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8641Graham4. I can't see a way to update the check-group so looks like it is easier for me to just rebuild the check-group on the fly5-Jan-10 8:29
8640PekrIn RebDOC, Request-font throws an error ...5-Jan-10 7:52
8639GrahamSeems to be working ...5-Jan-10 7:51
8638GrahamWhat I am doing now .. is scanning all the words in the face, and checking them against the dictionary. If not found, I collect them all and then submit all of them to google. This then gives me lists of choices for each word which is not recognized.5-Jan-10 6:43
8637GrahamI've managed to incorporate the google spell check into rebgui's spell checker... but it is slower of course but more accurate. Some optimizations would be to add correctly spelled words unknown to the local dictionary automatically, and to also spell check a number of words at the same time ... it probably makes not much difference to the google spell checker, and is less expensive in terms of web calls.4-Jan-10 20:58
8636Grahamposted in the core group4-Jan-10 19:01
8635GrahamAshley, I posted a simple function that grabs spelling suggestions from the google spell checker. I am going to see if I can use it in the rebgui spell checker to provide suggestions as currently the spell checker does not ....4-Jan-10 19:01
8634GrahamAnd this doesn't seem to work either

>> display "" [ gb: group-box -1x-1 data [ t: table "test" options [ "a" left 1 ] data [ 1 2 3 ]] return button "Get" [ probe get-values gb ]] do-events [[]]

4-Jan-10 1:18
8633GrahamJust looked at in-widget, and it does different things. I want to find a specific widget ...4-Jan-10 0:03
8632Grahamand how to set a check-group?3-Jan-10 19:13
8631Ashley1) set-values.r ... removed in build#212. Plan is to add accessors (e.g. add, update, delete) to each "complex" widget. 2) named widgets ... don't forget the 'in-widget function, it does what you want above (see biuld#213 release note from Aug 27). 3) funct ... you'll have to build your own collection of SDK+ mezz funcs as the SDK diverges further from R3 (and R2 releases without an SDK update).3-Jan-10 13:06
8630GrahamCan't use funct as using the SDK :)3-Jan-10 8:27
8629GrahamI often have the need to set a date on a field ... and use a symbol to invoke the request-date .. .but this usually means I have to name the date field like this

datefld: field 25 symbol data 'look on-click [ use [d][ if d: request-date [ set-text datefld form d ]]]

To avoid naming the datefield, I have this function which returns the prior face

get-prior-widget: func [ f /local pane priorface ][ pane: f/parent-face/pane priorface: pick pane -1 + index? find pane f ]

and here's a request date that uses it

request-date-priorface: func [ f /local d ] [ if d: request-date [ set-text get-prior-widget f form d ] ]

so we can now do:

field 25 symbol data 'look on-click [ request-date-priorface face ]

3-Jan-10 8:25
8628GrahamBTW, set-values.r seems to be missing from the distribution now.3-Jan-10 2:53
8627Grahamhow to set the check-group ?

display "" [ cg: check-group data [ "1" none "2" none "3" none ] button "Set" [ set-data cg [ true true true ] probe cg/data] ] do-events

doesn't work for me

3-Jan-10 2:51
8626Grahamremovingt the /tail seems to help :)23-Nov-09 2:01
8625Grahamthis doesn't seem to change much in edit-text

caret-to-offset face find/tail/last head view*/caret view*/caret

23-Nov-09 1:43
8624GrahamI need to popup a menu where the cursor is. I guess caret-to-offset will get me the offset into the face ....22-Nov-09 22:21
8623Henrikthanks5-Nov-09 16:02
8622PekrNo, there is Cyphre's grid, but it was not adapted to new API changes ....5-Nov-09 15:54
8621HenrikDoes the TABLE widget support horizontal scrolling?5-Nov-09 15:46
8620AshleyYes, but the next build will be a while yet.2-Nov-09 10:33
8619Claudeashley do you have a solution for the menu bug ?1-Nov-09 8:48
8618Ashleyre: RebGUI and R3/VID. I'll probably put something up on my website on this topic as I get asked this quite a lot. Basic thinking at this stage is:

I need to create SDK GUI apps for Windows and OSX R2/RebGUI is the only practical alternative at present for *me* I'd love to use R3/VID to create SDK GUI apps today This probably won't be possible for quite some time If and when this *is* possible I'll port all my apps over to R3/VID To do this I'll either create a compatibility layer that lets RebGUI apps run on R3/VID, or Write a conversion script that tries to convert (if possible) RebGUI scripts to R3/VID I'd hope R3/VID is complete enough that it doesn't require any of RebGUI's basic widgets!

22-Oct-09 13:24
8617Claudepicked return []21-Oct-09 19:19
8616Claudehere is the message => "result: pick data first picked" near "on-click" on source rebgui.r function choose !!!!21-Oct-09 19:18
8615Claudehi, i find a probleme on rebgui-218 bluid with menu widget when i select a item !!!!!21-Oct-09 19:16
8614shadwolfok but with new vid in R3 what will be the future of rebgui ? ashley do you plan to keep rebgui as an enhancement and laboratory ground for new kind of widgets design in the new VID ? Or does the new VID will kill rebgui ? What will be the link betwin R3/VID and rebgui do you think some of the fun widgets from rebgui will be adapted by default in R3/VID ?

If you remmeber i asked this like 1 year ago to carl and didn't get any reply...

19-Oct-09 23:07
8613shadwolfevent handling management in rebgui .... that's a topic i wanted to discuss 3 or 4 month ago when i tryed to adapt area-ct to rebgui ...19-Oct-09 23:03

Typo: bought (search for it)

19-Oct-09 13:28
8611GrahamThe navigation panel on the left in Altme is an accordion :)16-Oct-09 8:32
8610GrahamA lot of work doing this manually!16-Oct-09 8:30
8609PekrThat's cool anyway :-)16-Oct-09 8:29
8608GrahamHere's an accordion I did last night in Rebgui .. hard coded still though 8:29
8607Graham 11:51
8606AshleyIs there a Javascript one I can play around with somewhere?15-Oct-09 11:43
8605GrahamAn accordion is like a tab panel but vertical as there is no horizontal space.15-Oct-09 7:06
8604GrahamI'd like to see a generic accordion widget if possible. So, if you had 4 "tabs" in the accordion, then each tab is associated with a layout. If you click on a tab, the others collapse, and the clicked on one expands to show the hidden layout underneath. If you click on an open tab, it should collapse .. so that the bottom tab's layout is exposed.

