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464RobertI want to do:

VBA-Code: ActiveSheet.Copy After:=Workbooks(2).Sheets(3)

And I use: objectMethod excel-app ".ActiveSheet.Copy After:=Workbooks(%d).Sheets(%d)" reduce [workbook worksheet]

But this doesn't work. XLS creates a new document with the copy worksheet inserted. Looks like the stuff after .Copy isn't recognized. Any idea?

1-Sep-09 10:56
463RobertHi, I'm again struggeling with XLS automation via ComLib.1-Sep-09 10:53
462RobertNow it works.29-Jul-09 15:16
461RobertI did. And I solved it. The problem is that ComLib didn't knew about logic! and XLS uses TRUE/FALSE as logic value not as string.29-Jul-09 15:16
460ChristianEHave you already consulted ? Maybe that's what you're looking for.

The trick seems to be to do set ThisWorkbook.Saved = True, so that Excel responds as though the workbook has already been saved and no changes have occurred since that last save.

29-Jul-09 15:03
459RobertI hate VBA... I tried: sendValue excel-app ".DisplayAlerts = %s" "False" and objectMethod excel-app ".ActiveWorkbook.Close(SaveChanges:=False)"

both with no effect. To be more specific, the effect is that ComLib/Disphelper just exit.

29-Jul-09 14:48
458RobertAny idea how I can get rid of the "Do you want to save changes" dialog when I close an XLS workbook?29-Jul-09 13:12
457james_nakPoint taken. Robert.16-Jul-09 16:25
456RobertAnd, I not just need to generate XLS files I need to read data from XLS files as well that don't use an XML format.16-Jul-09 12:15
455RobertWell, I really like COMLib. It's pretty straight forward and the COM sutff is one of the better things MS did. It works and is a pretty simple concept.16-Jul-09 12:14
454MaartenYes! Being an experimental physicist it always strikes me as funny that we don't have a branch called "experimental computer science". Computers may be predictable, but humans (you know, that design XML formats, or have a ship cut an Internet cable in the Pacific, or....) are not.16-Jul-09 8:33
453ReichartJames, this is EXACTLY how I do this type of thing. Let the tools do all the examples...16-Jul-09 1:38
452james_nakRobert, on a recent project my app creates an xml file formatted with xml that Excel understands. It's a hassle but you can make very pretty spreadsheets that do just about all the formatting (so it's a far cry from CSV). I start with creatinga very small excel spreadsheet then saving as an xml file. Then I check out how they do the formatting. You can create multiple tabbed spreadsheets very easily this way. Doesn't do graphs though.15-Jul-09 23:19
451RobertComlib.r is missing a way to pass decimal! / floats. I extended it. Seems to work at least with XLS.15-Jul-09 13:37
450RobertBut now I get garbage to Excel...15-Jul-09 12:03
449RobertOk, it's not %f in DistHelper/COMLib but %e...15-Jul-09 11:23
448RobertFrom the DLL docs it's float/double but doesn't seem to work...15-Jul-09 11:15
447RobertTrying to get a decimal! into an excel cell. I use:

sendValue excel-app ".ActiveSheet.Cells(%d,%d) = %f" reduce [row col val]

But this leads to strange content. What's the C-type of a Rebol decimal!

15-Jul-09 11:11
446RobertI was changing a file in an other directory not the one the base script was in...13-Jul-09 14:39
445RobertOk, as so often, posting my problems seems to enlighten me to get it fixed.13-Jul-09 14:38
444RobertBut doesn't seem to work...13-Jul-09 14:01
443RobertThe Comlib.r code states this in the comment sections:

;GetString [xlApp ".ActiveSheet.Cells(1,10)"]

13-Jul-09 14:01
442RobertI saw there is GetString, GetInteger etc. but don't know how to use it.13-Jul-09 14:01
441RobertHi, just getting my hands back on control Excel via ComLib. How do I get a value back?13-Jul-09 14:00
440GrahamDunno what's changed by Skype but REBOL Skype Sms texting is working again on Vista.10-Feb-09 3:12
439james_nakThanks Doc23-Nov-08 6:16
438DockimbelWindows Services support: 17:06
437james_nakThanks Graham.22-Nov-08 7:18
436Grahamit's part of the Cheyenne distribution22-Nov-08 7:18
435Grahamdoc has software to do this22-Nov-08 7:17
434james_nakIs it possible to write a windows "service" (a program running as a service) with rebol?22-Nov-08 6:21
433Grahamthe func is described here 4:57
432GrahamAnton, how would one do the example here

In particular, this line Set doc = Stardesktop.loadComponentFromURL("private:factory/swriter", "_blank", 0, args)

where args has been defined as Dim args()

21-Nov-08 4:55
431AntonYes, not elegant. I'm sorry.4-Nov-08 11:56
430RobertI solved it the same way with to-local-file works, but not elegant.30-Oct-08 17:22
429RobertAnton, yes.30-Oct-08 17:20
428AntonBut I can see in the word-open-save.r demo I have done this:

do/args %../COMLib.r [ ... word_doc: GetObject [word_obj ".Documents.Open(%s)" to-local-file clean-path %demos/word-open.doc]

