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2514Pekrhmm, maybe not, just slides here. I had videos from both devcons on my old pc, which is now sold to my friend and hd formatted, so no luck here ...18-Apr-08 4:41
2513PekrI might have those videos too ...18-Apr-08 4:39
2512BrianHI use it to keep my downloaded programs updated, by keeping track of where they came from so I know where to look. Qtask could probably use something like this in its files section.18-Apr-08 4:11
2511ReichartInteresting.18-Apr-08 4:09
2510BrianHI don't like it much now, but haven't found anything better yet.18-Apr-08 4:05
2509BrianHKeeps track of referring pages, lets you make file comments, etc.18-Apr-08 4:02
2508BrianHThe download manager I used to download the videos, which is very good at managing the downloads after the download is done.18-Apr-08 4:01
2507ReichartWhat is FlashGet?18-Apr-08 4:00
2506BrianHFlashGet has been my friend.18-Apr-08 3:59
2505ReichartCool....18-Apr-08 3:58
2504BrianHI got the source to Carl's slide show script from his blog - don't know whether it's still there.18-Apr-08 3:57
2503JoshTHanks!18-Apr-08 3:54
2502BrianHBetter yet, the web site I downloaded them from still has them! 3:53
2501BrianHI think I still have them.18-Apr-08 2:48
2500ReichartI do have them...but let me confirm, does anyone here know of another source?18-Apr-08 2:46
2499JoshReichart, if you have those videos, I would like to see them17-Apr-08 21:47
2498JoshYeah, what happened to the devcon site?17-Apr-08 19:37
2497ReichartIf no one steps up with them, I have a copy of them all on Qtask...1-Feb-08 0:02
2496amacleodI do not seem to be able to connect to the devcon 2007 site. I want to review a couple of the seminar videos. Any idea where to get them?31-Jan-08 22:48
2495PekrDoes it have REBOL installed as an interpreter, so that you could a bit automate filming, and go out for coffee? :-)20-Jun-07 12:15
2494PhilBThr Red is supposed to be awsome ..... they talk about it all time on Twim (this week in media).20-Jun-07 12:14
2493Henrikyes, it's a pretty crazy camera. digital cinema photography is finally growing up.18-Jun-07 19:42
2492Maximmy god that camera is a BEAST !!! 12 MPx at 60 fps (60 FULL frames and in 12 bit RAW / per channel )18-Jun-07 19:11
2491Maximwow! what a beautifully ogrish piece of tech!18-Jun-07 19:05
2490Henrik:-)18-Jun-07 19:03
2489Henrikmaxim, here's a good camera to use: 19:03
2488Maximnext devcon I will take care of the video. I will bring a real recorder (or rent one wherever we are) and bring a tripod, even make a few lighting tests beforehand. my labtop has firewire input so we will be able to grab and release feeds within the hour (or two ;-).18-Jun-07 19:02
2487HenrikI enjoy listening to Macbreak. A bunch of mac nuts get together and talk (sometimes) about mac and apple in general, but if it weren't for the lighthearted mood and humor, I wouldn't be listening to it. Perhaps a bunch of rebol nuts could get together like this and exchange ideas and talk gripes and goodies for rebol, about what you do with rebol and how it fits into your daily life.18-Jun-07 18:51
2486Henrikreichart, the way you talked seemed very appropriate for a podcast18-Jun-07 18:48
2485?We need to get our act together for future conf to record evrything well.18-Jun-07 18:35
2484?My video is there and works, I DLed it and played it. I'm currently UL it to Qtask so we have it for ever. The quality though is REALLY bad, and I talk too fast.18-Jun-07 18:34
2483?I'm still looking into it.18-Jun-07 17:56
2482AlanBrianH, there is a problem with that file as Reichart can verify18-Jun-07 17:47