I've hard coded this stuff before but was wondering if a generic one could be written.

15-Oct-09 6:43
8603PekrAs append-widget removal was oversimplification imo, especially for the widget authors, I created short script, which kind of automates the process ....

1) Save the script, e.g. make.r, into the RebGUI root dir 2) create one file, called %my-widget-list.r, containing unnamed block, containing file-names. Your widgets can be placed anywhere 3) create backup of %rebgui-widgets.r, call it %rebgui-widgets.old.r, in order to be able to easily "remove" widgets by commenting them out in file 2)

Here's the script: REBOL []

;--- to enable removal of unwanted own widgets, create ;--- copy of rebgui-widgets.r into rebgui-widgets.old.r ;--- remember to do so, when official distro release contains new widgets! if exists? %rebgui-widgets.old.r [ write %rebgui-widgets.r read %rebgui-widgets.old.r ]

;--- load list of widgets you want to include ;--- file containing un-named block of list of files to include widgets-to-include: load %my-widget-list.r

template: "^-#include %widgets/^/"

;--- read RebGUI widget list (%rebgui-widgets.r) tmp: read %rebgui-widgets.r

widget-buffer: copy "^/"

foreach widget-filepath widgets-to-include [

widget: last split-path widget-filepath

;--- copy widget to the widget-directory write join %widgets/ widget read widget-filepath ;--- build string containing widget names you want to add ... ;--- but only when not already on the list - prevent duplicate entries if not found? find tmp widget [ append widget-buffer (head insert find/tail copy template "/" widget) ]


;--- append to RebGUI widget-list (%rebgui-widgets.r) change back back tail tmp (append widget-buffer "]") write %rebgui-widgets.r tmp

;--- rebuild RebGUI distribution ... call "create-distribution.r"

14-Oct-09 11:43
8602Ashley"can't you add the event too?" ... I can, but that breaks a lot of the internal handler code. I'm more interested in seeing what the other FAE cases are (I've yet to hit any myself).8-Oct-09 9:55
8601BobikSteeve it sounds good! FYI: I needed widget "box" with drag and drop features :-) I know it is possible to make new widget atc.. So after append-widget was removed, new widget creating is a little bit cumbersom and i have tried to catch FAE values directly in rebgui dialect...:-) I think there are more cases where to catch FAE would be useful for app programmer......8-Oct-09 7:56
8600Steevewhy not allowing the event as a default parameter for any action ? I mean, you only furnish the face as argument, can't you add the event too ?7-Oct-09 12:05
8599Pekrwould be nice.7-Oct-09 11:55
8598AshleyIn VID you specify the feel directly, in RebGUI you let the widget worry about these low-level implementation details. None of the default widgets need to pass mouse offsets back to the application, so if you need to do this then creating a new widget is the way to go. Having said that, I could always add another action handler (on-anything face action event) which would fire instead of the above case statement (i.e. handle the event as in VID or let RebGUI delegate it to the appropriate handler).7-Oct-09 11:43
8597SteeveI never used RebGui, but if you can get the object constructed like with VID: b: box red 10x10 on-click [print face/feel/pos]

then you can patch b with something like:

b/feel: make b/feel [ pos: 0x0 engage: func [f a e] compose [ pos: e/offset (get in b/feel 'engage) f a e ] ]

That overloads the engage function wihout losing her actual content.

6-Oct-09 13:32
8596Pekrbox red 10x10 on-click [print mold get in face 'feel]

make object! [ redraw: none detect: none over: none engage: func [face act event][ case [ event/double-click [face/action/on-dbl-click face] event/type = 'time [face/action/on-time face] act = 'up [face/action/on-click face] act = 'alt-up [face/action/on-alt-click face] act = 'key [ face/action/on-key face event face/action/on-edit face ] act = 'scroll-line [face/action/on-scroll face event/offset] act = 'scroll-page [face/action/on-scroll/page face event/offset] ] ] ]

Now how to get into the feel, and hook somehow into 'engage method :-)

6-Oct-09 13:11
8595PekrThat is what I said - "but that just gives you face offset".6-Oct-09 13:06
8594Bobikface/offset - you get offset of face(in such case offset of box) but not offset of mouse6-Oct-09 12:41
8593PekrHmm, on-click gets face argument. The only thing I am able to come-up quickly is

box red 10x10 on-click [print face/offset]

But that just gives you face offset. From face/offset and face/size, you can get idea about the area, but not sure about the mouse event offset ...

6-Oct-09 12:36
8592BobikI know - VID method engage has EVENT, where can i get event/offset...... so how to get such value in rebgui to avoid do new widget :-) ?6-Oct-09 12:17
8591BobikSo i have just one question - is it possible to get position info of mouse on event ON-CLICK , for example when i have box 10x10 on-click [get mouse position ....] ?6-Oct-09 12:13
8590BobikAshley: thanx a lot! :-)6-Oct-09 10:17
8589MikeLSweet! Sorry I missed %tour.r on my first look.6-Oct-09 0:22
8588AshleyMikeL, thanks. Have a look at %tour.r, then %RebDOC.r ... there's not many comments but the code should be fairly easy to follow.5-Oct-09 11:42
8587AshleyBobik, to create a new widget:

1. Add your new widget to the %Widgets/ directory 2. Edit %rebgui-widgets.r to add an #include entry for your new widget 3. Run %create-ditribution.r which will "compile" a new version of %rebgui.r for you

5-Oct-09 11:39
8586MikeLThe RebGUI documentation looks great. Is there also an advanced comprehensive example application for viewing ala CureCode as a Cheyenne application?5-Oct-09 10:58
8585BobikHi Ashley, i would like ask you how to make new widget after you have removed function append-widget. I have not found any function to do it... sorry i am a dommies and may be there similar func exists :-)4-Oct-09 9:40
8584Grahamresolves for me2-Oct-09 5:30
8583AshleyFixed domain server entries 24 hours ago ... so should once more be accessable.2-Oct-09 4:17
8582Ashleyre: - transfer of domain OK - ftp of backup content to domain OK - http access ... not working ... will investigate

"R3 GUI is very important to me as wel" ... ditto!!!

"All these changes appear to have degraded the usability of rebgui somewhat" ... remember that these are development builds, only accessable via SVN. I was hoping to stabalize and "release" by end of this month (September), but the domain issues I've been having have probably pushed that back a month.

