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518joannak has x.mas special.. two games wth 10usd .. Not a bad price...25-Dec-09 16:52
517Mcheanyep saw that too! congrats Oldes23-Dec-09 21:48
516Gabrieleyep, and i think this was second time (i've seen it when it was released, maybe not first position that time though.)23-Dec-09 9:17
515DavideMachinarium on the first page of Reddit! 23:54
514OldesI don't know exactly, but probably not bad.. We were also contacted by some people who believe that they are able to port it to consoles and even to iPhone.. we will see.15-Nov-09 22:41
513RobertOldes, how is machinarium doing? You got some very good reviews.14-Nov-09 17:02
512DideC3.831-Aug-09 10:07
511AntonThat Eyeballing game (done in Flash) is a quite simple mathematical game. My score was modal.29-Jul-09 16:12
510Tomcmy runs come out at 5 I suppose it could be my monitor ... yea thats it ;)28-Jul-09 19:30
509ChristianEScored 2.13, the point of equidistance one is probably the toughest one.28-Jul-09 18:24
508Tomc 7:31
507Oldesvery nice game using physics engine http://windosill.com1-Jul-09 12:44
506yeksoongood game.

took me some time to figure out lvl 10 as well

12-Jun-09 8:45
505Maximthe only one that really got me guessing was level 10 :-)12-Jun-09 5:32
504GrahamLevel 20 was the easiest :)12-Jun-09 5:00
503Maximfinally found a flash game to explain liquid :-D

