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867DockimbelDidn't have time yet to upgrade CC for that. I'm planning to do that this week with other improvements to CC.29-Dec-09 10:33
866GrahamWhy are you not using the chyenne mail server?29-Dec-09 8:46
865DockimbelWhen the SMTP protocol fails to connect or to send, it raises an exception that traverse UniServe's and Cheyenne layer and is messing things in a way I cannot track back. That's the only case where I see such kind of issues. It seems to be specifically related to raised errors in port's handlers.29-Dec-09 8:39
864Dockimbelnope, it's just REBOL's SEND with a simple MX retrieving routine.29-Dec-09 8:35
863GrahamIs this the Cheyenne mail server?28-Dec-09 23:35
862DockimbelFork: the mail agent script seems to break on sending emails to your address (don't know why). Your reset password attempt an hour ago failed. I will fix these email issues tomorrow.28-Dec-09 23:34
861CarlIf I recall, RAMBO is just a big REBOL file.28-Dec-09 21:11
860BrianHCarl, could you chime in here about the RAMBO migration process? Dataset migration is better than web scraping :)28-Dec-09 20:54
859DockimbelNo problem, we can add a new project to the current server when you need it.28-Dec-09 20:48
858BrianHDoc, we'll need a RAMBO migration to a new CureCode project some time next month, after the new R2 release. Open tickets only should be fine. Afaict we won't need to delay the first R2 release until the migration happens. The first release should be emergencies (like installation) and low-hanging fruit only.28-Dec-09 20:47
857DockimbelHi Carl, I'll check that too.28-Dec-09 20:29
856CarlHi Doc, one small thing... Chrome browser does not remember the login password cookie.28-Dec-09 20:28
855ForkRunning to lunch now but will check in with it when I get back...28-Dec-09 20:26
854ForkReset password is giving me "Sorry, this page cannot be displayed. Try again or contact the web site administrator." after I submit id and email address28-Dec-09 20:25
853DockimbelDone.28-Dec-09 20:23
852DockimbelPlease wait a minute, I'm restarting the server.28-Dec-09 20:22
851ForkThanks, I'll have to reset the password, I was messing with errors and never wrote what I picked down...28-Dec-09 20:22
850DockimbelYour account has been validated, you can use it now. I got an error also while validating your account, this is new. I'll check the server to see what's going wrong.28-Dec-09 20:20
849ForkCureCode had a problem when I created my account a couple of days ago, went to a page not found, and didn't send me a notification mail. After that it wouldn't let me try and sign up for that name again. Reset password came up with an error page as well.28-Dec-09 20:01
848PavelTHX22-Dec-09 7:01
847DockimbelThere was several accounts not activated, I've switched them all on. I guess that the activation email didn't make it (using an old extension of SEND mezz command). It's time to upgrade CC to the new builtin email support API and MTA...21-Dec-09 23:37
846DockimbelPavel, your account is now active.21-Dec-09 23:33
845PavelDoc could you activate my account in curecode please?21-Dec-09 13:39
844PaulCould make it an opensource project.19-Dec-09 13:53
843DockimbelThe gap between CureCode and solutions like Remedy is huge in terms of features. Trying to compete with them would require a large funding and a lot of time that I both lack.19-Dec-09 9:50
842PaulThere is a true void in that market that is being dominated currently by powerhouses just because of their perceived value not their actual value.19-Dec-09 3:12
841PaulOther solutions like Remedy and HP Server Center (which I have used since before HP owned it) are not very good solutions.19-Dec-09 3:12
840PaulUse it to handle not just bug tracking but general IT support issues within the ITIL framework.19-Dec-09 3:11
839PaulDoc, why don't you expand curecode into a full ITIL package?19-Dec-09 3:10
838DockimbelAs usual, let me know if you see any regression after this update.18-Dec-09 22:55
837DockimbelRegarding the second fix I've made, a ticket with status "dismissed" won't allow its owner (if profil type is Reporter) to change it. The owner still can add comments to the dismissed ticket if needed.18-Dec-09 22:54
836DockimbelTicket #1371 status is now built, I'll close it in a few days after a few more tests in production.18-Dec-09 22:51
835DockimbelI've just made a minor CureCode upgrade. Changes are :

FIX: Issue #1371 regarding policy for ticket deletion by owner. FIX: Dimissed ticket can't be changed by the owner anymore. FIX: Minor missing translations for french catalog.