30-Oct-08 16:21
427AntonIf so, there was a problem that really bugged me, which I couldn't find a good way to avoid. That is, the current directory would be where the com2rebol.dll was (or something like that). So you can see the demos have to reference files relative to the parent directory.30-Oct-08 16:19
426AntonRobert, are you talking about COMLib-anton ?30-Oct-08 16:14
425RobertHow can I set the current directory as the active one when I create an XLS object with COMLib? At the moment I need to provide fully-qualified-filenames to open a file.30-Oct-08 11:59
424GreggI've used rasdial very successfully under Windows Xavier.12-Jun-08 14:52
423xavieri just found the site of anton i go to read all that, it looks like what i wanted :)12-Jun-08 9:09
422xavierhello, i m working on a programm that must interact with outlook and the number dialer of windows ... can someone tell me where do i have to look for documentation on it ? does anybody already did it ?12-Jun-08 9:03
421GrahamDunno if any of that helps.12-Jun-08 8:22
420Grahamnow with the same library ( I think ), I also didn't get an error under XP and using Benjamin's getNumber version.12-Jun-08 8:22
419GrahamOk, I have this observation. I get crashes or errors with using the getInteger command when passing a string parameter to the skype4com dll. I don't get an error if I don't pass a parameter. I don't get errors when passing strings to Getobject. I also don't get errors passing strings to getInteger to other dlls. Just Skype.12-Jun-08 8:21
418GrahamScript: "COMLib (the rebol side of the com2rebol interface)" (9-Mar-2007) {make object! [ code: 800 type: 'user id: 'message arg1: {Member:^^- .Convert.TextToUserStatus(%s) Function:^^- getInteger^^-^^- Error In:^^- InvokeArray Error:^^- Unspecified error Code:^^- 80004005 Source:^^- IDispatch Interface} arg2: none arg3: none near: [GetInteger [oSkype ".Convert.TextToUserStatus(%s)" "OFFLINE"]] where: none ]}12-Jun-08 7:30
417GrahamGives this error12-Jun-08 7:30
416GrahamCOMlib: do %comlib.r COMlib/initialize

if error? set/any 'err try [ do bind [ oSkype: CreateObject "Skype4COM.Skype" if -1 <> res: GetInteger [oSkype "Client.IsRunning"] [ CallMethod [oSkype "Client.Start()"] ] cUserStatus_Offline: GetInteger [oSkype ".Convert.TextToUserStatus(%s)" "OFFLINE"] ] COMlib/api ] [ probe mold disarm err ]

12-Jun-08 7:30
415GrahamUsing the international string format for cellphone numbers and XP, I can now send messages with the latest version of Skype. Still crashes on Vista though.9-Jun-08 21:52
414AntonOk... Skype now looks more particular than COMLib, then.6-Jun-08 9:45
413Grahamie. I can use their dlls to send SMS messages.6-Jun-08 8:14
412GrahamBoth Australian based it seems6-Jun-08 8:13
411GrahamI found two more SMS providers with a COM interface. They both work with the comlib.6-Jun-08 8:13
410Anton(that's my guess, anyway)6-Jun-08 7:33
409AntonThe bug is more likely on our side.6-Jun-08 7:32

They have assigned someone to look at the problem. Since comlib works with other applications, there must be something odd with the way Skype is different string parameters. Or, there is a bug in the way Rebol strings are converted to BSTR strings.

5-Jun-08 21:52
407GrahamI posted a question on the Skype API forums ... not that I am expecting a reply :(4-Jun-08 3:18
406GrahamJust checked on XP .. send sms also sends garbage. I can see the message it is trying to send in Skype and it is garbage there too. So, presumably the way strings are being sent via the comlib is not correct for Skype.3-Jun-08 22:17
405GrahamWhat about using sprintf, and feeding the c string to skype instead ( )3-Jun-08 19:14
404Anton(And COMLib has no string conversion support functions at the moment - you'll have to do any string conversions yourself.)3-Jun-08 9:37
403AntonIt's quite possible these days that it doesn't take ascii.3-Jun-08 9:35
402AntonEach type of COM object may support different string encodings, I think. We'll have to look up what type of encoding Skype supports.3-Jun-08 9:26
401AntonEach of those way of writing null char are equivalent.3-Jun-08 9:24
400Grahamor is it #"^@" ?3-Jun-08 7:04
399Grahamare null terminated strings like this

"+12345679^(00)" "Hello!(^(00)" or "+12345679^(null)" "Hello!^(null)"


3-Jun-08 6:50
398GrahamCuriously Anton's examples sending normal strings to MS Word and Excel work fine.3-Jun-08 6:26
397GrahamI wondered about that ...3-Jun-08 6:25
396DockimbelTry by putting a null character at the end of all strings passed to the COMlib ?3-Jun-08 6:24
395GrahamUsing %S expects a unicode string3-Jun-08 6:21
394GrahamYou shouldn't need to register the skype4com.dll as it is normally registered with Skype.3-Jun-08 6:19
393GrahamOn Windows 2K, a SMS is sent, but it's just garbage3-Jun-08 6:18
392GrahamHowever, the getObject will invariably crash Rebol on Vista.3-Jun-08 6:17
391GrahamAnton, can you see anything wrong with this ... crashes Rebol

rebol []

; download the skype4com dll from ; and register the library ; regsvr32 skype4com.dll

; example of using sms ;

COMlib: do %comlib.r COMlib/initialize

do bind [ oSkype: CreateObject "Skype4COM.Skype" oSMS: GetObject [ oSkype ".SendSms( %s, %s)" "+12345679" "Hello!" ]

] COMlib/api

This should send a SMS using the Skype installed on your PC.

