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1536Graham[ copy question to end ( append parse-channel question) ]6-Jan-10 19:02
1535BrianHMoved the question to Parse.6-Jan-10 18:59
1534Grahameverything after get that is not / or http ...6-Jan-10 18:56
1533Grahameh ... no that either6-Jan-10 18:55
1532Grahamor after the "/" if there is no http6-Jan-10 18:55
1531Grahamcopies everything after the http till it reaches a space to a variable named file6-Jan-10 18:54
1530BenBranNot sure where to put this so asking here:

I downloaded a web script and it has a snippet I don't understand: buffer: make string! 1024 ;; contains the browser request file: "index.html" parse buffer ["get" ["http" | "/ " | copy file to " " ]]

what does:

copy file to " "

mean or do? tia

6-Jan-10 18:52
1529amacleodIs this a bug in rebol encap? Or do other platforms have this same issue?16-Dec-09 3:45
1528GrahamYes, issues running from desktop ... so don't advise it .. and I specifically check for desktop installation and alert user not to do this ...16-Dec-09 1:51
1527amacleodGraham, you have had issues running from desktop? or is that your advice?16-Dec-09 0:14
1526GrahamI check for desktop and warn users that the app might not run correctly.16-Dec-09 0:00
1525Maximthe only problem I've ever had with apps on the desktop is with the spaces in the file path.15-Dec-09 23:12
1524amacleoddisplay = disokay15-Dec-09 23:10
1523amacleodThere might be some unusual disokay properties set but I do not have access to them it seems...15-Dec-09 23:10
1522Maximthat is totally weird!15-Dec-09 23:02
1521amacleodNew element to the puzzle....

I got it to work on the offending machine but only if the app is NOT located on the desktop. When placed in its own folder under c: it works fine.

15-Dec-09 22:54
1520amacleodThat may also be the problem...some of the officers have bad eyes and may have increased font size..I'll check it out. Thanks for the hints Gregg.14-Dec-09 4:32
1519GreggIn my old VB days, large fonts was a major bugbear.14-Dec-09 4:31
1518amacleodThe screen does look off (aspect and resolution wise) but I can't check as the display properties access seems to be locked down for security...14-Dec-09 4:30
1517GreggIs the offending system set to use large fonts, or does it have a funky video setting (different DPI) that might be the culprit?14-Dec-09 4:28
1516amacleodit is14-Dec-09 0:56
1515GrahamEspecially if the image is part of the binary14-Dec-09 0:55
1514Maximto me its the "only when encapped" part which is the strangest!14-Dec-09 0:54
1513amacleodWhy only that computer and only when encapped is my question..

The work computer is FDNY property and locked down somewhat so its hard to debug if its the computer's issue...

14-Dec-09 0:53
1512Maximtry making sure each face has a color, if you see the problem again, with another image.14-Dec-09 0:52
1511amacleodI'll try some other pics tomorrow night...its got to be something with the jpeg..14-Dec-09 0:51
1510Maximbut this just happens in some parent/child face nesting circumstance which I don't recall.14-Dec-09 0:50
1509Maximthere is a strange bug in view where face with edges need a color to be specified. if color is none I've seen screwy thing happen with the edges.14-Dec-09 0:49
1508amacleodjpeg looks clean and displays proper everywhere else14-Dec-09 0:49
1507amacleodI can't play with different images now as the offending computer is at work...I'll play with it tomorrow night.. Just wanted to see if it was a common problem..


14-Dec-09 0:48
1506Maximand you are sure the image itself doesn't have the artefact? (llooking into picture viewer, for eample)14-Dec-09 0:47
1505amacleodBut the layout also contains a jpg14-Dec-09 0:47
1504amacleodcreated14-Dec-09 0:46
1503amacleodThe image was creaed from a layout (to-image)14-Dec-09 0:46
1502Maximdid you try different images?14-Dec-09 0:45
1501amacleodoh14-Dec-09 0:45
1500amacleodIt appears to be just that machine but I tried it on an other machine with same hardware with no prob14-Dec-09 0:45
1499Maximthat is what image style is ;-)14-Dec-09 0:45
1498amacleodI originaly just had teh pic displayed in a layout with "image pic" I later put in a 'box with specified size (matching the resolution of image)14-Dec-09 0:44
1497Grahamand have you determined whether it's specific to XP? Or just to that PC?14-Dec-09 0:43
1496amacleod3 computers > XP pro and 1 > vista laptop. Offending machine > xp pro14-Dec-09 0:42
1495GrahamYeah .. I need to increase the amount of my bounty since no one is biting :)13-Dec-09 23:55
1494MaximI've never seen that artefact appear. did you try changing the image?13-Dec-09 23:49
1493Maximcarefull... graham will give you his paypal account after ;-P13-Dec-09 23:48
1492Grahamwhat have you tried so far to debug this?13-Dec-09 23:47
1491Grahamdifferent service pack?13-Dec-09 23:46
1490Grahamdifferent OS?13-Dec-09 23:46
1489amacleodas a script I do not see this issue...13-Dec-09 23:42
1488amacleodGetting a weird behavior with an encapped app....

