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2037Gabrieleiirc they are using some x86 specific features to enforce security, so my guess is no.16-Mar-09 9:18
2036amacleodWould this "Native CLient" run on any hardware that is not x86?16-Mar-09 3:09
2035PekrNice - so web guys are cheating on us, RIA followers, right? First they claim web is the mantra. Then they create new browser to even more split browser/standards penetration, then they allow native code to be hooked. Surely, to make some difference, this one will not be compatible with NS type plugins, to make it even more difficult for devs ...15-Mar-09 8:53
2034Grahamso you have rebol running ??15-Mar-09 8:46
2033Will 7:42
2032GrahamAnyone got the plugin to work with FF3 ?15-Oct-08 19:25
2031GrahamOh well, using it's own window also works :)13-Oct-08 8:28
2030Gabrieleyou could solve using something like event compression etc.13-Oct-08 7:39
2029Gabrielegraham, i think i remember the pluging getting a lot of mouse events (more than the standalone view). i think this was a IE thing.13-Oct-08 7:39
2028GrahamYes, that works better, taking the paint surface out of the browser into it's own window.10-Oct-08 8:40
2027GrahamI thought about enclosing the image inside <canvas> tags .. but doesn't work.10-Oct-08 7:50
2026Grahamthe browser makes a nice container though allowing me to scroll the paint applet10-Oct-08 7:48
2025GrahamI'lll give that a go.10-Oct-08 7:46
2024GrahamI guess I could bring up the paint in it's own window so that it is outside the browser10-Oct-08 7:46
2023GrahamHmm.10-Oct-08 7:45
2022DideCI looks = It looks10-Oct-08 7:45
2021DideCI looks like events are flowing too much. I guess events have to "traverse" the browser and then go to view.dll. Maybe you should try an event filtering like romano/gabriele's one. eat.r is in, but is old. I think there was an earlier version somewhere (Romano's web site : url ?)10-Oct-08 7:45
2020GrahamI had always imagined that the view.dll ran just like View in terms of speed.10-Oct-08 7:09
2019Grahamthe plugin doesn't seem to show up in task manager.10-Oct-08 6:58
2018GrahamOr, any View experts here .... Anton??10-Oct-08 5:57
2017GrahamAnyone using IE can tell me why the paint is so very slow? 5:48
2016GrahamIE9-Oct-08 9:19
2015TerryChrome?9-Oct-08 9:18
2014GrahamI don't recall the plugin being this sluggish9-Oct-08 9:17
2013TerryThat industry is as bad as government when it comes to IT9-Oct-08 9:14
2012GrahamMost docs in the USA and Canada get prescription requests by fax from the pharmacy9-Oct-08 9:13
2011TerryStill9-Oct-08 9:13
2010GrahamOh, and Canada9-Oct-08 9:13
2009GrahamIt's for the USA. Not for me9-Oct-08 9:13
2008TerryWhy faxes? Do they not have internet in NZ?9-Oct-08 9:12
2007Grahamthe paint is a bit sluggish :(9-Oct-08 9:10
2006Terryok9-Oct-08 9:08
2005Graham 9:06
2004Grahamlet me do a quick video9-Oct-08 9:03
2003Terrydid you need a password to draw on it?9-Oct-08 9:02
2002Terryahh..9-Oct-08 9:01
2001GrahamThat's the term Cheyenne uses for a password protected area of the webspace9-Oct-08 9:00
2000TerryHow do you define webapp?9-Oct-08 8:59
1999GrahamI can paint on an image that is stored in the Cheyenne webapp9-Oct-08 8:58
1998GrahamIt's working ...9-Oct-08 8:58
1997Terrythat's quite the mashup9-Oct-08 8:57
1996GrahamWhat I am doing now is storing the image in the webapp public area. I think create the embed object with a parameter pointing to the image. the embed object loads the paint program and then loads the image as the parameter.9-Oct-08 8:56
1995Graham 7:38
1994Graham<PARAM NAME="Args" VALUE="?"> ? Command-line arguments passed to the script (available in system/options/args).9-Oct-08 7:37
1993GrahamAnyone know how to pass parameters to the plugin?9-Oct-08 7:32
1992Grahamthe fax is on a remote site and will be converted to png by imagemagick9-Oct-08 6:44
1991GrahamSo, I'll have to dynamically generate the plugin code. Sound right?9-Oct-08 6:41
1990GrahamI guess my plugin code will have to pass the image as a parameter to the code so that it loads the image.9-Oct-08 6:41
1989GrahamIf I use the paint program in the library ... as a plugin9-Oct-08 6:40
1988GrahamI am thinking of building something that will allow me to annotate faxes9-Oct-08 6:39
1987Graham>> exists? connecting to: == true9-Oct-08 6:10
1986GrahamIE 7 works. FF3 gives this error Firefox could not install the file at