3-Jun-08 6:16
390GiuseppeCAdded to REBOL2 Projects on DocBase.3-Mar-08 18:06
389AntonYou're welcome, James.1-Mar-08 13:31
388james_nakThanks Anton.26-Feb-08 19:42
387AntonCreate an appointment - I don't know if it can. The answer is... probably. COMLib is just a wrapper for COM, so if COM can do it, then there's a good chance that COMLib can do it too. I'm not on Windows any more so it's less likely that I'll test it, but I can still do so.23-Feb-08 3:11
386AntonThis link? It seems to be up and working for me at this time.23-Feb-08 3:06
385james_nakAnton, it looks like you have done some work with interfacing with Outlook. I'm trying to create an appointment invitation function. Does your com lib do that? By the way, the old link seems down. Thanks in advance22-Feb-08 19:00
384james_nakAh thanks. I saw your name mentioned Graham in the examples. Thanks Y'all.28-Oct-07 15:47
383GrahamLook at the announce.r script here 9:57
382Grahamthat was Gabriele's and Allen's popup ... but it's rather Cpu intensive28-Oct-07 9:54
381HenrikI've seen one in Graham's Synapse.28-Oct-07 9:41
380james_nakDoes anyone have an example of how to pop-up a little window in the Window's system tray? I've seen the system tray examples but I want to create a "reminder" like when Outlook does when gets a new email, etc.28-Oct-07 2:49
379Grahamwhat is it that you've done?23-Sep-07 5:43
378BenjaminI've done that in the past, the problem when using direct API calls is passing pointers and stuff, remember you need to create a main loop to pool events and messages, it's a pain... i've some code that does this, but remember that this old style is gone on vista gfx.23-Sep-07 4:33
377Maximhum... printing :-) that's cool.9-Mar-07 5:51
376Maximok... I know that you can use com to get a text version of any file format which has a thumbnail viewer... which can be very usefull to read things like pdf, word, and other obscure file types....9-Mar-07 5:36
375AntonHopefully, since it is a wrapper for COM, you should be able to do anything that COM allows you to do. So the answers to all these types of questions are to be found by researching COM land (which I myself am not very familiar with).9-Mar-07 5:32
374Maximhum interesting.9-Mar-07 5:31
373AntonCheck out the demos on the website.9-Mar-07 5:30
372MaximI'm just curious.9-Mar-07 5:30
371Maximwhat do you use the com lib for?9-Mar-07 5:30
370AntonUmm... don't know.9-Mar-07 5:29
369Maximeven if slow...9-Mar-07 5:19
368Maximanton, can this be used to embed MS IE into a view app?9-Mar-07 5:19
367AntonThis is in response to Philippe Legoff in RebolTalk,335.0.html9-Mar-07 5:14
366AntonCOMLib has been updated: Backwards compatibility fixes in the main rebol interface file, COMLib.r 5:13
365AntonOh wow ! You're back ! I wondered where you went. :) "switch bands" Do you mean you started work at a new company, which uses only unix ? Hooray ! So now comlib is needed by one less person ! :)14-Jan-07 6:26
364GrahamGlad to see you back here Benjamin!13-Jan-07 21:11
363BenjaminI've seen the resent updates to comlib, great job Anton ! keep it up !, 2006 was crazy i've to switch bands an now im working in a unix enviroment, im only migrating bash scripts to rebol :)13-Jan-07 3:11
362GrahamSo, those option values are being included in the http get.17-Sep-06 11:36
361PeterWoodThe drug list is in the HTML:

<select name="drugList" id="drugList" size="8" style="width:280px; font-family: verdana; font-size:10pt;" onDblClick="addDrugToList();"> <option value="4055" title="2-Amino-2-Deoxyglucose">2-Amino-2-Deoxyglucose</option> <option.....

17-Sep-06 11:33
360GrahamOk.17-Sep-06 11:27
359PeterWood...but it may be possible to extract the drug list by processing the HTML ...once you understand what is loading into the "chooser"17-Sep-06 11:26
358PeterWoodI think it would take a little time to understand what the JavaScript is doing.17-Sep-06 11:24
357Graham:)17-Sep-06 11:24
356PeterWoodNo17-Sep-06 11:23
355Grahamso, you reckon it's easily scriptable?17-Sep-06 11:22
354GrahamIt shows the text of the drugs you entered .. but not the correct drug interaction.17-Sep-06 11:18
353PeterWoodI took a look at the page source, it seems to simply search the scrollable list titled search results, it doesn't appear to go back to the server.17-Sep-06 11:18
352GrahamAhh.. it appears to work .. but it does not.17-Sep-06 11:17
351GrahamI shall try again! I did try this before and got server errors generated.17-Sep-06 11:15
350AntonThe chickenfoot video: 11:14
349PeterWoodIt seems to work without the codes, I tried this :

17-Sep-06 11:09
348GrahamOh well.. I'm getting numerous errors running chickenfoot anyway.17-Sep-06 11:08
347GrahamBut .. you see there are codes in there.17-Sep-06 11:02
346PeterWoodIf you know the names of the drugs in the system can't you just generate the html/get?

