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729CarlDO NOT discuss this R2 topic here. If someone can post a note in the proper group for discussion, I'll answer questions there.28-Dec-09 20:22
728CarlHowever, if we can manage to get a new R2 out, then I suggest we start scheduling regular monthly releases, if only just to fix a few bugs or for BrianH and other pending enhancements.28-Dec-09 20:20
727CarlWe need to update R2, however, I do not want to make this a complicated, time consuming release... because I do not have extra time (between R3 and Website changes.)

The top goals are to remove the restrictions on the special features in View, and also to add SSL, if at all possible in a short period of time.

The goal IS NOT to fix every little bug... because that would delay the release for a year... or more.

28-Dec-09 20:19
726GrahamDid altme eat the message?28-Dec-09 20:19
725CarlR2 update has been scheduled - read the following message carefully.28-Dec-09 20:16
724MaximI just released what I think is very the first R3 specific script on :-)

A BNF grammar converter for rebol:

Fully documented within the source (more than 4kb of text). It has a few little cool grammar processing features and some interesting things it *can't* do.

14-Dec-09 0:38
723ChrisAn error, etc? I've been using it with 1:26
722ChrisAnything in particular?19-Nov-09 1:23
721AlanChris:I tried color-code.r with Rebol3 and did not work ?18-Nov-09 23:58
720Chris <- R3 version of alt-webform (see 9/21)18-Nov-09 7:26
719Chris - should now work with R312-Nov-09 13:31
718Maximif you have visual studio (even the free express is enough) then it takes just a few minutes to get Carl's examples working.2-Nov-09 22:22
717Maximno, but its pretty much the same as what is documented on the R3 extensions site... its really easy.2-Nov-09 22:22
716RobertMax, is the C source code available? As a reference how to do extensions etc.2-Nov-09 14:24
715Maximdoh... wrong group... sorry...1-Nov-09 15:14
714MaximI did a few tests loading up OpenGL/GLut and it worked without a hitch... waiting for Carl to add a few features before I can continue.

screen shot of a rotating cube

1-Nov-09 15:14
713ChrisYou can also browse or do 20:17
712ChrisSome core Twitter API functions:

? twitter tw: twitter/find #REBOL twitter/as "rgrebol" "****" fr: twitter/friends new: twitter/update "Now"

Results are XML objects - see (probe result/tree for structure). Will add more at some point.

27-Sep-09 20:15

>> to-webform [q "Search String"] == "q=Search+String"

21-Sep-09 13:02

[load-webform to-webform]

Loads/serializes data in application/x-www-form-urlencoded format allowing for nested values:

>> load-webform "a.b=c" == [a [b "c"]]

Allows more structured data form otherwise 2d web form data Or can simply be used to encode 2d data for 'rest' services. Extracted from QM.

21-Sep-09 13:00
709amacleodOh let me not forget Anton as I'm using some of his styles...5-Sep-09 1:49
708amacleodAnyway, about the App... It's a study tool for the FDNY Promotional Exams. It incorporates all the FDNY Manuals into a special format (Similar to Make-doc) and allows you to hi-lite, "attach" notes, search the entire catalogue, bookmark your place, track "buzz words" Future versions will incorporate thousands of test questions all of which are linked to the material by book, chapter, and section, and also the ability to add tour own questions. Curriculums will be added to guide study of only pertinent materials for and test and the ability to form your own curriculums.

Updates to the program and the study material is automatic as well as synchronization of a users hi-lites, notes etc. ( this allows for a user to use from multiple locations, home/work etc., and also serves as a back-up method for what could be months of work for the user.

Many more plans...

If you are interested, my site is still alpha and looks like crap but it has some screen shots and a video of the program in action. I'm using Cheyenne (Thanks Doc) and there is a cute (but ugly) RSP page that handles my FAQs page...

If you are really interested, feel free to contact me and I can give you the link to download it....

There is a guest mode and demo mode built in...

I welcome any feedback!

5-Sep-09 1:39
707amacleodI've finally released my App for Beta testing..over a years work and much more to go before all the features are implemented that will make it a sellable product.

I wanted to take a moment to thank this community as I would not have been able to get this far without the Rebol language and even more so the Rebol Community. Thank you all for your patient guidance, and helpful hints and example code.

I would like to thank some personally as they have been super helpful (I hope I do not leave anyone out) In no special order: Dockimbel Graham Pekr Henrik Gabriele Sunanda oldes Paul Maxim btiffin Nick Reichart I'm sure I missed a few that helped considerablyÖsorry if I did.

5-Sep-09 1:38
706PekrI asked Cyphre to add some examples, he will do it as time permits. This new released version should be more stable and should work both with VID and RebGUI ....1-Sep-09 11:10
705PekrA little bit surprised, that I was asked, if systray support done by Cyphre for my purposes, could be used by others, as I stated it obviously here on altme. To put the confusion aside, Cyphre managed to release it publicly - license - BSD:

1-Sep-09 11:00
704HenrikOK, Carl asked me to announce this, so this will be quick and dirty:

The VID Extension Kit for R2:

This is a library that overhauls VID and the styles to improve the experience in using it and creating bigger programs with it. This is very much a work in progress, but if I continue to keep it under wraps, I'll never get it out. :-)

Quick feature list:

- Full tab navigation - Field validation and autoformatting - Full resizing - Many new flags - Much better face control: disabling/enabling faces, different setting and getting of panels, complex face navigation - Many new styles: Selectors, balancers, lists, fields, panels, scrollers, iterators - Many VID bugs are fixed, although the impossible ones still remain - Many new VID bugs are introduced as well :-) Some styles are not working.

Try it out at:

A simple style browser is available at:

Very preliminary docs at:

I'll release the full sources later, but have a look and see what you think. Remember to ask questions.

