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755CarlThere is a simple question I need your help with regarding MakeDoc. Please see: 0:25
754RobertLet me know.25-Feb-09 9:40
753RobertWell, I didn't touched it for a long time. So it's very basic (should have noted this more clear). I can send you all the parts and you can take a look.25-Feb-09 9:40
752SeanRobert, is your PDF emitter something i can use? How could i try it out :)25-Feb-09 4:35
751RobertI have basic PDF emitter for my make-doc-pro.20-Feb-09 18:59
750Seando we have a make-doc with a PDF emitter? I would like to use make-doc with a cgi script to create registration forms and PDF them before mailing20-Feb-09 15:07
749Henrikaccording to the make-doc code, it reads the file using:

if file? template [template: attempt [read template]]

so if it's not being read, it's being ignored, so perhaps check if the file can be read in the same console as make-doc uses.

5-Jan-09 22:48
748SeanHenrik, when i have =template template_html_file as an example in the txt file and run md the parser just ignores it and uses the builtin template and does not use the seperate templating file5-Jan-09 22:17
747Henrikcould you describe the problem more closely?5-Jan-09 15:08
746Henrikhmm... I never used it, so I can't tell whether it works or not.5-Jan-09 15:07
745SeanI'm using md2 v2.5.7 and cannot get the template function to work correctly. Is anyone having the same issue? In the file i use =template template_name5-Jan-09 12:18
744GeomolNicomDoc has been moved to: (NicomDoc is a document format based on MakeDoc2 with math formulas and some other stuff.)29-Nov-08 8:21
743amacleodTHanks26-Apr-08 12:23
742RobertIs this make-doc2? Look a bit like MDP... ;-) If it's MDP remove the last || before the /table line. Because otherwise it means: Ok, add an other row. But there is not content coming.25-Apr-08 9:45
741amacleod\table header Extension_Ladders | Closed_Length | Weight || 35' | 20' | 135 lbs. || 25' | 15' | 100 lbs. || 24' | 14' | 80 lbs. || 16' | 10' | 70 lbs. || /table Getting closer: Now I have two cells and 6 rows.25-Apr-08 6:06
740amacleodI'm having a problem with tables n Makedoc2: \table header Extension_Ladders | Closed_Length | Weight ||| 35' | 20' | 135 lbs. 25' | 15' | 100 lbs. 24' | 14' | 80 lbs. 16' | 10' | 70 lbs. /table I'm getting a table that is six cells across and two rows down (Header and 1 row). - Not what I'm looking for.25-Apr-08 6:02
739Willwooo.. my bad I just see I asked the same question in January.. sorry ;) maybe I need holidays..10-Apr-08 3:29
738WillThanks, I'll go with md2 from then10-Apr-08 3:27
737btiffinI use makedoc2 right out of and one I call makecv, that strips out all the ardornment from the default template. Orginally modified for a resume, comes in handy for a few things. nicomDoc for that rare times I need math. But to be honest, Mulch, the markup used in a lot of the documentation is pretty nice; but to use it you need to document <wink><wink> Sadly, I'm now getting too used to wikitext from DocBase.9-Apr-08 12:19
736GeomolI guess, I shouldn't answer this. ;-)9-Apr-08 10:50
735WillWhat is the status of MD? which one would you suggest or are you using the most? md, mdp, md3, nicomDoc ?9-Apr-08 10:26
734GeomolI've been using NicomDoc with math for almost a year and a half now at university. It must be one of the fastest way there is to write equations. Many examples of use can be seen in my notes at: 15:19
733GeomolI just found some broken links in my NicomDoc 2 spec at Those should be fixed now.25-Jan-08 15:10
732btiffinMy opinion; makedoc2.r is the preferred RT markup engine. I like to promote Gabriele's PDF-Maker as well. For DocBase, you need to get used to wikitext. Take a look at for a fairly complete view of the various tools at our disposal. Some are awesome domain enhancing tools such as John's nicomdoc with the math extensions.24-Jan-08 16:47
731WillWhat is the status about writing great docs? mac-doc? what is latest version? or QML or other? thank you!24-Jan-08 11:52
730btiffinYeah, it's amazing that good old text format is now starting to break down as we head toward different encodings. System designers like to outsmart themselves sometimes. :) Not that advancing out of an English only ASCII character set is a bad thing, but it may take a while to get everything back to quick and easy again.27-Jul-07 16:30
729PatrickP61You know, its kind of funny. When I saved the document on my computer and opened it via wordpad, it opened up just fine. When I renamed it from .r to .txt and then reopened it, wordpad had a lot of funny characters in it. I had to rename it back to .r reopen the document using wordpad and then did a save as .txt. Now it looks just fine. Must be a unicode thing or something like that!27-Jul-07 16:23
728btiffinThat'll work for some docs, but a lot of documentation is in Mulch. The mulch processor isn't released for offline use yet.27-Jul-07 16:21
727PatrickP61Thanks Brian, Yep the editable version worked just fine!!!27-Jul-07 16:20
726btiffinMy house :) Unless you mean the actual useful example page at in which case I don't know. The doc I did for the library is mostly just a pointer guide to other guides.

When looking at the the docs in you should see a Download Documentation As: HTML or editable. The editable version is very close to the orignal source text to get a clone of the original, just cut out the 5 or 6 lines of download header. The first line of the original is

Introducing %makedoc2...

