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342RobertI'm currently investigating the same topic. 99% of USB sticks have a OEM serial number. And you need to use WMI on Windows to get hold of it. Best way is to write a Rebol compatible wrapper function in C and use it via the DLL interface.8-Oct-08 8:07
341GreggBut that doesn't mean you'll be able to read them from REBOL.8-Oct-08 4:46
340GreggThere is a spec for serial numbers in (§4.1.1)8-Oct-08 4:45
339amacleodrad = read8-Oct-08 3:55
338amacleodI thought I rad something somewhere abouta device ID on the flash drive... I do another search.8-Oct-08 3:55
337Grahamand most of the time it's turned off8-Oct-08 3:54
336GrahamI'm not aware of any hardware id ... except the cpu one8-Oct-08 3:54
335amacleod??8-Oct-08 3:53
334Grahamlicense key8-Oct-08 3:52
333Reichart"copy protection" :)8-Oct-08 2:50
332amacleodDoes anyone know if usb flash drives have a unique ID that can be read via rebol.

I'm nearly ready to release an app and I'm trying to come up with some methods of "copy protection".

8-Oct-08 0:45
331AlanUSB 3 coming soon 5:55
330GabrieleYou cannot sell or distribute the REBOL interpreter. But that does not mean you cannot create iPhone apps with REBOL. REBOL basically becomes an add-on to their SDK. :)5-Jul-08 9:01
329BrianHREBOL on the iPhone would make sense if we have decent integration with its builtin facilities, particularly its graphics and animation.4-Jul-08 17:41
328BrianHOn the other hand, REBOL isn't really a programming language: it's a structure processor with a set of library functions available at runtime. Encapped apps may be legal.4-Jul-08 17:35
327PekrHTC Diamond is the answer then ...4-Jul-08 17:35
326Pekrthen screw iPhone ....4-Jul-08 17:34
325BrianHYou can't port REBOL as-is to the iPhone with their SDK, as the SDK license specifically forbids porting programming languages, though compiled languages might be allowed if they cross-compile from the development machine. Runtime code generation is prohibited.4-Jul-08 17:33
324HenrikI'm not sure they will allow runtimes and emulators meant for running other programs on the iPhone. it will probably need to be done on a jailbroken iPhone.4-Jul-08 11:17
323PekrHmm, but - can you freely port apps to iPhone? IIRC you need their SDK, and you need to plug your app into kind of iTunes app delivery infrastructure, no?4-Jul-08 9:40
322GabrieleR2, no, but R3 will eventually be there. If Carl releases the code, I'm willing to buy one and do the port myself...4-Jul-08 8:41
321RobertBut, you need access to the source-code. So, no chance for R2. R3 will be possible but is not yet ready for prime-time.4-Jul-08 7:50
320RobertPatrick, as the iPhone uses a "stripped" down version of OSX, I think it should be pretty simple.4-Jul-08 7:49
319ChrisA web-based console?4-Jul-08 2:12
318PatrickP61I'm considering getting the new Apple iPhone. Does anyone have any ideas or opinions on what it would take to get rebol to work on that platform? Or is that an unrealistic goal? What would it take to get rebol to work on that platform?3-Jul-08 20:47
317Antonthanks, Graham.23-Apr-08 10:32
316Grahamthe ones going to the front panel23-Apr-08 4:58
315AntonI'm building a computer system for my friend. The motherboard comes with a magnetic ring which is supposed to reduce interference. But which cables is it supposed to go on ? (I think I've seen it in another system around the front led/power/reset cables.)23-Apr-08 4:51
314GrahamI downloaded the reactos livecd, and couldn't find any pc that it would successfully boot. I also tried the LivePC version and it's highly unstable4-Aug-07 9:21
313RobertAshley, well it's a bit early to switch to it. But my needs for Win only apps is really vanishing. I think getting Office for Mac would be enough to switch. And of course, doing my own transition phase to find all the equivalent tools on Mac.4-Aug-07 6:55
312Ashley"The more I can virtualize the 'still Windows only apps'" ... you can even replace Windows itself these days without resorting to Wine. Check out ReactOS ( ), quite a few forum posts indicating that folks are running it on Mac under Parallels ... there was even mention of REBOL/View running on it.4-Aug-07 0:45
311HenrikRobert, doing the same here. Pulled my last WinXP out behind the shed a few weeks ago and shot it. Just need some way to get encap for windows working again.3-Aug-07 18:35
310PekrRobert - still working with REBOL from time to time? :-) We'll upgrade SAP BW this year and SAP next year. I just wonder, if there is anything better for reporting than BW :-) Not everything is covered by that and e.g. in financial area we got some other offer. That whole area so overlaps with various offers, that it is kind of difficult to get myself oriented :-)3-Aug-07 18:22
309PekrWAF - LOL :-)3-Aug-07 18:18
308RobertMy girlfriend needed 15 minutes to switch from Windows to Mac and haven't asked me anything since than... So it has a good WAF = women acceptance factor.3-Aug-07 18:18
307RobertOSX just works. It's really nicely done. Covers the whole Unix core from user, but you can still get access to it.3-Aug-07 18:17
306RobertYes, but it's worth the money. If I save 20h per year by using a Mac the ROI is more than enough.3-Aug-07 18:16
305PekrIsn't it there yet? :-)3-Aug-07 18:16
304PekrAre you sure OS-X is better than Vista? OS-X is friendly Linux, no? Why not e.g. Ubuntu? :-)3-Aug-07 18:16
303PekrMac is rather expensive here though ....3-Aug-07 18:16
302RobertYes, and as soon as MS forces you to use Vista I'm switching to Mac :-)3-Aug-07 18:15
301PekrThat way I can finally not hesitate to try Syllable, some Linuxes, etc. Man, Vista is so useless. So much of wasted resources imo. XP SP2 just does everything you need.3-Aug-07 18:15
300RobertThe more I can virtualize the "still Windows only apps" I will move away from this crappy PC stuff.3-Aug-07 18:14
299PekrI have ordered my guys to prepare new notebook for me. Recently I have Core Duo Dell, but one month after purchase keyboard broke and now USB ports don't work well. Vista today ruined my whole REBOL USB pen directory, damned. It finds my usb pen on some ports every 30 secs. What is more, I have 7200rpm drive, battery lasts only some two hours. Now I will have well, Dell once again, this time with slower HD but 2 GB RAM. I was at VMWare presentation for our datacenter just yesterday and I really liked it, so I am putting it on my notebook too ...3-Aug-07 18:14
298RobertBTW: For single apps, going with application virtualization is a good choice too. You can get Office packed into 4 EXE files.3-Aug-07 18:12
297RobertAh, and I have one more VMWare for testing software.3-Aug-07 18:12
296RobertSo: NAS (and use Gigabit ethernet), VMWare for stuff you will use for years and don't want to reinstall and keep protected by wild software setups, and if everything you need is available for Mac, go for a Mac.3-Aug-07 18:11
295RobertGoing for a VMWare for development was my best decision. I hate it to setup/move complex environment with different compilers etc. As long as you have enough memory, you don't feel a speed difference. For some things I even have the feeling it's faster.3-Aug-07 18:10
294HenrikI heard that Parallels eats a lot of memory and degrades in performance over time, so VMWare is perhaps better.3-Aug-07 18:10
293RobertI haven't tried it, but good hint, if it's available I give it a try.3-Aug-07 18:09
292Henrikrobert, VMWare should work fine now in MacOSX?3-Aug-07 18:09
291RobertTo get rid of reinstalling everything I have packed two things into a VMWare: 1. My office stuff. Only office and some add-ons nothing else. (To keep it alive) 2. My development setup. Everything configured, compiler, include paths etc. Totally self contained.

