anywhere on the site... even though we have a good clue as to who it is IIRC...20-Aug-09 17:07
1703PekrMax - pity Cyphre is overloaded with work. He did some library for R2, where he mapped it to HW acceleration, so that you could have general face rendering accelerated IIRC.20-Aug-09 9:49
1702Maximyou should try and market your engine as an alternative to the other flash game building tools.19-Aug-09 20:32
1701MaximOldes: the demo is fabulous... congrats!19-Aug-09 20:31
1700JankoI made some flash games (in HaXe mostly).. I have no idea how to make a game with so many details, animations, sound, things that need to work together...what else to do is in REBOL using some dialect6-Aug-09 9:10
1699Jankoall I can say is "Mega WOW" :)6-Aug-09 9:07
1698Oldesyes6-Aug-09 9:03
1697JankoI mean at this project6-Aug-09 7:44
1696Jankoare you the only coder in the team?6-Aug-09 7:44
1695OldesI'm building it using REBOL (writing code in old but still my favourite Crimson editor). Which means I'm producing AS2 bytecode and also modify (resize, join...) various swf files with graphic ( on bit-level :) I'm using various caching so for example don't have to republish the graphic all the time when I just need to change simple logic in my code.5-Aug-09 23:38
1694JankoOles: I still can't fully get this.. are you building this flash game in REBOL? or is there AS3 code + REBOL to for example generate some data for game, etc... ?5-Aug-09 21:20
1693JankoGregg and amacleod : Thanks :)22-Jun-09 5:22
1692Greggqwikitxt - Nice Janko!21-Jun-09 21:20
1691BrianHLadislav, R3's IMPORT is not suitable for building distributions, but the syntax of modules was designed to be so.17-Jun-09 0:14
1690BrianHChrisitian, R3's module system handles circular imports without need for any /check option.,17-Jun-09 0:10
1689BrianHYes. We've made many such changes in R3, removing some functionality to replace it with better functionality. It wouldn't have to be as bad as you might think - we could change it to copy-on-modify and most uses of issue! would still be viable. Keep in mind that use of issue! for binary conversions will be going away anyways, replaced by better methods. We have strings and tuples for most of the rest. The only real difference is just a datatype and/or syntax difference.17-Jun-09 0:07
1688Chris@BH - would changing issue! to a word! sub class rule out some of its current capabilities?16-Jun-09 23:18
1687Maximinclude should be /check by default and we should add an /ALWAYS refinement to force reload.16-Jun-09 20:55
1686Ladislaveven the notes you mentioned now are good to keep in there16-Jun-09 18:05
1685Ladislavwe may ask him, you can contribute to the discussion article: , ideas welcome16-Jun-09 18:05
1684ChristianEIMPORT - ah, o.k., I didn't know about that.16-Jun-09 18:03
1683ChristianEPREBOL set aside, I really think IMPORT/CHECK is the common case and one of the main advantages over a simple DO - preventing circular imports and such. I would be deeply surprised if Carl opts for INCLUDE (or #INCLUDE or whatever it will be) not having that check functionality in the standard case, switched off by a refinement. But that's just me and I certainly don't have any extensive build scripts ...16-Jun-09 18:03
1682Ladislav(in R3)16-Jun-09 18:02
1681Ladislavthen there is the system/options/module-paths variable16-Jun-09 18:02
1680LadislavIMPORT is used in R3 for module management, which (according to Carl) is "not usable for building distributions using..."16-Jun-09 18:01
1679ChristianERe: "INCLUDE as a word" - isn't IMPORT an option, too? We have no EXPORT to conflict with, have we?16-Jun-09 17:56
1678ChristianEYes, want I wanted to say that I prefered the old INCLUDE/PATH over INCLUDE-PATH because it's one word less to "pollute" the global namespace (is there such a notion in R3? I'm not so sure now) and it's one word less to remember - the refinement will always be easy to learn about with HELP INCLUDE.16-Jun-09 17:55
1677BrianHI'll be back this afternoon (It's still morning here).16-Jun-09 16:11
1676Ladislavyes, sure16-Jun-09 16:10
1675BrianHYeah, but with its own official directive. Preprocessor directives are friendly - code patterns requiring #do are not. Adding module support to the preprocessor means doing it for real.16-Jun-09 16:09
1674Ladislavyou mean something like (currently used): #do [append include-path %this]16-Jun-09 16:07
1673BrianHThe preprocessor would need a directive to set module import paths that would be used during the preprocess - it probably shouldn't use the standard paths in the preprocessor's running process, since that would get the modules the preprocessor is using mixed up with the ones it is processing, which would prrevent cross-platform processing.16-Jun-09 16:05
1672Ladislavyes, that is OK, sure16-Jun-09 15:58
1671BrianHThe default: >> system/options/module-paths == [%./]16-Jun-09 15:52
1670BrianHJust a block of file! and url! paths for now. The file paths of the original files can be used at preprocessor time, but would be unnecessary at runtime since MODULE doesn't use them. Once the module is loaded its load path is irrelevant, and doesn't even have to exist anymore.16-Jun-09 15:49
1669Ladislavhow does the module path interface look, Brian?16-Jun-09 15:45
1668BrianHI prefer an issue! keyword dialect, the changing the issue! type to be word-like withot the binding. I don't like INCULDE as a function name because that would preclude its use as a set operation the opposite of EXCLUDE (but that's just me) - using #include and such as issue keywords is fine.