27-Jul-07 16:15
725PatrickP61Where can I find the latest make-doc.txt file used the make the Make-doc.html page at 15:57
724james_nakCould be but since it works I can get back to creating. I think you're right in that there is more than meets the eye.8-Jul-07 21:57
723btiffinI'm starting to think you have more of a server side issue somewhere. Something is tripping that <% page-body %> to get sent as the 'page' instead of the actual expanded page-body.8-Jul-07 19:15
722btiffin%template.html is a "one-of" default. If it is not found it uses the embeded copy. This code here if not no-template [ template: any [select opts 'template select doc 'template template-file] if file? template [template: attempt [read template]] if not template [template: trim/auto default-template] ] It's actually pretty handy.8-Jul-07 19:07
721james_nakWell, at least my mind wasn't playing tricks on me. The version in the script library has the template set to a file. Thanks for the hint!8-Jul-07 19:02
720btiffinI can't even find page-body anywhere in the source code. And the <% %> makes me curious too. It might be something on the server side.8-Jul-07 18:53
719james_nakThanks, btiffin, I changed the template-file to false. Now I'm goning to check if that is in the script.8-Jul-07 18:48
718james_nakI know.8-Jul-07 18:45
717btiffinHmmm, sounding weird.8-Jul-07 18:45
716james_nakWithout verbose on I don't get the error but then I don't get the output either. I'll check to see if it thinks I need a template. Shouldn't of course.8-Jul-07 18:45
715james_nakI have the same makedoc version 2.5.7 and view I've tried that exact example as well though with verbose on I am seeing an error: ** Script Error: copy expected range argument of type: number series port pair ** Where: debug ** Near: copy/part here find here newline8-Jul-07 18:43
714james_nakBtiffin, let me check...8-Jul-07 18:37
713btiffinjames; My quick test worked out ok. Do you have a local template.html maybe? Which version did you snag. I just pulled one out of with Version: 2.5.7 Date: 10-Mar-2007 And then saved the MakeDoc Example from and it worked as expected.8-Jul-07 18:36
712james_nakThis is an odd one. I just re-downloaded makedoc2.r and for whatever reason I can get it to output. The html file includes only <% page-body %> despite the in input including the examples. ANyone have any ideas?8-Jul-07 18:19
711Henrikand allow insertion of automatically scaled images9-May-07 14:50
710HenrikI would like to see a rewrite that lets it work on a series of text documents, build a TOC an link to subdocuments, like the HTML REBOL/Core manual.9-May-07 14:47
709BrockMay be the answer. Might have to look into this the next time I play with Make-Doc9-May-07 13:59
708btiffinPerhaps a syntax highlighter for kate or other folding editor would help? Not that I know anything about syntax files for editors...I haven't run PC edits in a long while, but most editors now support code folding. At least in Linux land.9-May-07 0:49
707BrockI was thinking a conscious effort in adding lots of additional blank space in the document would help better define paragraphs and sections of the document. So it's ignored by the MakeDoc parser, but gives the user a better visual hint, which is what the difference is between the text and the output.8-May-07 21:26
706GeomolYes, I have some problems navigating my large documents in NicomDoc format, which is original based on MakeDoc. I use search/find a lot. Maybe a syntax recognizer using colours would help.8-May-07 21:22
705BrockTo Brian's comments on Make-doc. I've tried using it as well. I found it was great for short documents and started to get hard to us as we moved to larger documents. i shouldn't say hard to use, but hard to edit the document once I made changes or stumbled across errors in the original. I should have used 'find' more, as it really was difficult to scroll around and find where you were in a larger documents. Has anyone else experienced the same thing?8-May-07 20:56
704Henrikoptions are now cleared properly before a makedoc document is scanned.27-Nov-06 13:17
703Henrikset 'scan-doc func [str /options block] [ clear out title: none

if options [ if find block 'no-title [title: true] ] emit options opts clear opts str: join str "^/^/###" ; makes the parse easier parse/all detab str rules if verbose [ n: 1 foreach [word data] out [ print [word data] if (n: n + 1) > 5 [break] ] ] out ]

27-Nov-06 13:16
702HenrikFixed!27-Nov-06 13:16
701HenrikI found a bug that accumulates the options over several documents. maybe I can fix it...27-Nov-06 1:37
700Henrik"; Options still need work!!!" <---- found this in the source code for makedoc 2 on

Does this mean that reusing makedoc in the same run-time session really is broken? If I turn off table of contents for one doc, it will not be on for the next for example.

27-Nov-06 0:29
699LouisREBO = REBOL17-Nov-06 9:42
698LouisGabriele, Thanks! I should have known to try the REBO way. But the comment in MakeDoc2 says to use "=: "17-Nov-06 9:41
697Gabrielehenrik, the source to that page uses \column ... =column ... /column17-Nov-06 9:25
696Gabrieleput ; in front of the paragraph17-Nov-06 9:23
695LouisWith MakeDoc2 is there any way to comment out a block of text you don't want to print? I found =: but that doesn't seem to work. Or perhaps I just don't know how to use it.17-Nov-06 7:17
694HenrikMike, I was thinking like this: 23:40
693MikeLHenrik, I am not sure what you mean but this makes a two column table for me


Column1 Heading

Column2 Heading


Cell 1,1

Cell 1,2


Cell 2,1

Cell 2,2


16-Nov-06 23:10
692Gabrielesome versions have something like that, not sure the official version does.16-Nov-06 20:50
691HenrikIs it me or is there not a hidden option to make 2 column output in makedoc 2? I seem to remember one.16-Nov-06 18:32
690Thør.1-Apr-06 17:57
689btiffin.17-Jan-06 5:17
688btiffin.16-Jan-06 23:23
687AmmonActually, it's pretty simple to do it in HTML:

<table> <tr> <th>One</th><td>one</td> </tr><tr> <th>Two</th><td>two</td> </tr> </table>

Just use TH instead of TD where you want the Header cells to be.

14-Jan-06 5:46
686?In HTML I can colour the table cells on the left, and leave the other columns clear. So that should work.14-Jan-06 5:43
685GrahamIt's not supported by html14-Jan-06 5:42
684AshleyYou want row headings instead of column headings. Not supported.14-Jan-06 5:39
683?Is there way to make a table in MakeDoc that has the first column all dark, then each column to the right is white?14-Jan-06 2:57
682?Meaning, the the top is darker than the rows.14-Jan-06 2:57
681?Am I correct that tables in MakeDoc are only vertical?!!?14-Jan-06 2:57
680eFishAntmakespace13-Jan-06 23:33
679btiffinAnd then I stumbled on posting stumbel13-Jan-06 4:22
678btiffinThanks Reichart, I was just about to post that I stumbeld on a non breaking space &nbsp; solution.13-Jan-06 4:21