17-Sep-06 10:59
345GrahamBut I have to put the drug in the top field, search, select the highlighted item in the list, move it to the right list and repeat till done .. then check interactions.17-Sep-06 10:52
344GrahamI would like to be able to send the drugs to this form for checking for interactions.17-Sep-06 10:52
343Grahamhere's a page 10:51
342GrahamWhich makes it tricky to do using Rebol.17-Sep-06 10:49
341GrahamI want to be able to go to websites, feed data to forms and fill them out and then grab the results .. where the forms are generated dynamically in javascript17-Sep-06 10:49
340GrahamNo, not really.17-Sep-06 10:48
339Grahamthe video shows the guy being able to script firefox to pickup a report from his online banking site.17-Sep-06 10:46
338AntonIs that what you want to do ? Because I just use Privoxy (a web proxy) to filter out the ads.17-Sep-06 10:46
337GrahamPretty cool though to script firefox .. so that you remove ads from your favourite pages17-Sep-06 10:45
336AntonI had a look at XPCOM, which is supposed to be similar to COM (achieves much the same thing). I was overwhelmed by its complexity. I would only go there if I could contact some XPCOM experts.17-Sep-06 10:45
335GrahamAny other ways for Rebol to control Firefox .. browser plugin ??17-Sep-06 10:42
334GrahamIs there any way of controlling Firefox using Com? Or, do we have to use XPCOM ?17-Sep-06 10:41
333GrahamThere was a video link posted on the mailing list to chickenfoot .. which allows you to script Firefox.17-Sep-06 10:41
332AntonJust checked out IBprovider, as linked to by Graham, above. I've decided not to investigate more of it at this stage. Too much complication for me :) I have plenty to do already :) If someone is going to use it, that may change things, but I can't just go around investigating all the possible OLE applications this COMLib allows you to connect to. (Mmmm.... maybe I'm just not big on databases. It doesn't make my blood pulse any faster.)12-Aug-06 15:31
331AntonFourth. This time, I didn't receive any notification, so it was unexpected.11-Aug-06 4:16
330GrahamAnton, is this the third website you've shifted to?11-Aug-06 4:10
329AntonMy website is down, so COMLib page is not accessible for now. Migrating from to 3:39
328GrahamNative OLE DB provider ... has a free version So, perhaps a way for users with /Pro to obtain database access without odbc ?7-Aug-06 1:42
327GrahamMs provide the Active X controls for this unsupported research prototype22-Jul-06 2:05
326GrahamAnyone built a file transfer using FEC ? 2:04
325VolkerEclipse - erm, use java?21-Jul-06 9:15
324Volker"Speech recognition command & control does not work with Rebol apps as long as that is the case and I need that..." Terry claims speech recognition worls pretty well with his products.21-Jul-06 9:14
323Grahamis there any way to reuse some of the eclipse work?20-Jul-06 23:53
322GrahamIt's not so much the look I necessarily want but the support for native functionality.20-Jul-06 23:31
321PekrI am very tempted to know, what is licensing model and extensibility model for R3. Really not much was said in that regard yet ...20-Jul-06 22:05
320CyphreI also agree DLL support should be free in Rebol.20-Jul-06 22:02
319CyphreHenrik: are surely payed by someone for your cool widgets and it is great you can share it with us. So the same can be with other dev products. This all depends on the 'sponsor'. People usually provide something to comunity in case they really need/use it for their own work and IMO in our case that is the only way we can get more complex solutions 'for free'.20-Jul-06 21:59
318HenrikThings like Webobjects for MacOSX cost a lot of money back in the NextSTEP days. Today they are free.20-Jul-06 21:58
317Pekrnice :-) (I got to it trying PythonCard for Python, which uses wxPython, which is just wrapper to wxWidgets)20-Jul-06 21:57
316HenrikI wonder how much money Carl gets from Pro Rebol tools versus end user products like IOS. I think there should be more products like IOS for Rebol Tech to sell, in order to get income from there instead of from developers. You can get really far on other solutions without paying a dime.20-Jul-06 21:57
315Henrikthis also means it would be problematic if one developer were to only create developer products, so we shouldn't do that. balance between end user and developer products :-)20-Jul-06 21:55
314PekrCyphre - I also agree with your another pov, which you had in the past. It all seems simple at the beginning, but once you delve more deeply into it, things start to complicate. Bringing native OS binding for Rebol imo would cost many resources. And I believe first version would be just ugly wrapper, containing more or less stright conversion, using Win32 logic. Isn't there a fact, that others do use other, mainly cross-platform bindings? We have View, but wouldn't native toolkit project be just reinventing the wheel? Others use tk, gtk, qt, wxwidgets, etc.20-Jul-06 21:55
313Henrikthe money has to come from somewhere yes, but use the tools we create, to create more leverage in making money on end-user products.20-Jul-06 21:54
312Henrikcyphre, hopefully it wouldn't have to be the end of it. it should be the final product that users should pay for and native support for GUIs is not the goal but the means. I think it would be a bit sad if Rebol had yet another essential component as payware. you can do most of this stuff for free on other languages, which would cause even smaller motivation for using Rebol as a development platform.

this is why I release my components (LIST-VIEW, Tester, Tab-view, TOOLBAR) as BSD licensed freeware. If I didn't, I would have zero users.

