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51AmmonTry scrambling the text first. As was noted in Tretbase group, if you're not familiar with a word then you have a very low chance of being able to unscramble the randomized text into something meaning. The same is true for the script.1-Apr-09 14:22
50?But works on the more simplier texts.1-Apr-09 12:30
49?I get a lot of unknowns when using it.1-Apr-09 12:30
48?Very COOL Ammon!1-Apr-09 12:07
47AmmonScramble.r posted to prove just how unamazing it is that we can read words with improper spelling like the text that Paul recently posted to the Tretbase group.1-Apr-09 5:09
46BrianHIt's not prejudice if you actually evaluate it - it's called judgement, or opinion at worst.24-Mar-09 19:46
45amacleodYeah vista is great!24-Mar-09 18:21
44?You can turn that off but I don't recommend it.24-Mar-09 18:16
43amacleodI have alot of issues with Vista but I just might not know how t fix them...but the fixes do seem to be well hidden. For example, I can not get Crimson Editor to use my prefs at start up. Everytime I use it I need t to reload the "tools". It will not save...some kind of securit measure. Telling me I must be using an admin account to do it...I am using an admin account.24-Mar-09 18:15
42?Maxim, I remember when XP came out, I heard a great deal about how it was not an improvement and how much it sucked. I guess time will tell, but I have both Vista and XP as well as 2003 Server on my computers at home. I'm using Vista the most (on my laptop as I write this) because I like it the most.24-Mar-09 17:50
41MaximI am not saying that nothing in vista was improved, only that none of them are worth the drawbacks. Vista really adds nothing to the experience. and most things that add security also make the OS incompatible or downright aggressive towards the user.24-Mar-09 16:53
40Maximthe DRM within vista pokes around at a lot of things.24-Mar-09 16:51
39Maximyou can't turn that off.24-Mar-09 16:50
38Maximno paul its the DRM encrypting/decrypting data on the PCI buss.24-Mar-09 16:50
37?At the enterprise level, Vista doesn't behave nothing like that.24-Mar-09 16:50
36?Maxim, you can turn off almost anything. You probably just don't know how to do that. It comes with all the candy because home users are a primary market.24-Mar-09 16:49
35Maximsince I've installed XP my whole computer runs a hell of a lot faster.24-Mar-09 16:49
34Maximpaul, vista consumes 30% of my computers resources doing nothing. how can that be good?24-Mar-09 16:49
33?Vista rocks here Maxim, but I'm a technical support professional on Microsoft platform.24-Mar-09 16:47
32MaximI can't wait for photocopiers, which burn up the paper, when it detects, a (c) symbol on a page... cause that is in essence what vista's DRM does.24-Mar-09 16:23
31Maximxp isn't pretty, but at least it actually lets you use your computer, its not trying to put itself between you and your "lawfull" use of your hardware.24-Mar-09 16:22
30MaximI hate linux desktops. they're even worse.24-Mar-09 16:21
29Maximit considered xcopy a DRM threat, and put it on a blacklist. note, I was trying to do automated backups of a drive!!24-Mar-09 16:21
28Maximyeah its pretty, but vista actually locked out my dos shell from being able to use the disks... how screwed up can an OS get?24-Mar-09 16:20
27Maximprejudice? paul, vista sucks. windows even had to build vista downgrade CDs... I call this "Sorry, we admit to our failure"24-Mar-09 16:19
26Maximmy computer is now actully something else than a pretty slug / paperweight.24-Mar-09 16:18
25?is there a word for computer platform prejudice?24-Mar-09 16:18
24MaximI'm not on vista *anymore* and I love it !24-Mar-09 16:16
23GeomolI'm not on vista, and I love it!23-Mar-09 15:10
22?I'm on vista and I love it.22-Mar-09 23:14
21xavierme either .... thats hell22-Mar-09 23:14
20AmmonWait... Vista behaves? I've mostly just seen misbehavior from Vista. =D22-Mar-09 17:54
19xavieri m new to vista and i m often astonish of the way it behaves22-Mar-09 16:34
18xavieryep it works22-Mar-09 16:33
17Maxima ha... My friend's vista didn't open the folders properly, but I just realised that he had the bugged version hehehe20-Mar-09 23:08
16AmmonUhm... It works on Vista just fine. What are you talking about?20-Mar-09 20:37
15Maxim(windows quicklaunch toolbar)20-Mar-09 20:14
14MaximI also added a single click feature... so having in the quicklauch, you click once, it opens up, you click on the folder, and explore.r closes immediately, so it doesn't linger on the desktop neadlessly. so its a two click to open a folder from ANY application , I've probably saved 30 minutes of browsing files on various machines and folders in a single day :-)20-Mar-09 20:14
13Maximcurrently the tool doesn't work on vista, since it seems it uses a different system... but I will be happy to include the recipe if anyone has it (vista).20-Mar-09 20:12
12MaximI will upload the latest version to, which allows you to add new labels interactively.20-Mar-09 20:11
11Ammonand I looked them up about a month ago... =D20-Mar-09 20:06
10Brockthe funny thing is, I just looked up the commands to do this very thing yesterday :-)20-Mar-09 20:02
9Maximbut the fix is right there... so its not lost.20-Mar-09 18:58
8Brocknot so easy in the case of some missing code or a typo like in the example you provided ;-). Too bad the owner can't edit their own post!20-Mar-09 18:39
7Maximreblets are now web-public, so this becomes an easy to share snippets on the web :-)20-Mar-09 15:49
6jockothis is interesting, particularly for newcomers, but not only. Another place for these scripts could be the cookbook.20-Mar-09 7:11
5Maxim(i meant that the basic functionality already worked within a five line script! )20-Mar-09 2:58
4Maximthe explorer script started out as 5 lines !20-Mar-09 2:55
3MaximI just think a little place to share reblets within this world is over due. I agree in another tool, I'd probably have use another space, but since we pretty much only have groups here, well its as simple as it can get. note, we are talking about small stuff... not applications...20-Mar-09 2:55
2ReichartIt is interesting what you did with Groups here... See, I think "reblets" should be a Wiki. And each page points people to a forum.20-Mar-09 2:53
1Maximjust shared explorer.r a simple launchpad which will open explorer windows, based on a list of folders you specify.20-Mar-09 2:49

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