because: Install script not found -204

9-Oct-08 6:10
1985GrahamWhat is the status of the plugin ? Does it work for FF 3? IE 7? Chrome ?9-Oct-08 5:29
1984amacleodMy mistake. The front end ran but rebol apps do not on the linux box...never mind4-Sep-08 1:55
1983amacleodI was able to use it on my linux box with firefox. I know there is know plugin for linux firefox and I do not have any form of the plugin on that machine.3-Sep-08 19:39
1982BrianHYou would need a rebol dll for the operating system and hardware of your phone. If it is not running Linux you may be out of luck, and if it is you would need to request a build. The WinCE build of REBOL is an old port of /Core for the handheld pc version of WinCE with no support for onscreen keyboards or Smartphone edition, and there is no build for Symbian.3-Sep-08 19:23
1981amacleodI just discovered Tim Wylie's Wrapper for the rebol plugin. It works for FireFox3 Google's Chrome and Opera. It allows you to have multiple rebol apps running in seperate draggable windows inside the browser window. I tried it on opera mini and although the "dock and Application laucher windows show and app windows open the apps do not seem to run. I'm not sure how the wrapper works if its on the server side or client side. It worked on a fresh install of opera without me downloading the plugin dll (but it may have been there from a previous experiment.) Anyone know if opera mini could run this? This could be a great way to get rebol apps on my mobile phone3-Sep-08 19:17
1980GreggI haven't tried using anything past v5. We got it stable and then just left it alone.17-Apr-08 21:54
1979amacleodI downloaded version 7 of he cab file. All the demos point to version 5. You should not need to go serach for a new version and manulaly delete old versions.

The docs also state that if there are version #'s in hte rebol head of the app the plugin will aluto update the cashed version if a new version is pointed to. I can't get this to work. Is this working?

17-Apr-08 19:47
1978amacleodI was playing around with some of the Demos for the plugin. They were working fine and then I got hte request to download the active-x component. I downloadred thing perhaps I had an older version installed but now the plugin is not working. I get a REBOL/VIEWdll window with "Show on face in closed window." printed inside. Anyone?8-Apr-08 0:36
1977ChrisI think this is for an older version of the plugin: Need to look into bringing it up to date...19-Jun-07 2:57
1976Henrikyes, javascript is quite amazing18-Jun-07 18:10
1975Maximthe above will show a small page which has a button... click on it and the current URL is poped up in a new window :-)


18-Jun-07 17:48
1974Maxima ha... just figured it out... simply put the variable as the last thing in the script:

rebol []

view layout [ button "test" [view/new layout compose [vtext (do-browser {var url = document.location.href; url})]]]

18-Jun-07 17:47
1973Henrikhmm... I'm not sure about that. I don't think I got that far.18-Jun-07 17:45
1972Maximhenrik, I don't seem to be able to retrieve values from javascript... how do I get values FROM do-brower .... do you know?18-Jun-07 17:45
1971Maxima ha... do-browser :-)18-Jun-07 17:00
1970Maximthanks : -)18-Jun-07 16:59
1969Henriknothing is finished, but you can at least see some DOM calls somewhere in there :-)18-Jun-07 16:56
1968Henrikmaxim, I made this a long time ago, shortly after the first plugin came out: <-- all files can be seen here

