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1334amacleodThanks11-Jan-10 15:47
1333GeomolAnother example:

img: make image! 100x100 img/alpha: 255 ; making it transparent draw img [pen none fill-pen box 10x10 60x60 fill-pen box 40x40 90x90] save/png %box.png img

Two boxes are drawn on a transparent image, one red one green and both with 50% transparency, and the result is saved as PNG.

11-Jan-10 15:44
1332GeomolWelcome.11-Jan-10 15:41
1331amacleodok...that looks like it worked...thanks much, Geomol11-Jan-10 15:39
1330amacleodHang on11-Jan-10 15:36
1329Geomolok, maybe we can create a simple example of that.11-Jan-10 15:36
1328amacleodI asume the alpha is already in the logo...I'm trying to build a translucent box using draw (for use in a web page) and save it in png.11-Jan-10 15:35
1327GeomolBut try do something similar as my example and see, if you can save the alpha channel in PNG images.11-Jan-10 15:35
1326GeomolWell, AGG and DRAW isn't used in my test. It's plain REBOL. It would even work with REBOL/Core, I guess. (I know, graphics in REBOL can be confusing.)11-Jan-10 15:33
1325amacleodWhich I thought would be appropiate11-Jan-10 15:32
1324amacleodI did not see a draw group11-Jan-10 15:32
1323GeomolBtw. I don't think, this belongs in this group, as it isn't directly related to AGG. Or did I misunderstood you?11-Jan-10 15:31
1322GeomolFast test show, alpha is saved. This could be a new thing in R2 2.7.7, as I seem to remember, this didn't work before!? I did this:

i: copy logo.gif i/alpha: 128 save/png %logo.png i

It seems, the saved alpha is 1 higher than what I set. I tested with PPC version of R2 2.7.7 under OS X.

11-Jan-10 15:30
1321amacleodpng11-Jan-10 14:59
1320amacleodIs it possible to save a ppng image with transparency (actually translucency)?11-Jan-10 14:59
1319Maximdon't know really. but in any case, you don't have to use the library to do the rendering... We can always render them using AGG or OpenGL. as long as we have the coordinates.22-Sep-09 4:34
1318BrianHAren't most fonts OpenType nowadays? Those use the TrueType methods, afaik.22-Sep-09 4:12
1317BrianHHowever, in theory you paid those license fees to Microsoft if you run Windows 7, and to a lesser extent earlier versions. The MPEG4 fees could be thought to be covered by Apple if you run OSX, which includes Quicktime. Don't know the law well enough to know whether the license requires that you use the licensed code, but patents cover the method (the idea), not the code (the implementation).22-Sep-09 4:09
1316Maximwrt freetype... only TrueType font rendering has any kind of patent issues... so if you use other type fonts you're ok.22-Sep-09 4:07
1315BrianHXviD is illegal (where I live) unless you pay the license fees, as is X264 and VLC.22-Sep-09 4:03
1314BrianHFor that matter, DivX (the company) also holds patents that the makers of DVD players that support it have to license.22-Sep-09 4:02
1313BrianHDivX (aka MPEG4) is patented too, by the MPEG group.22-Sep-09 4:00
1312Maximits only in using the byte code directly which is patented, it seems. so you can convert the font metrics and render them other ways... which is what freetype 2 does :-)22-Sep-09 3:59
1311BrianHThe royalties are higher for HD DVD and Bluray, and are held by the same patent holders as the MPEG group.22-Sep-09 3:59
1310shadwolfnot even mentionning the appearance of DivX mpeg 4 and all it's derivated which are patent free22-Sep-09 3:58
1309MaximI'm reading about it... but freetype 2 has another render which doesn't use the algorythm... actually the patent is extremely specific allowing people to ignore it properly.22-Sep-09 3:58
1308shadwolfBrianH yeah mpeg2 was pattented and what it ends too ? the endustry was fed up with it and found 2 new ways to do the tast better without having to pay royal ties (HD DVD and blue ray)22-Sep-09 3:58
1307shadwolf(don't forget that in vid you could do semi transparent widgets relatively easyly wich is not the case in glut for example...)22-Sep-09 3:56
1306BrianHFreetype has a compile setting where the patented algorithms aren't used - and then it looks terrible.22-Sep-09 3:55
1305shadwolfand simulating flat things in a 3D environement as an impact in overall performances of the 3D engine I like the idea to give the 2D task of the GUI to the appropriated 2D library and keeping 3D full ressources for the 3D content and it make the showing more beautyfull too22-Sep-09 3:55
1304MaximI know patents suck.22-Sep-09 3:55
1303BrianHMost decent hinting algorithms are patented. Open source typography libraries are required to suck unless someone pays the licensing fees. Patent law does in fact prevent you from using ideas, legally - that is how patents work.22-Sep-09 3:54
1302shadwolfbrianH ... you know the law ... lol no laws ever forbiden people to use their brains as they wanted22-Sep-09 3:52
1301Maximwhat is the problem with freetype?22-Sep-09 3:51
1300shadwolf(Glut task is to display and receive events but that's all) ViD has a better way to compose window content22-Sep-09 3:50
1299BrianHFreetype isn't that great in countries with software patents.22-Sep-09 3:50
1298shadwolfand that will go one step further than using GLUT wich is a very minimalistic windows manager22-Sep-09 3:50
1297shadwolfyeah or drawing non image based texts ... most of the time in game text are all fuzzy small et because of the distance with using AGG to draw the text on top of your opengl embeded to VID layer you could at no cost get a stable way to display them22-Sep-09 3:49
1296Maximvery important for games, for example.22-Sep-09 3:46
1295Maximusing freetype library directly is also something which would be nice, allowing us to wrap fonts into our applications directly.22-Sep-09 3:45
1294Maximyes as you say... an 3D gob using external render should be doable, either OpenGL or other engine.22-Sep-09 3:44
1293shadwolfso i'm glod to be the only freaks around ^^22-Sep-09 3:42
1292shadwolfmaxim already said that about linking external grphical library result using image! data type