It works fine on most computers but on one computer an image in the face is not displaying properly... its as if white space is being added to the right and bottom sides throwing of the layout. I tried placing in a box with specific size. THis retains the basic layout but the image is squeezed up into a part of the box. Only a problem on one computer so far ...

13-Dec-09 23:42
1487amacleodThanks, Ashley, I had seen this help page before but I did not remember ResHack stuff in it...Great!5-Oct-09 14:35
1486Ashley 11:52
1485amacleodI've been able to change my icon with res hacker's ui but not via a script...i'll have another look at the SDK doc example...4-Oct-09 4:15
1484Maximin the SDK docs, there is an example of a reshacker script call.4-Oct-09 4:15
1483Maximnote that the icon has to be of an exact specification... you can't replace just any icon. basically, there are 9 sizes/colors in the icon, and you have to use EXACTLY the same setup.4-Oct-09 4:14
1482MaximI have massive make files like this which do all kinds of script fixup, directory creations, zipping of archives, backups... and call res hacker... its the easiest way to encap stuff.4-Oct-09 4:13
1481HenrikI simply used CALL to call encap and reshack sequentially. Kind of a make-file.3-Oct-09 15:42
1480amacleodI tried to make a reshack script to change the icon image but I could not get it to work...will have another look..3-Oct-09 15:40
1479amacleodWhat did you use a reshack script?3-Oct-09 15:39
1478HenrikI wrote a function that called encap followed by reshack to solve the problem.3-Oct-09 15:30
1477amacleodI guess I could use resource hacker...but is there a way to automate it during ENCAP3-Oct-09 15:29
1476amacleodI notice the icon of my encapped application displays info about rebol -company name, file version etc... Anyway to get my info and file version for the App in there? If so - Can this be done when encapping or to I need to change it afterward. It it indeed the icon that holds this info?3-Oct-09 15:25
1475AshleyI've had that a few times, "where's the rest of the application ..."24-Sep-09 12:31
1474HenrikSome customers also get a little weirded out, when they see that my biggest programs take 2-3 seconds to download and about 0.1 seconds to install and start.23-Sep-09 17:27
1473Maximthere is a nice feeling about seeing a 450kb 20 file REBOL script being linked as one source , then add another 400 kb of view encap code over it and it all works... 850 kb of REBOL is a hell of a lot of code... I can't imagine how much code that would be in C !!!


23-Sep-09 16:54
1472Maxim(strange)23-Sep-09 16:44
1471Maximstrabge thing is that it was still running after encap... very weird.23-Sep-09 16:43
1470Maximthanks ... knowing that the header was not in cause... alllowed me to find the true culprit .... some prerebol oditty which wrapped my entire code in a block (my fault in how I was using it).23-Sep-09 16:43
1469Dockimbelremoving that header doesn't change anything as long as the 'encap header is there.23-Sep-09 16:33
1468Maximcan you give me the full header? ... I'll just try it as-is to see if its a side-effect of the complete header... & or other encap options.23-Sep-09 16:33
1467Dockimbelyes, it's assigned to the same name as in encap/title.23-Sep-09 16:32
1466Maximis your title: "" assigned to anything in the header?23-Sep-09 16:31
1465DockimbelGot that prefix only with source version. Once encapped (with enface), I get the proper title.23-Sep-09 16:30
1464MaximI tried with enface.exe and encmdview.exe both give a tile like "REBOL - "23-Sep-09 16:29
1463Maximnot here. windows 2.7.6 also.... very strange.23-Sep-09 16:27
1462DockimbelWorks on Windows with SDK 16:27
1461Maximis there are problem with the latest builds of sdk not using the

encap: [title "window title"]


23-Sep-09 15:33
1460Maximlinks were broken on one of the updates to the site when R3 was given more space.20-Aug-09 18:27
1459BenBranGraham, that worked!!!! Thank you very much!!!13-Aug-09 15:44
1458Grahamnot sure why there is no easily found direct link13-Aug-09 2:06
1457GrahamI googled this 2:06
1456BenBranI'll send a message to Rebol. I have 2.5.6. Thx.12-Aug-09 21:14
1455BenBranI received this via email. ...rebol-sdk-cmd-z2l7np..... Is there another place to download the latest?12-Aug-09 21:06
1454GrahamUnless you downloaded the very latest 2.7.6 sdk, you will have that issue. Easy to fix though.12-Aug-09 20:05
1453GrahamYes, check to see if https is installed.12-Aug-09 20:04
1452BenBranAnybody know a workaround for this?

from rebcmdview.exe and/or old desktop:

REBOL [] print length? read/lines ;; works print length? read/lines ;; works print length? read/lines ;; works halt

11 242 11

encapsulate (encmdface.exe) above and run the exe:

11 242 ** Access Error: Invalid port spec: ** Near: print length? read/lines halt ** Press enter to quit...