18-Dec-09 22:44
834DockimbelAgreed.10-Dec-09 8:56
833BrianHHere's an old rule that just broke: A non-admin undismissed a ticket - their own ticket, but still. This should not be allowed.10-Dec-09 1:59
832DockimbelLooks like there's a consensus. I have a few improvements pending for CureCode to be done this week, so I'll add also this new rule to my todo list.6-Dec-09 20:14
831MaximI agree also.6-Dec-09 18:27
830BrianHSounds like a good policy to me.6-Dec-09 17:15
829OldesI agree with Steeve.5-Dec-09 23:35
828DockimbelSo only while the ticket's status remains "submitted" and no comment has been added by other users, the owner can delete it. Seems ok to me.5-Dec-09 22:16
827Steeveagree until the ticket is "touched" by someone else.5-Dec-09 22:10
826DockimbelI'd like to hear your opinion about ticket #1371 where Meijeru is asking for ticket submitters to be granted the right to delete their own tickets ("Developer" and "Admin" users can delete any ticket). This right has been restricted to "Reporter" users to avoid situations where comments added by other users, having valuable information would risk to be lost due to intentional or unintentional deletion by the ticket's owner. Maybe this policy is too restrictive as pointed out by Meijeru. What do you think?5-Dec-09 22:06
825Henrikyes, that might be possible.4-Dec-09 4:29
824GrahamAnd to avoid issues with asking users to setup the smtp details, I hard code gmail's smtp server :)3-Dec-09 23:42
823GrahamMy product collects error objects and sends them to my gmail account with optional comments from users. But they're usually easy to fix so not worth entering into a database.3-Dec-09 23:40
822GrahamHenrik, you can probably identify the crash by the error object and then create a checksum from it to avoid duplicates.3-Dec-09 23:39
821DockimbelOldes, I think that you can now remove the <pre> tags from code part in ticket #1369.3-Dec-09 23:05
820DockimbelI've made a small improvement in the rendering of the "Example code" field in view mode (edit mode is unaffected). Let me know if it's better now.3-Dec-09 23:03
819DockimbelMaybe just wrapping the code in <PRE> tag would be enough, didn't tested that yet.3-Dec-09 13:37
818DockimbelYes, I could change the font to a monospace one.3-Dec-09 13:35
817OldesIs there any way how to get code formated in some more readable way (at least inside "Example code" field)?3-Dec-09 13:24
816DockimbelHenrik: I'm doing that for one of our REBOL-based commercial product, but sending crash reports to dedicated database table. Creating tickets directly could be done without much efforts, but I would avoid mixing those automated reports with hand-written ones. Interesting idea to think about anyway.25-Nov-09 17:59
815RobertGood idea. IMO the distinction is to hard to too. Better to add a curecode admin function to merge tickets but keep the ticket ID towards the customers.25-Nov-09 14:44
814HenrikI have a dumb idea: Why not extend Curecode with a client package? The client package would be integrated into a program. When a crash occurs in your program, a bug report could be sent directly to your curecode database. There would be a distinction necessary to identify similar reports and gather them under one report.25-Nov-09 14:19
813Henriksome fixes in curecode also require fixes in cheyenne, etc.25-Nov-09 11:23
812Henrikit's likely that many of those bugs are fixed in 0.9.9. I'm running 0.9.8. one big problem was to find a rebol version that would run on my server, in combination wtih curecode 0.9.8. I decided to go for a slightly older version to make that combination easier.25-Nov-09 11:22
811Robert1 day... wow. I just thought: Install RSP, call init page, fill-in some informaiton. Done. Ok... will think about it.25-Nov-09 11:12
810HenrikRobert, I use curecode on my Linode. It took about a day to set up due to numerous little things, but I can probably help.25-Nov-09 11:05
809RobertI'm thinking about using curecode for a project of mine. Can I install it on my server? Can I create a project on curecodes site?25-Nov-09 10:31
808DockimbelMaintenance done. Server up again.24-Nov-09 15:02
807DockimbelCureCode server will be stopped from now during a couple of minutes for maintenance.24-Nov-09 14:43
806BrianHDarn, it didn't work again. I'm going to try some more stuff.3-Nov-09 22:45
805DockimbelIf you've never used it, you'll get the default "All Projects" in the selector.3-Nov-09 21:41
804DockimbelIt's ok here, when I log again with a new fresh browser session, the project selector is showing REBOL 3.0 as soon as I'm logged. Did you used the "Set current..." button in Profil menu?3-Nov-09 21:40
803PekrDoc - it is not. Just log-off (start new browser), login back, and go to Change-log section. You have to select REBOL 3.0 from drop-down menu ...3-Nov-09 21:36
802DockimbelDone.3-Nov-09 21:30
801DockimbelBrianH: I'm adding IDs to login page's fields.3-Nov-09 21:28
800DockimbelPekr, I don't understand your request, the first item is already preselected.3-Nov-09 21:26
799Pekrbtw - still waiting for small enhancement, where Changelog section would have preselected first item in the list :-)3-Nov-09 18:17
798Pekrwe are over 1000 tickets. Looks good :-)3-Nov-09 18:15
797BrianHI was comparing source between CureCode and other sites that work with Chrome. The missing id attribute is the only difference seen.3-Nov-09 18:11
796BrianHDoc, on the login page, could you add id attributes to the login and pass tags? I'm guessing that is why password saving isn't working in Chrome. The user name is being remembered by forrm completion (which is a separate function in Chrome), but perhaps password saving can't find the user name and password without having an id to look for. Setting the id for tags the same thing as their names might solve that problem.3-Nov-09 18:10
795DockimbelRestarted. Everything seems ok.29-Oct-09 11:23
794DockimbelStopping Cheyenne...29-Oct-09 11:22
793DockimbelThe number of modules included on the default config is insane.29-Oct-09 11:20
792DockimbelIt's amazing how much time it takes to compile PHP...29-Oct-09 11:19
791DockimbelUpgrading also PHP to v5.2.11 on the same server...takes a bit more time.29-Oct-09 11:18
790DockimbelCureCode service will be interrupted during a few seconds now in order to upgrade the server.29-Oct-09 11:02
789HenrikGraham, only during development. Cure was a restart of the server. From Doc's post, it seems he knows what to do about it.28-Oct-09 12:19
788GrahamProbably why I only see when debugging faulty rsp code.28-Oct-09 10:01
787DockimbelAfter a quick code and trace.log files inspection : there's no missing COPY, it seems related to a complex chain of events preventing the RSP output buffer to be CLEARed before re-use. I found a potential flaw in response/include, if the included script raises an error in a way that's not catchable by the RSP execution system, it can prevent the output buffer from being reset. In trace.log file, I've found an error at 00:53 AM from a rejected SMTP connection using SEND function (not the new builtin MTA) that could be the trigger for this issue.28-Oct-09 9:57
786GrahamUntil the other day.28-Oct-09 9:49
785Grahamhasn't happened since I reported it in March when I was setting the response buffer.28-Oct-09 9:49
784GrahamIt only occurs to me after I've been making changes ... not in the normal course of events.28-Oct-09 9:49
783GrahamHenrik ... no idea when you've seen this issue?28-Oct-09 9:48
782DockimbelI'm wondering why this garbage is showing up now instead of a few weeks ago when I've upgraded the server.28-Oct-09 9:27
781Maxim(or a clear missing)28-Oct-09 9:26
780Maximseems there is a copy "" missing somewhere... I could see the last page viewed on just above the curecode page last time I visited it.28-Oct-09 9:25
779DockimbelWorker processes reset, seems back to normal now.28-Oct-09 9:25
778DockimbelLooks like Cheyenne is trying to create a new form of ASCII art :-). First time I see that on Cheyenne. Will reset the server at once.28-Oct-09 9:22
777HenrikI've seen this a lot outside of Curecode. Never figured out what it is.28-Oct-09 7:28
776Maximwow, its getting pretty insane!28-Oct-09 7:23
775GrahamI saw this on my own server a few days ago ...28-Oct-09 3:42
774GrahamThe garbage is gzipped data ....28-Oct-09 3:40
773GrahamHave to reset Cheyenne ...28-Oct-09 3:39
772GrahamIt's caused by a missing copy ....28-Oct-09 3:39
771BrianHThis is on 1:40
770BrianHGetting garbage at the top of the page on every page of CureCode - more with each view.28-Oct-09 1:40
769DockimbelYou should make a library with that code and post it online somewhere with short doc/examples (could be e.g.).22-Sep-09 22:00
768DockimbelIt works on Linux. Pie, texts, lines, everything is there.22-Sep-09 21:59
767Steevepie: pie-chart [ size: 300x200 start: -80 font: make font [size: 10] ][ "block" none 0 "crash" #ff3030 .04 "major" #ff6060 .09 "minor" #ffb850 .44 "tweak" #ffd850 .03 "text" #ffd850 .02 "trivial" #ffd8a0 .31 "not a bug" pewter .06 ]