Maxim 20-Aug [10...12]

when Carl adds a few little image! enhancements to the extension API, I should be able to use a rebol image! as the interface to get the OpenGL render into rebol, using R3 view. If memcopy works, then it should be VERY fast ( a few hundred images/second AFAICT)

yes Geomol did, but the limitations of R2 can't make it native... meaning, you don't have access to the binary part of the data and use it directly within normal datatypes.

the goal is to have an OpenGL gob :-)

22-Sep-09 3:41
1291shadwolfmaybe a way to solve this and introducing in the area something new could be to map directly events t o draw text idiom. the way you create one and for all a event handler you apply it to the text idiom and any time you use i t in your draw definition then the event mapping is avaible.22-Sep-09 3:28
1290shadwolfon text without the size of each character you can't simulated a realistic text motionning. This works greatly with fixed font but fixed fonts are not supported on all OSes and they are pretty borring.... fixed font system forbid de coders to propose a font selector to their users in their programs one of the feature all the common text editor have.22-Sep-09 3:26
1289shadwolfnot having to separate the external graphical library from the main graphical library is what all the other widgets library are doing for example QT, wxWindows, TK, Gtk+ have all their own plugin and related object to embed a sub layer to their own window compositing system22-Sep-09 3:23
1288shadwolf(could be video, or 3D animation etc...) AGG will be just the entring gate and link for those contents22-Sep-09 3:20
1287shadwolfthe idea is to allow then any kind of visual layer to get an embeded acces to a VID window and it's content. we go one stop further then.22-Sep-09 3:19
1286shadwolfthe idea so far is to be able to show anything using a draw pipeline and using events definition native in VID since it's the most accurate way so far to manage events.22-Sep-09 3:18
1285shadwolfyeah .... events applyed directly on draw elements or draw able to "map" and show directly other graphical organised video layers who be so awsome that way from example what is rendered on sub engine external like opengl one could then be applyed to a regular vid area In one hand you will have an easy way to interface events and on the other hand you can map rendering any kind of sub rendering22-Sep-09 3:16
1284PekrCureCode it :-)20-Sep-09 11:03
1283Maximand we could extract data FROM the AGG image, like vertice points and stuff like that.20-Sep-09 9:53
1282Steeveagree20-Sep-09 9:52
1281MaximI've been lobbying to have individual control over each draw element by word reference for years... it would make it so much easier to build all graphics apps.20-Sep-09 9:40
1280Maximbut it should come out of the box... I agree.20-Sep-09 9:39
1279Maximso its something you can build using current engines.20-Sep-09 9:38
1278Maximmy R2 Glob engine does it ;-)20-Sep-09 9:38
1277SteeveFrom the CrossGL perspective, application demonstrates: Interactions with Hit Testing (buttons) at any angle and scale

What is missing in our AGG implementation, capturing events from gobs (?) embedded in a draw design.

20-Sep-09 9:37
1276PekrAgg spawns some interesting projects:

Cross GL - slovak library allowing some interesting things -

Fog GFX library - CPU instruction optimised AGG "add-on"? library from Czech author (author of AsmBlit and BlitJIT)