Than one that I don't use that much for some apps like graphics stuff.

3-Aug-07 18:09
290PekrVMWare is x86 only though ....3-Aug-07 18:08
289RobertAnd one more: I'm using a 2TB NAS system (Thecus) to store shared things. Works great (things to add: automatic backup to Amazon S3 (now you know why I want it)). Than I have two PCs (1 Desktop and 1 Laptop) and 1 Mac Mini (Intel)

The Mac Mini is a totaly cool machine. Silent, fast, and it just works.

Hence, my next desktop will become a Mac Pro. Hopefully VMWare works than.

3-Aug-07 18:07
288GreggAhhh, a multi-room setup. Excellent info, and most helpful. Thanks very much Ashley.2-Aug-07 14:27
287Ashley"Ashley, can you explain in a little more detail how your setup works for you?" Sure. I run a home office with two studies. Each has a Mac mini (plus Cinema display) for day-to-day work. My study also has a TabletPC connected to a 1280x1024 VGA LCD display. I use this for REBOL development and demos away from home.

The iBook is located in the other study and is used by my better half when running Windows software related to our finance company (CRM/Sales software distributed via the professional body we belong to, no Mac or Linux option available). We also use the iBook when showing non-IT people stuff (e.g. a spreadsheet showing how much their portfolio could be worth if they geared it) and when attending training sessions.

The ADSL modem has an ethernet connection to Airport express, which in turn has the MFC plugged into its USB slot. The Mac's pick up the printer automatically, the TabletPC runs Bonjour and does the same. Everything, including the TabletPC, detected the Network without issue. It really has been as simple as, 1) Unpack, 2) Plug-in, 3) Use. I've also noticed that WinXP running on the iBook is a lot faster/smoother than on the TabletPC as it installs 'clean' (i.e. piggy-backs off the Mac's Network and Hardware support).

Large screens are a must if you write and or read a lot of documents. A 1920x1200 screen lets you do a slideshow on a PDF document and read the pages side-by-side. On wide screens I always have the task-bar/dock on the right to maximize the vertical display area.

2-Aug-07 9:20
286btiffinEnjoy the big screens. :)2-Aug-07 5:40
285btiffinWithout tabbed Konsole I might freak out a ltitle, but with...tabs 15 inch is nice for focus2-Aug-07 5:36
284btiffinWell, struggle's not the right word...but I can see it being better with diff -y2-Aug-07 5:35
283btiffinThat I can see being useful... I do stuggle with side by side compares...2-Aug-07 5:34
282Gabrieleanother thing that has been *really* great is using vim vertical split after stretching it to cover both monitors :-) eg. vimdiff. it does not even compare to using it on a single monitor where you see only half of the line.2-Aug-07 5:33
281btiffinYeah, I find that too distracting. At corporate they had walls of monitors. I watched the staff ignore a big red dot for many minutes before I mentioned it. They get swamped in data...but yeah I see your point.2-Aug-07 5:33
280Gabrielethis way, i notice new messages and can respond quicker (especially new messages from Carl ;)2-Aug-07 5:32
279Gabrielealtme does not have any way to notify you of new messages if the window is covered (let's not talk about the sound option ;)2-Aug-07 5:32
278Gabrieleit's not that you multitask much. it's that you have a bird-eye view of things.2-Aug-07 5:31
277btiffinAhh, you have one of those multi-tasking brains huh? Juggle when you read :)2-Aug-07 5:31
276Gabrielealso while working on qtask i used to have the debug console on one monitor and the editor / browser on the other. how much faster it was than when i was using one monitor only!2-Aug-07 5:31
275Gabrielewell, right now i have three altme windows open. i can tell you, that two big monitors really help with that :)2-Aug-07 5:29
274btiffinGabriele; Really? Is it just my small brain...but I can't focus on more than a webpage, an editor or altme and gizmo and that all fits fine on on a 15" lcd. When I work on the 21" that the graphic designer uses, I just get distracted. I sit beside the 21, a 19 but prefer to work on the 15.2-Aug-07 5:28
273Gabrielelinux + wine works better than i had expected. but, of course, linux has its pains too, so only go for it if you know what to expect.2-Aug-07 5:24
272Gabrieleas many monitors as big as you can afford :) possibly all on dvi digital2-Aug-07 5:23
271GreggAshley, can you explain in a little more detail how your setup works for you? i.e. why two minis, is the iBook just for traveling, etc.2-Aug-07 1:37
270btiffinYep...I'm with Ashley. If you want a computer to use, get a Mac. If you want to stick it to the man, use GNU/Linux, but do so knowing that whizbang feature X will be lacking or require gnome level tinkering. If you want to be a lemming, go Windows, sorry I mean, if you like mainstream, go Windows.2-Aug-07 0:59
269GreggThanks Ashley! That's valuable info. I do *not* like tinkering with hardware. I want a set-and-forget setup. The main issue is getting over the FUD of changing platforms in a big way.2-Aug-07 0:33
268Ashley2 Mac mini (PPC) with 23" Cinema displays plus an iBook with Parallels running WinXP. The whole lot is networked via AIrport Express to an ADSL modem and a Brother MFC-8840D. I've had no problems and zero downtime for over two years. I switched from Windows/Linux about two years ago and haven't looked back. Some of the business advantages include:

- Almost silent operation - Low power consumption - Small footprint - Zero admin - The WOW! factor when clients see your setup - Cheap - Out-of-the-box solution (no extra s/w required)

In fact, the only software I have purchased is iWorks and .Mac membership. The one issue I have is with Spreadsheets on the Mac minis. I don't want to use/pay for MS*Office and iWorks does not have a spreadsheet, so I'm using NeoOffice (aka OpenOffice) which is SLOWWWWW on PPC hardware. Works well on the (Intel) iBook though. I'll upgrade the Mac minis to Intel when Apple refreshes the line (probably when they release Leopard later this year).

Parallels is a must if, like me, you have to run or support legacy software running on Windows. Coherence mode puts the Windows task bar directly on the Mac OSX desktop and enables you to run Windows programs directly from it. It's hardware virtualization so it's fast, and removes the need for multiple machines. The ability to cut&paste directly from a Mac app to a Windows one is also pretty handy.

Bottom line is, if you like to play and endlessly tinker with stuff then WIndows/Linux is the way to go; if you want a tool that just works then get a Mac.

1-Aug-07 23:49
267?Just a shameless plug from my site.1-Aug-07 23:40
266?henrick - 23:39
265Geomolno1-Aug-07 21:22
264Henrikit has the same keys as the macbook1-Aug-07 20:56
263Henrikgeomol, speaking of which, did you see the new apple keyboard?1-Aug-07 20:55
262GeomolNice! I like silence, when I'm typing along on my keyboard.1-Aug-07 20:53
261HenrikGeomol, when my mac mini fan is running at max speed, it's about half as loud as my PC. During normal operation it's about as loud as a brick. :-)1-Aug-07 20:49
260Henrikfor the quality of the hardware, it's rather cheap. sure you can get the 300$ PC, but you get what you pay for under those circumstances.1-Aug-07 20:44
259Henrikyes, there are no PPC machines left.1-Aug-07 20:43
258GreggNew Minis are Intel-based though, correct?1-Aug-07 20:42
257HenrikMy Mac Mini however is pretty fast for a G4 (runs circles around the 2.6 Ghz PC) and amazingly stable.1-Aug-07 20:41
256HenrikI've owned a PC with a rather cheap motherboard for a few years and suffer under bad RAM performance. It was bought so I could use my then current PC133 RAM, but did not expect it to perform about half as fast as other motherboards with the same CPU.1-Aug-07 20:39
255Gregg:-) I went to a Ruby meeting, to talk about REBOL and scout for local developers, and two of the five people had MacBooks. Of course, that's not great for demoing REBOL, but it did impress enough to download and try it.1-Aug-07 18:30
254Geomol(I sounds like an Apple salesman, yuk!) ;-)1-Aug-07 18:26
253GeomolAbout noise, as Pekr wrote about. Even if my iBook has a fan, it very rarely starts, so my computer is totally noise free, which I really enjoy. The new MacBooks are the same, and battery lasts for 6 hours. I'm not sure, if the MacMini is the same!?1-Aug-07 18:25
252GreggI'm at 1600x1200 now, and would like more space, particularly for remote monitoring bits, though I could also do it virtually. If going multi-monitor I'd like to do it from the start, rather than try to add later.1-Aug-07 18:21
251GeomolI think, it's ok with a big monitor, if it has high resolution. Then it feels ok to sit so close to the image. And you start using your OS desktop in a new way, having e.g. the browser window at one side, other windows on the other side, etc. instead of always on top of each other.1-Aug-07 18:17
250GeomolI've heard many good things about the Apple Cinema Displays: The 23-inch model is 1920x1200 pixels, which is enough for HD, 1920x1080. But there is something about a standard (HDCP), and that's not supported on the Apple displays, afaik, so it might not be the perfect monitor. Apple hasn't updated their displays in a long time, so maybe there's something new just around the corner, who knows.1-Aug-07 18:15
249Pekrin my above post, it is www.epiacenter.com1-Aug-07 17:42
248PekrThere seems to be new trend though - buying really big LCDs - 24" or so ... Dunno how I would like to work on such big display :-)1-Aug-07 17:39
247Pekras for two monitors set-up - go for that, absolutly. I worked with that for more than year. If someone tells you, that the experience is the same as having wide 21" display, than don't believe him, unless such person tried both set-ups - I did .....1-Aug-07 17:38
246PekrI still use 1.8GHZ Athlon machine, I have ability to use 2 notebooks, or other hw. The main trouble for me is noise. When I come home, in the evening, I would prefer silent pc. So, even my current set-up has some Arctic Cooling Silent Pro CPU cooler and my gfx card is fan free. I also bought power supply with big 12cm fan, as fanless (passive is quite expensive). If you want to silent your pc, go and read some sites, as:

- - -

IMO nowadays you need all those fancy DualCore CPUs only if you do some CPU crunching intensive work, e.g. video, sound editing, etc. Other than that, I can bet your PC is pretty much overspecced. I remember doing fine with Duron750, with enough of memory and windowsXP. If your PC starts lagging, then just reinstall XP from scratch ...