2481BrianHI grabbed them with a download manager, except for Reichart's which 404s.18-Jun-07 4:31
2480AntonYou redefined 'in17-Jun-07 14:14
2479Cyphre(don't know why but I'm getting some strange error when not set the ports to none under REBOL/View 16-May-2007, otherwise with setting to none it works ok)16-Jun-07 23:59
2478Cyphreforeach file [ ] [ if error? try [ in: open/direct/binary join file out: open/new/direct/binary/write file len: to-integer (to-integer in/locals/headers/content-length) / 1024 siz: 0 chunk: 4096 print "" while [data: copy/part in chunk][ siz: siz + length? data print ["^(1B)[Awriting file:" file to-integer siz / 1024 "KB of" len "KB..." ] insert tail out data ] close in close out in: out: none ][ print ["ERROR during transfer of" join file] ] ]16-Jun-07 23:57
2477Cyphrethis is a version with partial download:16-Jun-07 23:57
2476DideC.14-Jun-07 20:40
2475Gabriele90% of the time i just use MPlayer. the remaining 10% VLC.14-Jun-07 19:34
2474?Yeah, that is the one my seemed to hang on too.14-Jun-07 19:14
2473Alanwhat is up with the ? only 3k I have qt pro so can convert to what ever format ppl want if needed14-Jun-07 18:39
2472eFishAntAlways good to get a fix on rebolutionary ideas even if it's just once a year. I am thinking that it is not possible to OD (overdose) on innovative ideas. In the future it would be nice to "Jack In" (Johnny Mnumonic movie) the technology dose. Maybe an earpiece and an eyepiece?14-Jun-07 13:14
2471?True : )14-Jun-07 12:52
2470Pekr?14-Jun-07 12:08
2469Pekrwell, otoh, why should I look for the script - you can download via browser manually, no? there is not so many videos anyway ...14-Jun-07 12:08
2468Pekrhmm, wait a minute, Reichart ....14-Jun-07 12:08
2467?I can't get all the movies due to my memoru limit ( on this computer).14-Jun-07 12:07
2466RebolekPekr: I use quicktime alternative, works very well in MPC. Quicktime is one of the most terrible things I've ever seen. As terrible as Acrobat Reader.14-Jun-07 12:07
2465PekrI will report back14-Jun-07 11:45
2464PekrI will also check by Gspot application - it should reveal what is missing in the processing chain .... imo it is some video filter, as sound runs ok ...14-Jun-07 11:45
2463Pekron Windows I use ffdshow (really best imo) and I will try one suggested splitter (from Matroska), which might resolve the issue. Then I will try VLC, or look for QuickTime update, but I have version 7 already and I don't want to go for Pro version ...14-Jun-07 11:44
2462PekrIt lead me to read one evening about codecs, splitters, filters, etc etc., so it was quite educating ...14-Jun-07 11:42
2461PekrI will try ....14-Jun-07 11:42
2460Henrikpekr, perhaps VLC will work?14-Jun-07 11:41
2459Pekrthose damned apple formats/tools/systems :-)14-Jun-07 11:28
2458Pekrit does not run in my quick-time :-) Probably needs some filter for H.264? Sound runs though ...14-Jun-07 11:28
2457AntonThanks DideC !14-Jun-07 11:26
2456AntonGoody!14-Jun-07 11:26
2455Grahamand yeksoon blogged about it 10th Sept 200614-Jun-07 7:59
2454GeomolFound a link on REBOLWeek: His batch-download is here: 7:54
2453GeomolWhere is Anton's homepage?14-Jun-07 7:51
2452Pekrit uses partial downloads and even if it fails, it starts from that place and continues .... not sure where I have it. But someoneš mentioned Anton did some batch downloader?14-Jun-07 7:29
2451Pekrthere is somewhere my script called download-it!.r or so ...14-Jun-07 7:28
2450Pekr:-)14-Jun-07 7:28
2449?** Script Error: Not enough memory ** Near: write/binary file read/binary join >>14-Jun-07 7:22