view layout [ box 300x200 white effect [draw pie] ]

22-Sep-09 18:11
766Steevepie-chart: func [ con [block!] ;-- block of overriden constants cmd [block!] ;-- commands to draw the pie-chart /local push angle middle bottom pane bout sens size back-color start line text font* font ][

;-- default constants (overridable by con block) size: 300x200 ;--size of the box back-color: white ;-- back color of the pie font: make face/font [color: gray size: 12] start: -90 ;-- starting angle of the pie chart (in degrees) line: [pen gray line] ;-- draw block used for lines ;-- do bind con 'size font/offset: 0x0 pane: make block! 30 push: func [data][append pane compose data] center: size / 2 ; -- center of the pie chart radius: to-pair divide min size/x size/y 2.5 sens: true bottom: 0 font*: font foreach [title color percent] cmd [ if issue? color [color: to-tuple debase/base color 16] push [pen back-color fill-pen (color) arc center radius (start) (angle: round/ceiling percent * 360) closed] middle: angle / 2 + start push line push [ (center + as-pair radius/x * cosine middle radius/x * sine middle) (bout: center + as-pair radius/x + 3 * cosine middle radius/x + 3 * sine middle) ] text: to-image make blank-face [ size: size-text make face [size: 5000x5000 text: title font: font*] text: title font: font* color: none ] either 0 <= cosine middle [ unless sens [bottom: 0 sens: true] push reduce [ bout: as-pair center/x + radius/x bout/y bout: as-pair bout/x + 8 max bout/y bottom bout: as-pair bout/x + 3 bout/y ] bottom: bout/y + text/size/y ][ if sens [bottom: size/y sens: false] push reduce [ bout: as-pair center/x - radius/x bout/y bout: as-pair bout/x - 8 min bout/y bottom bout: as-pair bout/x - 3 bout/y ] bottom: bout/y - text/size/y bout: as-pair bout/x - text/size/x bout/y ] push [image (text) (bout + as-pair 1 text/size/y / -2 - 0.5 ) black ] start: start + angle ] pane ]