I will live with my current set-up for another one - two years, and then I plan on completly silent PC, maybe even without HD, with gigabit local network plus wi-fi around the house. I will combine it with some new hi-fi set-up, as my Technics set-up starts to be a bit aged (12 years) ...

1-Aug-07 17:37
245GeomolMy Mac iBook is the best machine, I've bought in more than a decade. I've used it daily for more than 2 years without any problems at all. I plan to get a Mac Mini and a flat HD monitor in the near future. I hope to have better Mac support for REBOL with R3. I find, that I get more work done with a Mac, because it just works. When I have to use Windows, I use Remote Desktop Connection from my Mac to a Win machine at work.1-Aug-07 17:31
244GreggThis setup will be for software development and remote administration. It can be a big box, but I'm not opposed to docking a small machine, as long as I can use a good monitor and my ergo-keyboard.

What are your favorite setup configs? Have multiple monitors helped you? Lots of disk space? An in-house NAS? etc. On the software side, what general infrastructure bits do you use? I like Reichart's drive model, and have used it very well with Ghost and Partition Magic, but haven't gone to PGP or TrueCrypt (yet).

Hardware wise, after setting up a machine with a fast SAS drive, man, that's appealing, but expensive. What kind of KVM do you like, or do you avoid them (my epxerience is mixed)? Do you like separate machines or VMWare? Do you like a Mac base, and emulation, or a real Windows machine? Any converts from Win to *nix? Build your own, or who do you like these days? Plain Jane, or something special like they build for traders? Silent PC? Mini?

What have you tried that didn't work out?

Space is not an issue. I have a huge old surplus desk that will hold anything.

1-Aug-07 17:24
243GreggMy current machine is 3.5 years old, and is starting to breathe heavily at times, and take little naps when it chooses. It's time to think about the future.1-Aug-07 17:09
242GreggFavorite setup configs; hardware recommendations; what hasn't worked for you.1-Aug-07 17:08
241GeomolProbably not. :-)27-Jul-07 17:53
240HenrikGeomol, will you be able to play Mass Effect and Halo 3 on it? :-)27-Jul-07 17:50
239GeomolJust got a Playstation 3. The experience so far reminds me much of when I bought my first Amiga, an A500 back in 1987. Let's see, if I'm as hooked in the next days and weeks as I was back then.27-Jul-07 17:14
238james_nakWell, I don't have much experience with Linux so I wouldn't be able to judge but it works so that is a start. I don't think that it is optimized to take advantage of the graphics HW but I could be wrong. We have 1080p projector so seeing a 12 foot wide browser is pretty cool. I've pretty much decided that it will be my next "Amiga" as a couple of guys at work now have PS3's. I just bought some parts for a new PC Build but the next comp will be a PS3. Apparently they are coming out with a better Cell chip.22-Jun-07 20:14
237GeomolWhat's your impression? Do you have prior experience with Linux to compare it with? How is performance compared to a PC with/without hardware accelerated graphics?19-Jun-07 22:53
236james_nakYes, my son just installed Yellow Dog.19-Jun-07 21:45
235VolkerConsoles dont need that much drivers. Could be a nice target for an own os. But i guess coding at the game-level will cost lots of money.18-Jun-07 17:25
234MaximI would not mind have the linux kernel with a rebol dektop running over it :-)18-Jun-07 17:11
233Gabrielea ps3 with linux is something that i want to eventually try... (well, a ps3 with rebol/os would be better, but...)18-Jun-07 8:32
232GeomolAnyone, who has bought a Playstation3? Any good games? Tried to install Linux on it? I've played Motorstorm and Oblivion at my nephews place. Good experience! :-)17-Jun-07 11:30
231?;-)19-May-07 12:26
230PekrRebolint - don't worry, with R3 architecture, those things you describe are - inevitable. I am sorry for guys who were not with us from the very beginning, as they will be jealous to hear all the stories of pre version 3.0 era :-)19-May-07 10:13
229?In 100% a electronics but it should be possible to create a Hardware-Gadget that has rebol inside without theneed of a VM..18-May-07 21:17
228?I want to visit a Cash-Machine and "not" see the blue screen of dead but "Please call Carl, init.r is missing"..18-May-07 21:14
227?Like the HP Calculators.. they where so famous on their programming that people went crazy back then... (And that was only in Basic or C)..18-May-07 21:13
226?I just want my Home microwave to say to me "** Script Error: I have no power yet or was it jet?18-May-07 21:11
225?By the way... Is there anybody outthere that has a Hardware device that runs with rebol?.. I like a Hardware device.. that talks and uses Rebol.. I want to program that thing to do in Rebol what i want it to do... Because im very Jalous at these guys at Processing ""..its JAVA oke.. but If I want my Home-Robot to do a job for me I would like to say that in Rebol rather than in Java or C... ;-)18-May-07 21:09
224LouisHenrik, Sunanda, Gregg, Thanks for the feedback!2-May-07 2:04
223GreggThose are good numbers for a current machine Louis.1-May-07 13:48
222SunandaIt's considerable better than -- which runs on the original 8086 chip as far as I can tell :-) Console: 0:00:00.11134 - 4546 KC/S Processor: 0:00:00.704108 - 1227 RHz (REBOL-Hertz) Memory: 0:00:03.0809 - 15 MB/S Disk/File: 0:00:09.183468 - 3 MB/S1-May-07 8:36
221HenrikI think that's pretty good1-May-07 7:42
220LouisAre these very fast speeds for %server-speed.r :