30-Sep-09 12:00
8581Grahampf is pop-face29-Sep-09 3:51
8580marekThis is interesting bug.

>>display/dialog "" [edit-list data ["a..." "b..."]] ;; try to enter something starting with "a" or "b" ** Script Error: Invalid path value: lines ** Where: wake-event ** Near: pf/lines: to integer! pf/size/y /

Any other start is OK. No modal mode is OK. Happens with 218 (less selection bug) and 216 as tested by me.

29-Sep-09 3:44
8579GrahamAll these changes appear to have degraded the usability of rebgui somewhat29-Sep-09 3:36
8578marekSerious bug introduced in build 218 or even 217. Drop-list and edit-list widgets produce past-end error on list selection. Tested tour.r, RebDOC.r and in terminal. Nothing works.29-Sep-09 1:41
8577GrahamThe issue is the DNS record....28-Sep-09 20:17
8576Carlok28-Sep-09 17:49
8575CarlWhat does it take to get more active participation of developers on it?28-Sep-09 17:49
8574Pekrlet's move to R3 group here ...28-Sep-09 17:49
8573CarlYes, R3 GUI is very important to me as well. The question is...28-Sep-09 17:48
8572CarlHe made a note above about a problem... and cancelled the entire account.28-Sep-09 17:48
8571PekrApart from that, let's hope that in few months, we are back to R3 GUI, and that is where the most of interest of outer community is going to be ;-)28-Sep-09 17:48
8570Pekr... but - that is just some backup plan, Ashley said he is going to get his domain back.28-Sep-09 17:47
8569PekrDunno, but I hope so. Loosing domain does not mean you loose your content ...28-Sep-09 17:47
8568CarlDid Ashley say that he had a backup of the content?28-Sep-09 17:45
8567Pekrif someone creates content, we can create and host it on my server - the process would not take longer than one day ...28-Sep-09 17:43
8566Carl(Actually, that was last week. :)28-Sep-09 17:43
8565CarlThe missing domain is #1 in feedback messages this week here at RT.28-Sep-09 17:42
8564btiffinAshley; you da man. Thanks for the RebDOC update. That level of information at the fingertips is sweet!25-Sep-09 14:37
8563AshleyBuild 218 - fixed area resize bug - added dbl-click support to request-file - added /only refinement to request-dir - improved editor save logic - generalized RebDOC keyword support - face-iterator now supports toggle-row24-Sep-09 12:49
8562Ashley"why tree-view node icons (arrows) were removed?" ... tree-view was reimplemented to face-iterator ... havn't got around to adding arrows/icons for the nodes yet "... is still down" ... getting the domain transferred is taking much longer than expected, hope to have it back up within 3-5 days "... stops working with buid 208 ..." thanks marek, most of those issues are due to the major tabbing changes that occurred in 208. Fixing them is still a WIP.24-Sep-09 12:38
8561marekIt may be last one, I don't know.

display "" [table options ["a" left 1.0] data [1 2] [set-text el first face/selected] el: edit-list data []] do-events

Select row 1 and row 2. Build 205 works ok. Build 207 doesn't with first row of table - nothing shows on edit-list. Replacing edit-list with field makes it work ok in 207 (and up) again.

23-Sep-09 16:26
8560Maxim(btw is still down for me)23-Sep-09 16:25
8559marekOne more test to help with debugging. It works with build 207. It stops working with buid 208. At least for me.

>>display "" [field table options ["a" left 1.0] data [1] field] do-events

Click on field and try to tab around. You can't even select any field any more (208). Using empty table is even worse. With 2 rows at least it works, but one may need to grow table gradually.

23-Sep-09 16:02
8558PekrAshley - why tree-view node icons (arrows) were removed? Or is it only in tour.r?23-Sep-09 14:38
8557AshleyBuild 217 - added dbl-click support to request-dir - added keywords to RebDOC (descriptions to follow in build#218)23-Sep-09 14:34
8556AshleyProblems noted for build#218.23-Sep-09 14:33
8555marekI made a little mistake, but it makes no difference.

>>display/dialog "" [table options ["a" left 1.0] data [1 2 3] edit-list data []] ;-- it still disappears, even if first line selected

20-Sep-09 2:25
8554marekAnother stumble block in my slow attempt to write my little program.

Try to select edit-list and hit enter key. >> display "" [table options ["a" left 1.0] data [] edit-list []] do-events ;-- works as it should >> display/dialog [table options ["a" left 1.0] data [] edit-list []] ;-- window disappears

It maybe related to the table problem I mentioned before.

20-Sep-09 2:10
8553marekIs it by design, or it's still not working in build 216. >> display "" [f1: field disable button [set-text f1 "?"]] do-events18-Sep-09 2:04
8552marekI will try my luck again with this 2 items.

When using edit-list or drop-list, there is a way to crash it. Just click on the widget, hilight any line on the list and press <TAB>. >>display "" [edit-list data [1 2]] do-events ;;-> stack-overflow error message pops up.

Table widget has different gap in the last column on the right without and with the scroller. It' only cosmetic thing and maybe it is customary to be like that. >> display "" [table options ["a" right 1.0] data [1] table options ["b" right 1.0] data [2 3 4 5 6]] do-events

Can anyone confirm, please. Ashley?

18-Sep-09 1:28
8551Grahama) ... I don't want to deselect as a button may require the row to be selected to act on it.17-Sep-09 20:22
8550btiffinAshley; RebDOC feature request. How hard would it be to add a Keywords tab to this uber handy app? (Second part of the request being a please please if it won't take too much of your time)17-Sep-09 18:27
8549marekThanks Graham for confirming. Thanks Ashley for quick fix of the last problem. Problem I tried to explain before still remains. Lets explain it better, if I can.

>>display "test" [table options ["a" left 1.0] data [11 22 33] field edit-list data [1 2 3] field] do-events If one selects first line in table and tries to <TAB> around one gets stack on edit-list (drop-list too). If, on the other hand, one selects any other line of table, edit-list gets focus and tabbing continue to work, but only after it reaches table again. I hope it's not too hard to fix. Thanks.

17-Sep-09 15:52
8548AshleyUI question. What's the "standard" way to deselect a selected table/text-list row. I've seen:

a) click the selected row (i.e. toggle mode) b) click outside the parent widget (i.e. deselect on focus change) c) don't allow it (the current RebGUI behavior)

I can see problems with each approach, but c) requires another widget (typically a button) to produce the desired behavior.