22-Sep-09 18:10
765SteeveNew version, i build images from texts, it should work on linux as well. And you can change the font used as well.22-Sep-09 18:10
764DockimbelR2 only. I can't use R3 for my projects.22-Sep-09 16:55
763Steevewould you an R3 version better ?22-Sep-09 16:47
762Steeveyou tested with R2 ?22-Sep-09 16:45
761Steevehum...22-Sep-09 16:45
760DockimbelLinux (Ubuntu 8.04 under Vmware) : - 1st version: drawing ok, but no text - 2nd version: no pie chart, no text, only 1 line (first one in list maybe)22-Sep-09 16:44
759Steeveit's a first thought, could be optimized i guess...22-Sep-09 16:28
758DockimbelI think that he would be seduced by the small size and elegancy of your code.22-Sep-09 16:27
757DockimbelHe asked me once for one that can draw pie and bar charts such as those from google.22-Sep-09 16:22
756DockimbelI think that Carl would be interested in such a library.22-Sep-09 16:20
755DockimbelIf you can add barcharts too, that would be nice.22-Sep-09 16:20
754Steeveyes typo22-Sep-09 16:19
753Steevetry this on linux...

pie: pie-chart [ size: 300x200 start: -80 text: [pen gray text ] ][ "block" none 0 "crash" #ff3030 .04 "major" #ff6060 .09 "minor" #ffb850 .44 "tweak" #ffd850 .03 "text" #ffd850 .02 "trivial" #ffd8a0 .31 "not a bug" pewter .06 ]

view layout [ box 300x200 white effect [draw pie] ]

22-Sep-09 16:19
752Dockimbelunless sens [bottom: 0 send: true] <= typo in "send:"?22-Sep-09 16:18
751Steeveit could be bypassed...22-Sep-09 16:16
750DockimbelCureCode/R3 is on a linux server. I guess there are font issues?22-Sep-09 16:15
749DockimbelNice result, you should publish it on 16:15
748Steeveit can be replaced by non vectorial text but in that case, the drawing can't be translated or scaled22-Sep-09 16:12
747Steevebecause of the vectorial text i use, it's not usable everywhere...22-Sep-09 16:11
746SteeveNot perfect but it give results.

pie: pie-chart [ size: 300x200 start: -80 ][ "block" none 0 "crash" #ff3030 .04 "major" #ff6060 .09 "minor" #ffb850 .44 "tweak" #ffd850 .03 "text" #ffd850 .02 "trivial" #ffd8a0 .31 "not a bug" pewter .06 ]

view layout [ box 300x200 white effect [draw pie] ]

22-Sep-09 16:08
745Steevepie-chart: func [ con [block!] ;-- block of overriden constants cmd [block!] ;-- commands to draw the pie-chart /local push angle middle bottom pane bout sens size back-color start line text ][

;-- default constants (overridable by con block) size: 300x200 ;--size of the box back-color: white ;-- back color of the drawing start: -90 ;-- starting angle of the pie chart (in degrees) line: [pen gray line] ;-- draw block used for lines text: [pen none fill-pen gray text vectorial] ;-- draw block used for texts ;-- do bind con 'size pane: make block! 30 push: func [data][append pane compose data] center: size / 2 ; -- center of the pie chart radius: to-pair divide min size/x size/y 2.5 sens: true bottom: 0 foreach [title color percent] cmd [ if issue? color [color: to-tuple debase/base color 16] push [pen back-color fill-pen (color) arc center radius (start) (angle: round/ceiling percent * 360) closed] middle: angle / 2 + start push line push [ (center + as-pair radius/x * cosine middle radius/x * sine middle) (bout: center + as-pair radius/x + 3 * cosine middle radius/x + 3 * sine middle) ] either 0 <= cosine middle [ unless sens [bottom: 0 send: true] push reduce [ bout: as-pair center/x + radius/x bout/y bout: as-pair bout/x + 8 max bout/y bottom bout: as-pair bout/x + 3 bout/y ] bottom: bout/y + 12 ][ if sens [bottom: size/y sens: false] push reduce [ bout: as-pair center/x - radius/x bout/y bout: as-pair bout/x - 8 min bout/y bottom bout: as-pair bout/x - 3 bout/y ] bottom: bout/y - 12 bout: as-pair bout/x - first size-text make face [ size: 5000x5000 text: title ] bout/y ] push text push [(bout + 1x-8 ) (title)] start: start + angle ] pane ]