12-Jun-09 3:09
502Maximyep cool I like the music. really good quality for a flash game... people usually use cheesy (bad) soundtracks.11-Jun-09 18:03
501OldesNice games: 16:29
500GeomolThis coming MMO looks promising: Check out the latest cinematic trailer!5-Jun-09 12:52
499Janko(Geomol - it's a complex subject , I need some more time to reply :)5-Jun-09 10:58
498Paulahhh ok.5-Jun-09 0:44
497ICariiso MMORPG5-Jun-09 0:43
496Paulok, thanks.5-Jun-09 0:43
495ICariiyes - that is in the RPG genre5-Jun-09 0:43
494Paullike everquest?5-Jun-09 0:43
493Paulahhh. Cool5-Jun-09 0:43
492ICariimassively multiplayer online [insert genre here]5-Jun-09 0:42
491Paulwhat does MMO mean?5-Jun-09 0:42
490ICariiif you like your MMO with a little meat then try EVE-Online .. one of the best ive seen for thinking people :)5-Jun-09 0:41
489GeomolJanko, what MMOs have you tried, that you find boring?4-Jun-09 9:06
488Geomol A big part of the game is free of charge.3-Jun-09 22:08
487Jankocan anyone recommend a good MMO game to try... I long had some ideas for more lightweight MMO and would like to see how a good mmo works/plays but whatever I try it's pretty boring and bland, but I am not very knowledgable in gameplaying :)3-Jun-09 12:38
486?heh - funny24-Feb-09 13:14
485Oldes 10:26
484? 22:27
483?John, definately check out lua if you haven't. Really cool stuff.22-Feb-09 22:27
482AllenAndrew's day job .. 22:24
481AllenNickA: the d3d was Andrew Hoadley. Not an active member, but is a friend of mine who has a professional interest in 3D.22-Feb-09 22:24
480MaartenNice, compact, good community. From the looks of it, nice books. Did I mention is was open source ;-) ? IIRC Adobe's lightroom is largely built with it as well6-Feb-09 10:19
479GeomolAh yes, Lua. I've heard it mentioned many times, but never got to look at it myself.6-Feb-09 9:44
478MaartenJoh,, I have used it years ago. If it is gane programming, you might consider Lua6-Feb-09 8:11
477Rebolekjust do it. you already have one Wii customer.5-Feb-09 21:48
476OldesAlso: You must be a an Authorized Developer for the Wii console and obtain a Wii development kit5-Feb-09 21:43
475Oldesbut.. it seems to be especially for 3D.There is no info how to import or use vector animations. And the price is quite high: * Retail: $30,000 per title * WiiWare: $15,000 per title5-Feb-09 21:41
474OldesLooks good.. but we first must finish the Flash version anyway. I'm now working on level 11 so at least another 11 still have todo.5-Feb-09 21:30
473CyphreThis framework could be a good choice for your port of the flash game. You can publish on WIndows/Mac/Wii/iPhone. I have been playing with their IDE on was not so great but not much worse than Flash IDE I know they are now building IDE for Windows. You can script the game using JIT compiled JavaScript or C#(Mono)..what a pity there is no Rebol support :)5-Feb-09 20:52
472CyphreOldes, I'd suggest you look at 20:48
471GeomolAnyone got experience with Stackless Python? It seems to be suited for game programming.2-Feb-09 12:27
470Jankorebol would be very interesting choice for this because it can "do" and process it's own code at runtime and it would make for a *dream combination* of making games that you can code and edit at runtime without restarting!2-Jan-09 12:04
469Janko PTK+nekovm experiment 10:17
468Jankolinks to what I mentioned: BlitzMax + Lua game:2-Jan-09 10:16
467JankoSecond example is direct game engines. I was making some games in PTK (it's a c++ library for mac and win) in the past. I wanted to use PTK with a higher level language and making a binding to it feels like a major pain to me, so after the BlitzMax+Lua experience I simply made a simple "engine" with it and embeded enkovm/haxe in it . I exposed some functions from c++ side like loadSprite, drawSprite and make some call-ins into the nekovm like "draw" and I could already code a simple game with it. So embedding if possible at all of course would mean a great strength for rebol in my eyes! I think I once noticed that this will be possible in R3 but I couldn't find it later and I remember it only vaguely.2-Jan-09 10:11
466JankoThere is also other side of this equation that is also very good to have IMHO. Easy binding to c libraries, and the reverse, possibility to embed REBOL vm/interpreter into c++. Lua (and nekoVM) for example allows both these things very nicely, python seems to be much worse at embedding and it's generally discouraged for example. To give just 2 quick examples, when I was making BKSJOS game (still in the making) I could very simply embed lua into the otherwise BlitzMax game and I used just lua instead of something like XML to "define" the individual levels, so they could also include "dynamic" logic (via events) and special behaviours with no complex coding in the blitzmax side. If I could use REBOL for something like this it would be great.2-Jan-09 10:06
465Jankoyes, I completely agree with NickA... python's lua's haxe's very important strenghts were always that you got a easyer "scripting / dynamic lang" access to various c/c++ apis ranging from databases, openssl, libevent.. to wxwidgets to 3d and 2d engines (pyogre, pycap, pyglet) ... These bindings aren't all "perfect" fit to the language, for example coding xwPython app feels a LOT more low level than java swing app as you are dealing with direct c++ api, but they give you full world of choices that you otherwise just couldn't have, and you can always build wrap core api-s in more in this case rebolish shape.2-Jan-09 9:58
464NickAThanks Reichart, I will :) I've played a little with the OGRE engine in Purebasic - I think it's time more of these standard tools start getting wrapped in REBOL, now that the command potential of REBOL has been opened up. I personally think that the pay-for-api access was one of the main reasons that REBOL never became as popular as it should've. Wrapping cool tools should really help open more eyes as to what REBOL can do, at least on initial look'n'see.2-Jan-09 3:51
463ReichartRichard (Cypher) should be back from holiday soon, if you post to him privately he will respond. I don't know of any "better" system than ray casting for making that type of game. However, in general, everything is a sub-set of raytraciing. The game is to do the most with the least CPU. You should look at some of the Quake engine stuff.2-Jan-09 1:54
462NickAI read about raycasting in Olivier's book, newly translated by Peter. It was so simple to understand - just 30 or so lines of REBOL code (REBOL has enabled me to explore every development curiousity in which I've ever had an interest). Digging in to Cyphre's code is a bit of a challenge - always is - but I'm looking forward to understanding it better. Does anyone know what techniques have superceded raycasting? I'd like to pursue that interest more. I was so amazed by Brian Hoadley's R3d scripts last year - thought they should've won the contest. Was he ever an active part of this community? Having brilliant code like that donated to the community is the biggest reason that I hope for stronger REBOL promotion in future. We need more people!2-Jan-09 1:50
461HenrikWolfenstein had indeed the same type of engine.31-Dec-08 17:22
460?Reminds me of the old Wolfenstien game that had that maze-like movement.31-Dec-08 16:27
459NickAVery cool!31-Dec-08 15:40
458NickAworking: 15:40
457NickA 15:34
456NickADoes anyone know if Ryan Cole's raycasting games are still available anywhere? ( previously at and ../see.r ) I've also just begun to look at cyphre's raycasting example - is anyone familiar with it? (in it's default state, it crashes).31-Dec-08 5:52
455Reichart...and these are great times to cut a deal!19-Dec-08 17:22
454OldesI know.. we will see... but it looks it's an interesting product. And has a nice page.19-Dec-08 17:21
453ReichartYou can negotiate anything.19-Dec-08 16:53
452OldesWeare thinking about using this to get ourgame running on consoles, but it's quite expensive19-Dec-08 16:50
451RebolekThe Wii version has Wiiremote controls (as I read, I don't have that game) so it's probably not Flash version.9-Nov-08 12:24
450OldesBut it's just a simple Flash game (without any effects) which you probably can play in Opera on Wii... I don't know, I never seen Wii in real life.8-Nov-08 18:58
449RebolekI think when 'Defend your castle' can be on WiiWare, it's probably not so hard to get some license.8-Nov-08 8:48
448OldesIt looks it's not easy to get the Devkit to develop for Wii 10:42
447OldesGOO is nice game.. he is using Python to design the levels 10:38
446Gabrielemaybe you can email him and ask :)7-Nov-08 9:59
445Gabrielethis guy has a game for windows, mac, linux and wii: 9:58
444Gabrielei don't know what the Wii is using so no idea on what the best way would be. using opera might be overkill, otoh maybe it'll save you a huge amount of dev time.7-Nov-08 9:57
443GabrieleI have a Wii too .... ;) (WiiWare or would you publish it yourself as a DVD?)7-Nov-08 9:56
442RebolekPort it to Wii, Oldes, I'd like to be beta-tester ;)6-Nov-08 21:46
441ReichartIf I were to make games "today" this would be how I would do this.6-Nov-08 19:20
440ReichartWhy not use OpenGL? It seems your game primitives are just that...primitive. A little physics, collision, sound, etc. Nothing difficult. IF you make it OpenGL, it can work on Mac, and even many Cell phones.

You might be able to write an abstraction layer so you can keep a lot of your Flash code in place.