2448Maximcool, so my ass will be immortalised ;-)14-Jun-07 5:58
2447?Thanks for the script. My plan is to upload these to Qtask as well, so we always have them in the future.14-Jun-07 5:57
2446Grahamjust kidding ..if you tried the above on dialup ... it would not be a wonderful experience :)14-Jun-07 5:29
2445AshleyNo, why?14-Jun-07 4:32
2444GrahamAshley, are you still on dialup ?14-Jun-07 2:38
2443GrahamUse Anton's batch downloader for this ...14-Jun-07 2:38
2442Grahamyeah right!14-Jun-07 2:37
2441Ashleyforeach file [ ] [write/binary file read/binary join file]13-Jun-07 23:34
2440eFishAntWow, thanks so much Dider, glad you came back from lunch! ;-)13-Jun-07 20:29
2439DideC 18:22
2438DideCDownloadable videos are available now. Enjoy !!!13-Jun-07 18:22
2437?They are still at lunch...7-Jun-07 21:40
2436Alanstill no link for the videos for the devcon ?7-Jun-07 17:17
2435Gabrielewe should probably resurrect the scripts on 20:18
2434Maxim(I mean photographs)1-Jun-07 20:16
2433Maximanyone posted their images of the devcon 2007 online?1-Jun-07 20:15
2432Henrikthere31-May-07 8:53
2431SunandaAnyone a member of Amigaworld? Could you update this thread so it doesn't end on such a downbeat note? Last post, pre-DevCon, says <<Unfortunately, server that is hosting the REBOL devcon site has been changed and is experiencing some trouble.>>31-May-07 7:53
2430?Cool....30-May-07 17:55
2429AntonMerci DideC, looking forward to it.30-May-07 12:19
2428GrahamThanks30-May-07 10:56
2427DideCI'm on the task. I wait for a link from François to upload them to Qtask. It will probably take days to do it, so be patient.30-May-07 10:48
2426Terry(oops.. now we'll never see the vids)29-May-07 22:03
2425TerryWar with the French?


29-May-07 21:52
2424btiffinLOL! Reichart...oh so random...29-May-07 21:12
2423?War?29-May-07 20:39
2422AntonI haven't had a reply yet from my email. Maybe another avenue should be tried...29-May-07 12:10
2421Gabrielenope, i don't have the 2007 ones, actually i wanted to dowload them to archive together with the 2004 and 2005 ones... i did rtsp + http back in 2004, so it's not only possible but quite easy.29-May-07 5:49
2420?I think not, rather someone in France.29-May-07 5:02
2419MaartenGabriele?29-May-07 4:52
2418?We just need the people who have teh orignal videos to upload them directly. Who is that person?28-May-07 23:28
2417MarioThe on demand broadcast seems not dumpable as with the ultraverbose vlc -vvv rtsp:// I can see the video and see the "SETUP <url>/trackID=4" and PLAY RTSP commands while, with the dump parameters: vlc rtsp:// :demux=dump :demuxdump-file="" the SETUP and PLAY don't work (actually they are not even tried) and I get VLC media player 0.8.6a Janus [00000288] main input error: no suitable access module for `rtsp://' [00000279] main playlist: nothing to play I also tried some vlc scripting but with no success28-May-07 11:38
2416AntonI sent a mail to asking for direct access to the DevCon videos.26-May-07 6:38
2415?I will move Qtask questions/answers to !Qtask...23-May-07 17:47
2414btiffinReichart; Does that mean I can export a Qtask "REBOL look busy" calendar?23-May-07 17:33
2413Anton(François Jouen and Pierre Sahores)23-May-07 17:33
2412AntonSo I can't request the files from them that way.23-May-07 17:32
2411AntonCool. I tried, but there seems no way to add myself to the sahores-conseil website.23-May-07 17:32
2410?I made a task on Qtask Rebol Devcon for Didier. They can upload them all to Qtask. Qtask has syndication of Qwikis and Files coming today (in fact).

So Qtask can now host public files.