happens on any https page

12-Aug-09 19:26
1451Ladislavthe headers: yes, that looks like making sense in case the file is meant to be published as text15-Jun-09 13:32
1450OldesAlso my preprocessor adds comments based on script headers so if I include foreign script, the name of the author is present. Like for example here: 13:14
1449Ladislavundestood15-Jun-09 13:11
1448Oldes(I mean the usage of issues for preprocessing directives)15-Jun-09 13:02
1447OldesI have what I need :) I'm just not sure why the #include should be replaced. BTW.. I have one own addition into PREBOL - #include-block (which includes data as a block as it's with #include-binary)15-Jun-09 12:59
1446Ladislav(maybe you find what you need)15-Jun-09 12:49
1445LadislavCarl wrote, that R3 modules don't support include at this time, check the and texts15-Jun-09 12:49
1444OldesIn R3 I should probably replace it with modules. Your include.r enables that?15-Jun-09 12:03
1443Ladislav" one has to do with #include..." - it depends...15-Jun-09 12:01
1442OldesThe difference between the 'require and the script's #include is, that in the header I use only projects/script name and or version and not relative path as one has to do with the #include.15-Jun-09 12:00
1441OldesIt would not work for me anyway as I use other PREBOL syntax as well. Personally I like the issues for such a syntax. I use PREBOL for single projects scripts and 'require spec in the script's header for other scripts/projects which are required for the single script/project.15-Jun-09 11:56
1440SunandaThanks, Ashley..... loop 100 [print "I should test my ideas before publishing them."]15-Jun-09 11:16
1439JankoLadislav: I will try your include15-Jun-09 10:58
1438Ladislav#include: :do surely isn't possible, it would be possible only if we used the *include* alternative15-Jun-09 10:04
1437AshleySunanda, the "#include: :do" suggestion won't work as #include is an issue! not a word! ... I like the line of thought though.15-Jun-09 9:56
1436Ladislav...and if you want to just save the file, you use INCLUDE/LINK %my-input.r %preprocessed-output.r15-Jun-09 9:39
1435Ladislavyou always can do: INCLUDE %file, which is an equivalent of DO %file, except for the fact, that it includes everything needed15-Jun-09 9:38
1434Ladislavit solves exactly your problem15-Jun-09 9:33
1433LadislavJanko: re your #include question: you should try INCLUDE, seriously15-Jun-09 9:33
1432JankoI will look at cheyenne.r , thanks15-Jun-09 7:35
1431GrahamBut doc has set up cheyenne.r so that you can either run it , or use it in encap.15-Jun-09 7:35
1430GrahamI use a .cmd file myself ... to build my sources and then run them.15-Jun-09 7:34
1429Jankothat could work since rebol doesn't give me line number on error so it doesn't matter that I am editing different thing than running (in terms of file/line num)15-Jun-09 7:31
1428GrahamAlso look at cheyenne.r15-Jun-09 7:30
1427Jankook .. encap or prerebol every time I make a change .. I could automate it so that when I want to text-run app I have some batch file that prerebols it and runs it instead of just runs it15-Jun-09 7:30
1426Grahamencap uses prerebol15-Jun-09 7:30
1425Grahamno .. you can use pre-rebol ....15-Jun-09 7:29
1424Jankobut then I have to encap everty time I make a change :)15-Jun-09 7:29
1423Grahamenface source.r -t target.r -o target.exe and that gives you the pre-reboled version as target.r15-Jun-09 7:21
1422Grahamwhy not create a target source file and run that?15-Jun-09 7:20
1421Jankointeresting.. I will try if it works15-Jun-09 7:11
1420SunandaWould this one line in your start up help? if not encap [#include: : do]15-Jun-09 6:58
1419JankoI will try few ways of doing it too15-Jun-09 6:46
1418Jankoyes, many times simplest solution is the best.. and usage shows what works15-Jun-09 6:46
1417HenrikIn the build system I use now for my projects, there are two separate files. The one I use for development is the 'do, and the one my customer gets is the #included version. Then I have a make-file, that builds the project and puts it where it needs to be (local webserver), counts up the build version. I can build it whenever I want and there are no hiccups.

My earlier attempts at a build system was by trying to be fancy, i.e. build with as few keypresses as possible. It never worked as well as this one.

15-Jun-09 6:43
1416Jankothanks for explaining it to me.. so I know what options are there.15-Jun-09 6:39
1415HenrikI know what you mean, but in this case, I find it easy to make an exception.15-Jun-09 6:38
1414JankoI don't like duplicating code.. then I can have one bug in one file and another in other and I always have to check if I updated them both etc.. winMerge and tools like this would help but anyway15-Jun-09 6:38
1413Jankoyes, I have multi level do-s a file does app-specific lib file which do-es more generic libs etc .. hm I will think about it..15-Jun-09 6:36
1412HenrikBe sure that you don't do much else but includes in those files. This will make sure that after a while, working on your project, both files will get steady and no more changes occur, and then you won't see there are two different files.15-Jun-09 6:36
1411HenrikWith that I mean, if you create your own libraries that are preprocessed or 'do'ed separately and then included or 'do'ed in the main file.15-Jun-09 6:34
1410HenrikI find it to be far less cumbersome than trying to come up with fancy methods of using a single file for do and #include. Especially if you are using multi-level includes.15-Jun-09 6:33
1409Jankobut then you have to make code changes on two files?15-Jun-09 6:31
1408HenrikI simply use two separate files, one for #include, the other for 'do.15-Jun-09 6:16
1407JankoI have a application that is spread over around 15 files.. I use >>do %file<< to "include" them now. Now I am making a encapped version of app. do still tries to do the .r files but they don't exist when single exe is created so I get errors. I tried naming all files when doing encap but it behved the same. I read about prebol and understand that I have to #include the files but I suppose that won't work when developing and executing from it directly with >>rebol mainfile.r<< because it will need to be prereboled each time?