29-Aug-09 12:16
703DockimbelJobs scheduler library for REBOL (1st beta) : - see %scheduler.r header for quick doc & samples - please use [All] channel for replies and discussions about this library26-Aug-09 17:01
702james_nakThe author behind asked me to let you know about his site. I found the tutorial on Parsing quite helpful. Check it out. The Testimonials and the links like are interesting.20-Aug-09 16:01
701MaximREBOL natively Generated OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics. :-D

20-Aug-09 9:27
700Reichart 4:07
699ReichartA poll you might want to fill out.14-Aug-09 3:48
698Jankoah, shit.. I thought I am posting this under Advocacy not Announce .. scratch it ...13-Aug-09 17:46
697JankoA hackerspace was created here in Ljubljana and I got accepted to work there . I suspect I got in because I code in weird languages like REBOL and one of founders is a Linux hacker with a affinity to these more interesting languages. He also mentioned he would like to organise talks in local cybercenter and that iti would be cool if I could present REBOL ..13-Aug-09 17:41
696Ladislav and upgraded (only FILE! and URL! accepted in INCLUDE-PATH, other values cause an error)12-Aug-09 18:59
695OldesIt's possible, we are already authorized for Wii software development. But first we need to finish it as a pure Flash version.6-Aug-09 9:55
694Gabrieleis this going to have a Wii version as well?6-Aug-09 9:12
693OldesHi... we are going to finish with the Machinarium game I'm working on using my Rebol/Flash dialect. Last level left to do, adding sounds and of course some bug fixing and optimizations must be done now. Here is the newest trailer (contains a few game spoilers!): 19:59
692GrahamHi all,

After learning a lot from you all I feel like I should contribute a bit. On or on Rebol Desktop's "AGReb" Reb site, you can find:

- an updated version of %NoteReb.r, a REBOL tree-like notes organizer, similar to and compatible with . This new version of NoteReb.r has quite more functionalities; I use it to work. A major bug seems to remain when intensively using the "undo" function of Romano's edit-text-undo.r , which is quite nice despite that.

- a simple todo list, %todo-ag.r, which orders tasks by priority based on their importance, workload and deadline...

If anyone likes these please drop me a line, and if you improve them, all the better!


28-Jul-09 20:49
691GrahamNice treepad editor announced on mailing list28-Jul-09 20:45
690JankoI have made a screencast of "the other" REBOL/Cheyenne/JS project besides Site Assistant that I have been developing. It's in my language (Slovene) only for now and so is the screencast but I hope images will also give some feeling what it's about. 21:07
689Graham is the source18-Jul-09 8:38
688GrahamI'd like to add more command line switches but need Max to fix args.r !18-Jul-09 8:29
687Graham 8:18
686GrahamI have a utility that I am testing that will login to hotmail, download all the messages, and then detach alll attachments18-Jul-09 8:17
685GrahamAnyone using hotmail these days?18-Jul-09 8:16
684Grahamsounds cool ... is it free??27-Jun-09 3:03
683RobertSI launched the Aule Browser today at I am also at work on a Qtask browser - but first I have to stop tinkering with my Evernote SSB (you need to tolerate the Curl runtime to view my stuff )27-Jun-09 1:34
682xavieri have an application for a dentist with which i could do it25-Jun-09 19:49
681xavieri d like to do some 'real' programms in rebol 325-Jun-09 19:49
680xavieri have seen it when i was in the house of maxim but according to him it was still presenting inconvenience25-Jun-09 19:48
679xavieryessssssssssssssssssssssss25-Jun-09 19:47
678Carl(xavier: well, it's getting close with so many fixes, no?)25-Jun-09 19:44
677CarlBTW, #51 is on R3 chat.25-Jun-09 19:43
676xavierit means that rebol 3 will be released in a few ?25-Jun-09 19:43
675CarlIf you need to reach me -- the fastest method is to send me a message on R3 Chat.25-Jun-09 19:43
674CarlI'm posting this message here, because I'm not sure if the ISP knows who to contact for (Well, actually, I'm not totally sure either, because it was/is a team effort. Last I recall, Sunanda was the primary person -- please excuse me if I am incorrect.)25-Jun-09 19:41 is being moved by the ISP to a faster server. I'm not sure they understand what's really involved, so it is very likely that the site is going to break.25-Jun-09 19:38
672amacleodcute...I could see it being useful..22-Jun-09 1:50
671JankoAnother rebol + cheyenne website :

I am cheating a little this time since it reuses most of qwikitodo :) ... I have made a screencast for the lazy ones to see the features a little deeper inside.. : (like visual diffing between versions)

21-Jun-09 18:59
670LadislavSection added14-Jun-09 18:09
669GreggI'll try to make time to give it some more thought and update the wiki.13-Jun-09 22:48
668LadislavI added point #8 to, I suppose that is what you mean13-Jun-09 22:32
667Ladislavright you are, don't you want to add your idea to the discussion? (you are good at formulating things, better than I am)13-Jun-09 22:15
666GreggINCLUDE is very nice. What I think it still missing from the wiki are cons about the lower level alternatives with regard to higher level "standards". e.g. with LOAD and custom scripts you can do anything, sure, but there is no standard model, so each system is ad hoc.13-Jun-09 22:10
665Ladislav : error reporting made more comfortable13-Jun-09 20:09
664JankoI looked at the docs and it seems really cool ..13-Jun-09 17:08
663JankoI will look at it .. but I don't know much about this yet .. I haven't yet used PREREBOL and I use do in only the basic way13-Jun-09 17:06
662Ladislav 16:57
661RobertFrom experience I can agree to Lad's statement. It's really a very useful INCLUDE, especially if combined with the SDK.13-Jun-09 9:41
660LadislavJanko: give it a look, I would be surprised, if it didn't suit user's needs better than PREREBOL or DO12-Jun-09 20:57
659Ladislav - my contribution to the discussion12-Jun-09 20:56
658LadislavThe Include function (see ) has a couple of improvements:

*introduction of Include-supporting comments (faster, than Comment), that can be either "stripped off" by Include or kept, depending on the KEEP-COMMENTS variable (if the variable is defined, comments are kept, otherwise they are stripped off) *support of embedded scripts as described in

4-Jun-09 12:17
657LadislavIdentity, Bindology and Parse versus RE articles

the above articles have been revamped and moved to: , , . When checking, do not forget to read and comment the section in DevBase.