18-Jun-07 16:55
1967Maximhi guys, I can't find ANY example of calling javascript within the plugin ! can any one just give an example where I get some values from the DOM (I'd like to retrive the current URL from which the plugin was called, so I can talk to the server... a tool I built needs to be setup for each site... (without changing the code... its compressed.)18-Jun-07 16:49
1966OldesI§m sure plugin is very important as it will be much more esier to get Rebol on client side than on servers... all the PHP server admins are too lazy to allow something new18-May-07 15:25
1965Maximbut it works, when you understand the concept, and just ask for install after having allowed it.18-May-07 15:21
1964Maximin IE the install is flawless... on FF you have to know about "allowing" install, and usually that's not obvious for the non-techie.18-May-07 15:21
1963Maximyes its actually installs with no hassels (almost)18-May-07 15:20
1962Oldes:-)18-May-07 15:20
1961Maximimagine people's eyes when they will see they can have two browers speaking to each other without the need for a server!18-May-07 15:20
1960OldesPekr.. good thing is, that I was able for the first time install the FF and Opera version without problem18-May-07 15:19
1959Maximjust to make it easier to show-off to non-rebolers18-May-07 15:19
1958MaximI wanted to make an elixir in browser, put now, I can't!18-May-07 15:19
1957Maximwe need the docs back on line!!!!18-May-07 15:18
1956Pekrit could be at least used to present rebol view capabilities ... docs could be hidden, untill there is new version out with proper security ...18-May-07 15:18
1955MaximI really think the current plugin has its uses, its very cool to have an unrestricted plugin for some applications. but a more protected environment would be much easier to disseminate at large.18-May-07 15:17
1954OldesBut I'm sure, that the Rebol security requestor cannot be worst, as most of the file paths it's asking to allow are not visible (if they are not in root)18-May-07 15:17
1953Pekrwell, its system dialog box ... try rebol based one? Maybe there would be no trouble, dunno .... you would also have to check with adblock18-May-07 15:16
1952OldesI think this is not blocked 15:15
1951Pekrwhat I can see a problem still, is, rebol "windowing". We use dialog box aproach. If I have window embedded in plug-in, and want to raise requester e.g., it will pop-up, and hece could be blocked. That is why I suggested, that maybe VID+ should think of native rebol windowing ... not sure what others think about it ...18-May-07 14:47
1950PekrI hope plug-in wrapper is open-source too. Tighter securite is something I agree with (after long discussion of Anton and Brian I believe it is a necessity). The idea was to limit amount of plug-in writeable data to disc, amount of max windows opened, etc., and to have certificates based aproach. You would buy certifikace and hence could develop full fledged apps with SDK.18-May-07 14:45
1949Rebolekactually as I understood that, the plugin part will be open source, so I'm not sure, if it's going to be done by RT themselves18-May-07 14:45
1948Pekrthe development was stalled because of security concerns, and Josh was working on some document, which he was supposed to have "out really soon". Then he announced that Carl set him another goal. I think noone is working on plug-in part recently.18-May-07 14:43
1947Pekrthe plugin itself has nothing in common with rebol - it is just a wrapper, and latest incarnation of plug-in was able to handle multiple instances.18-May-07 14:42
1946Rebolekthis will be adressed in r3 according to carl's speech18-May-07 14:41
1945OldesI'm using at least one plugin script all the time18-May-07 14:38
1944Pekrthat might be initial problem, but still better to run one of them, than none ....18-May-07 14:37
1943Oldesech.. so the dragging is not working in Opera... never mind... it was not mentioned to be used inside browsers18-May-07 14:37
1942OldesI thing that bigger problem is, that you can run only one instance18-May-07 14:35
1941PekrIt is REAL pity proxy problem was not fixed. It was so annoying show stopper, that we could be light-years ahead. Stupid decision to postpone that single fix.18-May-07 14:33
1940Pekrheh, the window drag - interesting consequence :-)18-May-07 14:32
1939PekrI just tried, yes, it works ...18-May-07 14:32
1938Oldesthere is just a problem that if I drag the window outside, there is no chance to get i back... only reload:)18-May-07 14:28
1937Oldesanyway it's quite interesting that I can drag the window across all the web space... this is not possible with Flash (without JS calls)...18-May-07 14:27
1936Oldesand have multiplayer rooms... but... still waiting for R3 first18-May-07 14:24
1935Oldesmaybe I could connect it with my chat server:]18-May-07 14:23
1934RebolekPekr are you also able to post score online?18-May-07 14:22
1933PekrI did not expect it ... so we don't have proxy here ... hmm ... the proxy problem is a pity, because other than that, we could already use plug-in ...18-May-07 14:18
1932Pekrhey, this little game works for me here ...18-May-07 14:17
1931Oldesand it's probably know problem, that Rebol plugin is not using browsers proxy settings18-May-07 14:09
1930Oldesech.. yes18-May-07 14:05
1929Rebolekit's 14:02
1928Oldesand because it took me some time... there is this important difference, if you center faces inside plugin: ;system/version ==

center-face: func [ obj [object!] /with face [object!] ][ if none? face [face: system/view/screen-face] obj/offset: max 0x0 face/size - obj/size / 2 + face/offset obj ]

;system/version == center-face: func [ {Center a face relative to parent (screen for windows) or a sibling face.} obj [object!] /with "Center relative to a sibling face." face [object!] ][ if none? face [face: any [obj/parent-face system/view/screen-face]] obj/offset: max 0x0 face/size - obj/size / 2 + either with [face/offset] [0x0] obj ]