An extended prebol dialect like Ladislav's include would work, if renamed and made module-aware. When you have modules most of the keyword directives go away in practice, since the module scripts can be converted to MODULE calls.

16-Jun-09 15:43
1667Ladislavwhat does BrianH think about this? How it should be done to make it the most comfortable for the users?16-Jun-09 14:53
1666Ladislavso, you propose a new refinement? (I think I had such a refinement once, but removed it...)16-Jun-09 14:52
1665Ladislavaha, regarding INCLUDE-PATH: maybe I did not understand your proposition16-Jun-09 14:50
1664LadislavINCLUDE/PATH: you are using an old version, I suggest you to switch to this one: , which does not use the /PATH refinement any more. Instead, a special variable called INCLUDE-PATH is used16-Jun-09 14:48
1663Ladislav"why it's INCLUDE/CHECK or #INCLUDE-CHECK for the "ordinary call", as you'd put it above" - hi, Christian! I picked this to be compatible with the PREBOL dialect, which uses #include16-Jun-09 14:45
1662Maximand I'm sure Ladislav is more than willing to improve/modify/extend include as to make it compatible with Carl's ideals.16-Jun-09 6:33
1661Maximcarl won't have to maintain that aspect anymore, and as a result, R3 will move ahead faster. ladislav is VERY thorough in the tools he writes... Carl even admited that ladislav is more thorough than he ;-)16-Jun-09 6:31
1660MaximI think just about every reboler out there agrees that include should replace prebol and let it adapt to R3, instead of prebol.16-Jun-09 6:30
1659Maximdump prebol and make include module-aware.16-Jun-09 6:28
1658BrianHMore likely is to have prebol rewritten to be module-aware.16-Jun-09 6:25
1657ChristianELadislav, your INCLUDE already looks very settled, so I'm late with the following suggestions. I really like the function and used it a lot, but always found the wording a bit unrebolish.

I'm wondering why it's INCLUDE/CHECK or #INCLUDE-CHECK for the "ordinary call", as you'd put it above. Wouldn't it be more convenient to have INCLUDE work like the /CHECK-refined call and use INCLUDE/AGAIN to again include files already included before?

Also, having INCLUDE/PATH returning the path as a block, wouldn't it be easy to APPEND INLCUDE/PATH %ANOTHER without having a seperate INCLUDE-PATH next to INCLUDE. It may even be called IMPORT/FROM.


Carl is always picky with names and wording, so having that sorted out would probably make it easier to convince Carl to include INCLUDE in R3. Which is what I'd really like to see happen, functionality-wise.

16-Jun-09 5:53
1656Maximbrian that would be a great idea... as long as all of the current functionality remains... convertions and allowed symbols :-)16-Jun-09 3:01
1655ChrisHow about paths? You could anchor all the commands to one word, parse can still distinguish:

sdk/include sdk/include/check

16-Jun-09 2:46
1654BrianHBut it would switch if issue! was changed into a word-like type. That decision has not yet been made.16-Jun-09 1:51
1653Ladislavhi Chris, I am afraid, that the main objection Carl had was, that he didn't like the fact, that the keywords were in fact string-like series. (so no symbols) This does not change, if we switch from issues to URLs, unfortunately16-Jun-09 1:42
1652ChrisWould using urls be any better than issues? You can dedicate a whole name space to them, use path notation, still are neutral and parseable values:

sdk:include sdk:include/check sdk:do

16-Jun-09 0:19
1651PaulGood to hear. ;-)15-Jun-09 21:59
1650Ladislavyes, INCLUDE/CHECK refinement for "ordinary call", #include-check directive to put into the file15-Jun-09 20:58
1649GreggLadislav's INCLUDE has a /check refinement that does the same thing.15-Jun-09 20:31
1648PaulOf one thing to note is an INCLUDEONCE directive. This way if a module contains a reference to another module that it isn't called more than once.15-Jun-09 19:30
1647PaulHey Ladislav, here is a modules document for High Level Assembly that might stimulate some thoughts 19:27
1646Maximand since we can build modules dynamically, I guess that we could do like slim and embed the dynamic version of the module within the source code directly.15-Jun-09 19:03
1645BrianHModules are good for code organization and their headers can be taken into account by a preprocessor like prebol.15-Jun-09 18:07
1644Ladislavde facto everything is possible to do using just one keyword: #do, e.g. #include %a-file.r can be expressed as #do [include/only %a-file.r]15-Jun-09 17:55
1643Ladislavthey simply are "dialect keywords" for the PREBOL/INCLUDE dialect telling the preprocessor what to do.15-Jun-09 17:51
1642Ladislav1) - it was Carl who said (in the above discussion), that modules are "Not usable for building distributions using INCLUDE method." The INCLUDE method is comfortable and sufficient for the tasks it is meant to solve, in my opinion. 2) In my opinion preprocessor directives are more like "commands" than like location markers15-Jun-09 17:49
1641GreggAnd don't forget how # is used in URLs.15-Jun-09 17:41
1640GreggIt's a shame some of the useful publishing symbols aren't easy to type (e.g. § † ‡), but there are ways to work around that if people think they make sense.15-Jun-09 17:39
1639GreggLet me ask this. In a perfect world--forgetting any pre-existing designs--what kind of system would you want? Is a pre-processor model the best way to go? Should things like #INCLUDE be "commands" or just location markers (i.e. anchors)? And if they are the latter, what other uses would there be for such things?15-Jun-09 17:33
1638LadislavWell, the fact is, that for this purpose we need only a couple of "keywords", surely not many15-Jun-09 16:48
1637Maxim#words still are the nicest one for me.... $word would probably come in close second.

please no ending symbols...

$word$ the ending $ is useless, and harder to read.

15-Jun-09 16:47
1636BrianHThe question of whether to change issue! to be something like a word type without binding wasn't resolved, it was put on hold. As was the entire inclusion methods discussion a couple months ago, to work on plugins and bug fixing. We'll get back to it.15-Jun-09 16:30
1635GreggIf it is changed to use word! values, I ask only that the naming convention used is carefully considered, with the thought that it may be used elsewhere, or other conventions may be used as well. For example, I use leading and trailing = on words as a convention for parse vars and rules.

The example that looks most natural to me, at a glance, is: .include.

15-Jun-09 16:14
1634LadislavNew users (like Janko) welcome too, of course.15-Jun-09 10:26
1633Ladislavthe discussion: is still not over, AFAICT. Call for contributions!15-Jun-09 10:25
1632AshleyIs that going to be in R3 by default?15-Jun-09 10:24
1631Ladislav(well, OTOH, the INCLUDE function makes it largely unneded, though)15-Jun-09 10:18
1630AshleyAs discussed in SDK, *include* would allow "*include*: :do" which would be kinda useful.15-Jun-09 10:17
1629Ladislavno real problem, except for the fact, that Carl seems to dislike it15-Jun-09 9:36
1628PekrIs it really a big problem to have #include? No matter what, this is most known format from other environments. Does it really pose any problem in regards to REBOL interpreter?15-Jun-09 8:17
1627AntonI avoid strange syntaxes as much as possible. But from the list on the wiki, I like *include* the most (and in fact, I would discourage any of the others, which look like typos).15-Jun-09 6:16
1626ChrisI've seen _word used, and I've made use of =word myself.15-Jun-09 2:47
1625Ladislavso, the question may rather be: does anybody use any of the syntaxes listed for "regular words"?14-Jun-09 20:59
1624Ladislavmy guess is, that essentially the ones I listed in the article, but that would restrict the word! datatype14-Jun-09 20:58
1623HenrikI have no idea. :-) What chars are left to use?14-Jun-09 20:57
1622Ladislav...and, what syntax would you assign to the keyword datatype, then? - it may be a thing Carl is considering14-Jun-09 20:57
1621HenrikIssue might be usable for other things as it was originally not made for preprocessing, as far as I can tell. If there was one just for this, rather than haphazardly kidnapping other datatypes, that would be great.14-Jun-09 20:55
1620Ladislav...but there probabyl were some asking for the current state (all #issues are special strings) to be kept, so he probably gave up14-Jun-09 20:54
1619Ladislav(that is what Carl considered and I guess he even asked that on some forum)14-Jun-09 20:53 mean using the #issue syntax?14-Jun-09 20:52
1617Henriklike we have word!, why not keyword! ?14-Jun-09 20:51
1616Henriklike many other datatypes, it would be nice to have one that is directly usable for preprocessing.14-Jun-09 20:50
1615LadislavI know, that issues raise the efficiency question (to Carl, I guess), but that does not seem to be critical (YMMV)14-Jun-09 20:44
1614Ladislavbut, it looks to me, that if Carl initially picked a word alternative, we would be happily using that without worring about potential trouble14-Jun-09 20:42
1613Ladislavyes, #issues have clear advantages - no conflict can occur14-Jun-09 20:40
1612MaximI actually like #issues.14-Jun-09 20:35
1611LadislavSince Carl seems to dislike the fact, that the PREBOL/INCLUDE dialect uses #issues as "keywords", I tried to list other alternatives (words). Does any of them look usable to you?14-Jun-09 18:11
1610Ladislav...and the winner is... Carl!14-Jun-09 10:32
1609Ladislav(it is either by Carl or by Brian, if I understand the history page correctly)14-Jun-09 10:30
1608Maximok14-Jun-09 10:28
1607LadislavI can't, since I did not write that14-Jun-09 10:21
1606Maximladislav: under modules in the inclusion methods, you write: "Not usable for building distributions using INCLUDE method. "