17-Sep-09 12:57
8547AshleyBuild 216 - resized editor - added /size refinement to editor - fixed edit-list - fixed request-file (returns full path)17-Sep-09 12:52
8546Grahamconfirmed ...17-Sep-09 0:05
8545marek>>display/dialog "test" [drop-list data [1 2 3]] ;; no problems, build 215, linux Mint >>display/dialog "test" [edit-list data [1 2 3]] ;; big problem here

When trying to enter text into edit-list widget the window magically disappears. Can anybody confirm, please. Am I doing anyting wrong? Will it ever work? Ashley?

17-Sep-09 0:02
8544AshleyResponded privately (fax spamming is a problem for businesses).16-Sep-09 8:01
8543GrahamSo, what is your fax number for an overseas person?16-Sep-09 7:55
8542AshleyLand lines are 8 digits with a 2 digit prefix (e.g. 03 for Victoria). 1800 numbers are toll-free, 1300 numbers are free for local callers. 13 numbers are the same but guarenteed to be unique nationwide. The later 2 are synonyms for a real underlying physical number, but can only be called to from within Australia. Clear as mud ... ;)16-Sep-09 7:51
8541Graham3 is the area code isn't it?16-Sep-09 7:40
8540GrahamWhy do melbourne businesses list their numbers like 1300.....16-Sep-09 7:40
8539AshleyOh well, I'll find out tomorrow! ;)16-Sep-09 7:39
8538Grahamthe latter I suspect16-Sep-09 7:37
8537AshleyThe comment in the SQLite group, "seems like domain is up for sale?", is the worrying one ... or did he actually just mean "the domain no longer resolves"?16-Sep-09 7:36
8536MaximI guess the only ones who can answer you for sure are webarama. they might have a 24h support mail or phone line.16-Sep-09 7:34
8535Maximit can take up to 6 days for some DNS servers to refresh... the whois still says is the registrar.16-Sep-09 7:33
8534AshleyEr, this is weird.

I filled in a domain transfer request for Webarama, and because it was a .com they asked for an Authorization code from Webhero ... which I asked for, obtained and provided. My Webarama domain list includes, says its active and due for renewal next year. Webhero then said they were going to autobill me for another year of hosting etc so I cancelled all my services with them figuring that once that occured I'd [eventually] be left with a blank site which I'd rebuild from backup. That was several days ago.

Any ideas on what I should do? (it's after 5pm here so I can't contact Webarama to confirm ownership).

16-Sep-09 7:30
8533SunandaI get: Server not found Firefox can't find the server at 7:21
8532MaximDNS doesn't resolve to 7:21
8531GrahamI presume your email is not working either since your domain is not resolving.16-Sep-09 7:19
8530Grahamheh... I tried to fax you Ashley, but the fax failed to go thru. Perhaps all lines of communication are being eroded!16-Sep-09 7:18
8529AshleyI'm trying to transfer the domain from Webhero (previously to a local (Australian) provider ... Webarama. Maxim, where did you see it not active? I don't want an admin mix-up on this one!16-Sep-09 7:16
8528Graham says is still active16-Sep-09 4:48
8527MaximAshley... you're letting go of ?16-Sep-09 3:49
8526marekThere is strange bug introduced in build 208 and still there. I checked and 207 seems to be OK.

When tabbing table and edit-list, edit-list becomes not accessible when first line of table gets selected. Selecting any other table line clears the problem. I'm on linux Mint. Can anybody confirm my findings? >>display "" [edit-list data [] table options ["a" left 1.0] data [1 2 3]] do-events ;-- tab a bit, please

16-Sep-09 3:35
8525BrianHThe smallest screen size in common use on general-purpose computers is 1024x600, netbook standard.15-Sep-09 17:51
8524Pekrmy notebook - 15,4" - 1280x800 ...15-Sep-09 14:48
8523Ashley"Why RebGUI uses request-file non-native requestor?" - GUI consistency - speed - functionality - native requestor is broken on OS X

"Can editor's position/size be set?" - I can make the default smaller, what's your notebook screen res? - I'll probably add a /size refinement as well (I can see how you might need a small or large editor in certain situations)

15-Sep-09 4:03
8522Grahamperhaps because rebgui is no longer compatible with Vid ...11-Sep-09 21:25
8521PekrCand editor's position/size be set? In RebDOC it is so big that it does not fit my notebook screen ....11-Sep-09 13:01
8520PekrWhy RebGUI uses request-file non-native requestor? For more GUI consistency?11-Sep-09 12:58
8519AshleyThe "tab out of list" and "rate" bug fixes are still WIP.11-Sep-09 12:54
8518AshleyBuild 215 - fixed editor - fixed clear-text (check for disable) - fixed set-text (check for disable) - fixed set-texts (check for disable) - ESC no longer auto terminates main display - added make-dir to request-dir - replaced request-file with RebGUI version - updated request-value to trim return value - fixed slider bug in RebDOC11-Sep-09 12:52
8517marekMore discoveries. Set-text by indirect reference doesn't work when field is disabled, but still works by direct call. [p1: panel data [f1: field disable] button [set-text p1/pane/1 "1"] button [set-text f1 "2"]] It did work ok before 200.9-Sep-09 1:51
8516marekTry this with current version >>display "t" [box rate 5 button [alert "press ok"]] do-events ;; "ok" button of alert blackens but doesn't work In versions before 200 it works exactly as expected8-Sep-09 15:47
8515GrahamHmm.. well, that's how I have it setup.8-Sep-09 2:13
8514GrahamEsc by default closes the currenlty open window. However, it should not close the main window.8-Sep-09 2:13
8513marekEven more serious problem discovered. Maybe only on Linux Mint. Pressing <Esc> button simply causes your program to go away. Checked with tour.r too.8-Sep-09 0:30
8512marekThere are at least 3 problems needing fixing in 214 (and 213) version.

When using drop-list or edit-list if one will hit <TAB> button when list line is hilighted stack overflow eventuates. One, of course, doesn't need to do that, but it may happen.

Slider button, as presented in RebDOC, bombes out for simple reason. Formula used is [slider] but minimum required seems to be [slider []] - compulsory action needed.

In RebDOC editor requestor hitting "Open" or "Save" button triggers feature-na script error.