20-Sep-09 9:07
1275shadwolfthank you ^^6-Jan-09 21:59
1274Maximyeah really cool :-)5-Jan-09 5:22
1273NickANice guitar notes script :)5-Jan-09 4:41
1272shadwolfthat show how you can input an svg image and use it to draw on top of it using AGG (we can imagine too animation displaying too etc...)5-Jan-09 4:28
1271shadwolfi done a guitare notes easy learning rebol script using that SVG engine (to save some time) 4:26
1270shadwolfwhat i like too is that once you get the conversion to draw dialect done you can keep simply the draw instructions instead of the SVG ones ^^5-Jan-09 4:10
1269shadwolfsince someone was enough kind to write a XML2object script why not reusing it for such a purpose ^^5-Jan-09 4:05
1268shadwolf is the lastest version of my SVG engine. Well in fact parse gives me head haches only when i have to parse XML datas ...5-Jan-09 4:04
1267shadwolfto tell you the truth parse gives me powerfull head haches ^^ so if i can't use it I don't use it ... I know that's bad !!5-Jan-09 3:57
1266shadwolfwell My svg engine is working and got trouble only with matrix calulations due to an odd bug in the adapted version. Next i don't like the way my SVG works I wish to be able to do it in plain parse way (My method in not really elegant but it works fine in most cases SVG is an XML file so the XML data is converted to REBOL objects using parse and then i process those objects to convert into draw/Agg instructions). That was the fastest way i found at that time since what was important to me was the result not the beauty of the processing way.5-Jan-09 3:55
1265HenrikSorry, it seems that you are.25-Nov-08 8:02
1264HenrikSteeve, can you try it also in the public R3 release?25-Nov-08 8:01
1263Steevei have no examples, it doesn't work at all25-Nov-08 2:26
1262HenrikSteeve, if you can make some examples with the matrix command, we can make an entry in the bug tracker.22-Nov-08 8:34
1261Steeveanother question: in the current alpha, the matrix command seems not working like anounced in the wiki, is it normal ?22-Nov-08 4:23
1260Steevea set-word!22-Nov-08 4:13
1259Steeve...the current offset)22-Nov-08 4:13
1258Steeveoffset: (to get the cur22-Nov-08 4:13
1257Steevein fact it would be the same feature than in parsing22-Nov-08 4:13
1256Steevei don't know if i'm clear....22-Nov-08 4:06
1255Steeve... to get these coordinates.22-Nov-08 4:06
1254Steeve... to get th22-Nov-08 4:05
1253Steevebut to intercativly move or deform a draw block, i need to construct a serie of handles (gobs) at some calculated points. and so it's currently a tragedy to have to simulate the draw engine to get th22-Nov-08 4:05
1252Steevei'm talking about that because i currently try to do a draw editor with R3 (like my old easy-drawer).22-Nov-08 4:01
1251Steevei precise: the real offset inside the gob (not the carret)22-Nov-08 3:58
1250Steevewould be a fantastic feature22-Nov-08 3:57
1249Steevei give an example: draw [ text ["test" red :off "red text"]] having the variable off returning the offset between the 2 strings22-Nov-08 3:56
1248Steevei have a question related to the futur draw engine. will exist a way to capture the current offset inside a draw block ?22-Nov-08 3:54
1247AntonIt's got some debugging lines still in it, so console will fill up. The demo also has a problem with control of the ellipse - which turns out to be a tough math problem to solve. More difficult than the line/ellipse intersection. Maybe it will take me a week to do... but anyway the demo works well enough for now.10-Nov-08 16:58
1246Antonload-thru/update do-thru/update 16:56
1245AntonHere's a line and ellipse intersection function:10-Nov-08 16:56
1244AshleyI had a simple SVG -> Draw script which Shadwolf took and enhanced, but it barfed on more complex SVG's due to some inherent limits in draw ... Shadwolf can tell you exactly what the issues are. If they've already been solved or lessened under v3 then that's great news indeed.9-Nov-08 21:48
1243HenrikI will leave it up to someone else to make the rest work. :-) It wasn't that hard to get working.9-Nov-08 16:12
1242HenrikRight now: Only one path at a time and it's monochrome. I'm not sure which path types are supported. You can't load XML files with it, only pure path data.9-Nov-08 16:08
1241PekrHenrik - how complex shapes are we able to transform? My friend uses Inkscape to make business card. I wonder if I would be able to get it displayed in draw? :-)9-Nov-08 16:05
1240Henriknone yet.9-Nov-08 16:05
1239PekrIs there any conclusion towards draw enhancements/options? You were discussing quite usefull additions ...9-Nov-08 16:01
1238Henrikthe scaling is the only tricky part. I need to simplify it.9-Nov-08 16:01
1237Pekrthat was easy, heh? :-)9-Nov-08 16:00
1236Henriksvg-question-mark: to-shape {SVG path}

draw: [ scale 0.000002 0.000002 ; for required precision shape svg-question-mark ]