Console: 0:00:00.672 - 753 KC/S Processor: 0:00:00.25 - 3456 RHz (REBOL-Hertz) Memory: 0:00:00.625 - 76 MB/S Disk/File: 0:00:00.172 - 177 MB/S

1-May-07 3:29
219GrahamI just know it as ATX 2.022-Apr-07 23:31
218ChrisATX12V 2.022-Apr-07 23:18
217ChrisIs that ATX1V 2.0?22-Apr-07 23:18
216GrahamIf you purchase a ATX 2 power supply with 24 pin power connector, ask them to give you a free adaptor to turn it into 20 pins. The ATX 2 power supplies normally have cables for SATA hard drives22-Apr-07 18:59
215Chris(I hate shopping around for this kind of stuff)22-Apr-07 18:12
214ChrisWhen looking for a replacement, can I ignore the ATX and just go for ATX12V? Or one with a 20+4pin connector? I'm thinking 400-500W.22-Apr-07 18:12
213ChrisOk, pulled out the brick and cables. It appears to be 250W ATX/ATX12V with a 20-pin connector, 5 peripheral (Molex?) connectors and 2 floppy connectors.22-Apr-07 18:06
212Geomol:-)22-Apr-07 0:13
211james_nakAh, maybe that's why the universe is against them. : )22-Apr-07 0:07
210GeomolOh, that's not a guy! "Behind every important man is a woman."22-Apr-07 0:03
209james_nakWow, you're all set then.22-Apr-07 0:02
208GrahamAnd I know the guy who made the guy who made the universe21-Apr-07 23:58
207james_nakPerhaps I can offer an alternative to that universe question? I personally know the guy who made it. : ) C'mon guys, I couldn't resist.

OK, back to hardware.

21-Apr-07 23:54
206?"The universe *is* against me. Don't try to suggest otherwise..." - I believe


I'm on the hit list too...

21-Apr-07 23:47
205james_nak: )21-Apr-07 23:38
204Graham:)21-Apr-07 23:38
203ChrisOops...21-Apr-07 23:38
202ChrisGood thing I'm 'Christopher' professionally...21-Apr-07 23:38
201GrahamGee....21-Apr-07 23:37
200GrahamAny potential employers will note your paranoia on this public web forum ...21-Apr-07 23:37
199ChrisI wasn't around when the outage happened. It was plugged into a surge protector. However, the power supply is around 6 years old and the fan quit late last year.21-Apr-07 23:37
198ChrisThe universe *is* against me. Don't try to suggest otherwise...21-Apr-07 23:36
197Grahambut if it keeps happening .. you might want to see how clean your power is .. and invest in surge protectors21-Apr-07 23:30
196GrahamDon't take it as though the universe is against you ...21-Apr-07 23:29
195GrahamSo, Chris, you have a hard drive failure followed by a power supply failure. It's common.21-Apr-07 23:29
194Geomollol, got it. :)21-Apr-07 23:29
193Grahamsorry, joke21-Apr-07 23:27
192GeomolEffect is measured in Watt. (My english isn't the best this late at night.) :)21-Apr-07 23:26
191GrahamWatt ?21-Apr-07 23:24
190Geomolpull many watts21-Apr-07 23:24
189Grahamwas it a spike ?21-Apr-07 23:24
188GrahamDid the power outage damage your power supply.21-Apr-07 23:24
187GeomolI've had problems with power supplies in PCs, so that's a good guess. Make sure you have PSU, that can pull make watts.21-Apr-07 23:24
186GrahamI've seen the symptoms you describe quite a few times. All solved by replacing the power supply.21-Apr-07 23:24
185Grahammost likely thing to fail in any pc barring the hard drive21-Apr-07 23:23
184Grahampower supply21-Apr-07 23:22
183Chris2007 has been tough on my hardware -- first my iBook hard disk croaks, now my PC (following a brief power outage) decides it no longer wants to switch on. It lights up for a second, then powers down again. I don't know where to start (power brick, motherboard?)...21-Apr-07 23:20
182Ashley"flash memory has a finite amount of erase cycles" ... from memory [no pun intended] it used to be about 200,000 cycles, raised to 2,000,000 or so cycles in current generation flash technology. Note that flash drives try to distribute writes evenly across the media and mark areas as unreadable once they approach/exceed certain thresholds. Nothing wrong with using flash as a swap device as long as it's doing several swaps an hour not several a second! ;)12-Feb-07 21:21
181Pekrbut maybe some Win32API guru will tell us more.12-Feb-07 14:42
180Pekrhmm, dunno ... you can get list of devices somehow, but if there are any parameters, I don't know. Generally, you can check with free products as Everest, they pretty much disclose all possible hw info and categorise it. Cool app. If Everest or othere such sw does not disclose such info, then I am not sure it si possible.12-Feb-07 14:42
179Robertyes12-Feb-07 14:40
178Pekryou mean - by some system query?12-Feb-07 14:20
177RobertDoes anybody know how I can find out if a network card is removable (like PCMCIA, USB (does this exist?))?12-Feb-07 14:11
176HenrikI've been thinking about getting a CF card to IDE adaptor and buy a 2 or 4 GB CF card, put it in my laptop and find a small Linux distro that doesn't use swap.12-Feb-07 7:42
175Maximbtw, a friend told me that most flash memory has a finite amount of erase cycles, which is not very high... this is not an issue for using photos, as we usually erase them seldomly, but for things like using them for RAM... it could burn them out. I don't know if usb sticks and sd like cards use the same sillicon inside though.11-Feb-07 23:09
174GrahamI've got a little 2gb sd card that I have slotted into my laptop. When I access it, the whole system slows down.11-Feb-07 17:45
173Grahamlamprey?11-Feb-07 17:44
172ChrisIf Vista has the capability to use flash drives for faster virtual memory, will new systems come with an internal/built in flash drive so one doesn't need a tick-like creature hanging out the back of one's PC to improve performance?11-Feb-07 17:42
171Maxim(and in maya, holding the space will reveal a contextual menu)29-Jan-07 16:18
170Maximchris, I had issues with repeat key events in some apps... from win to linux... in maya, it just goes wild when you use the space bar to open the menues.... and starts switching the panes instead like a mad man (usually, if you just tap the space key it switches the current view to full view)29-Jan-07 16:17
169HenrikI suppose you could use launchd, but I just start it manually every time I reboot.24-Jan-07 6:34
168ChrisH: which method did you use to install the server on OS X? I have the test working successfully...24-Jan-07 2:47
167IngoI use synergy between win/win, win/linux from time to time, and find it very reliable. I didn't need reliable mouse positioning, though ... I'd say, just try it out, and you'll see whether it fills the bill for you.23-Jan-07 18:26
166Henrikit does have some slowdown and choppyness, so I don't recommend using it intensively for mouse precision work. For keyboard work, it's fine.23-Jan-07 17:38
165ChrisAny slowdown on either, say when using a gfx package?23-Jan-07 17:35
164HenrikPrimary is MacOSX, Client is XP.23-Jan-07 17:34
163ChrisWhat OS's are your primary/clients?23-Jan-07 17:34
162HenrikI use synergy here all the time, in fact I use it to type in AltME right now :-)23-Jan-07 17:20
161ChrisOr, is Synergy a reliable substitute?23-Jan-07 17:17
160ChrisAnyone know of a reasonable (and cheap) USB KVM switch, just for Keyboard and Mouse?23-Jan-07 17:07
159Tomcunfortunatly, probabaly not rebol related. I want to try to use two (usb) optical mice as DIY motion encoders. my first questions are: When you have three mice plugged in, how to get the os to ignore two of them? How to get data from the two you have gotten the os to ignore into a program?13-Jun-06 19:25
158?I will find out what he uses. He is the lead video guy on Maui.29-May-06 7:21
157LouisI'm looking at this:

29-May-06 5:04
156?It has a special coating so that water repels. We would dunk it in and out of the water, not a single drop in frame.29-May-06 4:57
155?It is a NICE lens....29-May-06 4:57
154?Oh...........yeah.............29-May-06 4:57
153LouisEverything high def is expensive. Can you tell much difference in the picture quality?29-May-06 4:46
152?The lense alone was $3K though.29-May-06 4:44
151?I don't know, it was housed inside a special case for underwater use, so I did not catch the model.29-May-06 4:44
150LouisWhat camcorder did you use?29-May-06 4:35
149?Yup...............he times output to the console, then devides by 1024. It should read Kibichars though (SI standard).29-May-06 4:33
148?My guess on KC/S would be kilo characters output to the Console per second...I suggest looking at the code though.29-May-06 4:31
147?I just shot some High Def out on the ocean the other day, and brought it into this laptop and edited it just fine. I'm working on 1 gig files on average.29-May-06 4:30
146LouisIn speed.r what is Console measuring? Whatever it is that is what I'm comparing.29-May-06 4:29
145?I don't understand your display question. Do you mean refresh rates?29-May-06 4:27
144?Even a slow computer can edit video just fine. It depends on what medium you work on. For example, if work in Raw, everything is really fast. When you finally move to a format (AVI, .MOV, .MPG, etc.) that is when stuff takes a LONG time. You need lots of video space.29-May-06 4:27
143LouisIs that fast enough to edit video?29-May-06 3:27
142LouisSpeeds for the laptop I've been considering are:

Console: 450 Processor: 2128 Memory: 53 Disk: 85

29-May-06 3:23
141LouisAre flat panel displays slower than the old style monitors?29-May-06 3:14
140LouisMust be a Seagate Snail.29-May-06 3:13
139LouisBut my hard drive speed is only 4.29-May-06 3:12
138LouisConsole for my desktop is 588 however, and it is not a very fast desktop.29-May-06 3:11
137LouisThat is a fast hard drive.29-May-06 3:10
136?With music turned off.29-May-06 3:07
135?Console: 0:00:01.282 - 394 KC/S Processor: 0:00:00.731 - 1181 RHz (REBOL-Hertz) Memory: 0:00:01.412 - 33 MB/S Disk/File: 0:00:00.24 - 127 MB/S29-May-06 3:07
134?(I was playing music in the BG, I would assume that would effect it)29-May-06 3:07
133?This si the P7010D29-May-06 3:06
132?Console: 0:00:01.422 - 356 KC/S Processor: 0:00:00.611 - 1414 RHz (REBOL-Hertz) Memory: 0:00:01.452 - 32 MB/S Disk/File: 0:00:00.271 - 112 MB/S29-May-06 3:06
131?Ah...on 3:06
130LouisLink to what?29-May-06 3:02
129?Where is a link?29-May-06 3:02
128LouisIt seems to me that laptops are really slow.29-May-06 2:54
127LouisWhat results do you guys get for speed.r on your laptops?29-May-06 2:54
126james_nakThat's a nice looking laptop.26-May-06 22:08
125?That simple.25-May-06 19:59
124?I love it.25-May-06 19:58
123?YEah, that is what I have the P7120D.25-May-06 19:58
122Maximhahaha25-May-06 18:31
121LouisNo, its the LifeBook P7120D Notebook FPCM20754 she wants.25-May-06 17:08
120LouisReichart, Now I am in trouble. I think my wife wants the Lifebook P7000D. And its your fault.25-May-06 17:04
119LouisIt is the first notebook to support HD DVD. That is why it is so expensive. "Toshiba has been a leader in DVD technology since 1996 when we introduced the world’s first DVD players. Now we’ve revolutionized the mobile world by creating the first notebook with an HD DVD ROM drive. As a leader in mobility and a member of the DVD Forum, we’re always striving to make the next leap in digital entertainment."25-May-06 16:34
118LouisReichart, you put in the wrong model number for the Qosmio. Here's the price for the G35-AV650

25-May-06 16:30
117LouisIs this color better?25-May-06 8:58
116?So just saw block of blue.25-May-06 4:31
115?Yes, you guys are all blue..............25-May-06 4:31
114LouisHe misunderstood. It was me.25-May-06 3:11
113PekrReichart: ? I don't understand somehow - was I comparing anything price-wise?25-May-06 2:48
112? 23:50
111?Pekr, that is not true ($1000 diff). You must be comparing Toshiba's list price from the site to HP's street price. It more like a hundred bucks.