8-Sep-09 0:14
8511GrahamI must have an old version of rebgui .. I aways get none on ctx-rebgui/edit/hilight? and copy-selected-text is not working for me either.7-Sep-09 23:27
8510GrahamThanks. I was doing complicated things on the area/caret7-Sep-09 19:19
8509AshleyFirst method is easier but trashes the clipboard ...7-Sep-09 13:08
8508Ashley"easy way to determine which word has been hilighted in a text area" ...

display "Sample" [ a: area button [ all [ ctx-rebgui/edit/copy-selected-text print read clipboard:// ] ] button [ all [ ctx-rebgui/edit/hilight? set [start end] ctx-rebgui/edit/hilight-range? print copy/part start end ] ] ]

7-Sep-09 13:07
8507AshleyBuild 214 - updated toggle (2x2 edge on select) - added missing btn widget - added missing chat widget - added flash requestor - added request-about - renamed request-password to request-pass

Flash is used as follows:

... flash "message" ... hide-popup wait [] ...

request-about is used as follows:

request-about/url "MyProj" 0.0.1 "Copyright (c) MyCo" "" ; or a url!

Note the logo is located in ctx-rebgui/images/logo and defaults to the info icon ... replace with your own logo image as follows:

ctx-rebgui/images/logo: load %my-logo.png

7-Sep-09 12:57
8506GrahamIs there any easy way to determine which word has been hilighted in a text area?6-Sep-09 10:41
8505marekMy last problem is probably my fault. I excluded icon widget from my custom %rebgui.r.6-Sep-09 3:22
8504marekI found another bug in version 213. Yesterday I managed run %create distribution.r after recreating %btn.r and %chat.r widgets first. Today I found out that some requestors don't work:- >> alert "test" ** Script Error: image has no value ** Where: layout ** Near: image images/alert text 60 "test" >>

It works from original %rebgui.r file. It seems that images exist in re-created one, but they cannot be found. Unfortunatelly, I've got no idea how to fix it

6-Sep-09 1:50
8503marekOut now, thanks for little help. See ya.5-Sep-09 10:53
8502GrahamYes5-Sep-09 10:52
8501marekFix is very simple, anyway.5-Sep-09 10:52
8500GrahamYes, same issue.5-Sep-09 10:51
8499marekDo you mean you have the same problem?5-Sep-09 10:48
8498GrahamHmm.. I have mine.5-Sep-09 10:48
8497Grahamand you checked against the SVN?5-Sep-09 10:46
8496marekJust confirmed that btn and chat widgets are included in supplied %rebgui.r file but corresponding widgets files are missing in widgets directory. I'm sure Ashley will fix it one day. My custom widgets work ok now with 213.5-Sep-09 10:43
8495marekBefore one touches widget list, simply - do %create-distribution.r - fails because of missing 2 files, as I stated before. I hope, I'm not doing anything wrong getting this result. I should eventually overcome this problem temporarily, until it's fixed in next release.5-Sep-09 9:44
8494Grahamedit the widget list?5-Sep-09 9:25
8493marekJust tried to create custom widget (213 and 212 distibutions). Simply running %create-distribution.r crashes because %btn.r and %chat.r widget files are missing. They must be included in %rebgui.r file as it comes. I will try to recreate missing widgets from %rebgui.r to solve this problem for now. And hopefully will be able to add my custom widget after that.5-Sep-09 9:22
8492marekJust tried to5-Sep-09 9:15
8491GrahamAny reason why you dropped the 'splash demo from tour.r ?5-Sep-09 0:55
8490Graham'flash ??4-Sep-09 22:07
8489Ashleydisplay "Sample" [ drop-list data ["Short text"] drop-list 50 data ["Some longer text"] ]28-Aug-09 13:43
8488MaartenHm, I think I tried that. I'll retry and post a bug here if it doesn't work28-Aug-09 13:37

drop-list 50

(remembering that 50 is cells not pixels ... )

28-Aug-09 13:34
8486MaartenWhile we're at it: can I set the width of a drop down box when a string is a bit longer?28-Aug-09 13:29
8485MaartenThanks (I use build 211, pretty awesome stuff)28-Aug-09 13:28
8484AshleyIt's a lot easier now:

display "Sample" [ field [set-focus b] field field b: button "Go" ]

28-Aug-09 13:25
8483GrahamIt's always been difficult to control the focus from another widge because each widget has its own focus handlng which could switch it back to the widget you're using..28-Aug-09 11:19
8482MaartenAshley, how do I set focus to a button when I hit enter in a field?28-Aug-09 10:03
8481AshleyDisable: field disable

Splash: splash [text: "Hello" font: ctx-rebgui/widgets/default-font] ... unview

Flash: Adding to next build ...

27-Aug-09 11:11
8480GrahamDoes splash still work? I get an error when I supply a spec block Also, is there any alternatives to the vid 'flash ?27-Aug-09 1:08
8479GrahamHow do you have a widget disabled by default? options [info] doesn't work now on area. I tried

do [ disable f ] but got an error.

26-Aug-09 20:44
8478Grahamthe hilight issue is one I noted on the tracker, and exists for fields as well26-Aug-09 20:07
8477Pekrbtw - error windows could have some "copy" button, or allow text copying by mouse-hilighting, or it is difficult to get the error message - you have to write it down somewhere else ...26-Aug-09 14:37
8476Pekrerror is near: "set-text second in-widget face/parent-face 'field" - maybe disabled face is somehow shifted from parent-face, so that it can't be found in subsequent call?26-Aug-09 14:36
8475PekrAshle - changed your code above to allow disable. Try pressing first button twice. It crashes RebGUI:

do %rebgui.r

display "Sample" [ field f: field button [set-text second in-widget face/parent-face 'field "Hello" disable f] toggle green data ["A" "B"] [print face/data] toggle data ["AA" "BB"] options [on] [print face/data] ]