9-Nov-08 15:58
1235Henriki.e. I don't have to specify the paths inside the DRAW block.9-Nov-08 15:57
1234Henriknot necessary. DRAW is powerful enough to handle multiple shapes in a fairly simple fashion.9-Nov-08 15:56
1233Pekr... something like make-gobs was - combining multiple separate gobs ... hmm, in such a case, we can always use separate gobs (draw type gobs) and combine them, right?9-Nov-08 15:56
1232Henrikquestion mark is a separate shape. the background is pure DRAW.9-Nov-08 15:55
1231Pekrit's all one drawing? Or is question mark separate object/draw shape, which you can e.g. move?9-Nov-08 15:55
1230HenrikNot optimal, but at least we can allow a bit complicated artwork now.9-Nov-08 15:49
1229HenrikThe questionmark is done in Inkscape, and then I copied its path description into a small parser made in R3 as a string, which converts it to DRAW.9-Nov-08 15:46
1228Pekryour latest screenshot - is it done in draw manually, or just your attempt to convert SVG? :-)9-Nov-08 15:32
1227Henrikit works. :-)9-Nov-08 14:35
1226HenrikI may have figured it out.9-Nov-08 13:54
1225PekrThat was just an example. If you want to use some existing SVG drawing, you surely want the result to be displayed identically, don't you? But - I know nothing about it, so let's better wait for what those who tried to experiment with SVG conversion will say ...9-Nov-08 13:52
1224HenrikI don't need gradients.9-Nov-08 13:50
1223Pekrthere were some attempts ... dunno if done by Cyphre or Ashley .... one other thing was to be able to replay Flash shapes. Unfortunately - there are some differences, e.g. in how gradients are being specified. Maybe if we could adapt, we could reuse some Flash stuff? Dunno if it would be worth the changes ...9-Nov-08 13:45
1222RebolekAsk Cyphre, he has some converter.9-Nov-08 13:39
1221HenrikI need a basic function to convert a monochrome SVG drawing to SHAPE.9-Nov-08 12:58
1220HenrikDid we ever get a successful SVG -> DRAW shape converter?9-Nov-08 12:46
1219Antonsite: old-file: %intersection-points-of-circle-and-line.r if exists? cache-file: path-thru site/:old-file [delete cache-file] if exists? cache-file: path-thru site/(join %demo- old-file) [delete cache-file]8-Nov-08 13:39
1218AntonThis should clean the old (inferior, and slightly different named) versions out of your cache:8-Nov-08 13:39
1217Antonload-thru/update do-thru/update 13:33
1216AntonUpdated and renamed to intersection-points-of-line-and-circle:8-Nov-08 13:32
1215DideCI do too. But it start being painfull :-p30-Oct-08 10:24
1214Pekrmy search is as follows - I change the sort order, then it is easy to find out, if such group exists, or not :-)30-Oct-08 10:09
1213DideC(A "Search group name" gadget is missing in this altme world :-)30-Oct-08 10:07
1212DideCOups ;-)30-Oct-08 10:06
1211AntonYes, I meant Editors group in this Altme world.30-Oct-08 0:41
1210PekrDideC: what about Editors group here? :-)29-Oct-08 17:28
1209DideCI don't see "editors" folder on your rebsite. But there is plenty of folders and scripts there !29-Oct-08 16:47
1208AntonDideC, no, not this one. See Editors group.29-Oct-08 16:02
1207DideCPekr: not the area-scroll I see in Anton's rebsite (is this the last one ?) Mine does 15:04
1206PekrMy non professional guess is, that your area code would need to be rewritten for R3 anyway ... we now have gobs, rich-text, etc. But your area style would be nice to have for R3 GUI. IIIRC your area can scroll, when you hilite text by mouse.29-Oct-08 11:06
1205AntonThanks, Pekr. The time is not quite right for me to launch into another edit-panel. I want to make some improvements to the existing one first, to bring it to "workable/useful" status.29-Oct-08 10:59
1204PekrExcellent, as always. Anton - don't you want to "volunteer" to do text handling for VID3.4? As per Henrik's words, Carl's VID so far has only basic text handling. And so far, as for REBOL GUI in overall, you text area is the best ...29-Oct-08 9:45
1203AntonThe circle/line intersection function could be used to help connect lines to nodes in a graph (eg. text-boxes with rounded corners, or just circles), and collision detection, both things I'm thinking of using it for.29-Oct-08 8:40
1202Antondo 8:35
1201BrockHave looked over your code Anton. There is alot of info I can use from it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.28-Oct-08 4:13
1200BrockThanks Anton, that will be helpful.27-Oct-08 5:57
1199AntonBrock: do 5:50
1198BrockThanks for trying to find something. Maybe it will show up in the next few days.27-Oct-08 1:18
1197GreggI remember something too Brock, but can't find it now either.26-Oct-08 20:31
1196BrockI'd like to see if I can't create a very small, very simple example of a vector drawing program... but would need some place to start as at the moment, I don't have a clue.26-Oct-08 18:14
1195BrockAre there any demo's that show the manipulation of AGG graphics within a GUI? For example, dragging points of a bezier curve to reshape the line etc? I thought I saw some from either Cypher or the AGG demos done by others. Can anyone point me to them?26-Oct-08 18:13
1194AntonNo problem.10-Oct-08 1:01
1193amacleodgot rid of the append function and just used teh effect on hte creationof the reason to append it. Good eye Anton, thanks9-Oct-08 18:18
1192amacleodprobe on head bx/effect but I only get a single occurance of the effect block. But teh code looks like it would do what you suggest.9-Oct-08 17:59
1191amacleodOh...You mean the effect append...Yeah I've been appending every time I do the search. But I probed bx/effect but it does not look like its growing unless i"m only seeing the tail in the probe I got an out of memory crash before that I've been trying to track down. This might be it.9-Oct-08 17:56
1190amacleodSHow? false...good idea! I've abandoned the append draw idea as it would take some parsing code to remove it again when I move to the next face... Moving a box around is alot easier.9-Oct-08 17:49
1189Antonthen you only need to set the offset and size. The above also shows how to make the face initially invisible. (An alternative to size: 0x0).9-Oct-08 9:37
1188Antonbx: box edge [color: red size: 2x2] with [show?: false]9-Oct-08 9:36
1187AntonYou only need to set the effect once.9-Oct-08 9:34
1186AntonAre you doing the APPEND more than once ? (the block will grow and grow...)9-Oct-08 9:34
1185amacleodGot it! I draw a box with 0 size at the end of the panel: bx: box 0x0 edge [color: red size: 2x2] Then I size it , move it to where I need it , and append an effect: bx/offset: face/offset + khead - 0x3 bx/size: as-pair (ktail/x - khead/x) 21 bx/effect: append [merge][multiply 100.0.0] Works great. I'm using it to highlight a search word as I step through all the text faces in a panel.