31-May-09 19:03
656Maximyep, its probably going into mod_remark :-)24-May-09 17:21
655PeterWoodI have published the string encoding utlilties that I wrote for in the script library. They no doubt pale in comparison to those Gabriele has written but may help until his are finally released for publication.

The script package includes a minimal set of unit tests and some rudimentary documentation.

23-May-09 5:58
654Ladislavyet another Parse-related text; a corrected version of my older article: 13:41
653amacleodGot an RSP error when I tried to change the global setting for expiration notification from 5 to 10 days. I had no groups added yet so that might be part of it.13-May-09 13:47
652Janko( I will reply in Ann-Reply )13-May-09 13:46
651amacleod"Your account was created"

"You can sign up now."

Should be "sign in"

Its so hard to catch all those little typos without others eyes...

I'm going to try it out, Janko. I'll give you any feed back I come up with.

13-May-09 13:44
650JankoSite Assistant, which is fully made in REBOL, has been released as public beta. This means you can all sign-up (for free) and try it -- and report me the bugs :) I am trying to get the core system stable and tested, features will still be added. S-A frontend runs on Cheyenne, and backend bots are also written in REBOL. 10:22
649DideCAnnouncements only - use Ann-reply to chat [web-public]24-Apr-09 9:40
648Grahamfree sites don't always cut the mustard22-Apr-09 11:41
647Rebolekwhat about ?22-Apr-09 8:14
646ICariisigh.. i need to find a new host (free) mustard is too unreliable :(22-Apr-09 8:13
645Alantiming out here22-Apr-09 7:26
644ICariisynth updated. 0.0.4 added bars into song format for better readability totally rewrote multi-note handling fixed endian issue with 16bit samples - 16bit chords still sound horrible.. added progress indicator when building songs added status info on sample size / play time added more note symbols to cater for different timings and rests 14:33
643ICariisite was probably doing nightly server update20-Apr-09 18:48
642amacleodCan't reach hte site. Down?20-Apr-09 14:43
641ICariiit will eventually - just working on the mechanics first20-Apr-09 3:29
640?Rather yellow glow around the note. I didn't mean make the note yellow.20-Apr-09 3:22
639?You should have it highlight each note in yellow as it is playing. It will give it a bit of an interactive feel.20-Apr-09 3:22
638ICariiSynth 0.0.3 released.

0.0.3 lots of bugfixes added safety error trap to play-song added ability to put chords inside song block as a block [C4 [C4 E4 G4] [E4 G4] G4...] please note that this still uses a single entry in the timing block sheet music now displays chords added multi-channel support (really 1 or 2 channels atm) 8bit and 16bit sound added added a new song to show chords/multi-note in operation

20-Apr-09 3:08
637jockonice looking program19-Apr-09 16:19
636ICariiWorking on a R2 virtual piano/synth with sheet music display etc. Currently reads in a song+timings and has the ability to play and write in Windows/etc RIFF/wav format. for those interested.19-Apr-09 11:14
635Maximrebol babies (like they do for movie productions)18-Apr-09 4:55
634RobertMaybe a "baby born" group really makes sense...14-Apr-09 19:07
633RobertThanks a lot to all of you.14-Apr-09 19:07
632shadwolfis there a "I'm in heaven with angels group" too ?12-Apr-09 12:36
631shadwolf... damn on the day of my death i will have to post on this group^:P12-Apr-09 12:35
630AntonNo, the best group for this is the "births & deaths" group.12-Apr-09 12:34
629MaartenCongratulations Robert!10-Apr-09 8:25
628Mcheancongratulations!9-Apr-09 23:24
627ColinGreat news Robert. Congratulations .. and there is no such thing as "enough sleep".9-Apr-09 22:12
626Jankoaha, I was totally crazy when I came home from first child.. had no idea what to do.. I am not sure how it will be with second :)9-Apr-09 19:13
625RobertNo, 2nd9-Apr-09 19:09
624Jankois it your first child?9-Apr-09 19:08
623RobertThx. Mom and son come home in 5 days. So trying to sleep as much as possible now :-))9-Apr-09 19:05
622Jankogreat , congratulations!!9-Apr-09 19:04
621RobertToday my son "Max Robin" was born. Mother and baby are fit and well up.9-Apr-09 18:56
620RobertI think best group for THIS:9-Apr-09 18:55
619GeomolPostScript dialect v. 0.4.6 released:

Added PDF output via script rebps2pdf.r See documentation!

16-Mar-09 13:02
618Maximliquid v0.7.1 released.

-adds freeze functionality to !plug, which allows you to basically turn "off" processing and messaging of a node, while still keeping all of its functionality. this allows you prevent uneccessary processing while setting up a liquid-network by switching off nodes until they are properly setup, for example.

-fixes a minor bug, and a regression.

8-Mar-09 21:25
617MaximBlood v0.1.1 released to

the first ever public demo of how to use liquid. The application itself is very simple for now, but the code is pretty clean, has a lot of comments to explain a lot of what is going on.

7-Mar-09 8:14
616MaximUploaded liquid v0.7.0 to,

first production ready candidate to be released.

extensively tested and ultra stable so far (even in real-time graphicaly-oriented several thousand node applications).