18-May-07 14:00
1927OldesMy old remake of even older dockimbel's remake - R-box game is online again... http://box.lebeda.web/~hmm/rbox2/18-May-07 13:55
1926Oldesas there is missing doc.. how should be placed the plugin2 object on the page?18-May-07 13:01
1925xavierthe plugin version i used wasnt the good one for the demo on the site, but i could use the chat on compkarori. Can someone tell me how much version of the plugin exists and wich is the last stable one ?13-May-07 16:14
1924LouisThanks, Gregg. As soon as I can find time, I'll try to get it to work.7-May-07 15:55
1923GreggI haven't used sound in it, but a slideshow should be safe. If you already have a desktop version of the app, it should be easy enough to set up a page to try it under the plugin.7-May-07 2:31
1922LouisI want to use it to show a narrated slide presentation on my web site. Can it safely be used for that?7-May-07 0:51
1921GreggThere is a 2.6.2 release that doesn't say "Beta" on it, but I don't know if that qualifies, as there may still be some issues, depending on how you want to use it. I'm using it, knowing there are limitations.6-May-07 21:26
1920LouisDid the plug-in ever get finished?6-May-07 15:29
1919PekrI checked some older discussions, and it seems you can place user.r into Sandbox dir. The trouble is, I can't find it right now, as it changed in latest plug-in incarnation :-) Will try at home ...9-Mar-07 14:15
1918Maximbut if the client is doing internal work, he can set the proxy manually no? and in this case the plugin works?9-Mar-07 13:55
1917Maximso they give out the good solution for the wrong market and such details get placed low, when in reality, they are primordial... just like the interactive DOS sessions, and stupid current directory issue under DOS, which renders Encap virtually useless in many conditions.9-Mar-07 13:54
1916Maximyes. RT is good at giving solutions, but lacks vision into market needs.9-Mar-07 13:52
1915Pekrnot patching this simple issue was a bit of mistake imo ... community could put xy interesting demos online. But it is not worth it, if 99% of corporate ppl are behind the proxy.9-Mar-07 13:52
1914Pekrregistry functions are unset imo after the boot, because of security reasons. The question is - if View can detect proxy automatically, why plug-in can't.9-Mar-07 13:50
1913Maximget-reg is used everywhere... depending on the def browser.9-Mar-07 13:50
1912Pekrsource get-net-info9-Mar-07 13:49
1911Maximwhich checks the registry of IE right?9-Mar-07 13:49
1910Pekrproxy detection happens in get-net-info ... right after Rebol boot ...9-Mar-07 13:48
1909MaximI really wanted interactive dos shell session... :-( but that meant a little bit more code to detect if we where *in* a dos prompt already and doesn't seem trivial as per Carl's explanations.9-Mar-07 13:47
1908Maximhaving had some little thing done by carl for me resulted in no change of the startup really.. (the special encap version)9-Mar-07 13:46
1907Maximyes its possible, the boot sequence of REBOL seems a bit hard to manipulate...9-Mar-07 13:45
1906PekrMaybe the trouble was, that plug-in tried to connect before such code was applied during boot, dunno ...9-Mar-07 13:44
1905Maximyet more hope in R39-Mar-07 13:44
1904Pekrhmm, actually I re-read my private exchange with Josh, and it seems Rebol detects proxy itself, if manual proxy config is set.9-Mar-07 13:44
1903MaximI hope that Carl sees all this nonsense and that he understands, that unless he can employ 10 full time programmers... he has to make all of this open source and relinkeable like python. (even if the core interpreter is closed) 99% of bugs are not related to it.9-Mar-07 13:44
1902Pekrno, it can't imo ...9-Mar-07 13:40
1901Maximis the proxy issue something that can be patched via mezz or is this really something that has to be done within the binary/9-Mar-07 13:39
1900ChrisYep, just use -- document.getElementById('mydiv').innerHTML = mystring;27-Feb-07 2:28
1899IzkataHmm.... You could probably just store it in a string and swap it in and out of a DIV tag. Usually much easier than messing with frames.....27-Feb-07 0:20
1898MaximIts been a long time since I've played with javascript... so I'm not only rusty, I'm shut. ;-)26-Feb-07 17:43
1897Maximis there a way to store web content in another frame and swap it on demand?26-Feb-07 17:42
1896OldesI'm not sure if understand what do you want. If you want to leave page and come back without stopping plugin inside the page - it's not possible26-Feb-07 17:40
1895Maximhas anyone succeeded in embeding the plug within a div which is persistent or resident in some way (like in another frame, or something) so that browsing the same page twice actually just shows the previously launched plugin (so as to not have to actually restart it everytime...) ???

I guess this is not just rebol pluging related, as the same effect would be desired for a flash based plugin too.

26-Feb-07 17:16
1894OldesI would say, that current plugin is still in alpha version26-Feb-07 11:27
1893TerryHmm, every demo I've tried using a fresh install has issues of some type or another.. trying to decide if this this is alpha, or beta at best?26-Feb-07 5:34
1892Maximaha !! thanks!6-Feb-07 20:12
1891RebolekMaxim, Local Settings is hidden folder and that's why you haven't found the file I think.6-Feb-07 16:05
1890OldesThe files are here: c:\Documents and Settings\your_user_name\Local Settings\Temp\REBOL\Plugin\6-Feb-07 15:41
1889OldesMaxim, you can save files from plugin, I'm using it.6-Feb-07 15:39
1888VolkerHavent tried too, so i dont know.6-Feb-07 14:56
1887VolkerOur designer. Played a lot with the plugin IIRC.6-Feb-07 14:56
1886MaximI thought by setting the object's size properties through the DOM... I haven't tried.6-Feb-07 14:56
1885VolkerBut byreloading a div?6-Feb-07 14:56
1884MaximChris?6-Feb-07 14:55
1883Volkerdo not know. I guess Chris knows.6-Feb-07 14:55
1882Volkeri hope that still works. Andi hope javascript can read/write thru net. Or only with ajax&callback?6-Feb-07 14:55
1881Maximdo you know if we can properly resize the plugin size using javascript? or will in not refresh?6-Feb-07 14:55
1880Volkeryou can call javascript and get back a string AFAIK.6-Feb-07 14:54
1879Maximyou can access the cache through javascript? write and read?6-Feb-07 14:53
1878Volkerhmm, through javascript you could use browser-cache.6-Feb-07 14:52
1877Volkeryes,butmore slow too.6-Feb-07 14:52
1876Maximbut so far I am getting no results... and unless someone steps in to explain to me how I can write stuff out (read as gives me an example snippets which works on their machine)... I won't continue trying.... I've got other things to tackle first...

and obviously in normal web dev, the server is the file store, so you'd speak to it using http get and post... so as long as you have access to adding hooks on the server too, you can work out a virtual disk system through your web server... more safe too.