22-Sep-09 16:08
744Pekrthere was only some work done by Ladislav IIRC, but it was for old draw IIRC ...22-Sep-09 12:15
743DockimbelIf there's was a nice lib in Rebol with a cool dialect to do the same job as google's charts...22-Sep-09 12:14
742SteeveOoooh, what a shame ;-)22-Sep-09 12:13
741Dockimbel 12:13
740DockimbelNope, it's Google's Chart API work :-)22-Sep-09 12:13
739Steevei think so ;-)22-Sep-09 12:12
738SteeveDoc, did you draw your "camembers" with rebol ?22-Sep-09 12:08
737SteeveI'm First Nice !!!22-Sep-09 12:05
736BrianHThat was the reason for all of the revisions to the comment of #1228 :(8-Sep-09 20:15
735DockimbelDehex removed (don't know why it was there). Tested on ticket #1 (in case you wonder why it popped up in recently changed tickets).8-Sep-09 20:13
734BrianHI had a lot of trouble with comments in CureCode today being hex-decoded, when I was just trying to refer to a filename %bar.r. I had to write it as %25bar.r, every time, even during revisions. Comments shouldn't be hex-decoded.8-Sep-09 19:13
733DockimbelAdded in todo list. Should be easy to implement.5-Sep-09 12:15
732HenrikIt would be really lovely to have change log information provided via API or plain text, so it can be integrated into a website.5-Sep-09 9:57
731DockimbelMaybe I could add an option for setting new developer tickets directly as "reviewed". I'll think about that for next releases.2-Sep-09 19:17
730HenrikWould it be possible for a developer to have his reports automatically reviewed? There's a lot of extra clicking involved for me in my curecode since I submit reports to my own tracker.2-Sep-09 14:31
729Pekroh, wrong group .....1-Sep-09 12:06
728PekrDoc - does Cheyenne already enable setting handlers for particular filetypes? I mean - equivalence to:

AddHandler rebol-cgi-dispatch .html Action rebol-cgi-dispatch /cgi-bin/rebol-cgi-dispatch.cgi

For Cheyenne only users, it is not important, they can use RSP, but for those who want to have chance to migrate between Apache and Cheyenne in CGI mode, it might be usefull. I expect it not being a priority for you though ...

1-Sep-09 12:05
727DockimbelDNS records querying1-Sep-09 11:57
726Pekrwhat is dig:// scheme?1-Sep-09 11:56
725GrahamLooking forward to trying it out1-Sep-09 11:42
724Grahamahh... good idea1-Sep-09 11:41
723DockimbelBut I've reimplemented the dig:// scheme as an UniServe async protocol.1-Sep-09 11:41
722GrahamI use something similar to provide mail support inside my application ...1-Sep-09 11:40
721DockimbelYes, I've been inspired by your code when I started working on it.1-Sep-09 11:38
720DockimbelDNS server: the ones declared locally on the machine.1-Sep-09 11:38
719Grahamonly a couple of linest to make that into a mta :)1-Sep-09 11:34
718GrahamI did this before ... 11:32
717GrahamOpenDNS?1-Sep-09 11:31
716Grahamwhat will you use for DNS?1-Sep-09 11:30
715DockimbelObviously, emails will be sent in async mode by the UniServe layer.1-Sep-09 11:28
714DockimbelRSP users will just use SEND without any change. SEND will be patched, so SET-NET won't be required.1-Sep-09 11:27
713DockimbelTransparently for the user. Internally, like a normal MTA, getting the right MX, queuing outgoing emails on disk, retry sending a few times if required, inform back user (and admin optinaly) by email if sending failed.1-Sep-09 11:26
712GrahamHow will that work?1-Sep-09 11:16
711Henriknice1-Sep-09 10:24
710DockimbelI'm working on an integrated client Mail Transfer Agent that will handle emails sending in Cheyenne without the need to install any third-party mail server. It should be ready in a couple of days.1-Sep-09 10:14
709Henrikcool :-)30-Aug-09 22:03
708GrahamThat worked.30-Aug-09 22:00
707GrahamOk, submitted a ticket!30-Aug-09 21:59
706HenrikI think we unearthed a lot of things that we otherwise would just bump into along the way, anyway. I'm still not safe on the email issue, as the debug lines are still present.30-Aug-09 21:09
705DockimbelI would have said that CC's current install process is a real PIA ;-)30-Aug-09 21:06
704HenrikSince this works so well, I will reward graham and doc by keeping their accounts, so you don't have to register again. :-)30-Aug-09 20:59
703Henrikalso in the top table of the page, the one with three columns, I forced the width of each column to 33% to avoid the changing of the title to move the page name in the top middle of the page.30-Aug-09 20:57
702Henrikyes, BTW, there are many places where the word REBOL3 is hardcoded in strings. I was wondering if it's a good idea to move that to the config? It seems obvious for customization.30-Aug-09 20:55
701Grahamit's not in the sql script that I saw30-Aug-09 20:55
700DockimbelI'll make a package asap, so you can upgrade.30-Aug-09 20:54
699Dockimbelv0.9.9 is a little bit better for management.30-Aug-09 20:54
698Henrikthis is sweet! complete user and project management.30-Aug-09 20:53
697DockimbelRegistering: ok Email: ok Login/logou: ok30-Aug-09 20:53
696Dockimbelthat's in comment somewhere (build.sql or install script)30-Aug-09 20:53
695Dockimbeldefault admin account is : nimda30-Aug-09 20:52
694Grahamie. store the result.30-Aug-09 20:48
693Grahamuse that to create your new password and store that in the db30-Aug-09 20:48
692Grahamencode-pass: func [pass [string!]][ enbase/base checksum/method pass 'md5 16 ]30-Aug-09 20:48
691Grahamyeah ... you only have the hash!30-Aug-09 20:47
690Henrikcool. now I need to access the admin account. only need the password.30-Aug-09 20:46
689Grahamnice work .. hope you document all the fixes you had to make.30-Aug-09 20:44
688GrahamI'm registered and in!30-Aug-09 20:44
687GrahamType the code your read in the following image

