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9Maximahhh ... seeing all of that unit testing ... going on and on in Sea's light-house.r test script... it almost brings water to my eyes.17-Dec-09 21:05
8JankoI mean very interesting in multiple ways16-Dec-09 23:01
7Jankointeresting16-Dec-09 23:00
6MaximI am using OpenGL (gl/glu/glut) as the test target.

I could probably make the OpenGL extension more quickly manually, but then it would be: incomplete, and every new serious tool will require a fair amount of time.

16-Dec-09 20:37
5Maximthat is the MAIN reason why I am building this engine. ;-)16-Dec-09 20:34
4PekrI would like to see a system, which would help to wrap some libraries and turn them into useful extensions :-)16-Dec-09 20:32
3Maximso created this group so I'd concentrate my discussion of the C analyser here.

The project's official code name is Sea, and it includes a full C source parse rule (currently at ~ 300 lines of parse rules (not counting comments or blank lines)

16-Dec-09 20:31
2Maximmission statement: To parse / analyse C source files and produce new information out of it.

goals: 1) To implement all phases of C source compilation and hook a retargettable emitter into all steps. 2) Ease of use for custom emitter designers. 3) extension building emitter 4) source file convertion from C to REBOL (structure, words, layout, constants, etc)

source format: ANSI C90, might support specific compiler & OS extensions (msvc, gcc, etc), if needs arises.

16-Dec-09 20:28
1MaximSEA : a programmable C source compiler / interpreter.16-Dec-09 20:19

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