7-Mar-09 6:36
615RebolekThis discussion should be in Ann-Reply5-Mar-09 19:49
614Oldes:)5-Mar-09 19:47
613kib2Does that mean that we can use unicode encoding with the help of r2-forward ?5-Mar-09 19:40
612kib2whaow : 50 Ko :)5-Mar-09 19:39
611kib2That's it! I missed the get part. Thanks.5-Mar-09 19:38
610Rebolek>> chat >> 837 >> get *5-Mar-09 19:38
609Oldestype 837 to get into the folder and then: get r2-forward.r5-Mar-09 19:37
608kib2BrianH: Sorry for that question, but how could I find where to download somehing on DevBase ? I saw your messages, but that's all.5-Mar-09 19:34
607BrianHR2-Forward has been released! Now you don't necessarily have to wait for R3 to get finished - use the new functions in R2 now :) Released to DevBase (aka R3 chat) in Community/Libraries/R2-Forward (837). Tested in 2.6.2, 2.7.5 and 2.7.6. Take a look! Stats: 72 words exported, 49999 chars, 41522 LM, 29730 LMF, 8379 LMFC.

Obviously, there are whole categories of stuff that won't be backported; the notes say what is supported. You'd be surprised what I *have* managed to backport though - even some datatypes are spoofed :)

Discussions in R3 chat #837, or the Core group here. More testing is welcome - I'd like to push my tested platforms back as far as 2.5.0 if I can. My todo list for R2-Forward is pretty extensive...

5-Mar-09 18:53
606GeomolTry the example in the start of the documentation: 17:13
605JankoGeomol thanks, do you have any example of usage?3-Mar-09 16:59
604GeomolPostScript dialect v. 0.4.4 released:

Added replacement of some special characters, that need to be escaped.

3-Mar-09 16:56
603GeomolThanks, Paul!2-Mar-09 17:27
602?Well done, John.2-Mar-09 16:49
601GeomolUpdated RebXML scripts found at (Bug fixes and improvements.) RebXML spec: 16:14
600GeomolNicomDoc v. 2.1 can still be found here: 15:44
599GeomolNicomDoc v. 2.2 released:

- Added output for TeX (LaTeX). - New way to specify fonts by font family. - New way to resize fonts relative -4 ... +5. - Scaling of images. - Math engine had big overhaul to not be focused on semantics, but on presentation (less errors in practise). - Text in code examples will be wrapped at 77 chars per line. - Added vertical space by simply doing more newlines in a row. - Updated all documentation and examples.

2-Mar-09 15:35
598OldesIf someone miss a chance to save into JPEGs, GIFs or other formats directly from REBOL, here is simple image saver using Imagemagick's library. 2:14
597Mcheanlooks good18-Feb-09 17:08
596Oldesit's there now 13:50
595OldesMaybe it needs some time.9-Feb-09 21:01
594McheanOldes: code is there but it doesn't show up as an option in the pull down menu at pygments.org9-Feb-09 18:15
593RobertGoing to give a speech about Rebol in May/June at a university in Germany. Hopefully showing the potential to a lot of professors and students. Spread the word!9-Feb-09 7:42
592BrianHRight. Compatibility with R2 has never been a goal of R3.9-Feb-09 4:14
591Gabriele(when we started including VID3 in R3, we had to switch from using R2 for the build process to using R3 itself, just because of that.)8-Feb-09 10:04
590GabrieleBrian, right, but that's enough to make R2 unable to load R3 files...8-Feb-09 10:02
589kib2Ive updated my old pastebin (sorry for its name) so that you can test Oldes's Pygment lexer (and you can have html,latex,svg,etc outputs) : 17:03
588BrianHAt this point just percent and the prefix being dropped from money, hence the "almost". No range.7-Feb-09 16:44
587ChrisAnd range! ?7-Feb-09 16:04
586GabrieleBrian... percent!7-Feb-09 8:51
585BrianHThere is almost no difference in syntax between R2 and R3, but the predefined words are different (and getting moreso).6-Feb-09 22:38
584kib2Oldes: so they finally accepted it ? Good news ! I suppose it's for R2 only ?6-Feb-09 22:34
583OldesI must say, that the Pygments is much more better designed then a Geshi syntax highlighter (PHP).6-Feb-09 21:48
582OldesIt's there 21:44
581McheanOldes: cool. Let us know if they don't add it and we can bombard them with requests3-Feb-09 4:35
580ReichartHere is a direct link though - 3:11
579ReichartHmmm, guess you guys should tell Yahoo/Fickr3-Feb-09 3:10
578WillI guess you are the third on the picture.. 8P3-Feb-09 2:59
577Grahamso, why does it offer to send an email??3-Feb-09 2:58
576Willflikr -> flickr3-Feb-09 2:57
575Willclicking on the flikr link, I get "Not a valid email" 8)3-Feb-09 2:57
574ReichartFor those of you that want to go to a rock'n conference (in Long Beach, CA, next week) (from last year, Todd, Me, Abrey, three red beards)