But...I agree the HP specs are much better. Finding the right laptop is a lot of work.

24-May-06 23:50
110GreggOnly thing is that it's really heavy. Knowing what I know now, I'd probably try to go the way Reichart has--as small as possible--and just plug into a keyboard and monitor where I go.24-May-06 23:43
109GreggI have an HP I got a while back (had to, for a gig; I hate laptops); it's worked fine, but I don't mess with things on it much, so it should. :-)24-May-06 23:42
108Pekr(that's with IBM PCs, not sure about notebooks)24-May-06 17:16
107Pekryou don't need that sw imo ... and I uninstall most. IBM has thre part of Tivoli (maybe, not sure), you simply can have image file somewhere, then booting, pressing F12, password, and you can unpack your image when you reinstall ...24-May-06 17:16
106DideCProblem with laptops is not only the Hardware (that can fails). What I dislike with them is the f*cking number of software addons they need to start to handle the hardware. Remember Carl's blog on that !!24-May-06 17:03
105Pekrand - I don't buy the crap that you can tell, who the person is, judging for his notebook. Acer does 30% market in CZ, it works, and display is crystal sharp here, while whole one line of Dell's (14") has crappy display yellow/red cast to letters etc.24-May-06 17:02
104PekrAs for HP, I just had oportunity to buy 2 of them, for our management, - they work ...24-May-06 17:01
103PekrI think that every hw can potentially fail. I know IBMs for 8 years, I have one Dell for 6 year, and I have Acer for 2.5 years .... some failed, some don't, but all are good machines - tools ;-)24-May-06 17:00
102LouisHP Pavilion dv8280us is almost the same as the Toshiba but $1,000.00 cheaper. What are your experiences with HP notebooks?24-May-06 15:31
101PekrStrange - our company buy IBMs and now part of our company switched to Dell, no problems so far - they exchange your notebook next working day for little price addition ...24-May-06 5:47
100?In fact, since this topic is Hardware, I should mention that I have heavily cut down my need of harddrives. Part of why I used to have lots of mediums was that I needed back ups. But every drive on Qtask is a) Raid 5, b) Mirrored, and then c) soon will be mirrrored again and again as more servers come on line world wide. So the safest place to shove my data is onto the web.24-May-06 3:00
99?Are there any advantages of one over the other? I have only used PGP. What I like is:

I can create a file (x.pgp) of any size, then mount it as a drive. This allows me to do things like make a file that is the size of a DVD disk, and if I need to burn it I just copy the folder to the DVD drive. Although, since Qtask exists, I stopped burning CDs and DVDs, since my data is safer on Qtask.

24-May-06 2:58
98yeksoon"Reichart : Put everything in PGP folders."

an alternative that I use.. is TrueCrypt.

24-May-06 2:03
97LouisQosmio G35-AV650 will do raid 1.24-May-06 0:52
96LouisDo rebol programmers get a 50% discount on Toshiba computers?24-May-06 0:42
95GrahamDELL are not innovators .. they just ship cheaply, and other manufacturers who do innovate are learning to bring their pricing down.24-May-06 0:38
94GrahamThe best laptop it the world should have raid 124-May-06 0:37
93?I was one of many people that told him that the specific model of Toshiba I had was the best laptop on the market. I bought it two years ago, it has 1600x1200, 2 GIGs, 2 Ghz, 80gig HD, 2Kx1K extrernal video, and the best sound system on the market. So good in fact it works as a whole room audio system! The Qosmio has the same system, althogh the packaging is a little diff, and I have not heard it personally.24-May-06 0:36
92?I met the head of developement for the Qosmio line. That line repaced my Toshiba. His goal was to build the best laptop out there.24-May-06 0:34
91LouisYes, my son has really been burned by Dell also.24-May-06 0:34
90?I strongly suggest getting a Toshiba over other makers. I will never buy DELL every again. They wasted too much of my time, and time is one thing I can't afford. Toshiba tries to help with anything they can. Thier tech support often speak several languages, are very pateint, and well informed.24-May-06 0:33
89LouisExpensive too.24-May-06 0:33
88LouisReally nice:

But 10.1 lbs.

24-May-06 0:31
87GrahamYou could download a 30 day trial of Acronis True Image Server.23-May-06 23:48
86?You might say it has menu-itis.23-May-06 23:43
85?I should mention, I hate Norton Ghost, but I had spent the time to learn it, and it supported all the diff CD drives. The next time I change laptops, I will check out something else. Since Graham mentions Acronis, I would probably try that.

What I don''t like about Norton is the crappy 1984 DOS interface. It is confusing, and has menus where a simple single page would work better.

