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44Maxim(note that the GLut window manager is already available on most OSes, so this makes it even simpler to port, once extensions are ported to other platforms. :-)20-Aug-09 21:13
43MaximAt this point, providing the full capabilities of OpenGL to REBOL seems trivial, once the image! improvements are added to Extensions API.

Some form of callbacks would also allow us to use a different window manager than VID (which would make it faster, since we wouldn't need to convert to rebol bitmaps at each frame).

20-Aug-09 21:11
42Maximrebol [ title: "test roggle" ]

secure [extension allow] r: import %rogle.dll

rogl-init [ ] rogl-draw-cube rogl-window

ask "..."


20-Aug-09 17:15
41MaximOpen GL gfx source is mostly on the C side for now because I'm still playing around with the extension and I can't interact with GLut or OGL until the extension API is expanded a little bit.20-Aug-09 17:12
40ICariivery nice maxim! :)20-Aug-09 11:23
39Henrikwhat does the REBOL source look like?20-Aug-09 9:32
38Henrikwohoo! :-)20-Aug-09 9:31
37MaximThe first REBOL natively Generated OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics. :-D

20-Aug-09 9:31
36Maximtrying to add texture just for the fun of it :-)20-Aug-09 8:14
35Maximanyways... screenshot in a few minutes :-:20-Aug-09 8:06
34MaximI also need the OpenGL performance for a huge art project of mine which composites thousands of pictures.20-Aug-09 8:06
33Maximhehe20-Aug-09 8:05
32GrahamCreate my favourite avatar, Max Headroom :)20-Aug-09 8:05
31MaximI also have a client which needs to visualize genomic data and millions of nodes in space.... so this is the first step to getting that contract :-)20-Aug-09 8:04
30Grahammimic the iphone?20-Aug-09 8:04
29Maximbuttons really stick out, project shadows, etc... flip the window to see what is behind it, desk surface is liquid... so things can be made to float... with water ripples, etc.20-Aug-09 8:03
28Maximmy use for this is to replace VID, for Elixir OS. which is a fully 3 dimensional interface design.20-Aug-09 8:02
27HenrikGraham, if it can do what GOBs are doing now, it will be fine for VID3.4. It's a matter of how you design the interface, I suppose.20-Aug-09 8:02
26GrahamAnton did a 3D GUI demo ... useful for that?20-Aug-09 8:02
25GrahamCan we have 3D UIs ?20-Aug-09 8:01
24MaximI need to wait for callback and/or image! specific enhancements to API to make it REBOL controlable20-Aug-09 8:01
23Grahamonly good for games then?20-Aug-09 8:00
22Maximwith current cards... why not jump directly to a million cows :-D20-Aug-09 7:59
21Maximyep... right now I'm working on primitives... shaded cube is the first one... just to show off its in 3D :-)20-Aug-09 7:58
20HenrikI'd love to see how 10000 cows performs :-)20-Aug-09 7:44
19Henrik(and in a few KBs)20-Aug-09 7:44
18HenrikMaxim, I'm sure Carl will love it, if you can provide the same underpinnings for VID via OpenGL as through the current engine.20-Aug-09 7:42
17Maxim:-)20-Aug-09 7:39
16Willwoot.. this R3.. now I got to learn C, OpenGL, etc.. 8))20-Aug-09 7:34
15MaximI've been waiting sooooo many years to be able to do just what I am doing now :-)20-Aug-09 7:28
14Maximfirst step is to have an image! which is updated from the OpenGL rendering using high-performance memory copy functions from the C side..20-Aug-09 7:28
13GeomolCool! :-)20-Aug-09 7:27
12Maximthe goal is to have an OpenGL gob :-)20-Aug-09 7:25
11Maximyes Geomol did, but the limitations of R2 can't make it native... meaning, you don't have access to the binary part of the data and use it directly within normal datatypes.20-Aug-09 7:23
10Maximwhen Carl adds a few little image! enhancements to the extension API, I should be able to use a rebol image! as the interface to get the OpenGL render into rebol, using R3 view. If memcopy works, then it should be VERY fast ( a few hundred images/second AFAICT)20-Aug-09 7:22
9GrahamI thought geomol already did something with opengl?20-Aug-09 7:22
8Maximgraham, This will allow us to do Hardware-accelerated 2D/3D directly from REBOL.20-Aug-09 7:19
7Maximscreenshot not yet usefull... still doing the low-level stuff (no way to specify polygons yet... but should be done shortly)20-Aug-09 7:19
6Grahamwhat's it good for? better forms?20-Aug-09 7:01
5Henrikscreenshot?20-Aug-09 6:45
4MaximMILESTONE !!! I've got an OpenGL window up and running... called from within REBOL 3 :-)20-Aug-09 6:43
3MaximGLut needs access to the application's (argc, argv)... I've tried simulating this, following guidelines I've found on how they are supposed to be setup when supplied to the app, but so far, the glut init just seems to crash on me. :-(20-Aug-09 6:13
2Maximso far I haven't had any problems with the R3 side of things including compiling my own extension with a few new funcs in it...

But now I'm starting to implement the GL specifics and just hit a snag.

20-Aug-09 6:09
1Maximhi all, I am currently building a wrapper for the OpenGL / GLut libraries to allow R3 apps to access OpenGL natively.20-Aug-09 6:07

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