6-Feb-07 14:50
1875Maximme too.6-Feb-07 14:47
1874Volkerthought that door was left open in the beta6-Feb-07 14:47
1873VolkerYes, and simply restrict the filesize. Or better use an virtual filesystem, like a zip.6-Feb-07 14:47
1872MaximThis would be in the intent where people develop internal apps and deploy them through the intranet... in such cases file access would be acceptible.6-Feb-07 14:47
1871Maximbut if the plugin had a properties page, we could allow some scripts domains or ip addresses specific rights. all set to off by default. and all prefs values encrypted when saved of sent to registry, so that no virii or other nasty can allow its site to run unhindered.6-Feb-07 14:45
1870Volkerhmm. did not explore that far.6-Feb-07 14:43
1869Maxim(talking about file writing)6-Feb-07 14:43
1868MaximIIRC It was argued, that it would be too easy to make DOS attacks ... ex:

loop 100000 [loop 10000000 [write/append %dos-attack.txt "1234567890"]

6-Feb-07 14:43
1867Volkerthere is no linux-plugin :(6-Feb-07 14:41
1866Volkertry a alert mold what-dir6-Feb-07 14:40
1865Maximreading seems to be ok... but not writing.6-Feb-07 14:40
1864Maximran that in the browser and then did a full disk search and I never found One file named test.txt :-(6-Feb-07 14:40
1863Maximtalking about saving files in the plugin... I did a simple (very) test...

rebol [] write %test.txt "test"

6-Feb-07 14:39
1862ChrisUse Firebug to inspect which DOM properties give you the correct height...28-Jan-07 21:16
1861Oldestry to use just .height28-Jan-07 20:34
1860Maximsorry, DAMN CTRL-S reset again:

do-browser "document.getElementById('REBOL').offsetHeight"

in IE returns proper height, in firefox 2.x I get 19

28-Jan-07 20:16
1859Maximdo-browser "document.getElementById('REBOL').offsetHeight" in firefox returns 19 !!28-Jan-07 20:15
1858Maximanyon can tell me how I can fix a web page containing a rebol plugin, so it detects the vertical size properly?28-Jan-07 20:15
1857Maximstupid questions... does current plugin allow us to access files and save out? (using file browser or not)27-Jan-07 21:19
1856Grahamthey are written for the earlier plugins7-Dec-06 17:27
1855CharlesSdoesnt*7-Dec-06 17:26
1854CharlesSyea dont work for me either7-Dec-06 17:25
1853Mcheanbut you are right the other demos on the rebol site don't work7-Dec-06 16:54
1852Mcheanthanks Graham that does work7-Dec-06 16:53
1851Grahammany of the existing demos don't work.6-Dec-06 23:28
1850GrahamDo any of the demos work? ( ) is a working demo ...6-Dec-06 23:28
1849McheanAfter installing what do I have to do next6-Dec-06 22:52
1848McheanNeed some assistance in running the plugin from Opera96-Dec-06 22:51
1847AntonThat's a good sign.25-Oct-06 3:36
1846GrahamJust installed FF2 and the plugin still works.25-Oct-06 0:50
1845AntonI'm sorry, I don't know, just making the point that perhaps you shouldn't rely on this method.24-Oct-06 8:59
1844Grahamand this is?24-Oct-06 8:51
1843AntonThere might be a way, but probably you can't rely on this technique, with browser security being what it is.24-Oct-06 8:48
1842GrahamIn javascript this is done using, or window.location=(url)24-Oct-06 7:54
1841GrahamAnyone know if it is possible to get the rebol plugin to cause the browser to navigate to another page.24-Oct-06 7:54
1840Grahamthe main test page for the plugin doesn't work, but this does 7:31
1839Maximthat's pretty neat!24-Oct-06 7:08
1838Grahamrebol windowing system using the plugin 7:00
1837GrahamWhat do people think?24-Oct-06 4:58
1836Grahamso, this little server waits for commands, and then either browses to the required page in an iframe, or, opens up a new tab and puts the page there.24-Oct-06 4:58
1835GrahamSince IE7 always opens a new window on browse/only, I wonder if I can use the plugin to setup a little server to control IE behaviour.24-Oct-06 4:57
1834GrahamAnyone know how to set the footers, and headers for printing using the plugin ?22-Oct-06 22:53
1833GrahamCan someone at RT update the plugin test page 22:52
1832AntonLouis, no problem. Glad I could help you.13-Oct-06 17:36
1831Anton>> do as-string to-binary mold logo.gif == make image! [100x24 #{ 25252514141414.....13-Oct-06 17:35
1830LouisThanks also to Anton, who always helps me through the difficult parts.13-Oct-06 14:50
1829LouisThank you Dockimbel! Cheyenne made this possible.13-Oct-06 14:48
1828LouisSweet success! It now works perfectly running under Cheyenne on my local machine. Now for testing on a remote server.13-Oct-06 14:45
1827LouisI have one other idea.13-Oct-06 13:59
1826LouisNo, I don't think build-pack.r will work either, as it would have to download all the data with the script before the slideshow would start.13-Oct-06 13:57
1825Louisbuild-pack.r from the library seems to be just what I need.13-Oct-06 13:20
1824LouisI remember seeing a script that did this once, but I don't remember which script it was. One of Carl's perhaps.13-Oct-06 12:03
1823LouisIf I use to-binary to convert an image to a binary string that can be stored in the View script, how can I then display it?