23-May-07 17:30
2409?Yeah, that is what we need, another challenge...23-May-07 17:24
2408Willme23-May-07 17:24
2407AntonUmm.. anyone speak French ? :)23-May-07 17:24
2406AntonThe French team have obviously handed down a tech challenge, which we can't resist.,23-May-07 17:23
2405Willyea then I could dl and batch convert to multiple formats if needed, at least could try to.. 8-)23-May-07 17:19
2404?Why don't we just get teh French team to hand over the original files!?!23-May-07 17:18
2403WillI'm not sure there is a way to save the udp stream, they shuld enable tcp/http so we can dowload and save, then maybe transcode to a more friendly format23-May-07 17:17
2402AntonWe're trying to ! :)23-May-07 17:16
2401?Can we just move them all to (for example)? Throw them on a page in a simple clean table

[Date and time of talk | Name of speaker | subject | link to movie ]

23-May-07 17:15
2400AntonTherefore I shouldn't have to do anything to my router, right ?23-May-07 17:10
2399Antonhang on... I can stream the video in Firefox QuickTime plugin.23-May-07 17:09
2398Willfrom page 29 17:06
2397WillSome client computers located on networks that use address translation may also be unable to receive UDP packets, but they can receive media thatÕs streamed over HTTP connections23-May-07 17:05
2396Will 17:02
2395Willthe darwin streaming server can be configured to stream rtsp on tcp I think23-May-07 17:00
2394AntonOh, maybe I can open UDP on my router...23-May-07 16:56
2393Gabrielemplayer allows me to force tcp... but i get only audio. it would still be much easier to just have a simple http download link... KISS23-May-07 16:54
2392Gabrieleit seems like the problem is that RTSP wants to send me UDP packets... but i'm under nat.23-May-07 16:52
2391Gabrielethe http link seems to redirect to the rtsp one (at least VLC reports that)23-May-07 16:41
2390Gabrielelinux23-May-07 16:40
2389Willand you are on window right?23-May-07 16:39
2388Willmaybe there is a problem with that23-May-07 16:38
2387WillSRC=""23-May-07 16:38
2386Willthe embed tag has:23-May-07 16:38
2385Will<param name="src" value=""> <param name="qtsrc" value="rtsp://">23-May-07 16:38
2384Willthe object tag has:23-May-07 16:37
2383Will 16:37
2382Willdoes this work for you?23-May-07 16:37
2381Gabriele(why can't this be a simple http download?)23-May-07 16:26
2380Gabrieledoes not work for me using either vlc or mplayer23-May-07 16:23
2379WillOHH and at a great high quality 8-)))23-May-07 16:13
2378WillGREAT GREAT!! thanks a lot to all that contributed 8-))23-May-07 16:13
2377AntonThanks Henrik.23-May-07 14:46
2376Henrik 12:08
2375HenrikVideos are online:23-May-07 12:08
2374AntonThat's just one application of the idea.21-May-07 10:59
2373Pekryou have "fat" client, which can interpret it. The question is, once you render your window, is layout still valid?21-May-07 10:56
2372Pekrjust why send it as an image? it should be sent as VID - SAP does it too - that is their advantage in comparison to other ERPs, as they do it like VID.21-May-07 10:56
2371Antonand the new event datatype will be good for this too.21-May-07 10:54
2370Antonvirtual windows - rendering graphics into an image means that a stream of images can be sent over a network to another user in a "terminal services"-like session.21-May-07 10:54
2369Oldeswith R3 it should be possible to make own windowing system... but still don't know how to make it secure.... I mean if module can expand into global, what if I don't want loaded modules to do that (I mean if I for example want to open foreign script in virtual window)... anyway... I think the case with rendering into image is described scenario of current: DRAW image commands21-May-07 10:49
2368Pekralso - virtual windows - rendering graphics into image .... does it mean we get native VID windowing? (would be usefull for browser-plugin, because in other case we have to limit amout of OS level windows opened, whereas with rebol windows (vid style), noone would mind, as nothing would pop-up ...21-May-07 9:47
2367PekrI would like to ask, re. posted slides - why is rebin a problem and hence is deferred?21-May-07 9:46
2366Henriknow I'm beginning to wonder whether REBOL could be useful under XNA on the XBox 360.21-May-07 9:41