Is there a way to make a script that I can encap and run directly via .r files? If there is no other way I was thinking about making >>either encap [ #include %file.r ] [ do %file.r ]<< but it's not the most elegant solution .. Is there any better?

15-Jun-09 5:13
1406RobertS.22-May-09 15:56
1405GrahamMy error it seems when I first mentioned this!26-Apr-09 20:23
1404amacleodI did not make it an object! Just had user-prefs: [debug: false]

Works now!

Thanks again Graham!

26-Apr-09 13:57
1403Grahamuser-prefs: make object! [ debug: false ]26-Apr-09 6:41
1402Grahamare you positive you have created the user-prefs object?26-Apr-09 6:41
1401Grahamwell, the error appears to be the same.26-Apr-09 6:40
1400amacleodGraham suggested: user-prefs: [ debug: false ]

I tried Gahams suggestion but I get another error: ** Script Error: Invalid path value: debug ** Where: vbug ** Near: if not dbg: user-prefs/debug [exit]

26-Apr-09 5:11
1399amacleodI'm now getting it with "read-net"26-Apr-09 5:09
1398amacleodGraham mentioned it was a bug with "request-download" or similar...26-Apr-09 5:09
1397amacleod** Script Error: user-prefs has no value ** Where: vbug ** Near: if not dbg: user-prefs/debug [exit]26-Apr-09 5:08
1396amacleodBack in march I had an issue with this error:26-Apr-09 5:06
1395Antonbase-effect is an effect block. In the Rebol/View console:

>> base-effect == [gradient 0x1 180.200.180 120.140.120]

Not sure yet where it is defined though.

17-Mar-09 15:00
1394GeomolProblem solved. It was because I included source/view.r within a context. Doh!17-Mar-09 12:41
1393GeomolI have a problem with a program, I build with enface. I include source/view.r and use ALERT. It works fine, if I click the ok button in the alert dialog with the mouse, but I get an error, if I hit <Return>:

** Script Error: find-key-face has no value ** Where: wake-event

A little research tell me, that wake-event is defined in source/view-object.r , but that isn't included in source/view.r , so it probably is automatic in, when enface is used. If I include source/view-object.r (before including source/view.r), I don't get the error, but then the alert window is placed partly outside the screen (because screen-face/size isn't set correctly. I can set it manually in source/view-object.r , but then I force a certain screen-size, and it won't work with other screen sizes. I'm wondering, how REBOL in the first place get the correct screen size, probably with some hidden system call!?


17-Mar-09 11:59
1392amacleodI guess its just some undefined backdrop color/effect - base-effect17-Mar-09 8:04
1391amacleodFound the error in the view-request.r source code: backeffect base-effect Not sure what it does but commneting it out fixes the problem..17-Mar-09 8:01
1390amacleodIf I substitute request-file it opens hte requester and continues throughthe code but request-dir gives me the error before the requestor opens..17-Mar-09 7:32
1389amacleodGetting an error on an ecapped fine as script though:

** Script Error: base-effect has no value ** Where: do-facets ** Near: base-effect ** Press enter to quit...

Sounds like I'm missing an include but I have: #INCLUDE %"../../../rebol-sdk-276/source/mezz.r" #INCLUDE %"../../../rebol-sdk-276/source/prot.r" #INCLUDE %"../../../rebol-sdk-276/source/view.r" and just in case I tried adding: #INCLUDE %"../../../rebol-sdk-276/source/gfx-colors.r" #INCLUDE %"../../../rebol-sdk-276/source/gfx-funcs.r"