I see no reason why not... can you elaborate further?

14-Jun-09 1:38
1605Maximmy view is that choice is the right answer. use what makes sense, import, slim, include. I have an even higher level than include with distro-bot. but still use do directly often.14-Jun-09 0:23
1604PeterWoodPersonally, I agree with you. I also generally favour "static" inclusion over "dynamic". Perhaps I am unusualin Rebol in that I am happy to work with a build then test approach (I usually take a test-driven approach to coding.)14-Jun-09 0:03
1603LadislavI think, that the dialect is the proper way13-Jun-09 23:59
1602LadislavJust an idea about ad hoc versus standard debugging: "standard" actually means a specialized dialect optimized for the purpose at hand (so, easy to debug by definition). Ad hoc script means a general purpose language using more than just DO and LOAD, since they do not suffice on their own.13-Jun-09 23:58
1601Ladislav(but it surely is worth considering to produce such an example for the demonstration purpose)13-Jun-09 23:53
1600LadislavWell, that would require a real-life example?13-Jun-09 23:52
1599PeterWoodIsn't the real question is can you sensibly compare the pros and cons of elements of ad-hoc methods (DO, LOAD) with complete standardised methods (PREBOL, INCLUDE)?

Perhaps the better comparison would be to compare ad-hoc inclusion against standard methods?

13-Jun-09 23:50
1598PeterWoodDo you not think that it is more a case of either "debugging the ad-hoc script" or "debugging the input to the standard method"? In the sense of debugging either a shell script to compile and link a C program or a makefile.13-Jun-09 23:47
1597Ladislavso "easy to debug" versus "no debug"13-Jun-09 23:41
1596Ladislavhmm, but when I consider, that every build is actually ad hoc, then it means, that you have to debug many times, while in case of a standard method you just debug the method, not ad hoc script/s13-Jun-09 23:41
1595PeterWoodOn a quick look at the wiki page, the question "why do modules have to be dynamically loaded?" seems to jump out of the page.13-Jun-09 23:38
1594PeterWoodIt perhaps makes sense if you consider what errors you could possibly make coding using DO: incorrectly spell do miss the % from a filename omit the REBOL header from a script file do an unset word

I guess you could consider debugging those errors as being easy -- though I'm sure you can think of many more possible errors with the DO function than I :-)