image to-image binary-string

doesn't work.

13-Oct-06 12:02
1822LouisSimplicity is turning complicated.13-Oct-06 7:51
1821LouisOk, I put the data into the script as a block of blocks, but now the plugin cannot load the image files.

Am I at a deadend here? or is there still a way to make this work?

13-Oct-06 7:47
1820LouisHowever, when I try to run my slideshow script, the plugin is unable to load the data file.13-Oct-06 7:43
1819LouisDoc, thanks. My test script now runs.13-Oct-06 7:41
1818Grahamso change the extension ?13-Oct-06 7:14
1817DockimbelSo .r files will be treated as static ressources.13-Oct-06 7:09
1816Dockimbelbind-extern CGI to [.cgi]13-Oct-06 7:09
1815Dockimbelto13-Oct-06 7:08
1814Dockimbelbind-extern CGI to [ .cgi .r ]13-Oct-06 7:08
1813Dockimbel.r files are treated as CGI script by default in Cheyenne. To change that, you have to edit the httpd.cfg file and change the following line :13-Oct-06 7:08
1812LouisWhat? Continue?13-Oct-06 6:50
1811AntonWhat does browse http://localhost/slideshow/test.r give you ? What is shown in the browser ?13-Oct-06 6:04
1810LouisNo, I spoke too soon. http://localhost/slideshow/test.r is the plug in script.

http://localhost/slideshow/SlideShow2.html still gives the error.

13-Oct-06 4:54
1809LouisAnton said:

No I mean directly opening that url in a browser, eg:

browse http://localhost/slideshow/test.r

OK, that works! Would you believe it? I was doing the same thing wrong that I did earlier. I misunderstood the reason behind it. Anyway this does not appear to have been caused by Cheyenne, but merely by my ignorance. Anton, thanks again for your help!

13-Oct-06 4:46
1808AntonYou should look into Cheyenne's options regarding Rebol Server Pages and see it there's a way to disable it for certain scripts.13-Oct-06 4:03
1807AntonYou're using Cheyenne as the web server, so probably Cheyenne is doing the rebol script as it would to support Rebol Server Pages.13-Oct-06 4:02
1806AntonI expected your console session to look like this:

>> print read http://localhost/slideshow/test.r connecting to: localhost REBOL [] print "What?" ask "Continue?" >>

and not this:

>> print read http://localhost/slideshow/test.r connecting to: localhost What? Continue? >>

13-Oct-06 4:01
1805AntonIt seems to me that reading this url is not getting the rebol script that you are expecting, so of course the plugin is going to fail when you direct it to it.13-Oct-06 3:58
1804AntonNo I mean directly opening that url in a browser, eg:

browse http://localhost/slideshow/test.r

13-Oct-06 3:56
1803LouisYes, that is when I get the error message. First the web page displays with a box containing the message REBOL/Plugin, then a REBOL/ViewDLL window pops up with the error message.13-Oct-06 3:41
1802AntonHave you tried opening that url in a browser ?13-Oct-06 3:37
1801LouisOK, thanks.13-Oct-06 3:32
1800AntonRight, well, it looks like it is not a plugin issue, but a url or webserver issue.13-Oct-06 3:30
1799Louis127.0.0.1 makes no difference.13-Oct-06 3:28
1798Louis>> exists? path-thru http://localhost/slideshow/test.r == false >> probe info? http://localhost/slideshow/test.r connecting to: localhost make object! [ size: 15 date: none type: 'file ] >>13-Oct-06 3:26
1797AntonBut that "What? Continue?" doesn't look right to me :) Try instead of localhost and see if that makes a difference.13-Oct-06 3:21
1796Antonprobe info? path-thru http://...13-Oct-06 3:19
1795Antonexists? path-thru http://....13-Oct-06 3:18
1794LouisWhoops! a few repeats there; I pasted too many times.13-Oct-06 3:11
1793Louiseditor path-thru http://localhost/slideshow/test.r

brings up an erro message saying the file cannot be read (perhaps because it doesn't exist?)

print read http://localhost/slideshow/test.r returns

>> print read http://localhost/slideshow/test.r connecting to: localhost What? Continue? >>