6-Nov-08 19:19
439OldesOne of the demands was to port it to WII. I think I can downgrade it to Flash 7 or something like that (not using some effects like blurs etc.), which is the last working Flash Player version on it but still you need also Opera to run flash content on such a machines which eats resources as well. I think I will wait. Maybe there will come someone who has the know how and I will prepare what's needed (as I have it in bits level as I'm using my dialect:)6-Nov-08 17:37
438OldesNot just me. I'm just one of 5 people.6-Nov-08 17:32
437HenrikOldes, any plans for XBox Live support? I think SDL works there too.6-Nov-08 11:08
436GabrieleOldes, one solution that is easy though a bit ugly, is to make the standalone version Windows only (ie. DirectX etc) but make sure it works perfectly in Wine. Then you automatically get a version that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac (intel). Anyone else can use the flash version. (Mac users would need crossover, or manually installing wine; but if you think you'll have enough users, you could license the transgaming engine and bundle it with the game so that it "looks" like a mac game to users - eg. just like Spore is doing)6-Nov-08 11:01
435VladimirAre you creator of that fantastic game ? :)6-Nov-08 9:38
434OldesMaybe you know, that I'm using my Rebol/Flash dialect to create this Flash game We are still far to complete the Flash version, but there is already a demand to create also non Flash based versions. It would be nice to have a Rebol version, but it's not too realistic in near future so any idea what one could use? Is there someone who knows for example SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) ?5-Nov-08 17:08
433yeksoonspeaking about games...

this guys (I think its a Singapore based company)

they run their games (Mahjong, Big2 etc) off Amazon's infrastructure to help handle the load.

18-May-08 15:00
432ChrisAny willing helpers? (can't offer anything other than gratification, I'm afraid)15-May-08 3:17
431ChrisAm I setting myself a reasonable goal?15-May-08 3:15
430ChrisI'm thinking of adapting Rebtris for a very basic network-based competitive play. The idea is several people log in (to a minimal CGI server), everyone starts at the same time and scores and game-over times of all players are constantly refreshed and displayed. Ultimately determining who a) had the highest score and b) lasted the longest. The game would be capped so that no one could realistically survive past 15-20mins (I have my reasons).15-May-08 3:15
429GeomolLOL :-) I had some good sleeps this week-end, as I had a fever and a bad throat. I also had time to play Assassins Creed and the old Outcast some, so I do other things than coding. :-) I've been working on many of the things, I post here in REBOL3, for some time, before I post it.17-Mar-08 8:06
428GreggI was wondering the same thing.17-Mar-08 4:46
427btiffinWhen do you sleep John? :)17-Mar-08 0:31
426GeomolThe load-tga function returns an object holding TGA image information like image-data, pixel-depth, width, height, etc.16-Mar-08 22:26
425GeomolMany games operate with Truevision TGA image files, also known as TARGA file format. I've made a function to load such a format: Usage: i: load-tga %some-file.tga img: i/as-image

img is now a REBOL image! type image, that can be viewed as normal, e.g.: view layout [backdrop black image img]

16-Mar-08 22:23
424?thanks ICarii12-Feb-08 3:46
423ICariiand re multiplayer version of Rebtower - its under development atm.12-Feb-08 1:32
422ICariilatest rebtower should always be at 1:31
421btiffinJohn; I am a big fan of OSS (with enough, well barely, wisdom to know that people should earn a living)

Paul; Nothing to be sorry for. That was actually a happy semi-sarcastic griping. But thanks nonetheless :)

1-Feb-08 16:32
420?Sorry to hear that btiffin, but I find once you grasp the idea behind rebtower it is a hoot. I wish the other player could be a person instead of the computer and if I were you I would approach offering it to one of those online sites or somewhere they offer internet based games and adapt it for such.1-Feb-08 13:53
419Geomol:) btiffin, maybe open source and GPL together with a commercial license is the answer, at least for us software developers?1-Feb-08 9:56
418ScottMafter looking at Allen 's penguin card game, I downloaded the card game engine cge.bin file. I do not know how to extract .bin files. Has someone used the engine before or could point me in the right direction?1-Feb-08 6:57
417btiffinGrrr... :) I have no desire for millions, but ... I wrote and published a fantasy card game back in the early 80s; an entire decade before Magic the Gathering. They made enough money to buy TSR. Rassafrassa. :) Not to say my Monster Romp (tm) game competes with Magic; I paid an artist a whole $3 for each picture, but had I flogged it I could be independently wealthy now instead of umm, not. I have about 800 decks of the original 1000 run. Sold 60 decks the one day I set up a booth to sell it, then gave away the rest. From those days forward I promised myself to never pursue an idea. Best to let them die on the operating table and skip the what if crap. That is until I bump into a greedy partner. Success requires greed imho, or at least a state of mind somewhere above "communist". :)

Paul; I'm not sure, but I posted this to the calendat back in July. http://rebol/