13-Jun-09 23:36
1593LadislavWhen I see that "Very simple. Easy to debug. " in the , I am quite confused about the meaning. What is it that is easy to debug? (the DO function?)13-Jun-09 23:28
1592LadislavThanks, Gregg. BTW, sorry for discussing in Announce, my bad.13-Jun-09 22:50
1591AntonPeterWood, that string encoding doc and functions look very useful. Nice work.24-May-09 16:51
1590Jankozone it = zone in18-May-09 12:00
1589JankoI can't wait to read it as I already said like your articles a lot and parse vs re interests me a lot.. I just nee to find some peacefull time to zone it18-May-09 12:00
1588JankoI don't think it looks awfull , it fits the general wiki style ... only if heading would be bold or something ... but I don't have any exp. with wiki syntax for tables ... you have few CSS examples of fancy tables here18-May-09 11:59
1587Ladislavplease, can somebody improve the look of the table in the article? (it looks awful, I think)18-May-09 11:16
1586Ladislavthanks, mhinson and Brian18-May-09 10:52
1585BrianHGreat article, Ladislav. Just tweaked the grammar and added a link to tthe Parse Project at the end - Peta wrote a lot about Parse there.17-May-09 16:20
1584mhinsonGreat article on parse Ladislav. This was exactly what I first looked for when I very first started looking at Rebol. Thanks.17-May-09 15:20
1583JankoHm.. I see that last 2 users had to have errors as their domains didn't get passed to the bots. I will go figuring out tonight what caused this.15-May-09 18:37
1582JankoRobertS: hm.. what kind of error, does it maybe says something like "database locked" or something else?15-May-09 18:32
1581RobertSI get a SQLite error when I try to add my first domain address; I was able to create an empty group OK15-May-09 18:18
1580JankoThanks Maxim , now it looks a little more pro after you guys told me for so many typos :)13-May-09 17:44
1579Maximvery nice work janko, professional looking out of the box :-)13-May-09 17:34
1578JankoAnton.. thanks, I fixed that .. and also same mistake on 6 other places13-May-09 15:14
1577JankoPeter: wow, nice :D13-May-09 15:10
1576AntonJanko recieve -> receive13-May-09 14:30
1575PeterWood" I have no such place yet .. except me here or my email" - I've created a !Site-Assistant group to be such a place.13-May-09 14:24
1574Jankobots wake up and look for tasks every 2-3 minutes now13-May-09 13:53
1573amacleodNever mind I had to refresh the page13-May-09 13:53
1572amacleodHow long does it take for it to fetch website data (Who-is etc.)13-May-09 13:53
1571Jankowhich is janko.itm@gmail.com13-May-09 13:53
1570Janko:) I have no such place yet .. except me here or my email13-May-09 13:52
1569amacleodJanko, Where should we post bugs/comments etc.13-May-09 13:52
1568Jankoamacleod, thanks for telling me about typo .. I fixed it about RSP error , I will look at it and fix it , thanks, it seems I broke it with the last bigger update!13-May-09 13:50
1567Janko( that was directed to Robert, you helped me a lot already , I wouldn't be asking for more :) )13-May-09 12:21
1566Henrikhaven't found problems so far.13-May-09 12:20
1565Janko... if anything doesn't work please tell me13-May-09 12:20
1564HenrikI think they are close to identical in rendering engine.13-May-09 12:20
1563JankoRobert, great :)13-May-09 12:19
1562JankoHenrik: I haven't tested with that, ( I have with chrome which also uses webkit )13-May-09 12:19
1561RobertJanko, I'm giving it a try with some real-life web-sites. Cool stuff.13-May-09 11:20
1560HenrikSafari 4.13-May-09 11:19
1559JankoHenrik: which browser do you have?13-May-09 11:14
1558Jankoups yes, fixed again ... If you will need some beta testing Henrik tell me13-May-09 11:06
1557HenrikThere should probably also be a comma after "expires".13-May-09 11:04
1556HenrikIn Global Settings, it reads "a email" in a sentence, where it should be "an email"13-May-09 11:03
1555Jankothanks, fixed13-May-09 11:00
1554HenrikIn Update Website, there is a typo "remeber"13-May-09 10:57
1553Jankouh, I already see bugs :) .. Henrik . app shouldn't alow you to write http://... .. just www.domain.com13-May-09 10:54
1552JankoOk, I will try .. I think you are right13-May-09 10:50
1551Henrikyes, that could work.13-May-09 10:49
1550Jankosqlab: thanks , fixed Henrik: you mean that I should add a little more contrast to it?13-May-09 10:48
1549sqlab shows one "is" to much "Site Assistant is is programmed in an innovative programming language REBOL ..."13-May-09 10:42
1548Henrikperhaps the css style for text fields should be a little clearer. it's hard to see the text field.13-May-09 10:42
1547JankoIf you find anything wrong, or have any criticism I will be happy too13-May-09 10:35
1546JankoThanks Henrik :) , I fixed the typo now13-May-09 10:32
1545HenrikVery nice product, Janko! In the Update Group form, there is a typo: "dashboad".13-May-09 10:27
1544PeterWoodVery droll, Graham.23-Apr-09 5:24
1543RobertGregg, you have a very good memory. That's true.14-Apr-09 18:58
1542RobertThanks all!14-Apr-09 18:58
1541ChristianECongratulations, Robert!11-Apr-09 21:18

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