3-Feb-09 2:54
573kib2Oldes: they've done it for other langages (superiror to Python too), like Haskell.2-Feb-09 21:04
572kib2Janko: :)2-Feb-09 21:03
571JankoI understand them, Rebol is the Python Killer :) (well but they don't know it yet anyway)2-Feb-09 20:45
570OldesI told them.. but.. I think that the Python community is not much communicative. At least from my short experience with Python. Anyway.. now I recognized that I forgot to add the special REBOL notation for numbers like: 1'000.00 I will add it later. (I was never fun of these notations, but someone may use it)2-Feb-09 20:36
569kib2Oldes: you site is awesome, really.2-Feb-09 20:02
568kib2Oldes : I'm sure they'll do if you tell them.2-Feb-09 19:53
567OldesSo the REBOL lexer for Pygments syntax highlighter is here Let's see if the Python guys will add it into the distribution.2-Feb-09 18:41
566?Good Job Oldes!30-Jan-09 2:08
565OldesStarted writing a RebolLexer for pygments.org30-Jan-09 0:52
564OldesUpdated: ;to colorize PHP code ;to colorize REBOL code20-Jan-09 1:46
563OldesInitial public version of REBOL BBCode implementation: 0:21
562amacleodPeterWood, I had downloaded some single chapters and I liked what I read... I'm going to order the printed version but I notice its black and white only? I was hoping the printed version would b ecolor but I guess that would increase costs...29-Dec-08 19:13
561Henrik(moving to Ann-Reply)29-Dec-08 14:46
560Pekruhm .... I would not put it that way ... still REBOL related and hence appreciated ... we should chat in ann-reply probably ...29-Dec-08 14:46
559HenrikPerhaps with the size of this forum, paid advertising would work against Peter.29-Dec-08 14:46
558?Is this the right place to announce commericial efforts? Seem like Reichart is missing out on advertising fees.29-Dec-08 14:42
557PeterWoodIt seems that has unfortunately recently increased its shipping charges especially to one or two countries. I have also heard that the shipping cost can be affected by the currency in which you buy the book. I believe that if you specify US Dollars to buy the book, it will be shipped from the US even if you live in Europe. It might be worth switching currencies if the shipping costs seems too high.29-Dec-08 14:40
556PeterWoodI am very pleased to announce that the printed version of "Rebol - A programmer's guide" is now available. The price is 25 Euros.  The book can be purchased at 14:39
555SunandaDevCon 2008 is about to start: 20:03
554PeterWoodThe anglicised source code of the book "Rebol - A programmer's guide" can now be downloaded from the book's page at

It is quite possible that I may have introduced the odd bug during their translation. If you find any please let me know.

20-Dec-08 9:04
553Chris< QM > Version 0.3.9

Fixes a context issue with QuickTags (bug fix). Minor change to the Cheyenne 'request/content' handling (bug fix). And thanks to Ammon for giving it testdrive, helps greatly in sorting out priorities!

20-Dec-08 3:25
552SunandaThanks18-Dec-08 22:38
551GeomolSunanda, it seems to be correct: 22:32
550?Count me in18-Dec-08 20:32
549Sunanda12:00 PM : assuming that's midday (not midnight), then (if my sums are right) that's 20:00 UTC. Can someone confirm, please?18-Dec-08 19:15
548james_nakRebolers- You have probably noticed we are trying to get together for a Rebcon on 12/27/08 @ 12:00 PM PST. We have some checklists started for both presenters and those who will attend. We need to get a specific headcount if possible due to the nature of the tools we are proposing to use so please sign up as soon as you can. Thanks. James18-Dec-08 18:46
547?Also a bit confusing is the pricing. When you click the link it takes you to a lower price but when you click to preview the book it states another price (these are all listed in dollars).18-Dec-08 13:01
546AshleyGood coverage. One thing, the TOC and Intro links are reversed ...18-Dec-08 12:22
545PeterWoodI am pleased to announce that the electronic version of "Rebol - A programmer's guide" is now available at priced at 15.99 Euros.

The printed version will be available within the next two to three weeks and will be priced at 25 Euros.

The book's introduction and table of contents can be freely downloaded from

17-Dec-08 15:37
544Maximargs.r released on pretty powerfull command-line argument management.

*dialect driven *typed arguments. *optional arg support (with default values) *different flag modes *automatic command-line error reporting *and much more...

the idea is not to provide a rebol interface to the cli, but provide a cli interface to rebol. so for example, to escape chars, we use "\" not "^" . the systems builds a parse rule out of your command-line spec and runs it against the supplied string.

there is a preliminary demo which shows how to use it... full docs expected this week-end. (they are drafted, but need to be revised and organised properly).

11-Dec-08 21:30
543Chris< QM > Version 0.3.8, that is26-Oct-08 4:49
542Chris< QM > Version 0.3.7

Fixed some Cheyenne glitches, works now with .exe version (see QuickStart guide).

26-Oct-08 4:48
541PeterWoodThe preview of translation of the final chapter of Olivier Auverlot's Rebol - Guide du Programmeur is now available at

This final chapter consists of a number of workshops that bring together much that has been covered in the book. These case studies focus on the foundations to build a video game, on developing a chat program, on writing a MySQL administration console, and finally on creating a reblet for Rebol/IOS.

There is still a little work left before the book can be published. I hope that it won't take too long. Once the full book is published, the individual preview chapters will be withdrawn from

One of the things still to be done is to anglicise the sample scripts which will then be made available for downloading.

21-Oct-08 0:25
540PeterWoodAt last, the electronic pre-release of Chapter 6 of the translation of Olivier Auverlot's "Rebol - Guide du Programmer" ( is now available at ( ) for EUR 2.99. This chapter starts with a short overview of how to configure and manage Rebol/View desktops to provide a "virtual office". It moves quickly into serious programming topics in a Unix environment covering console data display, handling keystrokes, command line arguments, file access rights, shell access, pipes, sockets, Unix signals and dynamic library calls. A thorough introduction to RebDB rounds out the chapter.11-Oct-08 0:58
539Terry(send me a request to me?... sheesh :)2-Oct-08 20:03
538TerryNew 'opt-in' group created for the Cheyenne - Framewerks Project

This FOSS project is a port of Redwerks CMS system ( to use Cheyenne rather than Apache. Continued exploration of AI / NLP using LFReD, AtomDB and other techs with Cheyenne to build the next generation of web servers.

Send me a request to me directly if you would like to join.

2-Oct-08 20:02
537Chris< QM > Version 0.3.7

QuickTags overhaul: now uses 'match dialect parser (this may result in incompatibilities). Also, the 'root' space is dropped in favour of 'support' to reference external modules.