1-Feb-08 1:07
416?Where do I find REBTOWER. I got what I think is an older version and I'm getting hooked on this game and want to see if it is updated.1-Feb-08 0:42
415GeomolOr rob a bank and make the aircraft crash? ;)1-Feb-08 0:22
414ReichartOne last thing, it would be VERY cool to have it take place in something like an airport, or a factory, where you have to do a bunch of things to get a product or plane or something to take off. Prevent a bank robbery, etc.31-Jan-08 23:59
413ReichartI would like them to change the "No. 1" to just "1" And it would be very nice in at least shaded colour.31-Jan-08 23:58
412ReichartYes, very cute game.31-Jan-08 23:57
411GeomolFun little single-multi-player game, where you play multi-player with yourself: It shouldn't be too hard to make a REBOL version, and it's a good idea, I think. My hi-score is 186.31-Jan-08 9:19
410Reichart 10:54
409ICariisudoku-solver 0.1.2 released - this successfully solves the mensa puzzle. notes: added some even harder puzzles to test upcoming XY-Chains and Swordfish26-Jul-07 0:03
408SunandaNice! The last-but-one example: you say you thing requires Xwings.....It's a long slog, but it can be done with simpler techniques, eliminatimg pencil marks with hidden sets etc. The last example: you say requires swordfish -- next step can be done with coloring, after that it is easier [in my mind, coloring is a simpler technique than swordfish; but I may be old fashioned about that]24-Jul-07 20:33
407ICariitheres a bug in the box-[row|column] methods - re-writing both from scratch so theyactually work properly :P24-Jul-07 12:50
406ICariisolver updated to 0.1.1 - fixed quads implementation and pruned dead code :) Puzzle now set to mensa by default as im working on X / Y / XY Wings and Swordfishes atm :)24-Jul-07 11:39
405ICariionce i get XWings, XYChains and Swordfish coded ill release the GUI etc ;)23-Jul-07 22:55
404ICariiSudoku Solver 0.1.0 released for further testing - can now solve all but the evillest puzzles. 22:49
403?ahhh thanks15-Jul-07 12:27
402ICariiThe first part of the rebtower.r file containst help instructions on how to play and what the different parts mean :) The numbers indicate a resource cost that has to be met in order to play the card.15-Jul-07 4:13
401?Looks like you can play more than one at a time?15-Jul-07 2:59
400?I don't understand the numbers on the cards15-Jul-07 2:59
399ICariiheh - the object is to play your cards (left click to enlarge - right click when enlarged to play) and balance attack with resource management and castle defence to win :)15-Jul-07 0:06
398?looks very cool though14-Jul-07 22:37
397?My little castle keeps coming down14-Jul-07 22:37
396?i download this game but don't understand how to win14-Jul-07 22:37
395ICariialso fixed a description for the Rabid Rabbits card - it wasnt displaying its turn duration.14-Jul-07 22:29
394ICariiRebTower 0.1.7 released. - small fix for stacks not visually clearing after completing a game.

Full version: (661kb) Update version (from 0.0.7 upwards): (38kb)

14-Jul-07 22:28
393ICariire larger screen res - ill have a look at a 1200x900 version as well but this will have to wait until after i've tested the network edition a little more - probably in a week or so :)12-Jul-07 0:49
392AshleyLooking very good. Possible to have a setup option for larger screen res? (the card text is very hard to read on a 1920x1200 display). Perhaps just offer a couple of standard 4:3 ratio options like 800x600, 1024x768 and 1600x1200.11-Jul-07 23:54
391ICariiRebTower 0.1.6 Released

# few minor bug fixes # added maximum limits to Resources (9), Stockpiles (999), Tower(100), Walls(100).

Full version: (661kb) Update version (from 0.0.7 upwards): (37kb)

11-Jul-07 22:51
390ICariithanks for the link :)11-Jul-07 13:56
389DockimbelBtw, your games reminds me a lot this other online card game : (very good and addictive!)11-Jul-07 13:56
388DockimbelYes, one, it doesn't say who's winning the battle ! ;-)11-Jul-07 13:46
387ICariiAny notes on things i will need to add/change etc for lobby interface appreciated :)11-Jul-07 12:46
386ICariiComing Soon ;-) 12:45
385ICarii.. and the inevitable bugfix for playback mode.. 0.1.4 adds a fix for resetting playback mode after a win..7-Jul-07 2:57
384ICariiStill to come is a stats mode and Reichart's help file ;-)7-Jul-07 2:40
383ICariiRebTower 0.1.3 released. Changes: # Fixed transparency issues with played cards # Stacks now zoomable # All new PLAYBACK MODE. (Press p to check out all the stages of a completed round) Full version: (661kb) Update version (from 0.0.7 upwards): (34kb)7-Jul-07 2:39
382ICariiahh - if it happens again let me know and ill try to track it down - theres a check on zooming cards that only lets it happen at certain time6-Jul-07 4:17
381yeksoonyes, it is version 0.1.2

I suspect that I was clicking too many times as I deal my last card...and the system (or game) may be trying to pop up the 'Victorious' screen

6-Jul-07 4:15
380ICariiyeksoon - is your version 0.1.2? This was a problem with extra turn cards in previous games.5-Jul-07 19:02
379yeksoonnice game... one of the game hanged. (not sure why) - last card to win and it just hanged.

5-Jul-07 15:57
378Terryhmm 109 rounder ... nice game James5-Jul-07 8:44
377ChrisAn example, the card reveals a semi-transparent black halo as it zooms with window-like controls on the top-right --> a down arrow (unzoom, though right-click on the card can do this too) and an X (discard).5-Jul-07 3:35
376ChrisAnother possibility is to reveal icons when the card is in zoom (right-click) mode?5-Jul-07 3:32
375?Good to understand your logic.

OK, then may I suggest then:

- Left click - plays card (you should put this to a vote) - Right click examines card (since this is how every OS is designed).

But also:

Leave about 20 pixels below the cards. When you move your mouse over a card, that space shows the word "Details" or "more"

You can discard from the details view of the card.

Unless the game is a trigger game, or speed is required, sticking to just simple left button to do most things is the best way to go.

Of course, until I learn the actual point of this game (the rules) and "feel" the cadence of the game, it is hard to tell.