2365Henrikhmm... so much new stuff. feels like I have to learn rebol all over again. :-)21-May-07 9:39
2364btiffinIts seems to be a small url hiccup in the blog. is the real link.21-May-07 4:58
2363TerryThe requested URL /article/" was not found on this server.21-May-07 4:49
2362btiffinCarl posted his presentation21-May-07 1:07
2361Gabrielerewrite, async (R3 devices are async just like amiga devices)20-May-07 16:59
2360VolkerWith task available that should make no big difference?20-May-07 14:36
2359Pekrwasn't is said, that new kernel is async, but http initial release will be sync only?20-May-07 13:08
2358GrahamAsync ?20-May-07 11:17
2357GrahamIs this a rewrite, or tweaking of the existing protocols?20-May-07 11:17
2356Grahamhttp takes a day or two ?20-May-07 11:17
2355Gabrieleso it should be... a few lines and you have a fully functional user interface, for all the common cases.20-May-07 10:08
2354Gabrielemy first goal is....... i don't want to spend time writing guis for simple apps.20-May-07 10:07
2353Gabrieleas much as possible.20-May-07 10:07
2352Henrik(when VID is complete, that is)20-May-07 10:05
2351HenrikGabriele, how comprehensive do you plan to make VID out of the box this time?20-May-07 10:05
2350Gabrielewe plan to have full graphics with rich text by july, with vid (at least the basics)20-May-07 10:04
2349Gabrielerebin may be delayed after july... but it depends on the time carl will have during june20-May-07 10:03
2348Gabrielerif (ladislav may be able to finish it for july), os part of unicode (community can help a lot here)20-May-07 10:02
2347PekrSo, what is missing in R3? I remember something from conference, but not much - RIF, Unicode, rebin ...?20-May-07 10:01
2346Pekrcool.20-May-07 10:00
2345Gabrielepetr: that's something the "wrapper" should do. grab some windows expert and you'll have a solution - you won't need rt to do builds for you anymore ;)20-May-07 9:59
2344Gabrielewell... i want to do keep-alive etc. but that's part of the design issues to discuss20-May-07 9:58
2343Pekrhopefully proxy will be automatically detected on Windows :-)20-May-07 9:58
2342Oldeshttp1.1?20-May-07 9:58
2341Gabrielebut there are many issues to discuss and documents to write...20-May-07 9:58
2340Gabrielewe need just http for june 1st and that should take a day or two20-May-07 9:57
2339Gabrieleit's being developed next week ;) the native part is done and Carl does that.20-May-07 9:56
2338Pekrhmm, so how is networking being developed, if you have not touched it yet? :-)20-May-07 9:56
2337Gabrielenetworkind and vid, yes.20-May-07 9:55
2336Gabrielei'm in the dev team... that's why i get it before june 1st ;)20-May-07 9:55
2335Pekrare you in charge of networking? VID?20-May-07 9:55
2334Oldesmaybe I could try it again;-]20-May-07 9:55
2333PekrGabriele - so what actually is your role with RT? I thought you are in "selected" dev team already?20-May-07 9:55
2332PekrCyphre is solid, he would not disclose it to us, even if friends :-)20-May-07 9:54
2331Gabrielepetr, i'll get my copy in a couple days........ richard is the only one on the planet except carl having a copy (oops, should not have said that ;)20-May-07 9:53
2330PekrGabriele - from your pov ... is it usable? You know, when 2.0 "project Contra" was released, it was more than fine and stable ... :-)20-May-07 9:53
2329Gabrieleyes, july 15 is public20-May-07 9:52
2328Pekrbtw - what is the plan for initial release? will it be released only to some selected developers initially, and July, 15, to the public?20-May-07 9:52
2327Gabrielestated release date for "select developers" is june 1st20-May-07 9:52
2326Oldesif the "little" is not too relative20-May-07 9:51
2325Pekryeeeeessss! :-)20-May-07 9:51
2324Oldesyes...yes:]20-May-07 9:50
2323Gabrielewe have 2.7.6 almost ready... and R3 will be in alpha in a little more than a week20-May-07 9:48
2322Gabriele:-)20-May-07 9:46
2321Pekrchasing bobcat? :-)20-May-07 9:42
2320Gabrielei have asked Carl too - he's just been busy with other things.20-May-07 9:38
2319Henrik(touché) :-)19-May-07 18:32
2318?He is working on it...

Anyone know when the DevCon guys are going to post the sessions?