>> print read http://localhost/slideshow/test.r connecting to: localhost What? Continue? >>>> print read http://localhost/slideshow/test.r connecting to: localhost What? Continue? >>>> print read http://localhost/slideshow/test.r connecting to: localhost What? Continue? >>

13-Oct-06 3:10
1792AntonYou would examine the cached file using: editor path-thru http://localhost/slideshow/test.r But let us see what this returns: print read http://localhost/slideshow/test.r13-Oct-06 2:20
1791LouisI just deleted all off-line content cached by Internet Explorer. The problem remains.13-Oct-06 2:00
1790LouisSorry for the delays in answering. I'm paying by the minute, so have to log off while waiting for people to answer.13-Oct-06 1:24
1789LouisI don't know about the caching question. How do I check that?13-Oct-06 1:19
1788LouisI'm running Cheyenne so I can test the plug in on my local computer.13-Oct-06 1:17
1787LouisHere is the script that calls it:

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Test - REBOL Plugin Demo</TITLE> <script language='javascript' src=''></script> </HEAD> <CENTER> <H1>Test - REBOL Plugin Demo</H1> <OBJECT ID="REBOL_IE" CLASSID="CLSID:9DDFB297-9ED8-421d-B2AC-372A0F36E6C5" CODEBASE=",0,0,0" WIDTH="360" HEIGHT="442" BORDER="1" ALT="REBOL/Plugin"> <PARAM NAME="LaunchURL" value="http://localhost/slideshow/test.r"> <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" value="#ffffff"> <PARAM NAME="version" value="1.0.2"> </OBJECT></CENTER></BODY></HTML> <script language='javascript'>postamble();</script>

13-Oct-06 1:16
1786AllenHow is it being called? Why is it going via do-thru?, is the script (cached by do-thru) exactly the same as the remote one?13-Oct-06 0:19
1785LouisHere is the script that is being called:

REBOL [] print "What?" ask "Continue?"

12-Oct-06 23:57
1784LouisI get the following error message:

** Syntax Error: Script is missing a REBOL header ** Where: do-thru ** Near: do/args url arg >>

but there is a valid rebol header. What could be causing this?

12-Oct-06 16:08
1783GreggOr the version in your HTML page?28-Sep-06 14:47
1782GreggYou mean the version in your script header?28-Sep-06 14:45
1781JaneksUps - finaly I got what was wrong - if you used in the past larger verion numbers - it is not good idea to reset them back to smaller. Soory for disturbance!28-Sep-06 10:40
1780Oldesthe new plugin has problems with relative paths - try to add full path to your script28-Sep-06 8:50
1779JaneksI reinstall plugin but it is the same - here some more explanation: I can not to get to run the new version of script in rebol plugin - always getting old version, despite I changed version values in both files (web page and script) Yestrday I solved it so that I saved script with new name - than it worked - I could by changing version values run new version of script in plugin. But today with the same file can not.

I have web page for plugin: >>>>>>snip<<<<<<<<<<<<< <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-10"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="PRAGMA" CONTENT="NO-CACHE"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="CACHE-CONTROL" CONTENT="PRIVATE"> </head> <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

<OBJECT ID="RPluginIE" CLASSID="CLSID:9DDFB297-9ED8-421d-B2AC-372A0F36E6C5" CODEBASE=",0,0,0" WIDTH="240" HEIGHT="85" BORDER="1" ALT="REBOL/Plugin"></center> <PARAM NAME="LaunchURL" value="rmapsconsole03.r"> <PARAM NAME="Version" VALUE="1.5.0"> </OBJECT> </body> </html> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>snap<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

and script in the same directory

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>snip<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< REBOL [ Title: "Rebol Web Kartes" Version: 1.5.0 Author: "Janeks Kamerovskis" ]

mapsize: 400x300 imgType: "JPEG"

mainWin: layout [ t1: text "AAA" button 200x20 "Atvērt" [ do smoething ] do [ t1/text: "Text changed" show t1 ] ]

view mainWin >>>>>>>>>>>>>>snap<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

28-Sep-06 6:56
1778CyphreJaneks: read this page carefully:

and try to install the latest plugin automatically. Let us know if you have any problems.