4-Jul-07 21:33
374ICariire mouse interface - the problem here is there are 3 distinct operations needed: Zoom, Play and Discard. Seeing as double-click under rebol also activates click i wasnt able to use that without messy workarounds and I'm not too fond of using keyboard unless totally necessary. The current Left click to select then right click to play (or left click again to shrink) was chosen because it is a natural thing for us to want to inspect something before using it - using right click to do the actual playing was probably a little confusing for people at first but it quickly catches on. The only gotchya is perhaps I really should add a warning on discard option so people dont willy-nilly throw away cards while thinking they are playing them :)4-Jul-07 19:47
373?James, may I suggest swapping the mouse interface:

- Left click playes the card. - Right click zooms on it

Most peope will learn what the card does very quickly, so it would imply that using the common left click would be best for "playing" while right click is for examaning...


4-Jul-07 17:42
372ICariiRebTower 0.1.0 - added spacebar toggle to turn mode after accidentally turning it off on 0.0.9 ;-) From now on the latest versions will always be found below (its relatively stable now). (for full - 657kb) or (for update from versions 0.0.7 and higher - 24kb)4-Jul-07 11:54
371ICariiRebTower 0.0.9 - bugfix for infinite loop when ending game on an extra turn card. (for full - 657kb) or (for update from versions 0.0.7 and higher - 24kb)4-Jul-07 11:21
370ICariineed to left click to select a card then right click it whill full size to play. right clicking a card in normal mode discards it :)4-Jul-07 10:03
369ICariilol... i think i know what happened - you discarded rather than played a card :)4-Jul-07 10:02
368ICariiTerry - are you using version 0.0.8? Feedback like this is very important as there may still be bugs but not as major as incorrect damage..4-Jul-07 9:58
367Terry(That's a joke R.)4-Jul-07 7:57
366TerryReichart should turn this into a one armed bandit.4-Jul-07 7:56
365TerryI now have 40 tower, 12 wall... . it has 40 tower, 20 wall?.. and Im down 5 wood as well..4-Jul-07 7:56
364TerryIt played 'Trollkin' damage'.. . 8 dmg, -5 wood4-Jul-07 7:55
363Terry2nd turn, we both have 40 tower, 20 wall... Im going to play 'dogs of war' which is 5 dmg to enemy..4-Jul-07 7:54
362TerryNew game, first card is ' steal up to 10 energy'.. we both now have 10 ?4-Jul-07 7:52
361TerryThen a trebuchet and still nothing ??4-Jul-07 7:50
360TerryThen a +5 damage, and nothing happens??4-Jul-07 7:50
359TerryI used a +10 to tower, it used a 4 damage, and my tower only went up +1 ?4-Jul-07 7:48
358TerryI think it's bugged out.. use a few cards and no changes.. like +1 to forest, and exactly the same next turn?4-Jul-07 7:46
357TerryThe rules seem to go like this.. you get the lousy cards, and the machine pwns ;)4-Jul-07 7:38
356ICariia brief explanation is inside the rebtower.r file at the moment - im working on a pretty help file and preferences at the moment ;)4-Jul-07 5:56
355?When do we get rules?4-Jul-07 5:31
354ICariiRebTower 0.0.8 - bugfix for turn-pause on winning. (for full) or for update only4-Jul-07 2:51
353ICariiRebTower 0.0.7 has been released. - All art is now completed. - Card Builder is included with this release so you can make/modify your own cards. - Added turn pause mode so you can get a better look at the cards the computer plays. Get it at: (657kb)4-Jul-07 1:46
352?Looking good, tel me when complete.3-Jul-07 2:05
351ICariiall cards are there but mini-image art is missing from the last 19 :( took 8 hours to get the first 19 sorted..2-Jul-07 14:47
350ICariithat should give you a better idea of art direction etc Reichart ;)2-Jul-07 14:46
349ICariicard artwork for the new version of rebtower is located at this includes all card stats etc. in their final form. I'm halfway through the art.. 21/40 done.2-Jul-07 14:45
348ICariithere is an error with the vampiric amoebas - the line should read as follows in the starter-deck.txt: (else player takes damage while enemy heals ;-) ) "Vampiric Amoebas" cost [6 0 0] damage-o [6 0 0] duration [8 damage [0 -1 0] damage-o [1 0 0]] {enemy:^/6 damage^/1 damage every turn^/+1 wall to player every turn^/last 8 turns}1-Jul-07 6:36
347ICariire zoom - that will speed up greatly once i turn card info into a static image - later today hopefully30-Jun-07 22:04
346ICariiversion 5 released: notes: 0.0.5 fixed card font display, rebalanced deck (somewhat) - removed debug-info - resources: right justified text30-Jun-07 22:03
345ICariispelt... slept... obviously im still asleep ;)30-Jun-07 20:21
344ICarii- re help: now that ive spelt ill add it in ;) - ill write some docs :( - re zoom: can do - i need to add a preferences section anyway where you can set zoom smoothness etc depending on system speed. - re numbers justification - will do - re status output - its there until all the deck cards are ready and the deck is also balanced properly - so could be a little while ;)30-Jun-07 20:21
343?- Need help (I have no idea how to play this game. - Make zoom effect of cards twice as fast. - Full screen mode? - Right justify all numbers. - What is with the status output .......................["blah blah blah "]30-Jun-07 20:14
342ICarii is the link30-Jun-07 14:14
341ICariiRebTower 0.0.4 released. This version is playable :) Quick notes: left click a card to select it (it will enlarge in size) then either left click it again to replace it or right (Alt) click it to play it. only cards that are alpha/0 (ie solid) can be played unless you are discarding. if all your cards are transparent you will have to discard. the object of the game is to destroy your oponnents tower while keeping yours alive.

