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24SunandaI'd completely forgotten this group existed :-) Just as a reminder to anyone else with a sieve-like memory: now hosts a mirror of the [web-public] groups in this world too. It has (in my opinion) three main improvements over the mirror: 1. all posts archived (not just latest 300 per group) 2 (therefore) permanent URLs if you need to point someone to a post 3. áll posts searchable 16:22
23GrahamCarl reports that he has fixed this now.16-Jul-05 0:03
22SunandaI remember Carl has some code to breal scripts halfway intelligently. Best way to suggest it to him (in this instance) is a Feedback to the blog.15-Jul-05 21:15
21Grahamone would think there should be a more elegant way to force html to stay within a certain % or pixel size15-Jul-05 21:15
20Grahambetter to break some scripts than to piss off everyone who has to read really wide pages15-Jul-05 21:14
19SunandaThe problem with breaking lines is you can mess up scripts.15-Jul-05 21:13
18Grahamall you need to do is insert <br> as you parse each conversation and limit each line to some reasonable length15-Jul-05 21:12
17Grahamhmm. the formatting needs to be fixed.15-Jul-05 21:11
16SunandaEmails addresses are now being munged -- see msg 54 here: 21:09
15Grahamas long as the email addresses are filtered out ... nope15-Jul-05 21:01
14JaimeVargasNone here.15-Jul-05 20:57
13Gabrieleso - should we set more groups as web-public? anyone has objections?15-Jul-05 19:47
12SunandaIngo -- I sent Carl some code (based on some off Andrew's) to do that.14-Jul-05 17:44
11IngoAs already stated somewhere else by someone else ... it would be nice to filter out email-addresses, before mirroring to the web.14-Jul-05 12:34
10MikeLRe: Chris's order note (#5 of This javascript allows local sorting of an html table by any column heading. Perhaps it would allow ordering as the client wants in the altme extract.11-Jul-05 10:20
9AndrewThat will detect most http:// etc patterns in plain text.11-Jul-05 3:23
8AndrewCarl, you're very welcome to use the URI^ pattern in my Patterns.r script in the Rebol library.11-Jul-05 3:23
7Gabrielethat's very unlikely to happen. sorry olivier, but you can use the ml and we can relay messages here when needed. someday (hopefully soon) we'll have a communication forum that is reachable by everyone.10-Jul-05 21:01
6shadwolfolivier auverlot comments: that a tiny interface for message submition would be a very very appreciated functionnality for the rebolers witch are on os that doesn't support AltMe10-Jul-05 20:52
5ChrisOk, missed this group -- Carl, just a thought (and see what others think) -- it's a little odd looking at the messages with newest on top. Another suggestion would be to do newest at bottom and put an anchor at the end so that incoming links start reading the page at the bottom to mirror the AltME view...9-Jul-05 13:47
4Alek_K(ah - yes, colors are different for different people, but anyway styles can reduce it)9-Jul-05 12:13
3Alek_Kwhy not use styles? <td valign="top"><font color="#7878E6"><b></b></font></td> - instead can be <td class="person"></td>? I think it could take off about 30% of code.9-Jul-05 12:11
2CarlIf anyone has a small html hyperlink detector, it might be nice to add that into the code.9-Jul-05 6:15
1CarlCreated this group for comments and suggestions regarding the web mirror for this AltME world.9-Jul-05 6:14

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