18-Sep-08 2:59
536ChrisWrapper for the Google Charts API:

Because I needed something. Crude but works...

10-Aug-08 5:47
535HenrikHTML Dialect 0.0.5 uploaded: 12:27
534Chris< QM > Version 0.3.5

Additions: this release includes a crude search facility within RoughCut. Also included are some minor changes related to the User Management and Blog (to be published) patterns.

23-Jul-08 14:21
533BrettHI note with interest the efforts to translate the latest REBOL book from French to English to be published via LuLu. Do you realize that LuLu are unable/unwilling to deliver to international P.O. Box addresses !!?!! -- they gave me some Bull Dust story about how The Australian Postal Service wont deliver to a P.O Box !! Strange how AMAZON seems happy to deliver to a P.O. Box. and have done so for many years. So getting the book might prove difficult for some people.20-Jul-08 5:12
532DockimbelMySQL driver v1.2.1 released. See more at http://softinnov.org13-Jul-08 19:06
531PeterWoodThe Table of Contents of Rebol - A programmers guide can be downloaded from 0:58
530PeterWoodThe chapter also includes a really enthusiastic introduction to IOS and details of the data encryption features in Rebol/Command.1-Jul-08 9:59
529PeterWoodThe pre-release of Rebol for pros, Chapter 5 of Rebol - A programmer's guide is now available at

It covers calling other programs and shared libraries, using MySQL from Rebol CGI scripts and how to manage source code with the free version of the Rebol pre-processor. All of these can be used from the latest free versions of Rebol.

1-Jul-08 9:58
528RobertI'm launching my new website. New design etc. and I'm adding a Blog. Not much content converted yet. But more to come soon.

28-Jun-08 9:28
527SunandaMuch simplifed way of contributing scripts to And a better way of tagging them too: 14:49
526Chris< QM > Version 0.3.2

This release reworks the Controller engine, giving more flexibility in defining the Controller dialect. The fruit of this is the 'protect directive that allows you to evaluate preconditions before executing an action. More to follow in the !QM group...

14-Jun-08 18:16
525Kaj 19:42
524KajThe Eleventh ICFP Programming Contest, in a month:12-Jun-08 19:42
523PeterWoodThis year's Rebol Library flash conference will be held on Monday, 16th June.11-Jun-08 13:51
522Chris<-QM-> Version 0.3.1

After much wrestling with what the Model (M-V-C) should be, I have settled on an extensible Model system designed as an intuitive implementation of persistent objects. Also, pagination, some extra helpers and some tweaks here and there. QM grows, but has not yet reached the point of optimisation. More to follow in the !QM group...

31-May-08 22:55
521GeomolVersion 1.1.0 of load-tga for TARGA (TGA) images: Added support for RLE (run-length encoded) images (can be produced with e.g. OS X Preview and most paint programs). The function can now load image type 2 (Uncompressed, True-color image) and image type 10 (Run-length encoded, True-color image).6-May-08 17:21
520PekrRobert - Curl is our competition - why should we be happy about it, if noone from us here has any intention into using it? The good thing is, that I am chief of IT here, so I never let tools like that to let-in :-)6-May-08 7:09
519RobertSCurl NITRO is now beta at will be welcoming languages other than just Curl. Expect a relaxed RTE license soon. Like Rebol3, Curl is now on track to only have the core remain proprietary. Pekr: think Rebol on the Surge RTE AKA Nitro !6-May-08 6:59
518GeomolGLServer for Win32 is released. There also is a Mac version, Linux is still missing. See group OpenGL. It makes it possible to do 3D graphics from REBOL using OpenGL.25-Apr-08 17:12
517Grahamxml dialect ?17-Apr-08 1:43
516GrahamHow does this differ from Max's html dialect ?17-Apr-08 1:43
515amacleodlooks great. I hate HTML. All those tags. This will be a great tool.17-Apr-08 0:36

First version of my HTML dialect as been released.

15-Apr-08 12:30
513DockimbelNTLM support library for REBOL v1.0.3 released. Download here :

If you've had issue using this library before with a MS (NTLM) proxy, please give it a new try. It fixes a major issue with NTLM proxy and has been updated to work with 2.7.6.

8-Apr-08 13:32
512GrahamAutofile a utility that attempts to recognize documents based upon a set of rules8-Apr-08 6:10
511BrianH(check private chat)3-Apr-08 1:33
510Fork 1:28
509Fork 1:28
508Fork 1:28
507ForkAn AltME Rebol3 topic created in my honor? :)3-Apr-08 1:28
506Reichart: ) Does he win something?3-Apr-08 1:15
505Sunanda10,000 posts in the Core Group! Congratulations. Fork! 6:56
504OldesCookies-daemon 1.2.0 - Modified for compatibility with HTTP scheme from REBOL 2.7.6 10:23
503GeomolElectronic Arts IFF ILBM loader: Can handle 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 color images, HAM6 images (4096 colors) and HALFBRITE (64 colors). HALFBRITE hasn't been tested yet, as I couldn't find such an image easily. Handle both compressed and non-compressed images. This is an example, where rebcode would help a lot, as a 320x200 image can take several seconds to uncompress. Usage:

iff-image: load-iff %some_picture.iff img: iff-image/as-image

img now is a REBOL image!, than can be viewed like: view layout [image img]

21-Mar-08 17:37
502GeomolNicomDB index and relative layers version 1.0.0 is released. See group !NicomDB16-Mar-08 19:35
501PeterWoodThis year's LibFlashCon will be held during the second half of June and for the first time will be open to all Library members.

See LibFlashCon2008 group for details.