19-May-07 18:24
2317PekrPlease, could someone closer to RT ask Carl to post his slides? It is one week from conference already ....19-May-07 17:50
2316RebolekWait 'till July. Slides will be hopfully available sooner :)18-May-07 8:49
2315OldesI want to see R3 rather than slides18-May-07 8:45
2314Pekrno, and I worry Carl went for other priorities already and we will not see the slides :-)18-May-07 8:41
2313MaartenHas anybody found the slides/videos online?18-May-07 7:18
2312McheanYes what have we learned?15-May-07 17:06
2311?I would really like to see all the other other talks.13-May-07 18:57
2310?Cool, then we just need to push getting those streems online (hopefully edited to just teh actual talks) ASAP13-May-07 18:57
2309Ladislavanyway, I will update the include.html file soon for you to have the information available13-May-07 18:04
2308HenrikI saw the isight on day one, attached to a macbook pro, sitting about half a meter to the left of the webcam.13-May-07 16:57
2307PhilBsomebodydaid there was an iSight (apple) camera next to the stream camera.13-May-07 16:57
2306?So, was the whole thing recorded, unrelated to the streams? In other words, did someone have a DigitalVideoCamera recording everything?13-May-07 16:55
2305Henrikladislav, sorry to hear that. it was a bit difficult to make out what you said, and it didn't help that the camera hardly ever pointed at the screen.13-May-07 16:46
2304Ladislav...where the attached keyboard was the worst possible according to french people - half Apple, half Windows layout13-May-07 16:30
2303LadislavI trained with another computer where I was able to switch the keyboard layout to English as opposed to the small tablet-like device13-May-07 16:29
2302Ladislavsorry for the technical difficulties during my speech13-May-07 16:28
2301Ladislavback from the Devcon13-May-07 16:28
2300LadislavHello everybody13-May-07 16:27
2299eFishAntI started a checklist here for people to put their favorite highlights from Devcon into it (maybe useful in the future for ideas, and also a way for people to learn more)13-May-07 15:54
2298RebolekGraham I wanted to write something, but I'm not sure when I'll get some time to do it.13-May-07 12:29
2297GrahamNo takers??13-May-07 9:08
2296GrahamIs there anyone who went to devcon 2007 who wishes to write a report on the conference? If so, we can publish on the rebolweek blog13-May-07 7:55
2295RebolekBut it's pretty fun thing to do :))13-May-07 7:49
2294RebolekProbably I'm not. Sound synthesis in Rebol is really not the straightest way to become millionare :)13-May-07 7:45
2293TerryMontreal is a great city13-May-07 6:24
2292Jean-FrançoisHow about Montreal, It would be "half way" for all those in the northern hemisphere...13-May-07 6:05
2291btiffinOne kidney and a piece of liver at most :)13-May-07 2:07
2290?You're not using Rebol correctly if you have sell a liver... : )13-May-07 2:05
2289RebolekHi, back from DevCon. It was AMAZING! Re: next DevCon location, there was a push from the so-called 'czech connection' for next DevCon to be in CZ, but Maui is really nice idea. But I have to sell both my liver and kidney to get there, so I'll wait for some closer location in following years :)13-May-07 0:35
2288?<rusty-keyboard>12-May-07 20:00
2287?Im realy proud actualy to see Rebol grow the way it has (sounds silly but it is), there are susch a load of people doing so many intesting things with Rebol its realy refreshing to see the time and science they put it their projects..fantastic...12-May-07 19:59
2286?But i prefer the holiday in Maui ;-)12-May-07 19:54
2285?Yep if its Amsterdam then is for use ;-)12-May-07 19:53
2284MaartenI like the concept of the "World Domination Tour" (WDT).12-May-07 18:34
2283Pekrif DevCon would be in Europe, I vote for Amsterodam - 1) Maarten could help with organisation 2) I listen to two Dutch bands 3) you can legally smoke marijuana there - that would be cool beginning of innovative ideas to devcon - to smoke Carl and talk about Rebol possibilities ;-)12-May-07 17:07
2282Pekrcool Dolphines :-)12-May-07 17:05
2281AntonThat's pretty cool :-)12-May-07 16:15
2280KajShe snorkled out too far into the ocean, and was brought back by two dolphins. Apparently a common occurrence there12-May-07 16:12
2279GreggIt sounds like we need to start a schedule for DevCons. :-)12-May-07 15:50
2278GreggSaved by dolphins?12-May-07 15:50
2277KajNo argument here. My mother was saved by dolphins in Hawaii last month12-May-07 15:44
2276?Of note, I don't push hard for Maui because I live here, I push because I have traveled around the world, and I think YOU GUYS would have the most fun, do the most "different things" and collectively have a more rich experience.