Thanks for the help...

9-Oct-08 8:00
1184AntonThis will affect how events are handled, unfortunately. As far as I know, there is no way to make a face "event transparent" at this time. I spent a lot of time looking at this already.9-Oct-08 7:21
1183Anton; in its pane view layout [h1 "hello" with [pane: make face [offset: 5x5 size: 20x10 effect: [merge luma 90] edge: none]]]9-Oct-08 7:17
1182AntonIf you want to process face/text rendered text, then you're going to have to put a (semi-transparent) face on top of it (or in its pane).9-Oct-08 7:17
1181amacleodAbove code : ignore the second code example. I hit ctrl-v instead of cntrl-s9-Oct-08 7:05
1180amacleodDidC, I thought about that but I was appending. I think I was not drawing the box properly.9-Oct-08 7:04
1179amacleodCan you use alpha channel in vid or only in draw?9-Oct-08 7:03
1178amacleodActually I don't like this behavior...its too complicated to remove it again.Back to my original plan of moving and resizing a box form face to face...

view layout [ bx: box 100.100.255 0x0 b: box effect [draw [pen red fill-pen red line-width 2 shape [line 0x0 40x0 40x40 0x40]]] at 40x40 text "Hello World" btn "append draw" [append b/effect/draw compose ['pen green 'fill-pen green 'shape ['line 5x0 30x5 5x25 0x20]]show b] btn "Moving box" [bx/offset: 20x20 bx/size: 90x90 show bx] ] for example.

Now if I draw the box after the face it covers the textt which I want to avoid too.view layout [ bx: box 100.100.255 0x0 b: box effect [draw [pen red fill-pen red line-width 2 shape [line 0x0 40x0 40x40 0x40]]] at 40x40 text "Hello World" btn "append draw" [append b/effect/draw compose ['pen green 'fill-pen green 'shape ['line 5x0 30x5 5x25 0x20]]show b] btn "Moving box" [bx/offset: 20x20 bx/size: 90x90 show bx]

9-Oct-08 7:02
1177DideCMaybe you were inserting in the draw block instead of appending (insert tail) !?9-Oct-08 7:02
1176AntonOk, no problem.9-Oct-08 6:45
1175amacleodI got it working... I do not know what i was doing before but its doing what I need...Thanks9-Oct-08 6:45
1174AntonThat shows the red line drawn behind the face/text, "hello".9-Oct-08 6:45
1173Antonview layout [box effect [draw [pen red line-width 5 line 0x0 100x100]] "hello"]9-Oct-08 6:44
1172AntonBut anyway, face/text always renders after the face/effect/draw dialect.9-Oct-08 6:44
1171AntonEach face has an internal image buffer (that we don't have access to directly). This buffer is blanked just before the face redraws itself.9-Oct-08 6:42
1170AntonYou can't really "paint on a face". Faces redraw themselves from their specification every time they are shown.9-Oct-08 6:40
1169amacleodI'm doing something like this:

view layout [ b: box effect [draw [pen red fill-pen red line-width 2 shape [line 0x0 40x0 40x40 0x40] ] ] btn "append draw" [append b/effect/draw compose ['pen green 'fill-pen green 'shape ['line 5x0 30x5 5x25 0x20]]show b] ] Its much more complicated as I'm painting highlights on a series of faces in a panel. I go back and highlight in another color where a specified word is found. The hi-lite shows if its on a section of text not yet painted but not if it falls on painted text.

The above example works!

so it must be some where else in my app...

Thanks. I'll look it over...