15-Mar-08 9:29
500?Great News! The release of 2.7.6 has arrived ----> 23:30
499? Please make your comments regarding callbacks.14-Mar-08 11:35
498OldesIt's uploaded, BUT I found, that has big problem with encodings... more in library channel14-Mar-08 10:21
497Oldesok.. I will.. but first have to write a script to automate it14-Mar-08 9:33
496GiuseppeCOldes, what about uploading your colorizer to ? If you don't have the time I could do this for you this round.12-Mar-08 22:43
495OldesRebol-code-colorizer 0.9.2 uploaded (fixed bug with single escape char in string "^^")12-Mar-08 14:46
494PeterWoodChapter 3 of "Rebol - a programmer's guide" is an exposť of Rebol/View the graphical version of Rebol explaining the Visual Interface Dialect (VID), the DRAW dialect, handling events with VID, managing styles, and Rebolís sound capabilities.

The preview is now online at

9-Mar-08 23:46
493OldesColorized source code: 13:39
492OldesRebol-code-colorizer 0.9.1 (just a small bug fix and added own color class for issue! datatype) 13:37
491PeterWoodChapter 4 of "Rebol - a programmer's guide" describes Rebol's advanced network programming features. Using TCP/IP protocols (including client/server programming), creating network protocols, CGI scripts, producing dynamic web documents, handling XML documents, using Web Services and the Rebol//View browser plug-in are all explained.

The preview is now available at

8-Mar-08 12:21
490GeomolNicomDB First full version of index-layer with all functions is released. See group !NicomDB8-Mar-08 9:31
489PeterWoodChapter 2 of "Rebol - a programmer's guide" is a thorough grounding in the basics of the language covering variables, datatypes, lists, control structures, functions, objects, parsing and dialects.

The preview is now available at

8-Mar-08 0:19
488PeterWoodIn March 2007, Olivier Auverlot published his second major book on “REBOL – Guide du programmeur”. Written in his native French the book has been well received, not least by Carl Sassenrath: “Yes, Olivier has done it again with another good book on REBOL.”

Olivier and I have been working on an English translation, "REBOL - a programmer's guide" for a little while now. The book will eventually be published in both printed and electronic form on The prices are likely to be Euro 25.00 for the printed edition and Euro 16.99 for the portable document format version (pdf) version. (For those of you outside the Euro zone, Lulu also provides prices in Pounds Sterling and US Dollars.)

As the translation is likely to take some time to complete, we are providing exclusive previews of each chapter for those who don't want to wait until the whole book has been translated. The previews will only be available until the complete book is ready. Each chapter will be published as a pdf once it is available and will cost Euro 2.99.

The first chapter "Discover Rebol in an hour" is a hands-on introduction to Rebol for programmers following the development of an automated File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. It covers many facets of this highly productive language. It is available today at

The next three chapters, "The Rebol Language", "GUI, graphics and sound" and "Networking and the Internet" will be available within the next few days.

Olivier is the author of the book; I am the author of any mistakes that have crept in during the translation.

6-Mar-08 8:54
487?OSX build for Intel 3:45
486Henrik <--- Feed from the R2-Beta world.2-Mar-08 23:44
485PekrCarl just announced R2-beta world. If you want an account, ask BrianH, Henrik or Gabriele. The purpose is to proceed with 2.7++ releases ...2-Mar-08 23:03
484GeomolREBOL PostScript dialect v. 0.4.3 released. Doc: Added decimal! option for size in TEXT alignment. Moved TRANSFORM up front in PAGE, so it's possible to let a transform work on a whole page instead of just a PATH. Added description of COMMENT to doc.26-Feb-08 17:03
483GeomolREBOL postscript dialect version 0.4.2 is out, BSD license. Documentation here: Added PageSize with support for A4, A5 and US Letter for now. Added images. Example of use:

do write postscript [DeviceRGB page [translate 100x400 scale 72x72 image]]

The file is now a PostScript file describing a page with an image on. Try view or print it.

24-Feb-08 17:27
482PatrickP61Geomol, Just read your NicomDB thesis and thought it was well done. Just a quick note about a mis-spelling on page 36 toward the bottom. "If we think back to the four basic operations on a data record, they are Read, White, Rewrite and Delete." I think you mean "Write" instead of "White".23-Feb-08 22:00
481GeomolThe first version of the database, NicomDB, is released. See group !NicomDB19-Feb-08 19:13
480Geomolyes, sorry13-Feb-08 22:44
479GeomolHenrik, as I understand those licenses, with GPL, you can only use the code for free in GPL projects. With BSD, you can use the code for free in not-open-source projects too. This way we hope ot finance further development by close-source licenses.13-Feb-08 22:44
478Henrikshould movve to ann-reply...13-Feb-08 22:44
477GeomolI'm confident, we talk weeks, not months. The first part of the code probably in days. From experience, I know, time estimates on software projects are very hard to do, but in this case, all the old code is there, I would just like to review it, test and optimize a little before release.13-Feb-08 22:42
476HenrikGeomol, so why GPL instead of BSD?13-Feb-08 22:40
475TomBongeomol, interesting concept. It will also be interesting to see the performance and behavior with different filesystems like: ZFS,REISER, NFS XFS, CFS, GFS etc. in mysql you can choose the database engine, with nicomDB you choose the filesystem for different features. (e.g. REISER for speed, NFS for distributed networking, CFS/EncFS for crypto, GFS for cluster etc. :-) any aprox. date when it will be available?13-Feb-08 22:38
474BrianHGood business model :)13-Feb-08 20:44
473GeomolYes.13-Feb-08 20:43
472BrianHGPL with commercial closed-source option?13-Feb-08 20:43
471GeomolMy database NicomDB, created with my friend Martin Nyberg, is going open source under GPL license. The plan is to release the source a little at a time, so we can make sure, everything is working with as many versions of REBOL as possible incl. the coming R3. For now, my original thesis for an education, I ended some years ago, is available at:

It describes much of the unique concepts of this relational database.