Yes, I know the debug info is still displaying - the final image cards are not ready yet :)

30-Jun-07 14:13
340ICariiYup - sounds good - adding proper playcard selection and movement to playarea and discards atm.30-Jun-07 6:35
339?You are going to want to have the ability to "highlight" things. Which means one of two things.

The art needs to be bigger to begin with, for example to have a highlight or glow, or you need to add the glow or effect afterwards.

So for example, when the cards are on the board, they are normal, when a card lifts off the board, it should be highlighted in some way.

It is a simple and subtle trick that will bring the board to life, and give it depth.

30-Jun-07 6:08
338?May I suggest building Help in now. In other words, start with a start screen that offers [Play] and [Help], and [About]30-Jun-07 6:04
337ICariiRebTower updated. Changes: - Card types are now loaded from the starter-deck.txt file. - template.txt holds the name of a card and how many times it occurs in a deck. - Added win / lose screens and an intro screen (very basic at the moment). - Fixed a rebview.exe not closing when window closes issue. - Cleaned up a few show-stopping bugs internally ;)30-Jun-07 4:39
336ICariiFor the Icons at the top: Blue = Crystal Mines, Green = Forests, Red = Gold Mines. These are your base resources that reproduce each turn. They create stockpiles of Energy, Wood and Gold respectively. These stockpiles are used to activate cards in your hand.

card.png is the 'hidden' or deck card face. This is used to hide the computer's cards and the deck and discard piles. card1.png is a sample of the format that the card images are in. This can be used as a basis for creating new cards to the correct size. (86x64 pixel size with a 7x7 pixel offset into the card1.png template). I have a card editor that can add in the card details to match their stats etc.

Regarding image names - ill compile a full list and place it on the website later today once i finalise the deck size :)

29-Jun-07 23:19
335?What do the three icons at the top mean (sky, forrest , cave)?29-Jun-07 16:27
334?Then I will step in and do a number on it.29-Jun-07 16:26
333?So, let me help you help me (I have designed about 120 video games). You need to break down your art as follows

name, size, comments

For example

In looking at your image names, I can't map them to "purpose"

What are card and card1?

May I suggest you rename things first, and a smart move is to put in place holder art that is the size you want to finally use. Even if it just has the name of what will be there, ie "Gold" etc.

29-Jun-07 16:26
332ICarii;Building Cards "Minor Repairs" cost [0 5 0] damage [0 -5 0] "Unassailable Walls" cost [0 10 2] damage [0 -10 0] "Fortifications" cost [0 6 5] damage [0 -8 -4] "Ivory Tower" cost [5 0 9] damage [0 0 -10] "Stone Masons" cost [0 6 4] damage [0 0 -5] "War Plans" cost [10 0 10] condition [(def-p < 10) and (core-p < 20) [damage [0 def-p - 10 core-p - 20]][damage [0 -5 -10]]]29-Jun-07 16:06
331ICariiSample Resource cards: Source Cards "Extra Crystal Mine" cost [6 0 7] source [1 0 0] "Extra Forest" cost [3 0 9] source [0 1 0] "Extra Gold Mine" cost [0 12 2] source [0 0 1] "Crystal Mine Collapse" cost [0 5 8] source-o [-1 0 0] "Forest Fire" cost [9 0 3] source-o [0 -1 0] "Gold Mine Collapse" cost [6 8 0] source-o [0 0 -1]

Stockpile Cards (zero cost) "Energizing Aura" stockpile [5 0 0] "Fertile Season" stockpile [0 5 0] "Pieces of Eight" stockpile [0 0 5] "Draining Aura" stockpile-o [-9 0 0] "Harsh Winter" stockpile-o [0 -9 0] "The Taxman" stockpile-o [0 0 -9] "Visiting Traders" stockpile [4 4 4]

29-Jun-07 15:49
330ICariiand a partridge in a pear tree ;)29-Jun-07 15:04
329ICarii6 resource based images - 1 each for gold, wood and energy. then 1 each for destroyed mine, energy vortex, burning forest. 6 resource conversion images - wood seller (wood to gold), gold to wood, gold to energy, energy to gold, energy to wood, wood to energy 3 stockpile (as opposed to mine/forest) depletion images - energy, wood, gold. 3 stockpile increase images (energy wood gold) then some building related images for walls / towers probably 2 wall building, 2 tower building, 1 dual wall + tower build ;) then a few combat wall/tower destroying images - ive yet to balance that bit :)29-Jun-07 15:03
328ICariiwill do :)29-Jun-07 15:02
327?James, do me a favour, click that little icon of the pen above the new messsage input window. Then enter your list again in "one entry" You will need to press control + S to send it, or press teh send button.

Then I can copy your list easily, and work on it.