9-Oct-08 6:31
1168AntonSo, please show us a small example of what you're doing.9-Oct-08 6:27
1167Antonface/text rendering is separate to face/effect/draw rendering, and will always be on top.9-Oct-08 6:25
1166AntonThe above example draws the red box first, and the green kite on top of it.9-Oct-08 6:22
1165Antonview layout [box effect [draw [pen red line-width 2 shape [line 0x0 10x0 10x10 0x10] pen green shape [line 5x0 10x5 5x15 0x5]]]]9-Oct-08 6:21
1164AntonCan you give a small example, eg:9-Oct-08 6:21
1163amacleodIf you draw onto a text field the text is on top. ..even if you 'paint' a box affter the text has been rendered. I do not understand what is going onthere?9-Oct-08 5:53
1162amacleodI adding shape objects to a face by appending them to face/effect/draw but the appended shap is beneath the original face shapes.9-Oct-08 5:51
1161ICariiThe AGG/Draw dialect will process and render things in the order they are specified inside the draw block for the face. There is no z-index for AGG.9-Oct-08 5:08
1160BrockIn most graphics programs there is something called the z-index or something to that effect, that controls the depth of the objects in a view. Usually range in value from 256 (top) to -256 (furthest away). I can't speak for AGG though as I have not played with it yet.9-Oct-08 3:38
1159amacleodWhen drawing an object onto a face is there a way to insure that hte next object drawn is layed on top. I'm drawing boxes on a face but when I try to draw addional boxes (different colors) they are hidden behind the first drwn objects..9-Oct-08 3:03
1158ReViewerI will test it soon, Thanks!16-Oct-07 2:26
1157ICariiunless of course you are using rotations or scaling :)15-Oct-07 7:35
1156ICariias long as you use pen off/none with vectorial the results should still match :)15-Oct-07 7:34
1155Ashleywhich is fine as long as you don't use vectorial ;)15-Oct-07 7:31
1154ICariiall of which you can change to expected agg fonts etc before calling size-text s: size-text make face compose [text: (t) font/name: "arial" para/wrap?: off] ;etc..15-Oct-07 6:50
1153AshleyI doubt it. size-text expects a face argument and computes size based on face/text, face/font, face/edge and face/para values.15-Oct-07 5:41
1152ICariisize-text will do it.14-Oct-07 6:31
1151btiffinI was just about to try view layout [b: box effect [draw [text "test"]]] planning to poke around with help b to see, then I remembered that REBOL Linux doesn't have draw text :( Sorry. But that's were I would start....poking around in the objects. May well be a waste of time... Then I'd fire up anamonitor and view through some of the system objects for that key ...size-text... kinda function. If that didn't work I'd give up and wait for Cyphre :) Excuse the babbling...14-Oct-07 2:54
1150ReViewerIs there a way to know the length in pixels of a text drawn with AGG?14-Oct-07 2:46
1149PhilBDraw a surface with 3-D Perspective and allow roation - & in the Rebol Library 5:04
1148ICariicoming soon! New onyx styles: field, label, area, check, h1 /h2 / h3. Sample at - 10:07
1147CyphreICarii: Cool stuff Henrik: I don't see any problem to render such isometric layout using DRAW.16-Jun-07 23:01
1146ICariithe dot is me forgetting to put in an empty? check ;)15-Jun-07 18:29
1145BrockBy the way, very nice looking menu.15-Jun-07 13:30
1144Brockwondering what the 'dot' is that appears on the right side of the divider over the menu item "File > Recent Files"?15-Jun-07 13:30
1143ICariiyeah - itd be nice to see how it performs on slow computers :)15-Jun-07 9:52
1142Grahampretty zippy15-Jun-07 9:45
1141ICariisupports radio, check, standard and menu/submenu elements at the moment.15-Jun-07 9:38
1140ICariinew draw based menu system released (demo). new Onyx grop created regarding it.15-Jun-07 9:36
1139?Actually, I have played with Houdini, will look again though for this application of it.12-Jun-07 6:13
1138Maximwith your IQ that software should be pretty easy to grasp... if you follow one of the learning tutorials.12-Jun-07 2:29
1137Maximif you want to you can easily use the free version of houdini ( 2:28
1136?Thanks!11-Jun-07 16:54
1135Henrikreichart, I sent him an email with the question.11-Jun-07 16:54
1134?Henrik, funny you should post that.............I'm in need of a way to take a 2D diagram, and turn into exactly that (which is called an isometric view).

A cool feature would be that the colour of a 2D rectangle, and perhaps even the line weight and colour would dictate the 3D height, colour, and treatment.

The reason I want this is that I'm building a diagram of the architecture of Qtask, and want to make it easy to see and understand.

What I'm planning to do right now is draw it in 2D first. Then pick a good angle (in my mind). Then build all the 3D objects on an isometric field (sort of like old video games like Zaxxon).

Then scale them into place. Then add the text words in front of them.

I like the words on top vs side as well of the image you posted.

If you know what was used to generate that I would like to know.