It crashes when I request-dir

17-Mar-09 7:21
1388amacleodcall/show worked.. thanks!5-Mar-09 13:25
1387Oldeswhich window? If you mean the console, tan just print somthing.5-Mar-09 9:38
1386Grahamtry using call/show5-Mar-09 9:01
1385amacleodAny reason why call to an encapped exe does not show the window.... It starts up (I can see it in task Manager) uses ram but the view window does not pop up...5-Mar-09 8:38
1384AntonYep, when the BTN style came out it had rounder corners than now.5-Mar-09 4:04
1383amacleodIlove you guys...thank you so much for helping this dope!5-Mar-09 0:27
1382amacleodDope!5-Mar-09 0:25
1381amacleodI may have the prob.. My includes point to the old version5-Mar-09 0:24
1380OldesAre you sure that you link to correct include files? The screenshots looks like some old IOS styles.5-Mar-09 0:24
1379amacleodTitle: "REBOL/View" Version: 2.7.6 Rights: "Copyright REBOL Technologies 2008. All rights reserved." Home: Date: 14-Mar-20085-Mar-09 0:23
1378amacleodLet me check the source files5-Mar-09 0:22
1377amacleodREBOL/Encap (14-Mar-2008)5-Mar-09 0:21
1376Oldeswhich version of sdk do you have?5-Mar-09 0:20
1375amacleodThere might be a problem with my dns routing try: 0:03
1374amacleodI'm also getting a lot of "misplaced item" errors but again only in encapped version....

Unknown word or style: rejoin Misplaced item: ["This version: " this_version] Unknown word or style: rejoin Misplaced item: ["Last Update: " last_db_update/date] Misplaced item: 150 Misplaced item: "6-TOWE" Misplaced item: [get_sections cur_chap: copy face/text] Misplaced item: 450 Unknown word or style: red Unknown word or style: font-size Misplaced item: 25 Unknown word or style: bold Unknown word or style: underline Unknown word or style: chtit Misplaced item: 0.0 Misplaced item: 255.100.100 Misplaced item: 90.90.90 Unknown word or style: rejoin Misplaced item: ["14." " " "MAINTENANCE OF PORTABLE ALUMINUM LADDERS"] Misplaced item: [my-scroll-panel/access/set-scroll-offset my-scroll-panel 0x-1 * 699x15723 focus] Misplaced item: 0x0 Unknown word or style: edge Misplaced item: [color: black size: 2x2] Unknown word or style: effect Misplaced item: [merge luma -80]

4-Mar-09 23:54
1373amacleodfirst screen: shows rounded buttons second screen shows "flat" menu buttons (effect seems to not be drawn)4-Mar-09 23:53
1372amacleodGregg, YOu can view them at: 23:51
1371amacleodGive me a few and I will do so..4-Mar-09 23:33
1370GreggI don't recall rendering issues. Can you post shots of encapped/non-encapped results?4-Mar-09 23:28
1369amacleodNew prob... My buttons (btn) are not rendering properly...they are rounded at the ends. And other graphic elemnets are also rendered differently...

Is the draw dialect included in view.r source file?

I do not see anything that looks like draw.r in the source directory

4-Mar-09 23:20
1368amacleodI see...I gues that is what Xpackerx is doing anyway....I might as well control it myself..4-Mar-09 23:16
1367OldesIt's working how you want. So it can work as xpackerx...

temp-dir: %/c/ my.db: #include-binary %my.db unless exists? temp-dir/my.db [ write/binary temp-dir/my.db my.db] my.db: none my.dll: #include-binary %my.dll unless exists? temp-dir/my.dll [ write/binary temp-dir/my.dll my.dll] my.dll: none ;do what ever here with your db and dll...

4-Mar-09 21:19
1366amacleodI understand what your saying, Oldes. And its the method I will be using....

As I said my thinking of encapped was confused and I thought of its workings like XPackerX which it is not...