13-Jan-06 3:50
676btiffinIs there any easy way to get blank columns in makedoc tables?13-Jan-06 3:41
675btiffinHi,13-Jan-06 3:41
674btiffinHi,13-Jan-06 3:39
673Volkerif nothing else: html. <br> <p>13-Dec-05 2:18
672james_nakIs there a way to make blank lines (also blank boxes) in Makedoc?12-Dec-05 21:42
671JoshMikeL6-Dec-05 22:57
670JoshThank you6-Dec-05 22:57
669VolkerQuick work :)6-Dec-05 22:57
668JoshWorked ok for me6-Dec-05 22:56
667JoshOK, I updated the MakeDoc2 file per MikeL's changes and here is a URL for testing: 22:56
666JoshIt looks like MikeL has it above this. I'll just make those changes and confirm it6-Dec-05 22:31
665VolkerWhere is the source, what do you need? IIRC i patched it once, so i may remember where to place code.6-Dec-05 22:28
664JoshWe'll see if I have any luck trying to patch it, volker6-Dec-05 22:19
663VolkerOr patching :)6-Dec-05 21:16
662VolkerPlain html?6-Dec-05 21:15
661JoshI'm running into that issue. Is there another way to do URLs in MakeDoc2 besides the supposed =url ?6-Dec-05 18:42
660MikeLFor makedoc2.r input log 488 on Rambo which has morphed to Reviewed log 3955, this change deck provides =url support for anyone who wants it. The line changes are all inserts and the line number is the download version from the script library as of a few minutes ago

-ins 136

| "url" url

-ins 169

url: [ some space copy text thru newline ( emit url parse/all text " " ) ]

-ins 311

url [emit-url doc/2]

-ins 512

emit-url: func [spec] [ emit [reduce {<a href="} spec/1 {">} skip spec 1 </a><p>] ]

16-Nov-05 11:08
659LouisRobert and Alek_K, thanks for responding. Deleting the table altogether solved the problem. Thanks!10-Nov-05 21:53
658Alek_KLouis: simplest solution - change width of table (can be percents) - or delete it <table width="660" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" border="0"> to <table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" border="0">10-Nov-05 18:21
657RobertIIRC it's some CSS style/tag named "float"... but not sure, out of my head.10-Nov-05 17:11
656LouisThe web page created by makedoc2.r is too wide for my screen. How can I make the lines wrap at the right border of the window so that when the window size is changed the line breaks are automatically adjusted?10-Nov-05 16:36
655MikeLHi Graham, this version ignores my =url request and look at the source I can't find any URL text string in that source. I think this version does not support =url at any column position.10-Nov-05 0:37
654Grahamthat url directive only works if it's on the left margin.9-Nov-05 17:38
653MikeLI don't find URL support as described in in the released makeDoc version accessible at Rambo 488 raised for this.9-Nov-05 12:05
652RobertBut this needs quite a lot of time...2-Nov-05 6:42
651RobertI thought, for several times, to rewrite the MDP parser to use Garbriele's compile-rules function. Should make the parser simpler and more compact. Further I could design it in a way to handle the different approaches better.2-Nov-05 6:42
650RobertTables: Yes, I didn't yet implemented it. But shouldn't be that hard to do.2-Nov-05 6:41
649ChristopheRobert: well, i didn't go into your latest version, but is the table handling not a compatibility problem? i mean =row against || text | text ...1-Nov-05 19:01
648ChristopheI should note i'm Belgian, not French :-))1-Nov-05 18:59
647ChristopheOK... Should we create a new "REBOL Documentation Project" aka "REBDocProj" group ?1-Nov-05 18:56
646ChristopheFor now, we succeed a bit into getting good french documentation. But it can be still beter ! OK, i can admit, i did not deploy a lot of effort to "recruit' english-speeking author for publishing on our website ... Yet, it stays open ! Come on in ! Do YOU have something to say about REBOl ? Do you want to make it publicly accessible ? We need YOU ! Contact me and get on the 'REBOL Documentation Project' !1-Nov-05 18:55
645ChristopheWe started in february this year with the "REBOL Documentation Project" initiative with also this goal into our vision: let's make REBOL popular by translating doc ! There's a LOT of high value articles and studies abour REBOL out there... lonely in english ... (Ladislav :-) ) or in french ... let's translate it ! let's publish it !1-Nov-05 18:49
644ChristopheNo. No joking now... For lot of french taking ppl, another language than french is on the border of the unbiliefable. But isn't so also for the native english talking ppl ?1-Nov-05 18:45
643ChristopheYes, Pekr. u're right ! Its called language barrier :-)1-Nov-05 18:43
642Robertcompatibility: MDP should be 100% MD compatible. I'm not sure about MD2 but if you find any differences let me know.1-Nov-05 16:42
641PekrFrench community is "strange" - it is very cool and active, yet it creates barrier for rebol adoption a bit - many of good materials are not in english. We help short talk about it with Cyphre - if should be czech only, or something like rebolforces, so in english ... (or both :-)1-Nov-05 16:39
640ChristopheAbout new blood... this is a conversation which appears regularly within the french rebol community; How make rebol more popular ... but this is becoming off-topic, perhaps we should move to... well, to where ? :-)1-Nov-05 16:31
639Pekrnot only ...1-Nov-05 16:27
638Christopheu mean for this WG ?1-Nov-05 16:25
637Pekrimo we need new rebol blood and we should try (I am trying :-) to recruit new blood to join us :-) every developer can help ...1-Nov-05 16:24
636Pekrdead or no, it depends upon ppl's needs - if noone needs such standardisation, it will not happen ...1-Nov-05 16:24
635Pekrworkgroup has not set any timeframes etc.1-Nov-05 16:24
634ChristopheBut keeping standardization on the side, are they any ideas of working on compatibility ? I mean: doc developped under MDP should be readable under MD2, for example. Or is the workgroup totally dead ? (in which case it should be announce on i think).1-Nov-05 16:23
633ChristopheToo bad :(1-Nov-05 16:20
632Robertstandardization: Yep, I agree. But seems like we have to many options, different thinkings and preferences, to many forks etc. I tried it several times but no luck. I think it won't happen, and I don't spend any more time on this standardization stuff. It needs people to push it and without a group wanting this it won't happen.1-Nov-05 16:15
631RobertXML: Well, I choose to use a block based intermediate format coming from the MDP parser. It's because you can handle it the Rebol style and it makes writing a one-pass emitter quite easy.1-Nov-05 16:13
630RobertPrinting: With the COM stuff now, I'm going to do a MS Word emitter for MDP. Than this shouldn't be a problem.1-Nov-05 16:12
629ChristopheI find the idea of using simple tags to generate doc a improvement for professionals. Every time I have to use the m$ word, I'm stuck into format problems and i spend more time find a solution to it than concentrating on the core of my text. But i guess this is a known complaint :-)1-Nov-05 16:04
628ChristopheI'm sure your format has a lot of possibilities. FYI, there's a little compare study published on . But a few years ago, I had to make a choice on the format to use, and it became MDP (MD2 then when it was released).1-Nov-05 16:01
627Geomolacare = scare1-Nov-05 15:03
626GeomolAnd don't let the XML part acare you away, it's NOT XML, as you know it, just the good thoughts from XML. RebXML is based on blocks, words and strings.1-Nov-05 15:02
625GeomolIn the same area, there is also my NicomDoc: I think, my approach has some advantages over both MD2 and MDP. I convert to/from an internal XML-kind of format called RebXML, which is much easier to work with, when making importers/exporters to different formats. RebXML is defined here: I'm not sure, if anyone else found my ideas to be usefull, when I talked about it here half a year ago, and I haven't have much time to do more with NicomDoc, but it's not a dead project.1-Nov-05 15:01
624Pekrstylesheet imo .... but the result was bad in mozilla ...1-Nov-05 14:58
623Christophehow did you did it ? did you set the background using the css style sheet, or did you address it right into the html code ?1-Nov-05 14:57
622PekrI just did not get satisfactory enough result .... but I wanted to print with background ...1-Nov-05 14:51
621Christophesavinf > saving1-Nov-05 14:23
620ChristopheWell, I didn't feel any trouble using PDF-factory and printing to it. The process of savinf documents is really simple. Write the doc (MD2 or MDP) / generate HTML / print to the PDF-generator / save the PDF and publish doc :-)1-Nov-05 14:15
619Pekrhmm, I wonder how do you aproach printing .... I use Chris' online make-doc version at, and it has strange metrics with IE, not to mention Mozilla - it screwes it up (if I want to have it with background) ... but maybe the cause is my pdf printer driver ...1-Nov-05 13:28
618ChristopheAt work, we use those formats intensively: for project docs, for official documents, even for generating psychotechnical tests skelettons in XML dialects... So it would be great if a standadization could take place, keeping the best of the two worlds MD2 and MDP.1-Nov-05 13:25
617Christophe"The REBOL MakeDoc Page" - Updated 27-Jan-2005 ... / "The MakeDoc Standardization Project" - Updated 26-Jan-2005 ... Is there any activity left regarding those project ?1-Nov-05 13:21
616RobertCorrect, all the =... stuff onlin works on the start of a line. MDP can handle inline-URLS with =url http://... Text for link=23-Sep-05 7:42
615SunandaI think so -- but =url is a natural to use halfway through a sentence, so it's easy to make that mistake.22-Sep-05 9:18
614Grahamthat's true for all of those =directives isn't it ?22-Sep-05 9:17
613SunandaI think it only works at the start of a line, not midway through one.22-Sep-05 9:16
612Ladislavah, it does work22-Sep-05 9:10
611Grahamno, looks like it doesn't work.22-Sep-05 9:10
610Grahamthe sdk has this ..