11-Jun-07 16:50
1133HenrikICarii: <--- is this layout possible?11-Jun-07 16:25
1132GreggVery, very cool James.11-Jun-07 15:39
1131RobertOr a nice & simple ORPG done with RS ;-)11-Jun-07 12:02
1130DaveCExcellent.. This type of work could be the basis for a Rebol based GIS. Inspirational - thanks!11-Jun-07 11:34
1129PhilBvery nice11-Jun-07 11:07
1128Henrikbeautiful11-Jun-07 10:09
1127ICariiyet another isometric type world renderer - 10:03
1126ICariiReb Rings Mini MGV released - see announce. Mouse gestures etc.10-Jun-07 6:06
1125PhilBIt is processor intensive as it is written entirely in Rebol10-Jun-07 1:53
1124PhilBI haveent optimisec it ..... for smallish numbers of faces you can get good performance .... (I'm no 3D expert)10-Jun-07 1:50
1123ICariiis the rotation algorithm quite intensive?10-Jun-07 1:47
1122ICariii normally use wings3D for the basic shapes then export to subdivide etc10-Jun-07 1:46
1121ICariiyes - but for 3d tools like wings3D you usually have less than 10000 faces before you export to Maya/Lightwave etc10-Jun-07 1:46
1120PhilBMost object do contain thousands of faces ... so you dont get great performance.10-Jun-07 1:45
1119PhilBI did make a start on a 3D object viewer ... it would draw wireframes on 3D objects in the .obj format.10-Jun-07 1:44
1118ICariialthough OpenGL plugin would simplify that a thousandfold10-Jun-07 1:42
1117ICariihmm.. one thing that i would like to do when R3 comes out is to make a rebol 3D model viewer with rotation10-Jun-07 1:42
1116PhilBOn my laptop .... I would gues about 5 frames a second ..... depending on how near the surface is to the camera.10-Jun-07 1:40
1115ICarii:) What sort of performance are you getting Phil?10-Jun-07 1:38
1114PhilBsame surface rotated slightly .... 1:36
1113PhilBNot exactly terrain rendering ..... This screenshot is from a 3D surface drawing program. Surface can be rotated in 3D .... 1:33
1112ICariiill add scrolling in now - just finished support for non-square terrains9-Jun-07 14:53
1111DockimbelVery exciting demo, could you add some terrain scrolling to see how fast we can go with View ?9-Jun-07 14:39
1110ICariieventually i'll fix the z-order and make the resources statix rather than dynamic9-Jun-07 14:07
1109ICariiupdated the above links with alpine/mixed/lowland forest :)9-Jun-07 14:07
1108ICariiit could be - ive got to catch up with geomol re how he wants to do the drawing :)9-Jun-07 12:05
1107Gabrieleis that for the golf game? :)9-Jun-07 11:56
1106ICariimore playing with AGG/Draw - Comic Terrain - or for the script - Admittedly I am not an artist ;-)9-Jun-07 11:26
1105Maximpretty nonetheless :-)9-Jun-07 0:10
1104Maximah... just read... not 3d rotations... I guess that is part of the reason for speed.9-Jun-07 0:10
1103Maximreal time !!! wow.9-Jun-07 0:09
1102GreggVery nice indeed.7-Jun-07 19:44
1101LouisYes, really nice!7-Jun-07 18:24
1100CyphreICarii: very nice terrain rendering !7-Jun-07 12:23
1099ICariiguess ill wait for R3 and the vector type7-Jun-07 8:29
1098ICariiideally id like to implement real 3D rotations rather than isometrics :(7-Jun-07 8:28
1097ICariiits realtime on this pc but this is an AMD64 with 2gb ram etc..7-Jun-07 8:28
1096Maximanyhow, its pretty ... is it any fast?7-Jun-07 8:27
1095Maximhehe7-Jun-07 8:27
1094ICariiThe alpha is just a nice bonus :)7-Jun-07 7:34
1093ICariiThis latest rendering was just a test to see what the triangle speed limits were using a height map and a colour map.7-Jun-07 7:34
1092ICariiyeah - a while back i used to toy a lot with terrain rendering. Back in 2001 I downloaded a large set of NASA data (1GB+ maps) and was using them for different rendering tasks. Back then I had to use VB6 and C++ as REBOL didnt have a binary skip :)7-Jun-07 7:33
1091Maxim(terrain rendering?)7-Jun-07 7:19
1090Maximwow, did you do that?7-Jun-07 7:19
1089ICariimap readers etc7-Jun-07 4:55
1088ICariiheh - ive been toying with converting some old vb6 terrain stuff i did into rebol for a while7-Jun-07 4:54
1087GrahamIs that what your mahjong tiles look like close up?? ;)7-Jun-07 4:53
1086ICariibring on R3 and even more speed! :)7-Jun-07 4:35
1085ICariithe coolness that is AGG/Draw realtime terrain rendering :) 4:34
1084ICariitranslation for clip would be nice. I was making a custom card game where clipping was being used repetitively and constantly resetting the clip coords as well as translating the draw commands was rather clunky :)6-Jun-07 20:16
1083Maximyes please do :-) it will make it very easy to build cliping shapes which are often the easiest way to achieve advanced (multipass) fill effects in complex shapes.6-Jun-07 15:43
1082Cyphre(BTW I'm thinking to add boolean operations on polygons (at the scanline level) in the R3 so this way you should be able make 'viewport' of any shape.)6-Jun-07 12:30
