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90Maximon my HD... some look and feel issues have kept me from releasing it. I need to clean it up and that takes time... for my part I don't mind the few display quirks for my apps...10-Sep-09 5:42
89amacleodavailable?10-Sep-09 5:40
88Maxima lot ;-)10-Sep-09 5:40
87amacleodMaxim, how much further have you developed GLayout since the site was updated?10-Sep-09 5:39
86amacleodGlayout webpage: page last updated: 2-Nov-200610-Sep-09 5:38
85xavieri ve tried it and its very efficient7-Jan-08 23:00
84GiuseppeCMaxim answered on the Mailing List about GLayout vs RebGUI describing GLayout. I suppose I will have to take a look at his project too.15-Dec-07 12:56
83Maximsometimes you'll need to call refresh on the window itself, cause the new/old faces will change how the whole tree of groups measure up against each other3-Jan-07 21:15
82xavierok it sounds cool3-Jan-07 21:14
81Maximif you ever change something interactively and wish to recompute the layout (cause the sizing needs have changed for any reason) then call refresh on any face or group.3-Jan-07 21:13
80Maximremember that you can (just like in VID) assign your face AND groups to variables in order to manipulated them afterwards (replacing panes, for example)3-Jan-07 21:11
79xavieryes placing them not resizing ... i m sorry3-Jan-07 21:10
78Maximcolumn if you want to stack your faces in Y , row to stack them X .

it has no effect on resizing.

3-Jan-07 21:10
77xavierorder3-Jan-07 21:09
76xavierand row if i want to resize it in x ?3-Jan-07 21:09
75xaviercolumn if i want to resize it in y3-Jan-07 21:09
74xavieryes but it remain simple and logical3-Jan-07 21:09
73Maximjust remeber that every thing has to be wrapped within columns and rows, which is the main difference in code.3-Jan-07 21:08
72Maximif you allow field to stretch in Y , then, obviously it will look weird, since you'd end up with a multi-line text entry which actually only has one line entry...3-Jan-07 21:06
71xavierok i test it3-Jan-07 21:06
70Maximthis layout for example:

column [ header "enter text" field ]

will popup a window which stretches only in x by default

3-Jan-07 21:05
69xavierok i see ... i m less affraid of trying to rewrite all that :)))) thanks3-Jan-07 21:05
68Maximyess you'll see within a few minutes of testing how it reacts.3-Jan-07 21:03
67xavieryes but in general its always usefull to resize at least the windows that contain the faces3-Jan-07 21:02
66MaximI sometimes add an elastic (an actual glayout style) within a group, or add the elasticity to a face, just to allow the gui to resize even though it has no real advantage in resizing.3-Jan-07 21:00
65xavierok it will be possible cause i have few styles heavilly modified : i just needed a text area wich can be erased when clicked and a field where all letter were typed in majuscules3-Jan-07 21:00
64Maximyes each direction being indepent... elasticity and stretching are pairs... you specify your face's needs independently.3-Jan-07 20:58
63xavierwant3-Jan-07 20:57
62xavierok so i need to have all widgets resizable if i cant a window resizable in every direction ?3-Jan-07 20:57
61Maximthere are also other powerfull functions which allow other tricks with groups, or to easily to extend the dialect of a style for example.3-Jan-07 20:55
60Maximthis means that if no face in a layout can stretch or is elastic, the window will never allow resizing in that direction... trying to resize it beyon, will effetively resize the window back to its nominal size, allowing the other axis to resize freely.3-Jan-07 20:54
59Maximbasically, you receive a size as input and then refresh your face based on that size. it will always be guaranteed to fit within the specs you gave within calc-size3-Jan-07 20:53
58Maximwhich is handled in the gl-layout function.3-Jan-07 20:52
57Maximonce all face have resolved the size they need/expect/allow a second process is space attribution3-Jan-07 20:51
56Maximcalc-size also lets you allocate default size and hard set minimal size of your face.3-Jan-07 20:51
55Maximcalc-sizes is a function which lets your style decide what kind of space requirement it has, if it benefits from extra space (like a field or list) and this is independent in X and Y.3-Jan-07 20:50
54xaviermost of the time i dont need to resize the styles on it3-Jan-07 20:50
53xavierfor the moment i just need to resize windows3-Jan-07 20:49
52Maximall you really have to supply (if one of the current sizing extensions does not do what you need) is implement two methods.3-Jan-07 20:49
51Maximall the resizing algorythms are handled within the groups themselves based on indicators which are included within the gadgets and sub layouts they contain.3-Jan-07 20:48
50MaximBy default its easy to add VID styles if you use the static-sizing extension by default. This means you do not expect your face to resize, and is very easy to accomodate (obviously)3-Jan-07 20:48
49xaviercan i reuse them ?3-Jan-07 20:47
48xavieri have a stylesheet where i created my personnal widgets in vid3-Jan-07 20:47
47Maximsome styles are not part of glayout (for no real reason other than time and user demand)3-Jan-07 20:46
46Maximthe exact nature of your tool will make it easier or harder.3-Jan-07 20:46
45Maximcool , you can recycle some/most of it.3-Jan-07 20:45
44xavierand having features as elasticity3-Jan-07 20:45
43xavieri was wondering if there was a possibility to reuse what i have already wrote3-Jan-07 20:45
42xavieri have intention to use GLayout to improve an interface i have already, wrote in vid3-Jan-07 20:44
41Maximhi3-Jan-07 20:44
40xavierhello maxim3-Jan-07 20:44
39Maximarrows in file requestors , good idea. I didn't put any shorcuts there, I didn't realize how usefull that can :-)6-Nov-06 1:40
38Maximthe more users I have the more I commit to priorities. it helps with the motivation. :-)6-Nov-06 1:39
37IngoHi Maxim,