If you need to contact us regarding problems with this distribution, please use <A HREF=""></A>.

22-Sep-05 9:09
609Pekrhmm, using Chris' formatter, I really do use: =url Rebol22-Sep-05 9:08
608Ladislavdoesn't seem to work in Makedoc222-Sep-05 9:04
607GrahamIsn't is supposed to be

=url The Main REBOL Site

22-Sep-05 9:01
606Ladislavthat doesn't seem to work22-Sep-05 8:57
605Pekr=url Dunno, let me look ...22-Sep-05 8:56
604Ladislavhow am I supposed to write URL's in MAKEDOC2?22-Sep-05 8:51
603ChrisDone -- 21:37
602TerryJust a suggestion for Make-doc.. using some form of markup that would co-exist with CSS check out 5:23
601shadwolfno-toc disable the toc creation in the HTML output11-Aug-05 21:23
600shadwolfhenrik exactly :)11-Aug-05 21:22
599james_nakHenrik, =options no-toc And thanks.11-Aug-05 17:04
598Henrik=option no-toc I think11-Aug-05 15:24
597james_nakA quick one for the makedoc pros: How do you tell makedoc2 to not make a table of contents. I think it has something to do with no-toc but...11-Aug-05 15:21
596Ladislavthanks6-Jul-05 14:46
595GreggIt's on, so it's available from the Viewtop in the public/library folder.6-Jul-05 14:44
594Ladislavhello, is make-doc code still accessible from Desktop in the 1.3.x versions?6-Jul-05 9:10
593Andrew<verse> author verse content text </verse>3-Jul-05 8:25
592AndrewSurrounding text with "\verse" and "/verse" looks just like XML.3-Jul-05 8:24
591?Thanks Mike14-Jun-05 0:34
590MikeLPaul, I don't see how makedoc can do that because one of the goals was to having simple tagging where the input source is very readable. For these the line prefix (===, ---, ... etc) is that simple tagging. To be able to differentiate any value you would have to tag it independently and a general template can't know what you want to do. If you change the base makedoc to use an external stylesheet instead of the embedded styles in the template, you are a long way to getting what you want. Combine that with the few special tags you need and you can accomplish a lot within the design goals noted.14-Jun-05 0:13
589?Mike - I have already kinda did like you said as I somewhat copied note but made a new verse type. The thing that looks like would make madedoc better (might have it already) if if each item could be parse with styles also. For example - come up with a way to parse one single line item into 3 parts but format each part different with different color for this and different font for that but have it still be able to be in the template.13-Jun-05 17:03
588?Does \note wrap text?13-Jun-05 17:01
587MikeLPaul If you want to stay with some minor changes to makedoc2, then just copy what is provided for NOTE. Add your verse to the data

\verse author verse content text /verse

This is assuming author and verse will be text strings (no spaces). Unlike NOTE you need to parse the text after \verse to get the two parts so that you can plug them into the output where you like.

Note uses text-line: [any space copy text thru newline] which puts everything on the line from the identifier tag \NOTE into the variable 'text

One direct way to get the values author & verse from the line is by reparsing what text gives you that is you let the \verse processing work the same as \NOTE

| "note" text-line (emit note-in text) ; this is an existing line | "verse" text-line (emit verse-in text) ; this will be added to support verse note-in [emit-note doc/2] ; this is an existing line verse-in [emit-verse doc/2] ; this will be added to support verse

emit-note then has an emit-verse parallel

emit-verse: func [text] [ words: parse text none ; Because text-line was in the rule for verse it contains author and verse emit [<div class=verse-box><p class=author> words/1 </p> "&nbsp; " <p class=verse> words/2 </p>] ]

and because you should handle the /verse tag similar to /NOTE which should close the html table and the div. In the above that author and verse are defined as classes so you can leverage stylesheet independently of makedoc.