Since Maui is a place of the sun…we would play in the day partially, and do the DevCon in the afternoon and evenings. Everything would be done differently…it would be very cool.

Swim with turtles and dolphins and perhaps whales in the morning, learn about comparative languages and new programming tricks in the afternoon. Eat the freshest fish you will every have for dinner, then enjoy a lecture outside in the warm air with the sky completely filled with stars you did not know were even there!

12-May-07 15:17
2275?Robert, fly to LA, stay at my LA place...enjoy LA, then fly to Maui (5 hours). I tend to fly out in the morning, and arrive by noon in Maui.12-May-07 15:12
2274eFishAntI can't wait until I have time to watch every single Devcon video and absorb what all was presented. Italy was fantastic last year. One dose lasts me for a whole year.12-May-07 14:50
2273Geomolhttp://www.copenhagen.com12-May-07 14:49
2272eFishAntArran, also a choice spot (seriously). How could I have left it out? (And while we're at it, let's give Ireland back to the Irish!)12-May-07 14:49
2271KajGeography is like a fractal. Even if Americans would make an effort to know about it, there would be no hope zooming in12-May-07 14:49
2270KajIt was elected as such in Sweden, on historical grounds :-)12-May-07 14:47
2269eFishAntI thought Americans were bad with geography.12-May-07 14:47
2268KajMy Danish friend told me so12-May-07 14:47
2267GeomolLOL12-May-07 14:47
2266eFishAntI thought it was in Denmark....;-12-May-07 14:46
2265ChrisHmm, how about Arran? Do you really want to trust a DevCon to the English? :P12-May-07 14:46
2264KajI just heard that Copenhagen was named the most boring city of Sweden :-)12-May-07 14:45
2263eFishAntWe all need an injection of new technology every once in a while, so we don't otherwise go into withdrawal.12-May-07 14:40
2262eFishAntCopenhagen! very awesome...I would love that.12-May-07 14:38
2261eFishAntIt's a joy to see how great these Devcons are getting. Such a great community in REBOL. We could call these the REBOL world domination tours.12-May-07 14:38
2260GeomolCopenhagen! Anyone? :-)12-May-07 14:37
2259KajWell, England anyway12-May-07 14:35
2258KajHave to practise: I should be in London next year12-May-07 14:35
2257KajThanks :-)12-May-07 14:34
2256eFishAntgood comeback for a foreigner...;-)12-May-07 14:31
2255KajMaui hot, London cool ;-)12-May-07 14:28
2254eFishAntmy 2 cents worth12-May-07 14:13
2253eFishAntLondon would also be cool12-May-07 14:13
2252eFishAnt(Australia)12-May-07 13:59
2251eFishAntMy vote is Sydney or Brisbane (Sydney easiest for air connections) due to the diversity of things to do there during the conference. And maybe next year my project load won't be so heavy and rushed.12-May-07 13:59
2250AshleyGot my vote for Maui, off-peak airfare would be nice but is not essential. Yes as a tax write-off.12-May-07 13:02
2249RobertTax: Not if I stay two weeks ;-) But anyway... my tax accounting consultant should know a good trick. And how long is the flight? From Frankfurt to San Francisco it's 11h. And than another 6h?12-May-07 11:33
2248?Yes, not cheap to do it in Maui.......................but still worth considering. Paris is fun.................Maui is.............Amazing...........12-May-07 11:09
2247Pekrwhole Paris devcon would cost me half that price, if I would go ...12-May-07 10:21
2246PekrI just looked at flight prices and it is like 1000 Euro just to get there :-(12-May-07 10:21
2245?In Germany, do you have a tax advantage (a write off) for travel expenses for such things as confrences?12-May-07 10:10
2244RobertIf, I will add a holiday. Hence it really requires a long pre-planning phase.12-May-07 9:56
2243?Well, if we can actually get enough interest in Maui, then I will get real about when is the best time. Prob, plan it for when prices are cheapest for everyone.12-May-07 8:51
2242btiffinPekr; At this stage of the game, I doubt anyone wants to risk losing corporate involvement. So I'll add a ditto, me too.12-May-07 6:05
2241PekrI hope open source part is not GPL!12-May-07 5:26
2240DaveCBrock: Many thanks for the info. I'll have a look at that if it's available. I would like to use something similar myself.12-May-07 5:20
2239ChrisReichart: you have me sold -- when is 'DevCon '08: Maui'?12-May-07 3:36
2238TerryHave we learned what the licensing structure will be? The current license has been a roadblock to Rebol promotion/acceptance.. is this still the case?11-May-07 21:57
2237TerrySo... what have we learned for R3?