4-Mar-09 21:04
1365OldesAnd if you are trying to connect to a db which is not in a file, but in a memory.. of course it will not work.. same as with the dll, you need a file! as an input. Also what's the point to have the sqlite db running from memory instead of file.4-Mar-09 19:07
1364OldesBut with the xpacker you don't protect the code as with encap. Encap is using encryption. the packer just decompress the files to temp dir and runs a command. So while the program is runing, you can see the files.4-Mar-09 19:00
1363OldesIf you don't have encap, the xpackerx can be good as you can just inlude the rebol.exe and script(s) you want to run.4-Mar-09 18:56
1362OldesI still don't know, why you cannot write the data from the encaped exe on the disk, remove them from memory (set the variable to none) and use them.. it's exactly what your xpackerx probably does.4-Mar-09 18:52
1361amacleodGot an idea for one file distribution... Encap the main app and use XpackerX to create package for distro.... Solves my main issues with encap4-Mar-09 17:44
1360amacleodJust realized that encapping the db's with the exe is not a good idea as the memory used is equal or close to the size of the exe and these db's will be quite large.... I keep thinking in terms of XPackerX where it unpacks first and runs the main file adn accesess the data as if its on disk (which it is) and does not load it into memory...4-Mar-09 17:43
1359amacleodOldes, thanks for your help. I still can not CONNECT to a db encapped. I've been writing that out too...4-Mar-09 15:06
1358GreggIt's possible to load DLLs from memory IIRC, but it's deep voodoo, and I don't know if it will work from REBOL. If you're comfortable writing your DLL prologs in ASM, it's probably something you can do. :-)4-Mar-09 5:52
1357Oldesthe preprocessor does the same, just instead of: x: read/binary %CORE_RL_wand_.dll you do: x: #include-binary %CORE_RL_wand_.dll3-Mar-09 23:29
1356OldesAll you have to do is: >> write/binary %my.dll x >> load/library %my.dll >>3-Mar-09 23:28
1355OldesYou simply cannot load library from memory. See: >> x: read/binary %CORE_RL_wand_.dll == #{ 4D5A90000300000004000000FFFF0000B8000000000000004000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001801... >> load/library x ** Script Error: Expected one of: file! - not: binary! ** Near: load/library x3-Mar-09 23:27
1354amacleodoh, the docs...yes I've read through it..3-Mar-09 23:24
1353amacleodI have not used it as I thoiught it was now part of encap3-Mar-09 23:23
1352OldesDo you know this: 23:23
1351OldesOf course you can use data file without need to save it. I think, you just cannot load library from the memory.3-Mar-09 23:22
1350amacleodI do not know if I'm doing this wrong but it seems to me that I should be able to use a data file without saving it to disk first...something I can do with XPackerX... But I do not seem able to get it to work..3-Mar-09 23:16
1349amacleodI assume If I'm running off CD I would need to change code in %sqlite.r to be able to find the dll where ever I chose to write it...3-Mar-09 18:12
1348Oldesso you have 2 ways.. provide the dll with the app. or include it.. write it on disk on boot, remove it from memory and load it from disk3-Mar-09 18:10
1347OldesYes.. that's what I say.. it must be on disk.3-Mar-09 18:09
1346Oldesif you include something, zou have it in memory when you start your app. So make sure to clean it after boot.3-Mar-09 18:08
1345amacleodTHat's what i"m trying to do but it keeps looking for the dll on disk3-Mar-09 18:08
1344Oldesfrom encaped app.3-Mar-09 18:07
1343amacleodHow -direct from memory?3-Mar-09 18:06
1342amacleodI like the no-install option3-Mar-09 18:06
1341Oldesif it would be possible to use dlls directlz from memory, the installer would not be needed in most cases:)3-Mar-09 18:06
1340Oldesor provide the dlls like other apps do.. using installer:)3-Mar-09 18:05
1339amacleodI was hoping to have a version run from a cd-r...makes it hard if I have to write to disk..even then how would sqlitew.r find it....3-Mar-09 18:05
1338Oldesno.. I don't think it will work for dll. But I'm not sure. For the dll you should use #include-binary and write it on disk first3-Mar-09 18:02
1337Oldesso #include-block is not in default prebol.. so use #include-string instead3-Mar-09 18:02
1336amacleodWill that work for the dll?3-Mar-09 18:00
1335Oldesor something like that.. I do not encap3-Mar-09 18:00
1334amacleodok3-Mar-09 18:00
1333Oldessql_protocol: #include-block %mysql-protocol.r ... do sql_protocol3-Mar-09 18:00
1332Oldesno3-Mar-09 17:59
1331amacleodRight?3-Mar-09 17:59
1330amacleodsql_protocol: do #INCLUDE %mysql-protocol.r3-Mar-09 17:59
1329Oldesyou can include the script as a block and do the block if needed3-Mar-09 17:58
1328Oldeswhich varialble?3-Mar-09 17:58
1327amacleodBut that means changing a lot of code3-Mar-09 17:58
1326amacleodI need to use a variable3-Mar-09 17:58
1325amacleodI was 'doing' the file later in hte script3-Mar-09 17:58
1324Oldeswhy?3-Mar-09 17:57
1323amacleodThat's my problem...3-Mar-09 17:57
1322Oldesif you #INCLUDE %mysql-protocol.r than it does not mean that you can: do %mysql-protocol.r in your script.3-Mar-09 17:56
1321Oldesso the 'do call is somewhere else.3-Mar-09 17:55
1320amacleodIts included....#INCLUDE %mysql-protocol.r3-Mar-09 17:55
1319amacleodHaving the same problem with scripts...mysql-protocol.r ** Access Error: Cannot open /C/Documents and Settings/Alan/Desktop/mysql-protocol.r ** Near: do %mysql-protocol.r db_IP: mysql:// do3-Mar-09 17:53
1318OldesI think you must save it.3-Mar-09 17:53
1317amacleodThe way images are used..3-Mar-09 17:35
1316amacleodBack to DLL Problem... ** Access Error: Cannot open sqlite3.dll as library ** Near: *lib: load/library switch/default fourth system/version