13-Jun-05 15:21
586ChrisThis is a modified version of the outputter (embedded -- no template, no toc). It does a full parse of each line: 14:32
585?I'll keep looking over the code until I find where to put some parsing in.13-Jun-05 2:35
584?For example if I post a verse such as John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word......" - I want to be able to format the book and verse separately from the verse text but still group it together in a \verse /verse type output13-Jun-05 2:34
583?I'm using a new emit-verse function I created but want to for example change the line to display multiple colors and formatted text on one line13-Jun-05 2:33
582?What part of the code of makedoc lets me change the individual lines being written to 'out?13-Jun-05 2:33
581ScottTI have been inspired by the make-doc line. Robert's rendition is fantastic. Love the whole site in one file thing. Keeping the CSS out of the rendered html is good, using classes.

MDP-Browser sounds really cool. a makedoc/spec browser for makedoc formatted scripts.

I have been playing with a document format that I call nulldoc, which is mostly a set of generaly rules about how plain text documents have been formatted traditionally, or how plain text copied from a web browser can look, and I started developing a set of broad regular expressions to markup plaintext.

based more on what I wanted than what I actually had, the rules I came up with go something like:

two blank lines begin a new nulldoc document (segment) spaces/numbers/letters/symbols represent lists. tabs/spaces at the beginning of the line denotes code/hierarchy. tabs that are trapped by non-space on both sides means tabular data.

I differentiate between code and hierarchy indentation by short-circuiting code switch with #:

code section

# numbered section

I wrote a web page that reads the KJV aloud using an MS Agent character. Used a control from MS for a menu I had it voice-activated, but that was a drag so I used "web navigator control" stupid name for a menu. I think it's still up at probably won't speak unless you have sapi 4 voice installed, though.

3-Jun-05 0:54
580?Mike, that Treemenu looks like the same one a site that I now frequent uses at Which is good but I need something that might be a building block to a full blown viewer at some point in the future. For example there are other bible viewers such as e-sword but I want something that can support additional book names and might make the makedoc extended to support a format as that and maybe make a conversion tool that will take some of the popular bible formats and output them to text and rthen back in through a tool and output the makedoc format so that the output is still compatible with makedoc.1-Jun-05 13:27
579RobertThe make-site approach is based on a directory tree on your disk. All path's you see are actually directories, and each dir has only one file, an index.html That's why you don't have to hack in any document name.1-Jun-05 10:49
578MikeLHi Robert, That is a VERY nice site. I am continuing this look at NoteREB because it manages the source and the tree structure for me. For what I want, a tree structure is important. This approach can use makedoc2 or any other variation to make-doc the page. The recursive tree approach combined with any already written make-doc function makes it work well so I'll be done soon then will have a longer look at your site and approach. Thanks.1-Jun-05 10:09
577RobertMike, I have a special script make-site, that uses the mdp-engine to generate web-sites. Take a look at my homepage, it's all done with this concept. Maybe it's something you want to check out.1-Jun-05 7:15

For what you have described, you may want to use navigation like that provided by a java script outline tree. One example is

My plan is to soon make a make-doc revision that takes as input the NoteREB data from the script by Alain Goye. Then generate an html site using the same tree structure as the NoteREB source file. Each page from the NoteREB data file is to be make-doc'ed into a separate HTML page.

NoteREB uses a very simple REBOL block structure to hold the content and sub-blocks.

If you want to change a page, change the source page, save the file, and click the new reGEN button. Alain's tree makes the management of the source much easier than methods I had been using before.

I have used this approach for taking easy vid format and making an easy vid presentation format. That means that it makes VID faces for each page and allows the execution of sample code by clicking on it. Seems to work well and I plan to put it on the script library after View 1.3 is released and I can verify it works OK there.

1-Jun-05 1:30
575shadwolfthose are the main functionnalities but there are many more things in it ;)1-Jun-05 0:30
574shadwolfyou have builting doc history that allows you to browse several files and get back to them...1-Jun-05 0:28
573shadwolfit handle the window resize too, Toc area is inserted into the same window and the entry clicking now scroll allways on the top the viewing area, MDP-Browser can produce HTML docs by just clicking one button the HTML is stored localy and can be published back to the IOS server using the IOS REBOL/link client plublishing system. Editing of a document is possible existing on the IOS server or new we can store locally or publish it back (if the fileset yet exist on the IOS server).1-Jun-05 0:26
572shadwolfwhat is MDP-Browser ? MDP-Browser is a software designed to work with IOS server in a wiki like way. MDP-browser is a merge betwin MD-Viewer and MDP-GUI some kind of nutural son of those two programs. It's similar to his parents but entends truelly the capabilities of both program. First of all VID rendering have been improved (bullet points are drawn using effect/Draw and not any more ascii chars), Viewed text resizing exist1-Jun-05 0:20
571shadwolfI'm close to have ended the MDP-Browser software. Lots of improvements have been done and makes it a tool a step forward MDP-GUI.1-Jun-05 0:14
570?Thanks guys I will give it a shot and let you know how it goes.31-May-05 13:23
569MikeLPaul, One thing to keep in mind is that you should want to leverage html stylesheets. In your make-doc version add the reference to the class then let a .css determine most of the presentation parameters. For example, I wanted to be able to add a question and have it presented with a heading very similar to a note box but to have a different label i.e. "Question" and a distinct look. This change was required to parse it

["=q" | "q:" | "question:"] text-line (emit-text 'question) |

from the input stream. This emitted the html

question [emit [{<p><div class="question"> Question: &nbsp;&nbsp; } doc/2 {</div>}]]

Change the make-doc script you are using to emit a reference to your stylesheet instead of inlining it. I put this in my css to present a question in box that stands out (for me) div.question { padding: 10px; background-color: linen; font-size: 14px; font-family: Helvetica; border: 6px groove gold; width: 90%; } The reason for .css is that now you can change the stylesheet and don't have to change the html or re-generate it. If you want your question box to tan instead of linen then you just change your .css If you have something you feel strongly about you can create a soapbox style. For more on this see p.s. when you change make-doc, clearly identify the lines that you change with comments so that when you get a new version you can retrofit it and get the benefit of the upgrades.