29-Jun-07 15:02
326ICariiI tried to set up the core program to be generic so people can make their own resource types, eg a Coders/Public Relations/Cash resource for a modern theme :)29-Jun-07 14:50
325ICariiforgot to hide as I delete :)29-Jun-07 14:48
324ICariiand i just realised it need to fix the card zooming its getting irritating zooming the same card on multiple images ;)29-Jun-07 14:47
323ICarii;) then a few combat wall/tower destroying images - ive yet to balance that bit :)29-Jun-07 14:46
322ICariithen some building related images for walls / towers probably 2 wall building, 2 tower building, 1 dual wall + tower build29-Jun-07 14:45
321ICarii3 stockpile (as opposed to mine/forest) depletion images - energy, wood, gold. 3 stockpile increase images (energy wood gold)29-Jun-07 14:44
320ICarii6 resource conversion images - wood seller (wood to gold), gold to wood, gold to energy, energy to gold, energy to wood, wood to energy29-Jun-07 14:42
319ICarii6 resource based images - 1 each for gold, wood and energy. then 1 each for destroyed mine, energy vortex, burning forest.29-Jun-07 14:41
318?More importantly, I don't have an ego about you not liking it or not wanting to use something, or simply wanting changes. Yes, yes, all the other raindeer artists thought I was strange.29-Jun-07 14:41
317?I own a LOT of art, and I can whip stuff out very quickly.29-Jun-07 14:40
316?What did you have in mind for the images?29-Jun-07 14:40
315ICariiI'm still trying to build a 40 card starter deck and balance it at the moment before i finalise needed images29-Jun-07 14:32
314ICariisome 86x64 pixel images to depict various cards29-Jun-07 14:31
313?What artwork do you need (exactly)?29-Jun-07 14:31
312ICariiplease note that I have used the Verdana font so if you want ti to display properly in linux rename the font to something else29-Jun-07 14:18
311ICariitransparent cards are cards that player cannot currently afford to play due to resource lack29-Jun-07 14:15
310ICariiThe green and red writing is debug messages showig cards - this will not be visible in final. White text is currently played card(s) this is also replaced by actual cards in final29-Jun-07 14:14
309ICariiRebTower Demo available at: - non demo version should hopefully be out in a couple of days once I get the artwork finalised and the AI beaten into shape. Current demo plays computer vs computer in simulation mode.29-Jun-07 14:12
308ICariiusing 0.9 here - not sure what latest is (probably 2.0 lol)28-Jun-07 19:17
307AlanICarii: have you tried the new terragen version ?28-Jun-07 17:55
306AntonYes, looking nice and polished.28-Jun-07 16:30
305ICariifree + stock + photos on google :) Or i dig thru the 40+ gig i have here :)28-Jun-07 14:34
304GeomolDo you have a prefered place to look for stock photos?28-Jun-07 14:33
303Geomoloki28-Jun-07 14:31
302ICariiwell geometric + photoshop :)28-Jun-07 14:31
301ICariiahh - forest and cave are from stock photos and the blue is a geometric effect28-Jun-07 14:30
300ICariiverdana font - which i may have to change for OSX/Linux compatibility28-Jun-07 14:29
299GeomolI mean the drawings, the blue 'energy', forest and brown cave.28-Jun-07 14:29
298ICariiused draw with a white on silver shadow28-Jun-07 14:28
297GeomolEspecially the small drawings with number on top is great. How do you produce them?28-Jun-07 14:28
296ICariiideally ill dust off terragen and make my own backdrops when i get a little more time28-Jun-07 14:27
295ICariiall except the backdrop which is Alan Wheat's28-Jun-07 14:26
294GeomolDo you produce all the graphics yourself?28-Jun-07 14:26
293GeomolYeah, it looks nice!28-Jun-07 14:25
292ICariiThe AI isi proving to be a pain :) I keep thinking - "What would i do next" .. takes ages :(28-Jun-07 14:19
291GreggVery nice James!28-Jun-07 14:18
290ICariiRebTower (Old School MTG based card game) almost complete - just finishing deck art and AI for computer player. 14:14
289?I really hate that linux allows case.6-Jun-07 3:20
288ICariire the tileset name - thanks for mentioning that - i thought i'd caught them all - obviously not :)5-Jun-07 20:11
287MarioMahjong also has Italian rules afaik, it was imported, I don't know when or by whom, in central Italy. It is also played in Japan and I had a Japanese computer game of Mahjong that it's defined unplayable by Chinese people I know. About the tileset: on Linux I had problems with the capitalised filename as %TileSet.png differs from %tileset.png5-Jun-07 17:04
286ICariiand ideally it needs to work in linux, windows and osx5-Jun-07 13:36
285ICariii need the GL to be accessible from v standard view5-Jun-07 13:34
284ICariiand i could use the sdk i have here but then its no use to users5-Jun-07 13:34
283ICariiwinXP here :)5-Jun-07 13:33
282GeomolThere are 2 OpenGL implementations for REBOL already. One by Cyphre, that require REBOL/Command (I think), and mine requiring GLServer (compiled C program, only for OS X so far).5-Jun-07 13:33
281ICariithen the server will be ready5-Jun-07 13:32
280ICariijust waiting on async ports in R35-Jun-07 13:32
279ICariibut ive got a MMORPG to do in openGL before that :)5-Jun-07 13:31
278ICariiwhen R3 is released and someone writes the OpenGl plugin :P5-Jun-07 13:28
277GeomolAny plans for an OpenGL version with perspective 3D tiles?5-Jun-07 13:27
276ICariii just found some nice Kyodai Mahjong tilesets - ill write an import for them as well5-Jun-07 13:16
275ICariiat persent id reccommend lledorin tileset 1 for brightness and clarity5-Jun-07 13:09
274ICariiif i can get them to load - im getting 404 errors here5-Jun-07 13:08
273Maximother mahjong have this and its actually quite cool.5-Jun-07 13:07
272Maximwith watevertiles.png pointing to other tiles (one tileset per button)5-Jun-07 13:07
271Maximwould it be hard to make a button which basically does ?:

write/binary %tileset.png read/binary

5-Jun-07 13:06
270ICariihas alternative bright tilesets5-Jun-07 13:05
269ICarii 13:05
268ICariihmm.. i used a standard tileset format so ill post a link to compatible tilesets.. brb5-Jun-07 13:03
267MaximI also found it a bit tough to separate a few tiles, cause the contrast is a bit too low.5-Jun-07 13:03
266yeksooninteresting..never know about American?5-Jun-07 13:03
265ICariiPersonally i like the classical Chinese hands with a few of the 1920's American hands like knitting/double knitting thrown in :)5-Jun-07 13:02
264ICariieg. classical Chinese vs Hong Kong vs Taiwanese vs American5-Jun-07 13:02
263ICariiyes but then you need to decide on the hands allowed as well depending on teh variation played5-Jun-07 13:01
262yeksoonleave it to the players to do the scoring5-Jun-07 13:01
261ICariithe only hard thing about creating the multiplayer version of mahjong is the infernal scoring :( So many differetn variations5-Jun-07 13:00
260ICariiwell.. maybe 80 years ;)5-Jun-07 12:56
259ICariii just scanned my mahjong set at home - they are ivory so they are dull after 100 years :)5-Jun-07 12:54
258ICariijust edit the tileset :)5-Jun-07 12:53
257ICariireichart mention trhat too5-Jun-07 12:53
256yeksoonthe tiles does not looks bright enough for me.

Am I the only one with this problem? is there an easy way to change that?

5-Jun-07 12:53
255ICariibut waiting on the altme 3 game lobby5-Jun-07 12:51
254ICariithat may happen one day :)5-Jun-07 12:50
253yeksoonI was hoping for the other 'mahjong'.....5-Jun-07 12:50
252ICariiim still a little unhappy with its fullscreen redraw in 1280x1024 but beggers cant be choosers ;)5-Jun-07 12:21
251ICarii:) ty5-Jun-07 12:21
250Maximvery nice game icarii :-D5-Jun-07 12:20
249ICariihad 2 extra tiles in the map for some reason.. was causing unfinishable games :(5-Jun-07 12:03
248ICarii.r file is just for updaters who already have resources :) altho i did fix the in this update5-Jun-07 12:02
247Pekryes, you have to download zip5-Jun-07 12:01
246Maximrunning the .r file directly doesn't work for me (its missing the tiles...)5-Jun-07 12:01
245ICariisave/load does NOT currently save score/timer - ill fix that tomorrow5-Jun-07 12:00
244ICariiscoring is pretty basic at the moment. -100 for a shuffle, -10 for a hint, +10 for a successful removal.5-Jun-07 11:59
243ICariinot to happy with the general rendering performance im now seeing but ill do cleanup tomorrow hopefully.5-Jun-07 11:58
242ICariiMahjong updated with save/load, scoring, timer, fixed ricebowl map and other general craziness. or if you dont care about the bad ricebowl.map5-Jun-07 11:58
241ICarii:)4-Jun-07 12:37
240MarioOK, you know where to find me if you quickly finish the golf game...4-Jun-07 12:36
239ICariire - ants - perhaps a little later - Geomal has passed a golf game for me to ook at first :)4-Jun-07 12:35
238ICariii think altme has wonderful potential as a lobby site - we just need to get an altme approved api interface before making games4-Jun-07 12:35
237MarioWant it?4-Jun-07 12:34
236MarioSome time ago I was writing an Ants game (originally written in Peter Language 1 player vs computer) and wanted to port it to REBOL with 2 player (online too)4-Jun-07 12:34
235ICariiideally hosted within altme :)4-Jun-07 12:34
234ICariiim waiting for R3 until i start on 2 player games - I would like to make a gaming lobby where you can launch various simple games like backgammon etc4-Jun-07 12:33
233MarioIf you don't like it I think there are at least another 7580 games you can easily find... ;)4-Jun-07 12:33
232ICariitimer/load/save game are done - just trying to see how I should do the scoring - whether there are penalties for shuffling, undo etc4-Jun-07 12:32
231MarioAnother (non solitary) game: 12:32
230ICarii:) i'll see what i can do - no promises until I get Mahjong fully finished :)4-Jun-07 12:31
229MarioICarii: "original c++ code" [...] "converting to rebol was a big mindset change" => Maybe I am late but what about a small "REBOL for C++ game programming Guide"? It might be in the form of good comments in the mahjong.r code or an Article on rebol.org4-Jun-07 12:27
228ICarii for script only or for the whole lot4-Jun-07 1:32
227ICariiMahjong Solitaire updated to do dynamic scaling on resize4-Jun-07 1:31
226ICariithx3-Jun-07 9:53
225GeomolI write you in private.3-Jun-07 9:53
224Geomolyes 2 sec.3-Jun-07 9:53
223ICariiwant me to check it in windows XP?3-Jun-07 9:50
222GeomolI just checked the code. I made it under Linux, and it gives an error regarding a "dirty?" variable with View 2.7 under OS X. I can get it running with 2.6.3-Jun-07 9:50
221ICariisounds quite fun :)3-Jun-07 9:47
220GeomolWe could make a mini-golf together? I have some code, that is the start of such a game.3-Jun-07 9:45
219Geomol"Fire & Ice"! :-) Oh, not so simple, I guess.3-Jun-07 9:44

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