looks very good! Only the colors don't match my personal taste ... And I like to work with up and back arrows in file requestors, which yours doesn't have ...

Guess I should now start to learn more about it ...

4-Nov-06 19:29
36xavierno problem, my question was about preallocation and refine vid but it is something that can help with the existing vid ... it will be sufficient for my needs1-Nov-06 22:20
35MaximI think I misunderstood your question. Its possible some methods could be extracted from GLayout, but I have no time to do that kind of task.1-Nov-06 22:02
34Maximnext week.1-Nov-06 21:47
33xavieran help to create widgets in vid ?1-Nov-06 21:47
32Maximthere is also the refine-vid function which lets you add word to any style's dialect very easily. it even pre-allocates some local vars for you, keeping you from stomping the global space too much.1-Nov-06 21:30
31Maximso you can change values, setup pointers. sort of like the init block.. must much less obscurely.1-Nov-06 21:28
30Maximthe post layout hook, allows you to react to the layout, just after its done, but before moving on to other gadgets.1-Nov-06 21:27
29Maximthis is how the scroll pane works. it adds its scrollbars to the layout, dynamically and then lets the layout take care of everything.1-Nov-06 21:27
28Maximsome usefull tidbits are pre and post layout hooks... which allow a style to add faces to its spec BEFORE layout is called (usually much easier than trying to create faces directly).1-Nov-06 21:26
27Maximimporting current VID styles should be pretty easy. nothing is removed. ex: I still use the obscure init block myself.1-Nov-06 21:25
26Maximits VID based, so any current draw blocks set in the effects can be used. the buttons, field, and choice use AGG for their rendering.1-Nov-06 21:24
25xavieru think about using agg directly ?1-Nov-06 21:23
24MaximMANY hooks allow you to control how stuff is created, rendered, resized, etc.1-Nov-06 21:23
23Maximthe real power lies in the engine and api. The way styles can be created is pretty cool.1-Nov-06 21:23
22MaximI am looking into putting time on improving the look a bit, or in the least allow a bit more global control.1-Nov-06 21:23
21xavierit looks very clean, i think i ll use it for my next interfaces1-Nov-06 21:22
20Maximsome visuals are borrowed from henrik's previous work.1-Nov-06 21:22
19xavierlooks amazing, i just tried it and its wonderfull1-Nov-06 21:21
18Maximthere is a link to some info about it in the glayout-demo.r.

menu: "Features > Gui snapshots"

1-Nov-06 11:19
17Maximcan anyone give me feedback on the GUI snapshot feature?1-Nov-06 11:18
16Maximits a quick slap of many styles and serves as a simple preview and hint about some of the GLayout features like full nested resizing, advanced menuing, inspector, and snapshot.1-Nov-06 11:17
15Maximfor those of you who missed the announcement, there is now a GLayout demo on you can lauch it via:


1-Nov-06 11:16
14MaximGLAYOUT LICENSE in last release IS NOW MIT1-Nov-06 10:58
13MaximGLayout now only functions on view 1.3.21-Nov-06 10:57
12yeksoonmy preference is also BSD (or MITish)22-Sep-06 2:10
11Maximhehehe (wrt demand)22-Sep-06 1:07
10Maximin detail, unless you use slim-link to produce a source which INCLUDES glayout or slim, your application is not obliged to be open source, this applies even when your application is encapped. just keep the slim.r and glayout files external and you are still ok in using it.22-Sep-06 1:06
9Graham:)22-Sep-06 1:05
8GrahamI demand it now!22-Sep-06 1:05
7Maximyes.22-Sep-06 1:05
6MaximI am also willing to license GLayout differently on demand.22-Sep-06 1:05
5GrahamSo, if it resides on the local drive, and you load it each time .. you're okay?22-Sep-06 1:04
4MaximGlayout is LGPL meaning unless you link it within your code, you do not get infected with GPL.22-Sep-06 1:04
3MaximFirst topic ! LICENSE22-Sep-06 1:03
2GrahamIs the documentation better?22-Sep-06 1:03
1Maximok, lets talk about GLayout here :-)22-Sep-06 1:03

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