should be .. type in the code below or similar

30-Aug-09 20:42
686Henrikyour account will be deleted after testing is done30-Aug-09 20:41
685Henrikgraham or doc, could you please try registering at:

30-Aug-09 20:38
684Henrikoh that's it. I just need to fill that function up with debug/probes and it works. :-) got a mail now.30-Aug-09 20:36
683Henrikgot debug/probe working now. it definitely stops at 'send-confirmation.30-Aug-09 20:31
682Henrikno difference. it still reports tcp error. it must be coming some time before that function.30-Aug-09 20:25
681Henrik"debug/probe mold spec" inserted on the first line...30-Aug-09 20:23
680DockimbelTry debug/probe instead.30-Aug-09 20:22
679Grahamhelper.r is in the global name space ... so ?? may not work30-Aug-09 20:20
678GrahamOh .. that's for RSP.30-Aug-09 20:20
677Dockimbel"Port none not open" on save/png...odd one.30-Aug-09 20:19
676HenrikI was trying to use ??, but couldn't get it to work.30-Aug-09 20:19
675GrahamSo, was your smtp error related to trying to connect to sofinnov's mail server?30-Aug-09 20:19
674Dockimbel"STMP-server": thanks for finding that one!30-Aug-09 20:19
673GrahamYou know that ?? logs to trace.log30-Aug-09 20:15
672Henrikyes, I thought I could make an error! earlier in that function, but I still get a TCP error.30-Aug-09 20:13
671Grahamsend-confirmation: func [ spec [block!] vkey [string!] /local url login pass template ][ system/user/name: "REBOL3 Tracker" set-net reduce [ ""] url: rejoin [ request/headers/Host either request/server-port = 80 [""][join ":" request/server-port] request/web-app "/validate.rsp?id=" url-encode spec/login "&key=" vkey ] login: spec/login pass: spec/pass template: read join locale/get-path %email-activation.tpl replace template "$url" url replace template "$login" login replace template "$pass" pass send/subject spec/email template rejoin ["[REBOL3 Tracker] " say "Account activation"] ]30-Aug-09 20:12
670Grahamfor curecode itself ...30-Aug-09 20:09
669GrahamThere used to be a tracker at 20:08
668Grahamin ram?30-Aug-09 20:04
667Henrikit's probably a permissions problem30-Aug-09 20:02
666GrahamI never got the captcha working the way doc has it .. I had to write my images to the public folder and display them from there.30-Aug-09 19:57
665HenrikBTW, I spotted another error with the captcha:

URL = /bugs/captcha.rsp File = /home/henrikmk/serve/www/bugs/captcha.rsp

** Access Error : Port none not open ** Where: confirm ** Near: [save/png img: make binary! 25000]

At that time I noticed the image was not displayed in the browser, but it only happened once.

30-Aug-09 19:51
664HenrikIf I'm right, sending mail only happens in the helper.r file. But even if I try to make an error well before the actual mail sending happens in 'send-confirmation, it still returns a tcp error. It seems I'm not hitting the right place in the code.30-Aug-09 19:50
663Henrikfrom rebol yes, cheyenne, apparently not.30-Aug-09 19:31
662Grahamcan't you use localhost as the smtp server?30-Aug-09 19:30
661HenrikDocKimbel, I noticed that it's spelled "STMP-server" in the config file and in the other sources. Is that correct? The correct spelling would be "SMTP-server"30-Aug-09 19:13
660Henrikand it should be running with root privileges.30-Aug-09 19:09
659HenrikURL = /bugs/register.rsp File = /home/henrikmk/serve/www/bugs/register.rsp

** User Error : Server error: tcp connection failed ** Where: none ** Near: [insert smtp-port reduce [from reduce [addr] tmp]]