Do I need to write the DLL to disk to use it? Or can it run from inside encap

3-Mar-09 17:35
1315amacleodI'm such a dope using the older version.... I think that's rebol inc's fault..I think I got it from them when I bought the SDK. Funny thing is I had version 2.7.6 since it was released... Version porblem was in the back of my head but I did not realize how old a version tehy supplied with the SDK purchase3-Mar-09 17:33
1314amacleodLots of misplaced Items to clean it up I guessss3-Mar-09 17:31
1313amacleodworks...!!!! Thanks Anton...3-Mar-09 17:30
1312Antongotta sleep - good luck...3-Mar-09 17:30
1311amacleodignore..I used enbase by mistake..3-Mar-09 17:28
1310amacleod** Script Error: Cannot use path on none! value ** Where: insert-event-func ** Near: insert system/view/screen-face/feel/event-funcs :funct :funct ** Press enter to quit...3-Mar-09 17:27
1309AntonI think this step will save you a lot of confusion ! :)3-Mar-09 17:25
1308Anton2.7.6 should be fine.3-Mar-09 17:24
1307AntonUnless you need compatibility with older versions for some reason, I'd definitely recommend using the latest encap version.3-Mar-09 17:24
1306AntonYeah, the access functions were added to VID some time after 1.2.1, if I remember correctly.3-Mar-09 17:22
1305amacleodI thought I was using the newer one...3-Mar-09 17:21
1304amacleodI have that one I guess I'll try that...3-Mar-09 17:21
1303amacleodREBOL/Encap (14-Mar-20083-Mar-09 17:21
1302AntonOh, that's so old !!!3-Mar-09 17:21
1301amacleodREBOL/Encap 17:20
1300AntonBizarre. What version of encap are you using? I'm looking at sdk- 17:19
1299amacleod** Script Error: Invalid path value: access ** Near: probe type? system/view/vid/vid-styles/panel/access SQLite: make3-Mar-09 17:19
1298amacleod** Script Error: Invalid path value: access ** Near: probe type? svv/vid-styles/panel/access SQLite: make

After Rebol (View) Includes but before your panel include..

3-Mar-09 17:18
1297amacleodtry again3-Mar-09 17:15
1296amacleodSorry Anton...I'm probing before any of the includes..3-Mar-09 17:15
1295amacleodFor enface: ** Script Error: Cannot use path on none! value ** Near: probe type? system/view/vid/vid-styles/panel/access dump-obj: func3-Mar-09 17:14
1294amacleodFor script - ==Object!3-Mar-09 17:13
1293AntonWeird, try replace svv with system/view/vid ...3-Mar-09 17:12
1292amacleodYes, all rebol functions included first..3-Mar-09 17:11
1291amacleodWhen I insert - probe type? svv/vid-styles/panel/access

into the script I get Object!

but after I encap I get - ** Script Error: svv has no value ** Near: probe type? svv/vid-styles/panel/access dump-obj: func

3-Mar-09 17:11
1290Anton(You're right about view.r.)3-Mar-09 17:10
1289AntonAnd you're including view.r first, scroll-panel.r after ?3-Mar-09 17:10
1288amacleodAs far as I know Including view.r incorporates all the view funtions including vid...which I'm doing.3-Mar-09 17:09
1287Anton(I don't use encap, so I'm just guessing what's going on.)3-Mar-09 17:08
1286AntonIf you include view-feel.r, it should be included before view-styles.r.3-Mar-09 17:07
1285AntonI suspect it is a problem of including files in the wrong order again. All the fundamental view / vid includes should go before including my scroll-panel. But it seems strange that panel is there but its access object isn't. I think that must be defined in a separate file. Historically, access objects were added fairly late to VID, so I think that's probable.3-Mar-09 17:04
1284AntonIt should return

== object!

3-Mar-09 17:01
1283AntonI don't advise just hacking my file. Better to get to the root of the problem. You can test to see if the panel style has an access object, just before including my file:

probe type? svv/vid-styles/panel/access

3-Mar-09 17:01
1282AntonThanks, that means the panel style doesn't have an access object, as my code here expects.3-Mar-09 16:59
1281amacleodI changed the line below to - access: make object [

Probably not a bug but I could not find its dependancy and it works for me now...

** Near: access: make access [ set-scroll-offset: func [{Sets the scroll position (subface/offset) and updates the scroller drag-bars to reflect the new position.} face offset [pair!] /no-show /local scrolldom ] [ face/subface/offset: offset scrolldom: max 0x0 (face/subface/size - face/crop-box/size) face/hscroll/data: either scrolldom/x > 0 [- face/subface/offset/x / scrolldom/x] [0] face/vscroll/data: either scrolldom/y > 0 [- face/subface/offset/y / scrolldom/y] [0] if not no-show [show face] ] ] feel:

3-Mar-09 16:56
1280Antonamacleod, what is the 'bug' in scroll-panel?3-Mar-09 16:54
1279amacleodMaybe I'm wrong... When I move the encapped exe to another directory it can no long see the include files....

ie: It can not find sqlite3.dll anymore.???

I'm including it... #INCLUDE-binary %sqlite3.dll But it only works if the dll is located in the same directory. Does it run it from the Encapped biary or do I have to install these files (write to disk) to access them?

3-Mar-09 16:27
1278amacleodit works in script version... I can read/binary and write/binary the db so its accessable via the encapped path... and sclite.r is sending hte corect path...

Is there a problem with encapping DLL's?