1081Cyphreoops..I meant "only translation" in the last sentence.6-Jun-07 12:23
1080CyphreICarii...we could allow only transformation for the CLIP coords though.6-Jun-07 12:22
1079CyphreAnton: ofcourse you can do nested transformations. You don't CLIP for that. I had no problem to make 'robot arms' etc. in current DRAW.6-Jun-07 12:21
1078Cyphretransformations on CLIP region coordinates aren't applied at the moment. The problem is that clip can be rectangular so you cannot rotate it.6-Jun-07 12:19
1077AntonI'm hoping the transform matrices will work recursively, properly, so we can build a hierarchical object, eg. a body with connected arms free to rotate around the shoulder, forearm free to rotate at the elbow, and hand free to rotate at the wrist. For this to be drawn correctly, clipping regions etc. must work locally to the current matrix.6-Jun-07 9:18
1076BrianHGobs can be nested. Each gob's children are located and clipped relative to their parent. That may not help with rotation.6-Jun-07 5:41
1075ICariiThe main use of this would most probably be with translation and rotation operations6-Jun-07 4:37
1074ICariiFor example: draw [translate 40x100 clip 0x0 200x200] ;this actually clips 0x0 200x200 rather than the expected 40x100 240x3006-Jun-07 4:36
1073ICariiWhat are the odds of getting a relative rather than absolute clipping region?6-Jun-07 4:34
1072PekrI wonder, if it would be possible to later start some competition for REBOL unified mock-ups propositions? We could ask some amiga/beos gfx to help us ...4-Jun-07 16:21
1071Pekrah, cool! So far first/second best looking menu. Other one coming from someone from France too ...4-Jun-07 16:20
1070RobertYes, true.4-Jun-07 15:54
1069GeomolNice looking menu! I like the round corners.4-Jun-07 15:54
1068ICariisize-text is my new friend - that and para/wrap?: off ;-)4-Jun-07 15:27
1067ICariiA menu generator for AGG - work in progress ;-) 15:23
1066ICariii suspect it would only be used in image greation programs anyway4-Jun-07 13:07
1065ICariibut if we get rebcode eventually we can do that in the community4-Jun-07 13:07
1064ICariialtho you can cheat with alpha for feather borders4-Jun-07 13:06
1063ICariivery :)4-Jun-07 13:05
1062Gabrielethat gets a bit complicated :)4-Jun-07 13:05
1061ICariior introduce a feather border4-Jun-07 13:05
1060ICariinormally you set a tolerance4-Jun-07 13:04
1059ICariipaint programs have the same issue4-Jun-07 13:04
1058ICariiyes4-Jun-07 13:04
1057Gabrielefill-at - that's a problem with anti-alias4-Jun-07 13:04
1056ICariior just adding a fill-at command4-Jun-07 13:03
1055ICariimoving fill and pen inside the shape block would also be nice to complex shapes4-Jun-07 13:03
1054ICariithe4-Jun-07 13:02
1053Gabrielegob/data can be integer, object, block, i think also string/binary4-Jun-07 13:02
1052ICariiid rather wait a month and have to docs out :)4-Jun-07 13:02
1051Gabriele:P4-Jun-07 13:02
1050Gabrielewait a month (less actually... it's 4 already)4-Jun-07 13:02
1049Pekrhmm, it would be coold, if you could post any simple actual code as a spoiler - we can already learn from studying :-)4-Jun-07 12:59
1048Pekrhow that gob/data points to face/feel/on-click? is there a mezz code in gob/data?4-Jun-07 12:58
1047ICariigood to know4-Jun-07 12:58
1046Gabrielebut you don't need to use "faces" at all, you can just use gobs in a game for eg. and handle events your own way... maybe gob/data maps to the player object :)4-Jun-07 12:57
1045Gabrielefaces are higher level... they have a feel, other info needed for eg for vid, etc.4-Jun-07 12:57
1044ICariiat present I am re-writing all controls in draw only mode so that when we eventually get access to OpenGL surfaces I have less pain :)4-Jun-07 12:56
1043Pekrthat seems to be nicely flexible ... most of the time, at least for static things, you maybe will not need higher level complex structures, so it will save resources ...4-Jun-07 12:56
1042Gabrielegobs are just... graphic objects :)4-Jun-07 12:56
1041Gabrieleexactly.4-Jun-07 12:55
1040ICariiinfo..4-Jun-07 12:55
1039Pekr"event > window + offset > gob at that offset > use gob/data to get to face object > face/feel/on-click etc." - that sentence might actually help me to better understand the concept. So gob is not necessarily child of face. It is completly separate concept - kind of gfx node. And that node points to higher concept - your face, or whatever you want, so you can do anything ....4-Jun-07 12:55
1038ICariigreat ingo on the events Gabriele - that will make networked games much more viable4-Jun-07 12:55
1037Gabriele:P4-Jun-07 12:53
1036Pekrit was a joke ;-)4-Jun-07 12:53
1035Pekryes, but rebservices will be slow :-)4-Jun-07 12:53

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