30-Aug-09 19:08
658HenrikSuccessfully sent mail from a rebol command prompt, but it doesn't work in Cheyenne, despite identical set-net config. Odd.30-Aug-09 19:07
657Henrikcrap... seems I need to install my own smtp server.30-Aug-09 18:40
656DockimbelYep, sure. I have currently 2 weeks of intensive coding for upgrading one of our commercial product. Once done, I'll get back to CureCode with some major improvements in plan.30-Aug-09 16:49
655HenrikI think it would be a good idea to create a set of sanity checks, to check that the webapp paths are correct and that the right rebol version is used. that would be the easiest way to improve installation.30-Aug-09 16:28
654Henrikyep, that works. now I get the mail error I expected. configuring smtp...30-Aug-09 16:21
653DockimbelTry with an absolute path for root-dir. I remember having hit the same issue once a long time ago, but can't remember the fix.30-Aug-09 16:19
652HenrikI see you used an absolute path for root-dir in the example you gave above, but in the example testapp in httpd.cfg, the root-path is relative, so I used that here.30-Aug-09 16:19
651Henrikwebapp [ virtual-root "/bugs/" root-dir %www/bugs/ locales-dir %private/locales/ ]30-Aug-09 16:17
650Henrikok, new error. where does %private/ start? my root dir occurs twice in locale/get-path30-Aug-09 16:17
649Henrikah, that one. thanks.30-Aug-09 16:13
648DockimbelThis line in the webapp declaration should remain with a relative path : locales-dir %private/locales/30-Aug-09 16:12
647DockimbelDid you change something in %app-init.r? Did you create the webapp correctly in Cheyenne's config file?30-Aug-09 16:12
646HenrikThe output of this:

join locale/get-path %email-activation.tpl



30-Aug-09 16:11
645DockimbelCheck the %/private/helper.r script, they might be some things hardwired in 'send-confirmation function (like mail server).30-Aug-09 16:04
644HenrikURL = /bugs/register.rsp File = www/bugs/register.rsp

** Script Error : read expected source argument of type: file url object block ** Where: send-confirmation ** Near: [template: read join locale/get-path %email-activation.tpl]

30-Aug-09 15:57
643Dockimbelyou need to edit %CureCode/private/curecode.conf to set the correct mail server.30-Aug-09 15:56
642Henriknow a new error... possibly mail related.30-Aug-09 15:56
641Henrikyes, finally. captcha available now.30-Aug-09 15:55
640Henrikwhich version30-Aug-09 15:52
639Henrikok, thanks. I must admit, it's rather hard to keep track of which cheyenne is running.30-Aug-09 15:52
638DockimbelThe cheyenne version that you should be using is 15:51
637Henrikthe captcha appears not to be working, but there is no DRAW error this time.30-Aug-09 15:51
636Dockimbel"installing the Cheyenne from the link above" => you've installed Cheyenne 0.9.17??30-Aug-09 15:50
635DockimbelIt seems that an error is occuring in app-init.r. Is the captcha working?30-Aug-09 15:49
634Henrikperhaps the app-init.r file is now not being run30-Aug-09 15:45
633Henrikhmm... installing the Cheyenne from the link above, rolls out 2 new errors:

script error ! filter-access has no value

script error ! enum-projects has no value

30-Aug-09 15:03
632Willwhy not put CC on svn like you did for Cheyenne 8)30-Aug-09 14:55
631Henrikseems all packages in that list are installed, but no go for View.30-Aug-09 14:52
630HenrikI understand. :-) it can be hard to make things plug and play, when you are worried about the simplicity of the app.30-Aug-09 14:51
629Henrikthanks30-Aug-09 14:50
628DockimbelMake View work on linux (debian/ubuntu) : 14:50
627DockimbelI'm sorry that the install process is not more handier, AFAIK, you're just the 2nd user (after Graham) trying to install CC. I guess that I can call that a "community" and start working on a nicer install process. ;-)30-Aug-09 14:49
626HenrikI didn't. I'm currently wondering how to get View to run on this headless Linode server, so the captcha process can work.30-Aug-09 14:45
625DockimbelDid you removed the admin user creation from the install script? You need that admin user in order to create new projects and manage them (the bug you just hit is in a code branch that is evaluated only if a non-admin user try to access manager pages).30-Aug-09 14:44
624Henrikok, thanks30-Aug-09 14:44
623Dockimbelresponse/clear => you've found a bug, it's a typo, as Will says, it should be response/reset. (now fixed in 0.9.9).30-Aug-09 14:40
622Henrik** Script Error : draw has no value ** Where: generate ** Near: [save/png img: make binary! 25000]

Looks like it.

