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21Jankook, no hurry for me, but will be interested to test and report back when you have it prepared16-May-09 11:49
20MaximI have reached a stable state, at which I can now finish the initial version... but that will have to wait until I do a few other rebol projects first, so I'll probably play on the release on sunday, and provide private download links to those who want it .

if it works on your systems, you should quickly grow addicted to it.

16-May-09 11:47
19Maximok... I've got so many things on my plate this week end its insane. :-)16-May-09 11:46
18JankoI would be also interested, I don't have a lot of time to devote to it, but I would try to find some16-May-09 11:16
17Maximthat's ISN'T13-May-09 23:07
16Maximrewritting clean code is always obvious!13-May-09 23:07
15MaximI had quite a few implementation setbacks yesterday... :-(

But I finally put the lid on a part of distro-bot which was really complex. so I can now concentrate on the actual features.

13-May-09 23:07
14Maximexternal as in a few people trying it out with high-level of support on my part.13-May-09 4:20
13MaximI would like some external testing before going public.13-May-09 4:19
12Maximok, I will try to get the basics done before going to bed, I took time off to go see star trek (it rocks, if you overlook how badly some of the movie-specific physics/astronomy ideas are approached)13-May-09 4:19
11amacleodI would be interested...I'm having a hard time keeping track of my project..its my first major/large/encapped project so I'm still tying to find my groove with this versions thing13-May-09 2:43
10MaximNote that encap, prebol, slim-link are also part of the features base, but are not yet re-integrated in the first releases.12-May-09 9:52
9Maximnote that distro-bot can be used to manage ANY files, not just rebol scripts :-D12-May-09 9:49
8Maximthen I'll just be re-integrating features from the old code base, rebuilt for new framework, cleaner

Adding new ones as I go.

12-May-09 9:48
7MaximI will have a working version that has most of the framework re-implemented, TODAY.12-May-09 9:46
6Maximbut the current version is complete rewrite so its not totally all re-integrated yet, so I'd like to have some people testing it outside my comfy environment.12-May-09 9:44
5Maximimminent means I've been using it for years ;-)12-May-09 9:43
4MaximI'd like to know if any of you want to be alpha testers for the up and comming version, which is a result of several YEARS of fine tuning, and now combining, a rich set tools.

CURRENT FEATURES (partial list): General: ----------------------- -non intrusive, does not force any programing onto you. ex: * no need to have version in header, and can still do version control * history format is user specified, massive configurability -encapped (windows) application, so its easy to use. -no external dependencies (ex: zip archive is embeded, and coded in rebol :-)

Automated: ----------------------- -script versioning -file backup (versioned) -zip archival -file management -creation of "packages" (create dirs, copy files, archive, prebol, slim-link, encap, etc) -header manipulation (including history, date, version, and any field you want to enforce) -system calls -file parsing, replacing info tags.

Flexible setup: ------------------------- -cascading configuration (global, user, project, + per file) -config locking, prevents overiding configs in cascaded setups (project manager can create rules which no one can break) -command-line arguments overides for many configs -user set configs for most if not all features (ex: history format, date format).

and much more

12-May-09 9:42
3HenrikIt means... in 4 seconds. :-)12-May-09 9:30
2GrahamI'd hate to ask... but what does "imminent" mean??12-May-09 9:29
1MaximI'd like to announce the imminent public availability of distro-bot.

A powerfull tool for version control (of scripts and any other file) and project distribution & packaging


12-May-09 9:23

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