31-May-05 11:43
568RobertPaul, MDP has a horizontal TOC option. Not quite how you want it, but you can take a look at how it's done.31-May-05 11:43
567eFishAnt(without modifying make-doc, I mean)31-May-05 10:47
566eFishAntyou can actually put some html tags in the text para depending if that achieves what you want.31-May-05 10:47
565eFishAntPaul, you might try posting a specific example of what you want the output to look like.31-May-05 10:45
564?I'm getting ready to make some changes to the make-doc spec for my own use to include some extra formatting for bible verses. I want to be able to put in some specs that allow for wrapping of verses and a horizontally wrapped contents spec to go to a specific verse in the Book title. I haven't looked at the code yet so I thought I would jump here and post this and hope for some quick pointers on how I should approach the code before I begin. Specifically what parts of the code will need to be altered or what I should look out for and maybe what kinds html tags should I implement for the wrapping of verses etc..31-May-05 1:10
563Henrikhow about a simple general purpose version tracking system for makedoc2/mdp? if done right, it could be used alone or with IOS. Carl talked a while back about some simple diff commands for future rebol versions...22-Apr-05 2:36
562Volkeryou edit in work-folder and when done publish to the public folder. with some reblet which shows you which files you changed, and maybe checks links.19-Apr-05 15:03
561Volker3) one public folder and one for work. if files clashes, both have their original working version and can merge.19-Apr-05 15:02
560Robert2) This could be implemented without a big problem. Either for CamelCase or % marked words. Whereas I better like the CamelCase idea.19-Apr-05 14:59
559Robert3) the Wiki should be shared, as a growing knowledge-base19-Apr-05 14:57
558Volker1a) i use "%" as marker, not camel-case. and store everything in file. currently i use this to add relative links to make-doc-pages 1b) a reblet could check all links, and suggest to create missing files. 2) i use the "%"-translator as a preprocessor, so i have not to patch the make-doc*. 3) Have a seperate work-folder for each user. so auto-downloads would not overwrite it. and then you can use your prefered merger if there is a clash. its all files then.19-Apr-05 14:13
557RobertI would like to create an IOS Wiki application based on MDP syntax. So it should be a Wiki I can use as IOS user and browse / edit with some kind of editor. Here are some thoughts (unstructured). I'm looking forward for you comments.

1.) How to handle CamelCase links and content? - One approach is to create a TXT file for each CamelCase word. - Than new files need to be autoadded to the fileset or - The editor recognizes CamelCase words and creates new files, this implies the the internal editor is used.

2) MDP needs to be extended to translate CamelCase words into links that MDViewer can handle

3) Filesync clashing needs to be integrated into IOS with DIFF/MERGE option based on the synced TXT files

19-Apr-05 14:03
556GeomolI came to version 1.0 of NicomDoc. See Announces! Next I will specify the RebXML tags used by NicomDoc, which will be needed, when making output engines for other formats than HTML, and to make input engines.16-Apr-05 20:29
555GeomolI've updated the NicomDoc example document. It can be seen here: 10:58
554GeomolSomeone asked me about NicomDoc recently. I just added font support and escape mode (to turn on and off using backslash as escape character), changed some definitions and fixed a bug or two. I'll add options and make it version 1.0 targeted at HTML output. Should happen within the next days, where I'll release it.13-Apr-05 18:57
553shadwolfNow next evolution of the rendering system mut be a fusion betwin the MDP raw format and the MDP to VID renderer. In order to have on one panel that display the doc. Ths will lead me to write a multi file handler as we have only one panel for each open document. Save wil be made by default in .txt files and you still get the possibility to render HTML when you judge the document is publicable7-Apr-05 2:58
552shadwolfHTML rendering is for the publication of the documentation not for the preview of a building stage doc ...7-Apr-05 2:53
551shadwolfExactly dideC but MDP-GUI yet renderise the documentation in VID like mdviewer. Why to see it in rebol/vid simply because it better IMHO to have a render preview and the MDP raw format in same window ...7-Apr-05 2:51
550DideCI think he want to render MD as VID or Draw (as MDviewer does) but with an inline editable capabilities.6-Apr-05 11:13
549Allenwhat's the point of doing the display in rebol if you are doing html as output format? May as well render it in the browser. rebol/plugin in the browser could do it6-Apr-05 4:26
548shadwolf 3:17
547shadwolfbased on iframe + java technology you have the ritch text editor projects is what I want to be able to do with VID. But I have no concrete idea on the method to apply to get it6-Apr-05 3:14
546shadwolfexample tables rendering is unable to be done with it but you get colored text, by caractère formating wich are yet an improvement from actuall area6-Apr-05 3:11
545shadwolfscintilla is better than basic area but is still from what we need in MDP6-Apr-05 3:09
544shadwolfallen Iframe ? and why not java ... are you joking having rendering and writing in two panes is yet possible with REBOL/View (see MDP-GUI) What I seek for is a merge of both systems Like MS Word But even sharper and made Fully in REbol/view code no external call to other idions technology :)6-Apr-05 3:06
543AllenIf you want a renderer and text box on the same page, just throw a wrapper around and have the results show in an i-frame. piece of cake5-Apr-05 21:16
542shadwolfhum MDP rendering is far away more complex than scite capabilities ... So we have no other choice than invent a new way to deal with this5-Apr-05 16:28
541sqlabCarl offered at least the source code for the Rebol console in his Blog about Rebol/Coop

As I routinely use Scite based on Scintilla, I think, that this should be sufficient regarding the perfomance.