20-Jul-06 21:53
311Cyphre(or at least provide the framework in library form with documentation so people can use it)20-Jul-06 21:53
310CyphreAnother possibility is that you find some company who is interested and pay the developement and make the source open for the comunity.20-Jul-06 21:52
309Cyphre" should not be a luxury item either that you have to pay for" Well, this all depends on the conditions. You can expect this as free stuff in Java world with much bigger developer base. But I don't believe anyone here in our small comunity have enough time/resources to spent hunderds hours on such project just to make some people from the comunity happy and provide solution for their commercial app for free ;)20-Jul-06 21:50
308PekrIf I would consider different UI toolkit, maybe I would look to create some GTK or Qt bindings, as other scripting languages try to do ... those are existing, and even cross-platform, no?20-Jul-06 21:49
307PekrBut we were promissed VID plus will fix that, no?20-Jul-06 21:48
306Pekrthe problem, for me, for Bobik, and maybe for others, could also be, that VID simply has problems, and is not features/styles complete.20-Jul-06 21:47
305PekrI think that what Henrik feels as a problem is not actually "look" at all, but it is the "feel", which is the culprit. I expect UI elements as drop-down, etc., react to keyboard, mouse, just the same as if it would be OS app, or it is denerving, stopping my productivity, which is based upon certain customs ....20-Jul-06 21:47
304CyphreFrom my POV View is still very ligthweight and powerful system for OS independent solutions.20-Jul-06 21:45
303HenrikI agree that native GUI/feel should not be a main part of Rebol, but it should not be a luxury item either that you have to pay for20-Jul-06 21:45
302Pekrok, then, I can accept your pov. But - wouldn't fixing View plus providing certain skin be enough?20-Jul-06 21:45
301PekrI think time of "amiga" (in the sense of non traditional look to apps), is coming back in Internet age ...20-Jul-06 21:44
300CyphreYes, in specific commercial sector people expect the 'conservative' look&feel. But this feature should be provided as an external solution mainy due the increase of binary size of Rebol in that case. I think sch module would be for about 2MB in size.20-Jul-06 21:44
299Pekrthe question is, with Google and others pushing the envelope, how long OS itself will be driving factor of IT evoluion, or it will become a commodity :-)20-Jul-06 21:43
298PekrJust look for e.g. ad Ad-aware vs. Spy and Destroy. Spy & Destroy was chosen by many as better, yet I can see ppl chosing Ad-aware, because of different look actually ...20-Jul-06 21:43
297Pekr... that can be fixed imo, if View gets fixed in those respective areas ....20-Jul-06 21:41
296Pekrof course, maybe it just depends, how professional you intend to be, but as I showed you, completly OS compatible look is not so important. What is imo more important is the feel. If we can't get visual representation of accelerator keys, ctrl tab, rich text, key precise behavior for ui elements, that is what I see as a problem ....20-Jul-06 21:41
295Henrikpekr, I don't believe so. View is essential for those 5 minute apps that you need to do for a friend.20-Jul-06 21:40
294Pekrfor me, RebGUI, look-wise, is very Windows like .... yet some of us, including you, Graham, complained that it looks dull, and if it could be prettified .... :-)20-Jul-06 21:39
293PekrWe use top systems - SAP - they have own look, completly, even behavior to some elements - noone complains ..... we have Lotus Notes - very different look to most of apps, different navigation to app ....20-Jul-06 21:39
292PekrUsing native Windows will certainly kill View completly20-Jul-06 21:38
291Henrikbecause they don't have to ask "why does the program look so weird?"20-Jul-06 21:34
290GrahamUsing native windows will go to greatly improving the success of View based programs in the commercial sector.20-Jul-06 21:11
289Cyphre 20:43
288Cyphre 20:40
287Cyphre(But for example Java has already such toolkit and IIRC it is huge opensource Eclipse tool platform supported by IBM)20-Jul-06 20:38
286Henrikwhich is why it's probably not worth doing for anything other than Windows and OSX. For linux, it would be ... wow... how many different GUI systems do we have there? :-)20-Jul-06 20:36
285CyphreIf you really need noative GUI then this can be the way but remember this is also *lot* of work multiplied by each operating system ;)20-Jul-06 20:35
284Henrikthe same could probably be done for OSX/Cocoa... it would solve many issues with GUI nativity in OSX.20-Jul-06 20:33
283CyphrePekr: You can create and control any windows dialog if you have the API available. (and this can be applied to any other OS feature). So it is possible to create native GUI controlable at the higher level of some dialect(simmilar to VID/Rebgui). People who are making common apps don't need to access it at face level but ofcourse such system would be based on face-like objects with methods related to Windows GUI elements etc.20-Jul-06 20:27