- unlimited words

Good enough for me.

11-May-07 21:38
2236Terry"The future is here, it's just unevenly distributed among pithy sci-fi authors"11-May-07 21:12
2235Henrik <--- I hope we will be equally enthustiastic at the next devcon11-May-07 21:00
2234Pekryes ;-)11-May-07 20:38
2233Henrik <-- like this? :-)11-May-07 20:32
2232PekrMaybe we would need two beamers - e.g. how Reichart presented his stuff. On one screen you could see face of presenter right corner, and slides, the second one could be used for live demo or something like that :-)11-May-07 20:30
2231Henrikbut we have to hurry: MacOSX Leopard's iChat is going to have precisely that feature :-)11-May-07 20:29
2230PekrHenrik - good idea ...11-May-07 20:29
2229PekrThe trouble is, that sessions are not always like that - sometimes you simply show code, live demo etc., so that part cold be troublesome. Still better than nonthing ....11-May-07 20:28
2228Henrikpekr, to supplement your idea, it could go outside and in as well, presenting your stuff on the big screen from home11-May-07 20:28
2227PekrI can imagine complete cute app for DevCons. Not video and sound till Rebol 3 and proper plug-ins, but imagine this - kind of server (Cheyenne), accepting outer connections. Each presenter would have to send his slides to conference organisers, who would put it into structure - Schedule, with time slots. I know that schedules are missed, or skipped, but once connected, you could see what session is actually broadcasted, you could see progress bar of the estimated time left till the end of the session, and as presenter would go via slides, it would be "broadcasted" to outer world ...11-May-07 20:27
2226Henrikoops, its 20:24
2225Henriknormally you'd have the timer on your laptop display and not on the presentation11-May-07 20:24
2224Henrikyes, an inverted progress bar is more subtle11-May-07 20:23
2223BrockI thought you were responsible for that. Seems Carl modified the idea for the new show.r11-May-07 20:23
2222Henrik 20:22
2221BrockI didn't find it on You'd think it would either be there or atleast accessible from the View desktop, in Tools, but it's not.11-May-07 20:22
2220Henrikyes, I'm sorry about that clock. I was not aware of the dimensions the clock was supposed to have :-)11-May-07 20:21
2219BrockDaveC: For devcon 2005 Carl had a script called... show.r. The script he was using this time seems to be slightly different from the last Devcon as the last devcon the show.r had a clock displaying the time remaining using a very fancy clock.11-May-07 20:15
2218Pekrwell, for few days, at least ... untill Carl is back - then it is time to bug him to post DevCon slides somewhere :-)11-May-07 19:38
2217Pekrhehe, by the lack of new info about R3 from the DevCon (due to my insufficient ability to follow spoken English, as well as due to no slides released), I wen to and re-read most of the blogs and its comments, and now I feel that so much was said already about R3, that I feel satisifed :-)11-May-07 19:37
2216ChristopheI will ask RT to host the site archive and the videos. My host at does not allow too much HD space....11-May-07 18:33
2215ChristopheDo you have any feedback about the web site ? I will publish it on QTask, for the future generations...11-May-07 18:31

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