30-Aug-09 14:38
621Willfor captcha , yes30-Aug-09 14:38
620Henrikbut no code image is generated on the registration page. I assume View is needed for this?30-Aug-09 14:37
619Henrikthat helped. now to create a user account...30-Aug-09 14:36
618Willtry changing with response/reset30-Aug-09 14:34
617Henrikthere is no response/clear in the docs, so I assume this is a newer cheyenne feature?30-Aug-09 14:26
616Henriknow I'm trying to add a project, but on the index.rsp page in the manage section, I get:

URL = /bugs/manage/index.rsp File = www/bugs/manage/links.rsp

** Script Error : Invalid path value: clear ** Where: rsp-script ** Near: [response/clear response/redirect request/web-app ]

30-Aug-09 14:20
615Henrikand finally it runs30-Aug-09 13:46
614Henrikyay! now at least something is output, but there are still errors. so far so good. :-)30-Aug-09 12:53
613DockimbelOh, you didn't declared the webapp in Cheyenne, CC can't work without that. Here's an example:

webapp [ virtual-root "/curecode/" root-dir %/c/dev/curecode/ locales-dir %private/locales/ ]

30-Aug-09 12:49
612Henrikit looks to me that Curecode is a webapp, due to the presence of an app-init.r file, so I'll have to find documentation on how to describe it as such30-Aug-09 12:35
611Henrikwhich to me looks like the session was not started30-Aug-09 12:26
610Henriklooks like 'session/content is none, which is apparently not expected.30-Aug-09 12:23
609GrahamDoc, thought about providing sql scripts for other dbs?30-Aug-09 10:48
608HenrikDoc: it says Pro30-Aug-09 9:44
607Grahamoh well, I can't help ... mysql fails to install under windows 730-Aug-09 9:42
606DockimbelTry a probe system/product to see if View is there.30-Aug-09 9:42
605Henrik(could use a phpinfo() like page)30-Aug-09 9:39
604Henrikit reports back version 9:38
603DockimbelFrom the error message, I think that something is messed up in app-init.r, maybe the captcha loading part. Is your Cheyenne version the one with View engine included?30-Aug-09 9:37
602HenrikI think it's the latest exe for linux.30-Aug-09 9:31
601DockimbelWhat Cheyenne version are you using?30-Aug-09 9:31
600Henrikyes. I usually get an RSP error message.30-Aug-09 9:30
599Henrik0/8-09:28:22.596130-[RSP] ##RSP Script Error:

URL = /bugs/index.rsp File = www/bugs/index.rsp

** Script Error : Cannot use path on none! value ** Where: rsp-script ** Near: [if all [ not sess/login? none? validate/full [action word! *] 'identify = request/content/action ] [ either invalid: validate/full [ login - * pass - * ] [ err?: yes ] [ .... more stuff after that

30-Aug-09 9:29
598Grahamaren't you getting a message about the browser doens't understand ?30-Aug-09 9:29
597HenrikI'm curious why this error doesn't appear in the browser.30-Aug-09 9:29
596Henrikas suspected, it didn't help to alter the db string.30-Aug-09 9:28
595Grahamwe guessed that :)30-Aug-09 9:25
594DockimbelLooks like the install.r script hasn't been updated to match latest database schema.30-Aug-09 9:22
593DockimbelDatabase string should be root:<password>@localhost/r3bugs30-Aug-09 9:20
592Graham 9:20
591GrahamI'll try it out ... now where to download mysql ..30-Aug-09 9:18
590Henrikjust root@localhost, but I don't think this is a database problem. it's more fundamental.30-Aug-09 9:15
589Grahamwhat's your database string?30-Aug-09 9:14
588Henrikno, but no pages are working at all, so I can't log in.30-Aug-09 9:14
587Grahamso that you have a validated session?30-Aug-09 9:12
586Grahamwell... did you login ?30-Aug-09 9:12
585Henrikeither 'sess, 'validate or 'request is none where they shouldn't be30-Aug-09 9:12
584Grahamit should be in plain text ..30-Aug-09 9:11
583Henrikfound an error message. decoding it...30-Aug-09 9:10
582Grahamit's not relevant what the database name is30-Aug-09 9:09
581Grahamjust use r3bugs as your database handle30-Aug-09 9:09
580Grahamso check the trace.log30-Aug-09 9:09
579Grahambecause there is an error, the gzipped stuff sent to the browser can not be decodoed30-Aug-09 9:09
578Henrikthis was also present before I changed the httpd config, so there must be a different error somewhere.30-Aug-09 9:08
577Grahamthat means there is an error30-Aug-09 9:08
576Henrikhttp:// 9:07
575HenrikI've added that now, but Cheyenne is just outputting things the browser won't understand.30-Aug-09 9:07
574Grahamwell, I'm guessing ...30-Aug-09 9:04
573HenrikI see.30-Aug-09 9:04
572Grahamhttpd.cfg30-Aug-09 9:02
571Grahamit will be in the Cheyenne cfg30-Aug-09 9:02
570Grahamit's cheyenne30-Aug-09 9:02
569Henrikone would think, there would be a login to the database somewhere in the code. can't find it though. there is one in some test files and in the installer.30-Aug-09 9:00
568Grahamyeah ... redundant fields :)30-Aug-09 9:00

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