282GrahamCool :)20-Jul-06 20:20
281Pekrhmm, not sure Cyphre, but you are the guru. Does windows has anything like face? If you would use only its windowing system, it is just what win32API allows you - dialogs, etc. - so no such flexibility, unless you would code View like compositing yourself20-Jul-06 20:20
280CyphreIf you write VID/RebGUI like dialect with binding to Windows native GUI why not? :)20-Jul-06 20:19
279GrahamWhile maintaining the flexibility of VID/rebGuI ?20-Jul-06 20:17
278CyphreYes, with the DLL interface you can theoretically create native-like GUI system according to your needs if you have enough time/motivation ;)20-Jul-06 19:49
277GreggI don't know of anyone that's wrapped the ability to use native Windows controls in a REBOL dialect, though it *might* be possible. I think Cal (and maybe Cyphre or Oldes) have emebedded native OS windows in a View window. You might also be able to do it by creating your own windows, using the API, and then interacting with them behind the scenes. It would be a lot of work though, and be highly OS specific.20-Jul-06 12:34
276AntonThat's a big job, I'm afraid.20-Jul-06 7:08
275BenKThat ouwl defeat the purpose; the idea is that the system works for all apps and that the apps themselves do not need to do anything to have it. Wrapping the API and then building it into every single app is not a feasible option. Do you think it's possible to adapt the Vid and RebGUI dialects to integrate with the SPeech API so everything built with those at least would work? (don't know much about how dialects work yet)19-Jul-06 20:27
274BrianHIt would probably be easier to wrap the Speech API and use it directly.19-Jul-06 18:56
273AntonI think that's a tough one.19-Jul-06 16:55
272BenKThe Speech Reco software is the one that comes built-in with Windows XP and Windows Vista (BTW, speech reco in Vista is much better than in XP). It analyzes widgets on the screen by running through all the windows handles (just about everything on a Windows screen is a window) and their labels, so it actually knows there's a menubar with a file menu on it so you can do things like say "Menu" "File" "Open" and it simply works for almost all native apps. It sends the equivalent commands by sending Windows messages to the windows. Problem is, since Rebol widgets do not have their own handles, the system never finds them, doesn't know they're there or that messages can be sent to them...19-Jul-06 14:57
271AntonHmm.. the system port can be used to trap windows messages, perhaps if the command & control uses windows messages you can handle them that way... Can you give more information about the speech recognition software used ? (Is it MS software ? etc..)19-Jul-06 14:23
270BenKIs there any way to get around the fact that Rebol faces are not native Windows "windows"? (i.e. don't have a handle on the system). Speech recognition command & control does not work with Rebol apps as long as that is the case and I need that...19-Jul-06 11:32
269AntonNot sure on this. The postings I find about the COM interface in OneNote a few years ago make the interface sound very lacking. Not sure it's much better now a few year have gone by or not.15-Jul-06 12:14
268GrahamAnton, is there a way to use Com and OneNote?15-Jul-06 9:09
267RobertAnd, as I don't use OL myself, I need to setup a test system.15-Jul-06 8:47
266RobertNot yet, sorry, was busy. I will. Thanks for posting this stuff.15-Jul-06 8:46
265AntonRobert, have a look at the outlook demos.13-Jul-06 15:53
264AntonCOMLib website update: Added outlook-calendar.r and outlook-contacts.r demos. Fixed a few bugs in the main rebol interface file, COMLib.r 15:50
263AntonWell, if it really is COM based, then I imagine it should work.11-Jul-06 7:09
262BrianHA better question is whether COMlib supports OLEDB, which is COM-based. SQL Everywhere works with OLEDB too.11-Jul-06 6:55
261AntonI think that depends on whether ADO.NET supports the older ADO interface or not.11-Jul-06 6:44
260AntonI guess the question is: does COMLib work with ADO.NET ?11-Jul-06 6:31
259AntonNo idea. Do you need it ?11-Jul-06 6:29
258AllenDoes the ado stuff work with this new beastie? .11-Jul-06 1:32
257AntonThanks for your test.10-Jul-06 18:01
256AntonTerry, I found some Agent code in HAL 4000 package. Looks pretty similar to other demos I have seen. I don't see what exactly I'm doing wrong there. I am very suspicious about the TTSModeID setting not working. I'll have to follow that up at some stage.10-Jul-06 17:57
255AntonHmm... yes. Of course, if I could just choose the syntax I would make it much better. For now, still in learning mode.10-Jul-06 14:49
254Henrikwouldn't it be prettier with:

tts: CreateObject [Sapi SpVoice] tts/call [Speak "Hello, let's have a conversation"]

just to make the syntax more smooth and REBOLish... :-)

10-Jul-06 10:08
253Antonpretty similar in COMLib.10-Jul-06 7:42
252Antontts: CreateObject "Sapi.SpVoice" CallMethod [tts ".Speak(%s)" "Hello, let's have a conversation"]10-Jul-06 7:42
251TerryHere's TTS in PHP..

<? $voice = new COM("SAPI.SpVoice"); $voice->Speak("Hello, lets have a conversation"); ?>

10-Jul-06 7:25
250AntonI will publish what I have in the next day or two.10-Jul-06 7:22
249RobertAnd I want to import those into IOS/xpeers :-) so that we can sync to OL. Maybe even in both ways.10-Jul-06 7:19
248Anton.. but when I set TTSModeID it doesn't work. I am not sure if I am using the right TTSModeID or if I am passing it correctly... Robert, I'm extracting Outlook Calendar Appointments and Contacts. Just rudimentary at the moment, though. I haven't figured out how to surely extract all the properties.10-Jul-06 7:18
247RobertAnton, if you made it with the OL connection let me know.10-Jul-06 7:12
246AntonLooks like you just set the .TTSModeID10-Jul-06 7:08
245TerryHow RT manages to charge for library access I'll never understand (even though I paid for it .. once).10-Jul-06 6:44
244AntonI am quite sure I can do better with rebol, but I would have to turn DispHelper inside out to find out the way. As it is, I have left DispHelper untouched.10-Jul-06 6:30
243AntonYes, you can do the chaining of objects easily, and pass args to functions directly, without using the printf-style syntax.10-Jul-06 6:28
242TerryNot to be critical, but the php syntax is much clearer.10-Jul-06 6:23
241TerryWant Macro support.. ?

<? $obj = new COM("AutoItX3.Control"); $obj->CDTray ("H:", "open"); $obj->Sleep (1000); $obj->CDTray ("H:", "close"); ?>

10-Jul-06 6:15
240TerryCOM with PHP is soo easy... drop this into a page on your local server..

<? $word=new COM("word.application") or die("Cannot start word for you"); print "Loaded word version ($word->Version)\n"; $word->visible =1; $word->Documents->Add(); $word->Selection->Typetext("Dit is een test"); $word->Documents[1]->SaveAs("burb ofzo.doc"); $word->Quit(); ?>