13-Feb-08 20:42
470AntonGeomol, nice work !8-Feb-08 13:39
469ReichartVery cool! Talk about a flashback...6-Feb-08 11:17
468GeomolReleased under GPL license!5-Feb-08 19:29
467Geomol6502 assembler v. 1.0.0: 19:29
466GreggVery cool Doc!21-Jan-08 4:48
465AntonLooks excellent, Doc. (Nice small DLL you have there.)21-Jan-08 1:08
464DockimbelWindows services support library for REBOL 1.0.0 released. Download : 19:43
463BrianHThe REBOL 3 public alpha announcement has made PLNews (a programming language news wire service). 21:14
462btiffinSorry, supposed to be in Ann-Reply. My bad.9-Jan-08 2:30
461btiffinFrom Announce TimW: any chance for a linux alpha? Anton: Not at this time. The Windows version runs well in Wine, though.

I may have the version wrong...not at home. You need Wine 9.14? or greater - released from winehq a few months ago or REBOL wait will not function properly, pretty much hosing VID. It was a timer call bug in Wine that's been fixed. It was not an R3 problem, but Wine.

9-Jan-08 2:29
460AntonNot at this time. The Windows version runs well in Wine, though.9-Jan-08 1:42
459TimWany chance for a linux alpha?9-Jan-08 1:41
458HenrikWait a minute. Let me rephrase that:

REBOL3.0 Alpha 1 for Windows is out

You can download it here:

Carl has made a blog entry about it here:

Please note that this is alpha software and represents a work in progress! Be nice to the developers. There's no support for you yet, but it will come later. Now play with it and be good.

8-Jan-08 21:47
457MaartenOr....8-Jan-08 21:47
456MaartenOr Erlang8-Jan-08 21:47
455MaartenOr Ruby8-Jan-08 21:47
454HenrikLadies and Gentlemen, Carl Sassenrath of REBOL Technologies would like to announce that all R3 development has been cancelled and that you should all go home and play with Perl instead. Or Python.8-Jan-08 21:44
453Chris<-QM-> Version 0.2.1 -- new controllers; file upload; reorganised for better console-running mode; (hopefully) better namespace handling; user and session handling ready

Tested on Apache. Tested briefly on Cheyenne.

2-Dec-07 23:41
452OldesString based Rebol's PHP Code Colorizer: Here is test ouput of some colorized PHP code: 14:50
451OldesNot much... just goes thru avi file and prints it's structure. I just wanted to know how looks the AVI inside. But if you add part for decoding the video chunks, you can for example extract images. Or you can easily extract all audio chunks.10-Nov-07 18:58
450Steevecoffee ?9-Nov-07 20:12
449amacleodWhat does it do?9-Nov-07 17:28
448OldesAnd if someone would like to know, what is inside AVI files (without need to use xMB of dlls or binary utils)... here is another experimental script: 15:58
447OldesTo test it with animatedGif you may try: gif/parse 18:20
446OldesThe script is using %stream-io.r script which I use more and more for binary manipulations.8-Nov-07 18:15
445OldesGIF parser. At this moment it just prints info and or inserts comment.

do gif/parse write/binary %test.gif gif/add-comment "test" gif/parse %test.gif

8-Nov-07 18:13
444OldesRebol/Flash dialect (RSWF) version 2.5.0 is available! compressed: (89kB) uncompressed: (331kB) as colorized HTML: (885kB)

What's new: - New swf-parser included which replaces old exam-swf function (useful for importing foreign SWF files) - Added implementation of Class definitions for SWF versions 6 and higher (I have to create some examples) - Added new 'trace function into actions (which can be use to compile swf files with or without trace calls easily) - 'require and 'include now accepts block of files or urls (I should modify my rswf code colorizer to show included files as well)

Here is also new example how to include first of GUI elements: In the future I would like to create something like mini Layout dialect which will be used for better positioning of the new GUIs I'm working on.

8-Oct-07 15:20
443KajIt detects conflicts. But it only seems to work on Windows6-Oct-07 19:50
442KajIt syncs directories, and apparently also MySQL and SQLite databases - or it needs them for functioning6-Oct-07 19:49
441GrahamRebsync - if anyone knows french, perhaps they could explain what it does!6-Oct-07 19:41
440LouisNice, Oldes!29-Sep-07 14:09
439OldesString based Rebol Code colorizer --> using it, Rebol source can look like: or

There is still a lot of things to improve, but it's already quite useful. (at least it does not suffer with recursion parse limits which I reached with good old Carl's %color-code.r script)

28-Sep-07 17:42
438Oldes- this version uses completly new actions parser (thanks to Ladislav for his help)13-Sep-07 9:09
437OldesNew version (2.0.0) of Rebol/Flash dialect (RSWF) is available here: 9:08
436PhilBDraw a surface with 3-D Perspective and allow roation - & in the Rebol Library 5:00
435Pekr14th August 2007 is the day of release of R3. btiffin is 44 that day, so it nice fits. Congratulations!3-Aug-07 9:02
434btiffinI'm pleased to announce the REBOL user group now has a name.

World meet user.r

Details in IRUA and IRUA Chat. Those forums will be retired and renamed to user.r shortly.

1-Aug-07 7:25
433DockimbelDRAW-based visual Captcha Library : 20:24
432ICariiRebTower 0.1.5 - small fix to stop player/ai loops using 100% cpu - thanks doc ;) Full version: (661kb) Update version (from 0.0.7 upwards): (34kb)9-Jul-07 12:05
431ICariiRebTower 0.1.3 released. Changes: # Fixed transparency issues with played cards # Stacks now zoomable # All new PLAYBACK MODE. (Press p to check out all the stages of a completed round) Full version: (661kb) Update version (from 0.0.7 upwards): (34kb)7-Jul-07 2:39
430ICariifor linux change the fonts inside builder.r and rebtower.r from verdana and tahoma to something similar :)4-Jul-07 14:35

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