23-May-06 23:43
84GrahamI find Acronis better than Norton Ghost.23-May-06 22:55
83BrianHI do use Norton Ghost (or TrueImage) - that's the DOS-based tool I was talking about.23-May-06 21:39
82Pekrjust use Norton Ghost or some other tool ....23-May-06 21:21
81BrianHThere are many DOS and Windows-based live CDs that will do. I even hear that there are some Linux live CDs...23-May-06 21:18
80BrianHI usually image the drive by booting a live CD that has imaging sotware with networking support.23-May-06 21:16
79BrianHWhen I but a laptop (or any computer) the first thing I do is image the original drive, before I even boot up the computer for the first time. That way I can undo any mistakes I make, and even restore the computer to pristine condition and return it if that is necessary.23-May-06 21:13
78BrianHbut -> buy23-May-06 21:11
77BrianHCheck the manufacturer's web site before you but the laptop. If you can download all necessary drivers and utilities from their web site you might be in luck. Make sure that all bundled applications have installers included with the laptop, rather than restore disks. Before you wipe the laptop, check it for install directories and archive them - and run test installs on another computer to make sure the installers work.23-May-06 21:10
76Maximinstalling it was NOT trivial.23-May-06 21:06
75Maximsame for IBM (lenovo) my pet peeve about my system... although it boots damn fast.23-May-06 21:05
74BrianHLouis, I don't think you are taking the issue of drivers seriously enough. Most laptops come with a lot of extra drivers and utilities to make the power management, keyboard, wireless and other custom hardware work. Many manufacturers only make these drivers and utilities available from a system restore disk, and their hardware doesn't work properly unless you install their custom version of Windows.

Avoid manufacturers like Sony if you want to reinstall Windows, or it won't work.

23-May-06 21:04
73?Yeah this little guy has a cool removable CD drive, 7-9 hours of batery life. kicks ass.23-May-06 20:44
72Maximmy kind of machine, I have a small ibm thinkpad, and wouldn't trade it for a bigger more powefull one... only thing I regret, is not having internal CD support... although I don't really need it... you can't do everything with a memory stick!23-May-06 20:43
71?I also own an Apple Powerbook (still learning it). And I have a great Toshiba. I alos REALLY love both Toshiba and Fujitsu's tech support, and is worth giving up some cool feature from another copany in exchange for the support.23-May-06 20:38
70?Wow...I don't track laptops the same way. I'm on this right now Very small, but I LOVE it!23-May-06 20:37
69LouisThe the laptop I have been eyeing:

But it is too expensive for me. Does anyone know of a similar one at a cheaper price? Or perhaps someone knows that this would not be a good choice anyway. I'm open for suggestions. I just need a big, high resolution screen, large harddrive, and lots of speed. I'm not particularly worried about weight.

23-May-06 20:33
68LouisI'll definitely try to get back for more detail, Reichart.23-May-06 20:28
67?You should, we can talk to you about how to configure your drive in the first place. I have some simple tricks I do for my laptops (I only use laptops, and live on them).

Quick list:

Put everything in PGP folders. Install XP to a small partition, and have a ghosted version on the same drive (seperate partition). Basic layout is C: = Boot and XP, D: = Data (your personal Data, E: = Extra applications, Z: = Archive og Ghost of C:. Keep the custom Ghost CD for your laptop with you.

With this, if somoene steals your computer they don't get your data. If C gets corrupted, you can recover. And, it is REALLY easy to back up just your data fast.

23-May-06 20:21
66LouisThanks Reichart and DideC. I'm shopping for a laptop now. Once I buy it, I'll probably be back for more help.23-May-06 20:17
65DideCSYSPREP can be found on your Win XP CD. I don't have one with me right now, so I can't say where it is exactly.23-May-06 20:14
64DideCIf you can, I recommand to ghost your disk to another one (as an image), then, use the SYSPREP command to prepare your Windows system to be ghost, then, ghost it to your Laptop HD.23-May-06 20:11
63DideCBut23-May-06 20:10
62DideCThere is many issues when you do that. Appart from what Reichart said, there is also SID and other things like that.23-May-06 20:10
61?There are too many drivers that will fail, and some low level programs need the MAC address not to change. But it IS worth trying. You might be able to correct all the errors, and since it is ghosted (both sides) you can return everything.23-May-06 20:08
60?No, that won't work.23-May-06 20:07
59LouisIs it possible to transfer the entire contents of the harddrive on a desktop computer to the harddrive on a laptop? I mean including the registry settings etc. I have Norton Ghost; would that do it? or are there hardware issues that would prevent it?23-May-06 20:01
58LouisGraham and Brian, thanks! I'll check out those devices.10-Apr-06 23:00
57BrianHPDAs can do as much work as a desktop (of similar speed) with a 21in monitor, but limitations in the input and output methods can make it so difficult to use that it will be less effective. Try an OQO, Microsoft's Origami platform, or maybe RT can make a build for the Nokia 770.10-Apr-06 22:29
56GrahamAbout US$700 I think. Runs windows tablet os.10-Apr-06 22:29
55GrahamUMPC.10-Apr-06 22:28
54GrahamTry a UMCP, or, Origami device.10-Apr-06 22:28
53LouisMy wife wants a computer so small she can put it in her purse and not even know it is there. But it has to be able to do all the work of a desktop with a 21 inch monitor. You can see that her's is a real reasonable request.10-Apr-06 22:25
52BrianHFor the smartphones, likely yes, but it doesn't matter yet as there is no build of View for a cell phone.10-Apr-06 22:11
51LouisDoes a cell phone have enough memory to run View?10-Apr-06 22:10
50BrianHThere are some cell phones that could run the WinCE Core, some embedded servers that could probably run one of the Linux builds...10-Apr-06 22:08
49LouisBrian, I mean physically, like little and light weight. :>)10-Apr-06 22:04
48BrianHLouis, do you mean physically, or in terms of resources?10-Apr-06 3:24
47?VMWare is now free10-Apr-06 3:13
46LouisWhat is presently the smallest computer that will run rebol view?10-Apr-06 2:53
45Thørmanual resync...4-Apr-06 18:17
44AlanChris:that is why I use Mandriva for a Linux distro,never had any problems installing View or Altme5-Dec-05 6:41
43ChrisBut not noted in AltME group...4-Dec-05 17:31

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