5-Apr-05 14:14
540Normandwill be to settle it by inverting the problem : edit text in a console or an editor, and have the console or editor to parse the text and transform it according to the commands it find in it. I did search for that. The closest library to such goal I found is either scintilla for an editor or tkcon, the adaptable tcl console. But all this suppose that we dispose of Rebol source code to put the language parser in it, right (like So we would have to rely on R# (open source) instead of Rebol? Either way, it does seem that handling the problem well is pushing us out of Rebol; not a charming proposition. I am just expressing my frustration of not being able to solve a problem that is not existing in other languages. As a priority, I do think that the repositioning of the caret is the show stopper. I could live with NOT rendering in the SAME window as the editing window; I consider it a form of cosmetics. But I can hardly ask people to start edit documents in a lame editor that takes seconds to go from page 120 to 130. It would be nice if RT could find a solution to that, as it would ease the way to specialised IDE's, Ide for Rebol and the many specialised dialects. By the way, did Ammon Johnson finished to wrote his REBOL-based IDE, called RIDE?5-Apr-05 13:29
539Normand1- caret repositioning in a big text and 2- rendering text in the same window that we edit5-Apr-05 13:03
538NormandIf I understand you well, the only way that we will be able to settle the two problems of :5-Apr-05 13:02
537shadwolfthat explain why on hudge text the cursor of an area widget is slow ;)5-Apr-05 5:35
536shadwolfLast thing the pointer is slow on hudge text because of this F***King mad system base on caret to handle the cursor position you store the current text that belongs after the cursor Writing and rewriting every time into this caret buffer the most part of the document is super slow !!!5-Apr-05 5:34
535shadwolfBut as you say it normand it's not an easy topic so being able to solve it will be in my opinion a community effort because we need a little more than TDM (to render tables for example... )5-Apr-05 5:34
534shadwolfMy actual effort in dev leads me to rebGUI project so MDP-GUI is in pause until rebGUI reatch stability then I would make a brand new version of MDP-GUI including the RebGUI look&feel. Once all this work will be done I could switch back to "One render/input window" problem :)5-Apr-05 5:34
533shadwolfOne pist could be to systimatically clone itch widget having them in two ways the first one would be a redered form based on face the other one would be based on field and will have stricly the same setting than it twin If the rendered widget recive a mouse down even then we substituate the redered widget base on face by it's clone base on field once this last receive a key enter event type we affect the clone content to the redered widget .... But with this system pref will be verry slow !!! and memory consumsion will be twice important ...5-Apr-05 5:05
532shadwolfNormand thank you for your concern about MDP-GUI. AS MDP-GUI main author I can say that the one vindow rendering is one of my futur goals. By default Area are absolutly unable to handle ritch text .. Carl Sassenrath plans to add a new VID widget to do so called TDM... (But The double formating maybe very slow). MDP redering format pull us to have en extensive use of VID widgets capabilities I'm not sure even with TMD we could reach the same level of beauty. I'm making some research too on my side to found a pretty way to transform redered widget to editable ones keeping there settings... But so far I wasn't able to produce a relevent soution in this issue :)5-Apr-05 4:59
531NormandDid some one found a way to have a FAST Rebol editor. I did remarked that the cursor is slowing to a crall on big texts in MDP-Gui. It is also quite slow with VT-editor or ion-pe, or even with this very small editor in alt-me, the one with which I write now. Tcl, for example, does have two tk texts widgets (text and C-text) to properly handle text. Could there be a way to have a fast editor in Rebol, something that could handle a text of 100-200 pages in a manner that is as fluid as something like notepad. I am a newbee and find MDP-Gui to be a nice course on how to play with text rendering. Although I would rather have only one window, and alternate from the editing window to its rendered view. Full window is nicer to write text. Side by side is nicer to compare marked-up text to its rendering, but after a while, we know the rendering and simply want the fuss a a nicely rendered text. I am fidling with this idea, but do stumble on the editor part. I dont even know who is the culprit, area or the ctx-edit. If someone has a simple solution to this, he should post it.5-Apr-05 4:08
530?Maybe incorporate tag symbols in the text for the parsing3-Apr-05 4:47
529?I was thinking that another good feature to add for makedoc is a javascript popup link3-Apr-05 4:47
528RobertThanks I take a look. Well MDP is quite old and IMO needs some refactoring :-))2-Apr-05 12:31
527VincentRobert : For the structure, you can look at my 'Easy-Doc prototype: It works with 3 sets of modules: readers, parsers and writers. 'readers have to supply a text string to parsers (ie. MS-Word files are scanned for text), 'parsers build a block in intermediate format (there is a makedoc parser,) and 'writers output the result either in file or on screen (VID / html / pdf / rtf / swf).1-Apr-05 15:21
526RobertI'm thinking about refining how emiters for MDP can be written. How about this: - The parser part will stay as is. - There will be a generic scan-doc routine that can handle: string!, file!, url! and block! The block can be a mix of string!, file!, url! - Than there will be one generator loop that loops over the output from the parser (the intermediate format) This loop has a gib SWITCH statement for all intermediate format words generated by the parser - The particular generator will be provided in a context to the GENERATOR function and than only needs to contain the function stubs.

What do you think?

1-Apr-05 12:31
525shadwolfMDP-GUI Is one person coded but community inspired I love this kind of work ;)30-Mar-05 19:06
524BrockShame on me, nice job to all working on MD, MDP, GUI, and Ashley's MD-Viewer and RebGui.30-Mar-05 4:28
523shadwolfthank to ashley and all the beta testers, contributors, idea teasers ;) that allow me since november 2004 to heavyly enhance and make progress tMDP-GUI ;)30-Mar-05 4:21
522shadwolfdon't know if I could get enaought patience to make an input/rendering same window intaface once MDP-GUI interface will be based on rebgui ;)30-Mar-05 4:19
521shadwolfnext step to MDP -GUI is to be made using RebGUI and encaped (wrapped) by GREBOX and a cute little installer for non download ;)30-Mar-05 4:18
520shadwolfthat to ashley and all the beta tester contributors idea teasers ;) that allow me since november to heavyly enhance and make progress this app ;)30-Mar-05 4:16
519shadwolfthank you brock it cost me a lot to put it online to ;)30-Mar-05 4:15
518BrockDownload/install works like a charm. Nice job on mdp-gui.30-Mar-05 4:00
517shadwolfneed to be downloaded ;)29-Mar-05 23:14
516shadwolfthen find in the list MDP-GUI-1-4-1.r all the files in the package29-Mar-05 23:01
515shadwolfso ppl now to dl MDP-GUI 1.4.1 all you need is to append a rebol/view console and copy/paste do 23:00
514AmmonSweet! There it is. ;~>29-Mar-05 22:58
513shadwolfgood29-Mar-05 22:58
512shadwolfI foiund oki it's available now29-Mar-05 22:58
511shadwolfhow can i change that ?29-Mar-05 22:57
510shadwolf...29-Mar-05 22:57
509AmmonBrowsing the package information on gives me this: "Available? false. This package is NOT available for download. The owner may be updating it."29-Mar-05 22:56
508AmmonTHat error means that you have the files set as not downloadable...29-Mar-05 22:55
507shadwolffiles have been uploaded but I can't dl them with repack29-Mar-05 22:53
506shadwolfyes I notice that it's hard29-Mar-05 22:49
505AmmonAh, I see TYPE needs a Block!29-Mar-05 22:44
504shadwolftype: [package] that was my problem29-Mar-05 22:44
503shadwolfpfffffffffffiouuuuuuuuuuuuu OOOOOOOH MY it was hard !!29-Mar-05 22:44
502AmmonThe good news is that there is now a different error. With .ZIP it said that mdpgui1-4-1 was not a package now it is saying the package is unavailable...29-Mar-05 22:43
501shadwolfk found ...29-Mar-05 22:43
500shadwolfyes I do it29-Mar-05 22:39
499AmmonHave you tried changing the script file extension from .ZIP to .R ???29-Mar-05 22:37
498shadwolfno I dont even arrive to the upload pannel29-Mar-05 22:34
497AmmonIs the actual ZIP file that you are uploading named ???29-Mar-05 22:30
496shadwolfwell in fact the script countains lots of different files and handle them one by one it a true torture29-Mar-05 22:28
495AmmonSo changing the File value in the script header to %mdpgui1-4-1.r should make it work...29-Mar-05 22:28
494AmmonThe Header File value on your MDP-GUI script needs to point to the script not the ZIP. I believe that is your problem...29-Mar-05 22:27
493shadwolfI'm still trying to understand how to compose my mdp-gui 1.4.1 package ...29-Mar-05 22:20
492shadwolfyes a package is weird to set ...29-Mar-05 22:20
491AmmonHave you looked at uploading it as a package?29-Mar-05 22:19 does not support zip archive29-Mar-05 22:16
489shadwolfI will set an entry to as this version is a stable one29-Mar-05 21:54
488shadwolfworks for me too ... just click on the link alan :)29-Mar-05 21:53
487AshleyWorks here.26-Mar-05 6:51
486Alan404ed 4 me :)26-Mar-05 5:56
485shadwolfMDP-GUI was erased on the fwk the gived link is no more active to dl it refere to : sorry for the disturbs...26-Mar-05 2:24
484RobertSo, I have made some enhancements to MDP and put a beta online. You can find it at:

The following changes have been made: *Bugs fixed:* #State tracking flags weren't correct, could lead to strange results when using tables where cell text used inline markup. Especially in site-mode.

*New Features:* #Code can now be included via ~=include code <filename>~ where the included code will be automatically indented and hence handled like an example by the output format emitter.

*Programmatic changes:* #Celeaned up the global word pollution (Thanks to Ahsley Truter) #Renamed ~generate-files~ function to ~scan-doc~ to meet MD2 wording

24-Mar-05 9:40
483shadwolfgood news ;)16-Mar-05 17:34
482DideCyeah!16-Mar-05 10:40
481RobertJust a note, I'm getting some free time in the next week and will work on MDP. I already have fixed some bugs and will make it more MD2 compatible. Further the interface between parser and generator will become MD2 compatible so that things like MDP-GUI / MDViewer can swap the engine beyond.16-Mar-05 8:58
480shadwolfNew version of MDP-GUI 1.4.1 can be downloaded here: 21:51
479DideCThis bugs are known. I can't find when, but i'm pretty sure they were submit in "Carl only" or "Blog chat" group.14-Mar-05 21:37
478?You should post to feedback as I'm sure Carl will be interested in any bugs.14-Mar-05 16:10
477HenrikA couple of issues with makedoc2:

1. Table headers are double height and the text in the last column is pushed half a line down in Gecko based browsers 2. \note ... /note boxes are wider than the document itself in Gecko based browsers

I haven't seen them in RAMBO, but is a fix being done by anyone?

14-Mar-05 16:09
476PekrMicha: no MakeDoc (Pro) tylko dla konverzji z MD formatu do HTML ...3-Mar-05 14:37
475PekrMicha: ja rozumie po polsu no newie movic/pisac :-)3-Mar-05 14:37
474Pekrtranslation: How to convert HTML page into MakeDocPro?3-Mar-05 14:36
473Michajak zamieniæ strone HTML na dokument MakedocPro ?3-Mar-05 14:36
472PekrMicha, mow po polsku :-)3-Mar-05 14:31
471AntonYou might want to tell Micha that in something resembling Polish. :)3-Mar-05 14:27
470PekrI can translate a bit from polish3-Mar-05 14:26
469AntonNo luck finding a free polish - english translator..3-Mar-05 14:25
468shadwolfforeign countries names are not my best point :)3-Mar-05 14:24
467AntonPoland = Polonia ?3-Mar-05 14:24
466shadwolfoups sorry3-Mar-05 14:24
465DideCPoland not Polonia ;-)3-Mar-05 14:20
464shadwolfaccording to micha's email I would say he is from polonia ;)3-Mar-05 14:11
463AntonOh, you mean "how to export a NicomDoc document --> html" ?3-Mar-05 14:07
462AntonMicha, I do not understand. Please ask again another way? What is your native spoken language ?3-Mar-05 14:06
461Michahow do to exchange on document html rebol ?3-Mar-05 10:42
460GeomolNew version of NicomDoc is out. It's still not v.1.0, so things will change.

Specification: Example: Example source: Main script (this is the one, you should run. Works like makedoc2.r.): NicomDoc to RebXML script: RebXML to HTML 4.01 script:

Changes from previous version are: simpler tables, better magic mode (rich text), better handling of paragraph states like centered text (won't effect the inner of e.g. tables), better handling of faulty input, tables within tables, same with notes (not sure, if you could that in previous version) ... and probably some more, I can't remember.

You need atleast REBOL/Core 2.5.3, because of new break word within parse rules. So it won't work with official REBOL/View 1.2. Get a newer one!

2-Mar-05 21:09
459shadwolfmaybe later i will wrap all the zip package into a .exe file using grebox wrapper from shadwolf and spag' :)27-Feb-05 23:14
458shadwolf[MDP-GUI DEV NEWS ] I improved the rendering speed by 300% integrating the MDViewer rendering method that ASHLEY created. That new algorithm really rocks !!! I had to change the inline formating flags to conserv the most speed. I conserv the ashley way to deal with inline marcker has HTML tags (e.g: <b>text bold</b>) I adapt ashley's code for all little other différences that exist beetwin MD2 and MDP format. Next step is to enhance the toc rendering process. I remade the first start up process. I plan to give MDP-GUI.r, make-doc.r, make-doc.txt, ms-word.gif, in a single ZIP archive that make easier the release and use. As johnatemps says to me people wants to download and use and not try to configure the program durring lot of time.27-Feb-05 23:13
457shadwolf 12:26
456shadwolfk fixed ;)23-Feb-05 12:26

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