3-Mar-09 16:15
1277amacleodNext...I assume I can encap sqlite db's. I get an error though:

** Script Error: unless has no value ** Where: CONNECT ** Near: unless find first database %/

3-Mar-09 16:07
1276amacleodFound 'bug' in Anton's scroll-panel-style that was causing teh problem....3-Mar-09 15:52
1275amacleodProblem was some test layouts within the window.r include files3-Mar-09 8:04
1274amacleodI got it running...atleast the first 'main' window. My buttons look funky...btn's have rounded ends and colors are different.3-Mar-09 8:03
1273amacleodtehy deopend = they depend3-Mar-09 7:01
1272AmmonThat's correct. They need to be included in the correct order.3-Mar-09 7:01
1271amacleodI guess encap is evaluating each include as it comes along and if tehy deopend on each other as these do...and they are in hte wrong fails.3-Mar-09 7:01
1270amacleodIf I move #INCLUDE %window.r below #INCLUDE %scroll-panel.r my error changes to :

Script Error: access has no value ** Where: stylize ** Near: access: make access [ set-scroll-offset: func [{Sets the scroll position (subface/offset) and updates the scroller drag-bars to reflect the new position.} face offset [pair!] /no-show /local scrolldom ] [ face/subface/offset: offset scrolldom: max 0x0 (face/subface/size - face/crop-box/size) face/hscroll/data: either scrolldom/x > 0 [- face/subface/offset/x / scrolldom/x] [0] face/vscroll/data: either scrolldom/y > 0 [- face/subface/offset/y / scrolldom/y] [0] if not no-show [show face] ] ] feel:

3-Mar-09 6:59
1269Grahamkeep it ..and include all the stuff you need, and see if the simple one still works3-Mar-09 6:56
1268amacleodJust one...a small one with no includes besides view.r3-Mar-09 6:54
1267GrahamJust build a skeleton view app first3-Mar-09 6:54
1266GrahamHave you built any view apps?3-Mar-09 6:53
1265amacleod** Script Error: edge-size? has no value ** Where: context ** Near: test-window/size: test-window/size + edge-size? test-window3-Mar-09 6:50
1264Grahamyes, binary too for dll3-Mar-09 6:50
1263Grahamanyway, it doesn't matter3-Mar-09 6:49
1262GrahamI'm not including mezz.r .. I have mine commented out3-Mar-09 6:49
1261GrahamI think it's included with the others3-Mar-09 6:48
1260amacleodThat's not where I'm getting my errors..for now anyway.3-Mar-09 6:48
1259amacleodIt says to build view from enface you need mezz.r3-Mar-09 6:48
1258GrahamI have this in mine

arrow.png: load #include-binary %3flex/assets/arrow.png

3-Mar-09 6:48
1257Grahamthat looks better3-Mar-09 6:47
1256amacleodimage: #INCLUDE-binary %fd_shield.jpg3-Mar-09 6:47
1255GrahamI don't think you need mezz.r either3-Mar-09 6:47
1254Grahamwhat do the docs actually say?3-Mar-09 6:45
1253GrahamI don't think so.3-Mar-09 6:44
1252amacleod#INCLUDE-binary %fd_shield.jpg ??? This is according to manual if you want to keep the image compressed uuntil used3-Mar-09 6:44
1251Grahamyou can't just include a binary file3-Mar-09 6:44
1250amacleodHow about the dll? Should that be -binary too?3-Mar-09 6:43
1249Graham#INCLUDE-binary %fd_shield.jpg ???3-Mar-09 6:42
1248amacleod#INCLUDE %"/C/Program Files/rebol/rebol-sdk/source/mezz.r" #INCLUDE %"/C/Program Files/rebol/rebol-sdk/source/prot.r" #INCLUDE %"/C/Program Files/rebol/rebol-sdk/source/view.r"

#INCLUDE %sqlite.r #INCLUDE %mysql-protocol.r ;#INCLUDE %updater.r

;#INCLUDE %include.r ;#INCLUDE %window.r

;#INCLUDE %scroll-panel.r ;#INCLUDE %scroll-wheel-handler.r #INCLUDE-binary %fd_shield.jpg #INCLUDE-files %data [guest.db demo_template.db] ;#INCLUDE %sqlite3.dll

3-Mar-09 6:40
1247Grahamwhat are your include statements?3-Mar-09 6:40
1246amacleodI did have an include with request-download but I removed it as I thought that might be causing a prob... But I'm getting other errors related to the includes3-Mar-09 6:35
1245GrahamI think the error only occurs if you use request-download or similar3-Mar-09 6:33
1244Grahamso, if encapping anything with view

user-prefs: [ debug: false ]

3-Mar-09 6:32
1243amacleodEVery time I move the includes around I get a different error message...3-Mar-09 6:32
1242Grahamyou have to create that object ... it's a long standing sdk bug3-Mar-09 6:32
1241Grahamno3-Mar-09 6:31
1240amacleodThe order of the include files seems to have an effect the error...

I moved the rebol mezz functions to the begining and now I get this error:

** Script Error: user-prefs has no value ** Where: vbug ** Near: if not dbg: user-prefs/debug [exit]

3-Mar-09 6:05
1239amacleodThanks Chris...3-Mar-09 3:52

Is a valid set-path...

3-Mar-09 3:52
1237amacleodrefernec = reference3-Mar-09 3:04

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