27-Sep-06 16:21
1777Anton(That took me a while... I don't have ActiveX controls enabled in Firefox, so I had to install the plugin manually from the zip provided for Opera.)27-Sep-06 15:27
1776JaneksI can't get to run new version of my script in my web page. I am changeing version numbers to the same at the both ends (html page and script) - no success.? What else could I missed.27-Sep-06 10:50
1775LouisThis will be a rebol promotional.19-Sep-06 11:25
1774LouisOh, and along with your photo please send a wav file telling who you are, what you do, and why you like programming in rebol. Limit the length to 1 ot 3 minutes. No porno pics or bad language, please. Not I think any of you would ever do anything like that. :>)19-Sep-06 11:24
1773Louis... along with an explanation of what it is.19-Sep-06 11:16
1772LouisOr, if you have an interesting photo of anything else rebol related, send that.19-Sep-06 11:11
1771LouisIt cannot be appreciated without the appropriate data. If you will each send me a picture of yourself (jpeg file), then I will see what I can do. Can the files be sent via AltME file sharing? I've never used it and would like to put it to a test.19-Sep-06 11:09
1770Volkerrar can make self-extracting exes and open the unzip-folder.14-Sep-06 14:20
1769Volkeri put rebol.exe and a small launch-script in a zip and tell "install rebol, click *.r" some people got it.14-Sep-06 14:17
1768Maximor post it on a reb site ?14-Sep-06 14:08
1767OldesWhy to wait, all people here can do: do http://... to run it:-)14-Sep-06 13:56
1766LouisJoshM, where are you?14-Sep-06 12:23
1765LouisHopefully, everyone will find it both fun and useful.14-Sep-06 12:21
1764LouisIt will be public when I put it on my web site. Once I am sure it will work with the plugin I will release the source here.14-Sep-06 12:19
1763Pekranything public, or just private? :-)14-Sep-06 12:16
1762LouisMy app is done and waiting to be used. And I am waiting to use it.14-Sep-06 12:15
1761Pekrof course, as for rebol itself, you can prepare your app ahead - it is still standard View 1.3.2 imo, just in form of a dll, being called via plug-in dll API14-Sep-06 12:06
1760Pekryes, of course :-) but I would not run any plug-in app, untill some issues are resolved - it means - proxy, W2K bug introduced with latest one, auto plug-in installation for major 3 browsers ....14-Sep-06 12:05
1759LouisI have a program waiting to be used with the plugin. Have you noticed that waiting is hard sometimes? :>)14-Sep-06 12:03
1758Pekrwe all wait for RT to bring more info ... when Carl left for vacation in France, Josh told us, that he was redirected to do another things. No further info yet, just Carl noting somewhere here, that they worked on plug-in security issues or what, which was found as a necessity ...14-Sep-06 11:59
1757LouisDoes the plugin work yet? Does is have security holes? Does it only have a problem under win2k?14-Sep-06 11:57
1756HenrikProgress?8-Sep-06 21:05
1755Claudecan we expect a solution IE proxy exception on rebol plugin ????? :-(8-Sep-06 21:05
1754Claude.8-Sep-06 21:03
1753Tomcthat is a good idea Pekr, a day or two of public delay in exchange for working demos.15-Aug-06 23:55
1752PekrJosh - could rebol plug-in release be coordinated with us here? Sometimes RT simply released stuff suddenly, so we could not comment further. Mine idea is to get some kind of coordination for plug-in script submission page. It is in unpleasant state. I vote for carefully choosing WHAT script will be presented on main site. We have now chance for kind of wow effect, which will not be created, if we don't choose coolest scripts imo. We should look in various demo sections of Desktop, as well as contest and simply be sure, that posted stuff works out of the box ....15-Aug-06 15:25
1751JoshMUpdate on plugin-status. Carl has returned from France, and we are working on fixing the Win2k problem.27-Jul-06 6:06
1750GrahamAny news here ?25-Jul-06 0:38
1749james_nakJosh, I said "goodbye" to my win2k machine. I'm now looking forward to using PG2 on XP.11-Jul-06 18:38
1748GrahamJosh, only ever have seen it just the once.11-Jul-06 6:31
1747JoshMGraham: Have you been able to get this to reproduce consistently, or was this just a one-time occurance?11-Jul-06 6:21
1746GordonJoshM: Thanks for looking into getting this working for Win2K. Half of my customers and half of my machines are still on Win2K.10-Jul-06 15:58
1745GrahamWell, the plugin is on the home page of my IE browsers. So, when I started up IE, I used the stop button to stop the plugin, and ended up with the rebol desktop in the plugin10-Jul-06 7:45
1744JoshMGraham: Please post repro steps for how you got the REBOL desktop to appear, if you have any.10-Jul-06 7:16
1743JoshMCyphre: It seems like the problem is related to how REBOL is parsing the " * 1.7" part under Czech locale. It seems like it's not multiplying it by 1.7, but rather by 1. IOW, it is ignoring the decimal point when parsing the number. It is possible that the IE plugin build is defaulting the locale to U.S., hence why it works there. Note the following results under FF:

>> 128 * 1.7 == 128,.0 >> 64 * 1.5 == 64,.0 >> 5 * 1.2 == 5,.0 >> 5 * 2.2 == 10,.0 >> 5 * 3.8 == 15,.0

I'll need to research this with Carl when he gets back.

10-Jul-06 7:13
1742JoshMGordon: The plugin is currently broken under Win2k. We're working on that, hope to have it fixed by the end of the month.10-Jul-06 6:47
1741JoshMCyphre: I will research that. Seems like a locale problem.10-Jul-06 6:46
1740AntonIs the problem with the plugin in Win2K, or is there a problem with Firefox in Win2K ?10-Jul-06 5:41
1739GrahamI don't exactly know how it happened, but I had the rebol desktop appear in my plugin!10-Jul-06 3:15
1738GrahamThere's a problem with Win2K.10-Jul-06 0:21

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