26-Aug-09 14:34
8474Pekr- what happened to the tree-view? I can see I can't collapse it by double-clicking parent node in the tour.r, nor can I see arrows in there. Is it just not configured, or?26-Aug-09 14:30
8473Pekr- editor (and not only editor) - I can see that when hilighting, REBOL is not doing it all that correctly. Try to open editor, type in few lines (or just paste some text in there), and then try to mouse hilite. It works, but stops to hilite, when you move your mouse out of current window region. It should work even outside, at least it is what OS does. Open Notepad to compare ... it should not be difficult to do, and would improve usability ...26-Aug-09 14:26
8472Pekr- menu and lists - much better behaviour with auto-hide on click. One small note to menu - if you have one branch opened and you move to the sibling, it should not require click to have the first one closed, and open the one under the mouse pointer. But current behaviour is accpetable enough, it is just if we would like to have OS exact behaviour ...26-Aug-09 14:23
8471PekrToggle effect a bit mild.If there would not be 2 buttons on screen, I would not easily mean, if it represent pushed status, or let's-pus-me status, even if on/off text is available ....26-Aug-09 14:20
8470AshleyExample usage of new in-widget func and toggle widget:

display "Sample" [ field field button [set-text second in-widget face/parent-face 'field "Hello"] toggle green data ["A" "B"] [print face/data] toggle data ["AA" "BB"] options [on] [print face/data] ]

26-Aug-09 14:20
8469AshleyBuild 213 - layout moved to global context - renamed request-edit to editor - renamed set-enable to enable - renamed set-disable to disable - added in-widget function - enable/disable now accept block of faces - fixed arrow/list bug - changed popup auto-hide from away to click - fixed menu - added toggle widget - changed hard-coded green/red to use colors/true & false - updated tour.r and RebDOC.r26-Aug-09 14:17
8468AshleyAutoscroll and request-edit issues noted.26-Aug-09 14:15
8467PekrI second Bobik's request - when I hilite text by mouse, I expect the area to autoscroll, to allow me to select more of text, not just the visible part ...26-Aug-09 11:32
8466Pekrhmm, after RebDOC restart, hilighting works, but resizing still behaves strangely ...26-Aug-09 11:30
8465PekrAshley - request-edit from RebDOC looks nice, it even scrolls, but it somehow misbehaves on my system.

1) The Window could be smaller - does not even fit my 1280x800 2) When I try to resize it from the top, the window jumps around 100pixels below 3) editing - only typing works ... e.g. hilighting by mouse does not work (strange, as it works for fields) 4) scroller misbehaves too ....

26-Aug-09 11:29
8464BobikMany times users use "copy-paste" method to carry large text:-)26-Aug-09 10:48
8463BobikI think it is importent feature in some apps processing text (medical notes, cms, blogs etc..)26-Aug-09 10:47
8462BobikI made small CMS using Rebgui, so sometime i lack this feature :-)26-Aug-09 10:43
8461BobikHi Ashley, i would like ask you, are you thinking about auto-scroll in widget AREA, because of i can not select text bigger than area size. Cool example in VID has Didier Cadieu, see 10:40
8460GrahamYes, latest is okay.26-Aug-09 3:23
8459GrahamAnd when I tried to port it to the latest build .. then I discovered vid/rebgui were no longer bed mates26-Aug-09 3:23
8458AshleyBottom line is the current request-value works the way you requested/expected?26-Aug-09 3:23
8457GrahamIt was written a few years ago and just recently revamped26-Aug-09 3:22
8456AshleyAll that for a toggle, you should have said something earlier! ;) BTW, the screencast shows a build#1nn widget (pre-gradient buttons).26-Aug-09 3:20
8455GrahamLoading off disk is bad!26-Aug-09 3:19
8454GrahamSo, the improved scroller code was from quite a while ago.26-Aug-09 3:18
8453GrahamMy main screen was ViD based as it used a toggle widget .. and then the rest was rebgui26-Aug-09 3:17
8452GrahamThat rebgui was just one build earlier ...26-Aug-09 3:17
8451AshleyYes, I probably need to inline them (in %rebgui-images.r).26-Aug-09 3:16
8450GrahamAh.. no icon at top left.26-Aug-09 3:15
8449Grahamthe icons are loaded each time from disk?26-Aug-09 3:15
8448GrahamYes.26-Aug-09 3:14
8447Graham 3:14
8446AshleyDifferent dir?26-Aug-09 3:14
8445Grahamyes26-Aug-09 3:13
8444AshleyDoes tour.r work for you (it needs the same icons)?26-Aug-09 3:13
8443Graham** Access Error: Cannot open /C/Rebol/rebgui/icons/16x16/actions/document-new.png ** Where: load-icon ** Near: icon: load file26-Aug-09 3:11
8442AshleyTry request-edit instead.26-Aug-09 3:09
8441GrahamAhhh.. can't use 'editor anymore.26-Aug-09 3:08
8440Grahamlet me show you the older version26-Aug-09 3:08
8439GrahamBut you must have just changed it ... as it now wraps26-Aug-09 3:07
8438GrahamYes, it is request-value26-Aug-09 3:07
8437Grahamlet me check the source ..26-Aug-09 3:06
8436GrahamWindows 7 RC126-Aug-09 3:05
8435GrahamLooks like the scroller issue goes back a while .. I tested the version where you had the color changes and that is also fast.26-Aug-09 3:05
8434AshleyAre you on WinXP, Vista or Win7?26-Aug-09 3:04
8433GrahamYes26-Aug-09 3:04
8432AshleyBack to your request-value prompt wrap issue ... I just tried it under WinXP with build#212 and I get 3 wrapped lines of text. Does your requestor have a big blue question mark icon in the top-left corner?26-Aug-09 3:04
8431GrahamI erased that response I was about to make!26-Aug-09 3:02
8430AshleyAnd before you ask, back-porting just the scroller is not viable.26-Aug-09 3:01
8429GrahamOk.26-Aug-09 3:01
8428AshleyYes and yes.26-Aug-09 3:00
8427GrahamCould it just be the scroller?26-Aug-09 2:59
8426GrahamDid you always use iterated faces for the table?26-Aug-09 2:59
8425GrahamYes .. definitely .. although I can't use it without breaking my application26-Aug-09 2:58
8424AshleyThe rewrite was worth it then ;)26-Aug-09 2:58
8423GrahamEven with only 50 items there is a noticeable lag with the older table.26-Aug-09 2:57
8422GrahamWow .. huge differences26-Aug-09 2:56
8421GrahamGoing to try the older rebgui....26-Aug-09 2:55
8420GrahamI'm using the table from prior to the big color changes26-Aug-09 2:53
8419AshleyThe underlying face-iterator hasn't changed much, but the slider code was totally rewritten ... so it *might* have been the slider widget?26-Aug-09 2:51
8418Grahamie. the scroller lags behind the mouse as it drags it up and down.26-Aug-09 2:50
8417GrahamIn my app, I have 24 rows, and there is a definite lag belween the scroller and what I see on screen.26-Aug-09 2:49
8416GrahamDid you change the table routines recently?26-Aug-09 2:48
8415Grahamas for the table scrolling ... yes, it is fast.26-Aug-09 2:48
8414GrahamI tried your latest26-Aug-09 2:48
8413AshleyWhat build# are you running?26-Aug-09 2:47
8412GrahamI'd just want an after 1 layout I think26-Aug-09 2:46
8411Grahamthe prompt doesn't wrap currently ...26-Aug-09 2:46
8410AshleyBack to your request-value question, does the prompt for:

request-value "Enter the url for your website here. It looks h t t p ://"

appear on 3 lines? If so, what would you enhancement request (vertical layout option) do? (not wrap the prompt and extend the field width to match prompt text width?)