10-Jul-06 6:14
239AntonWe'll find out what the difference is.10-Jul-06 5:16
238AntonRighto, thanks :)10-Jul-06 5:16
237TerryThe MS TTS is pretty old technology.. Sounds like Vista may has much better speech recognition and a new TTS. Should check out the beta.10-Jul-06 5:14
236TerryTTS worked, the ms agent just had the bubble. I have some old ms agent code around somewhere that I used with LFReD, along with a dialect.. I'll see if i can find it.10-Jul-06 5:13
235Terry 5:02
234Terrylink?10-Jul-06 4:55
233Anton(This is not urgent, just when you can be bothered)9-Jul-06 16:43
232AntonOn my computer, only balloon text is shown.9-Jul-06 16:43
231AntonI would like someone to test the speech and let me know if the MS Agent character actually talks or not.9-Jul-06 16:41
230AntonIf you've got an older distro, you can just download the full zip and extract the files over your old directory.9-Jul-06 16:41
229AntonUpdated COMLib website a little bit. Amongst other small changes, added demos/speech.r9-Jul-06 16:39
228AntonYes, you can flop around in the MSDN archive for a while before you find what you want. An example which I am working on now is extracting Calendar data from Outlook.9-Jul-06 16:38
227james_nakThat link is not really the best in terms of the nitty gritty. A search through the MSDN site will show other places to look.7-Jul-06 15:20
226AntonThanks for the link ! I don't actually know that much about COM, as it is a proprietary technology, I have avoided it til now.7-Jul-06 15:10
225james_nakYep, six books.7-Jul-06 14:52
224james_nakOK, found something. I bet we have some books in the office as well: 14:31
223james_nakAnton, do you have a source for documentation on the COM lib itself. I.e., what it can do?7-Jul-06 14:25
222Antontext to speech ? not added to website yet. The demo is supposed to show two different ways of getting text to speech; via MS Agent and via SAPI. I haven't got the MS Agent one working properly yet on my system.7-Jul-06 9:43
221TerryWhere's the file Anton?7-Jul-06 7:31
220AntonMmm.. that's two people who commented on the requirement for external library access - I will add a message about that somewhere.7-Jul-06 6:23
219AntonSure, thanks ! I need to remind everyone here also of Benjamin Maggi's great effort in starting this project to begin with.7-Jul-06 6:20
218james_nakAnton, OK DL'd the zip file, tried a couple of files, realized I needed Pro, ran Pro, sat amazed. Nice stuff my man. Thanks.6-Jul-06 21:53
217Anton(not added to the site quite yet.)6-Jul-06 17:59
216AntonText to speech demo is working.6-Jul-06 17:59
215AntonAdded demos/ado.r - ActiveX Data Objects read and manipulate data from a data source.6-Jul-06 11:56
214Antonhaa.. just got FOR_EACH working.2-Jul-06 15:27
213AntonTerry, how about MSScriptControl.r. Were you thinking of anything in particular?2-Jul-06 8:35
212Grahamskype is not ms office1-Jul-06 6:09
211TerryAny non-ms office demos?1-Jul-06 6:01
210AntonIt's good to finally publish.30-Jun-06 9:20
209RobertAnton, cool stuff. Thanks for doing it.30-Jun-06 9:17
208AntonI don't think there's anything in this group that anyone would be offended by publishing...30-Jun-06 7:18
207Grahamno objections30-Jun-06 7:12
206AntonShould make this group web-public. Any objections ?30-Jun-06 7:11
205AntonNow is a good time because it's fresh in my mind.30-Jun-06 7:11
204AntonI just thought of it as one of the scripts that have already been created. Send me any scripts you wish converted.30-Jun-06 7:10
203GrahamDid you want me to have a go at updating the SkyPe script ?30-Jun-06 6:54
202AntonRenamed this group from "COM Supporting" -> "Windows/COM Support"30-Jun-06 6:50
201AntonI've added about ten newly converted demos to the site. Please send me any scripts you would like converted. I've done quite a few now so it will be easy. Then you can see the differences for yourself more easily, too. Graham, I'm thinking of your Skype script.30-Jun-06 6:34
200AntonI just found a nice way to simplify the usage, so the demos are going to get a little bit shorter.29-Jun-06 10:37
199PekrJust dunno, if security (https) can be done that way, support for certificates etc., it is belongs to kernel ...28-Jun-06 14:05
198PekrI prefer plug-in system, so that if someone develops something interesting, I can buy it! RT or third party ...28-Jun-06 14:05
197PekrI think and I hope, that R3 design will be correct this time! No more integrated third party stuff, which does NOT belong to the kernel! The situation with fast-cgi was hilarious. It was never fixed under Windows, ot my knowledge ...28-Jun-06 14:04
196HenrikI think it's a little silly having to ask developers not to develop something even if it's fairly possible to do.28-Jun-06 14:04
195Henrikfor continous value in Command, you'd need something bigger. a different business strategy comes to mind.28-Jun-06 14:02
194Pekrjust ask DocKimbel to release his xy years old version. He did not do that, because RT asked him not to do so. IMO fastcgi is not feature which would ruin RT sales. Except secure mode there is very little value in the rest of Command - outdated ...28-Jun-06 13:13
193DideCOn his site, there is RebFcgi that can be interesting too. But only for Windows ! Any skilled Linux/C coder to addapt it for a Linux Apache Module ???28-Jun-06 12:45
192Pekrwho is :-)28-Jun-06 11:55
191Henrikinteresting one28-Jun-06 11:53
190AntonI will be checking out RebCall at some time to see if it can be used. 11:51
189Henrikbut that would be a big security hole :-)28-Jun-06 11:36
188HenrikI was suspecting it could be working over TCP/IP like Geomol's OpenGL library28-Jun-06 11:35
187Pekrwhy? will not RT release library interface as any other normal language, for free? ;-)28-Jun-06 11:34
186Henrik(maybe it would be worth mentioning to avoid too much excitement?) :-)28-Jun-06 11:32
185Henrikok28-Jun-06 11:29
184AntonYes, to access external library.28-Jun-06 11:28
183HenrikCOMlib requires a /Pro license, right?28-Jun-06 11:28
182AntonAlso, I am here to support it fully.28-Jun-06 11:13
181GrahamOk. I'll have to test it in the weekend.28-Jun-06 11:13
180AntonI have scrutinized the API and cleaned it up, removing seemingly arbitrary divergences from DispHelper function names.28-Jun-06 11:13
179AntonI have removed the use of callbacks, so there is no chance for indeterminate behaviour due to the asynchronous operation of callbacks. Exceptions are now thrown as rebol errors, so you can use standard rebol error checking.28-Jun-06 11:11
178AntonI am confident in it. That is why I have published. I worked really hard for the last couple of weeks. I feel the new API is not likely to change very much from here.28-Jun-06 11:08
177Grahamis it more stable than Benjamin's ? Although I can't say I've had any problems with his.28-Jun-06 10:39
176GrahamAnton, how stable is your fork?28-Jun-06 10:39
175AntonTo see some changes, click on Browse Files, then docs/convert-ben-to-anton.txt28-Jun-06 7:16
174GrahamWhat changes ?27-Jun-06 19:25
173AntonFirst release of COMLib-anton (Benjamin Maggi's COMLib, reengineered) 18:41
172?Yes Brett - CreateProcess5-Apr-06 3:37
171ThÝr.4-Apr-06 19:30
170GreggNot COM related, but I had similar problems with programmtic control of Acrobat.12-Jan-06 17:01
169Antonno news there.12-Jan-06 9:39
168GrahamWas there a solution to Brett's problem ?12-Jan-06 9:06
167AntonNot going to do anything on that for a few days, I think.12-Jan-06 9:05
166AntonI forked and did a lot of cleaning and rebolifying, but I think Benjamin must be real busy or on holiday, because I've been waiting for his email for a while. Also, the more I worked on it, the more I wanted to check the basis of code. Maybe there is better library than disphelper to base on ? I don't know because I didn't check yet. Anyway, I will most l likely continue with my fork as is.12-Jan-06 9:04
165GrahamAny updates on the comlib ?12-Jan-06 6:52

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