26-Aug-09 2:44
8409Ashley(replace loop 20 with loop n)26-Aug-09 2:40
8408AshleyTry this on 10, 100 and 1,000 rows:

d: copy [] loop 20 [insert tail d reduce [random 10 random 10]] s: now/time/precise display "A" [ table 20x100 options ["A" left .5 "B" left .5] data d ] print now/time/precise - s

seems to scale pretty well here (on a Mac).

26-Aug-09 2:39
8407GrahamI presume altme uses an iterator function as well... I just switched from 1000 to 4000 in preferences and now scrolling is a dog.26-Aug-09 2:37
8406GrahamAnyway, scrolling thru 1M rows is impractical.26-Aug-09 2:35
8405GrahamAnyway, 20 rows will be faster than 40 right?26-Aug-09 2:32
8404GrahamThat's not my observation.26-Aug-09 2:30
8403AshleyThe slow-down is from the query side not the RebGUI/table side. Table uses an iterator function so whether the table has 10 rows or 1,000,000 it should be the same speed ... fetching 10 rows or 1,000,000 across a network is another story.26-Aug-09 2:30
8402Grahamso you can use the scroller to move within the 20 items .. but not to scroll past them. You have to paginate to the next 20.26-Aug-09 2:29
8401Grahambetter to feed the table from a sql query, or another function that holds all the data26-Aug-09 2:28
8400Grahamhaving all the data inside the table at once means big slow down time26-Aug-09 2:27
8399Grahamsay you have 1000 rows... but you only want to display 20 at a time26-Aug-09 2:27
8398AshleyWhat do you mean by pagination in the context of a table?26-Aug-09 2:26
8397Grahamsql query26-Aug-09 2:26
8396Ashley"why not just ... set-enable f true/false" ... makes sense, I'll think on that one "use a data source instead of a static block of data" ... live data?26-Aug-09 2:26
8395GrahamHaving pagination would really help a lot ... sometimes i have tables full of hundreds of items.26-Aug-09 2:25
8394GrahamWhat I do at present is use a tab-panel and have the loading gif in one, and then replace that panel with the table once the data arrives26-Aug-09 2:23
8393GrahamAnd let the widget handle the "loading ..." indicators26-Aug-09 2:21
8392Grahamwith a data source you can let the pagination occur within the widget26-Aug-09 2:19
8391Grahamwhy not just ... set-enable f true/false26-Aug-09 2:18
8390Ashley(see why I'm keen to redo the docs :) )26-Aug-09 2:17
8389GrahamI've been looking at the jqGrid ... and many of these grids use a data source instead of a static block of data.26-Aug-09 2:17
8388Ashleyoptions [info] was replaced with set-disable and set-enable .. and you can specify disable like this as well:

display "Test" [ field f: field disable field button "Off" [set-enable f] button "On" [set-disable f] ]

26-Aug-09 2:17
8387Grahamcould be .. the function that changes info26-Aug-09 2:14
8386Ashley"what's wrong with set-state [ block of widgets to disable ] " ... do you really mean set-disable and set-enable?26-Aug-09 2:14
8385AshleyAh, I confused the toggle and rotary widgets. OK, I'll add toggle (text button version only).26-Aug-09 2:13
8384GrahamBTW what's wrong with set-state [ block of widgets to disable ] ?26-Aug-09 2:11
8383Grahammore than two states is a rotary widget ...26-Aug-09 2:10
8382Grahamdifferent text and different colours for the buttons26-Aug-09 2:09
8381GrahamJust something like the VID toggle is fine for me.26-Aug-09 2:09
8380GrahamWell, I personally don't use icons for buttons ...26-Aug-09 2:09
8379Ashley"And toggle?" ... does it need to support more than two states? Does it need to support text (like a button) and images (like icon)?26-Aug-09 2:08
8378Ashley"there were somethings I could not do in rebgui so I would switch to using ViD in the same application" ... there shouldn't be any. Both VID are RebGUI are just "face factories" ... feed them a spec and they produce a face object. All other functionality is neither VID nor RebGUI specific. I get a lot of emails asking "how do I do x in RebGUI", but 99% of them are really "how do I do x in REBOL", or, "how do I use the SDK to do x" type questions.

"I use VID to do a print preview ... using a draw dialect" ...RebGUI's use of the effect facet (and hence draw) is no different to VID's. Also note that 'draw is available as a native from the console (i.e. you don't event need VID or RebGUI to use it).

26-Aug-09 2:06
8377Graham"Enter the url for your website here. It looks like this" [ .......] is a pretty long requester.26-Aug-09 2:04
8376GrahamI'd like to see an option to use a vertical layout for request-value26-Aug-09 2:04
8375GrahamAnd toggle?26-Aug-09 1:55
8374btiffinTHAT is very cool news.26-Aug-09 1:49
8373Ashley"looks like the current version of RebGUI is highly matured" ... thanks, I hope to have an "official" release with updated docs by the end of September.26-Aug-09 1:48
8372Ashley"hence no further ability to mix VID with RebGUI" ... correct. "promise of "much lower" memory requirements, but the opposite is true" ... not quite. A lot has been added, in particular 4 inline images, without noticeably increasing memory. Also remember that many of the improvements (reduced dependency on View/VID mezz code) will only be apparent when using RebGUI with enface/rebface (tour.r uses 13,817Kb under rebview here, and 11,223Kb under rebface). Lastly, reduced memory usage is not apparent with tour.r as it doesn't reuse a lot of the same widgets (i.e. tour.r is a good reflection of "base" memory usage not runtime memory usage). If I find the time I'll knock up an example that demonstrate runtime memory differences.26-Aug-09 1:45
8371GrahamYep, windows media player has a play button that toggles to a pause button.26-Aug-09 1:35
8370GrahamFor instance I use VID to do a print preview ... using a draw dialect. Never tried it with rebgui26-Aug-09 1:31
8369GrahamShame about breaking vid compatibility .. there were somethings I could not do in rebgui so I would switch to using ViD in the same application.26-Aug-09 1:26
8368GrahamI use them in a forever loop so that the user can start or stop People also use them for playing movies ... it changes from a start to a pause button.26-Aug-09 1:24
8367GrahamI'm sure I've seen buttons that change their appearance ... to indicate two different states.26-Aug-09 1:23
8366Ashley"Any suggestions for a replacement for the VID toggle?" ... isn't the toggle just a drop-list less the drop component? It's a fairly trivial widget to add to RebGUI, but it's not a widget I've seen in any Windows or Mac apps. What do folks think about this widget from a UI POV?26-Aug-09 1:21
8365Ashley"I only get the 'load-stock error using the latest rebgui.r" & "rebgui.r is doing something funny to VID" ... yes, it sure is. The guilty lines of code are in %ctx-rebgui.r:

view*: system/view screen*: view*/screen-face screen*/color: screen*/edge: screen*/font: screen*/para: screen*/feel: none view*/VID: view*/popface-feel: view*/popface-feel-nobtn: view*/popface-feel-away: view*/popface-feel-away-nobtn: view*/popface-feel-win: view*/popface-feel-win-nobtn: view*/popface-feel-win-away: view*/popface-feel-win-away-nobtn: none

There's a long explanation for this, but the short explanation is that previously RebGUI could co-exist with VID (and I was careful not to redefine existing VID words/functions), this made sense so long as RebGUI shared some of the same basic View/VID mezz code (in particular the popface-feel-* functions, hide-popup and show-popup). Once RebGUI v2 went down the path of using its own, simpler, popface code then the need to maintain "Chinese walls" between VID and RebGUI lessened ... and the option to reuse/redefine View's basic objects (instead of creating parallel RebGUI objects) made sense. Once I'd made the decision to cut with VID support it made other decisions like redefining standard VID requestors (alert, confirm, etc) a lot easier. RebGUI can now be developed without worrying about VID compatibility or "breaking" VID.

26-Aug-09 1:15
8364Ashley"just that I was able to find 1px difference on our company website - 14 vs 15 pixel in one paragraph" NP, I've actually been using DigitalColor Meter on my Mac to find both pixel and RGB discrepancies ... so when you see something like "pad 0x-1" in request-edit you now know its because I wanted to collapse two 1 pixel edge borders into a single shared 1 pixel border. As I mentioned elsewhere, its attention to trivial aesthetic details like this that make the overall UI "look good".26-Aug-09 0:54
8363AshleyThe append-widget function relied on extending the widgets object ... which isn't really supported under REBOL2.26-Aug-09 0:46
8362Ashley1. Put your new widget in the widgets directory 2. Add it to %rebgui-widgets.r as an #include 3. Run %create-distribution.r26-Aug-09 0:45
8361Ashley"how to replace append-widget funcionality?" ... make your own custom distribution in three easy steps:26-Aug-09 0:42
8360RobertBut it looks like the current version of RebGUI is highly matured.25-Aug-09 18:04
8359RobertWow, RebGUI really picked up speed again. I'm still not biting the bullet to backport my fork of RebGUI.25-Aug-09 18:03
8358btiffinre append-widget; close to ditto Graham, but I now use append-widget when I need to link RebGUI fields to persistent RebDB store. Well it's a general purpose data-field widget that can stash code in the data (RebGUI keyword) attribute of the gui widget. See for a (very ineffficient) sample I posted way back when when someone asked for a way of getting persistent RebGUI fields. Used to be the same for an overlay panel, but Ashley put in the 'no-tabs option for tab-panel and my copy was sent to a shallow grave as the hack it was deserved.25-Aug-09 17:36
8357GrahamI never mixed them like this .. just used different screens with vid and others with rebgui25-Aug-09 10:24
8356Pekrhence no further ability to mix VID with RebGUI. I am not sure Ashley did not oversimplified it :-) Because - there was a promise of "much lower" memory requirements, but the opposite is true, even if RebGUI gets optimised. Older version consumed some 11600 memory, new versions do consume over 12megs ...25-Aug-09 10:20
8355Pekr'style widget was removed ....25-Aug-09 10:19
8354Grahamabove is a result of trying to mix vid and rebgui in the same script .. can no longer do this.25-Aug-09 9:53
8353GrahamAny suggestions for a replacement for the VID toggle ?25-Aug-09 9:52
8352marekThanks Graham25-Aug-09 2:48
8351GrahamI never used append-widget as I altered the sources before append-widget was written. Otherwise I would have used it.25-Aug-09 0:27
8350marekIs anybody using append-widget function a lot, or is it only me - hobby programmer only?25-Aug-09 0:09
8349Grahamignore that parenthetical note.24-Aug-09 21:11
8348GrahamI got a crash on using cursor keys on drop list. The error requestor doesn't allow me to copy the text :(

wake-event error near i: 1 + last face/picked

( isn't picked a block normally ? )

24-Aug-09 21:11
8347GrahamBTW, there is an issue tracker which people can use ... it might be easier to post them there as well as here 21:03
8346GrahamHere's my encap code

probe in system/view/vid 'image-stock ; this works

#include %/c/rebgui10/rebgui.r ; 9/rebgui/rebgui.r

probe in system/view/vid 'image-stock ; this fails now

and here's the output

image-stock ** Script Error: in expected object argument of type: object port ** Near: probe in system/view/vid 'image-stock

the error occurs on the second probe

24-Aug-09 20:00
8345Grahamrebgui.r is doing something funny to VID24-Aug-09 19:59
8344GrahamAshley, I only get the 'load-stock error using the latest rebgui.r, and not on earlier versions.24-Aug-09 19:44
8343Grahamthere was a rebdoc error on the requestors as well when I was testing.24-Aug-09 19:43
8342PekrMy requestor comments, mostly cosmetic issues:

- request-error - crashes .... - request-font - proportionally tall, should be wider imo - request-menu - does not work, at least in terms of RebDOC - requestor icons - imo a little big - request-password - "strange" - needs more spacing when separator line is applied imo.

Take my comments easy. It is just that I was able to find 1px difference on our company website - 14 vs 15 pixel in one paragraph :-)

24-Aug-09 17:44

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