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1378GrahamThis is pretty cool ... I can talk the hylafax server running in virtualbox using the ftp scheme.13-Jan-10 10:12
1377GrahamThere's such a thing as a software modem .. IAXmodem ... but not sure if I need Asterisk as well :(13-Jan-10 8:30
1376Grahaminstalled ubuntu server .. downloaded that using the ftp:// scheme :)13-Jan-10 8:29
1375GrahamJust finished installing virtualbox, and now going to install hyalfax ... but no modem so not sure how I can test it13-Jan-10 8:28
1374Grahamof course couldn't have got far without Andreas' and Steeve's help13-Jan-10 8:27
1373Maximhhehe13-Jan-10 8:25
1372Grahamand as I'm the oldest here ... lol13-Jan-10 8:25
1371GrahamSomeone had to step forward ...13-Jan-10 8:24
1370GrahamDELE, MKD etc are all done now.13-Jan-10 8:21
1369Maximbtw, thank you Graham for spearheading this scheme initiative :-)13-Jan-10 8:21
1368Grahamnow my ftp scheme is doing what I need .. I can move onto my fax:// scheme which uses the ftp protocol but on port 455913-Jan-10 8:20
1367BrianHRight now the project is just migrating the data to the new format. That's a programming problem.13-Jan-10 5:06
1366GrahamAnd he asked for volunteers, got some and then ignored them ... so if you're still calling the psychiatrist ... you know where to send him.13-Jan-10 5:06
1365BrianHWhew, I was worried about you for a second - was about to call the psychiatrist...13-Jan-10 5:05
1364Grahambut he needs a web master ... doing all of this by himself is not very efficient13-Jan-10 5:05
1363GrahamBrian .. I wuz kidding ....13-Jan-10 5:04
1362BrianHI doubt that would save him time - all of is generated from scripts, mostly WIP in the new site.13-Jan-10 4:59
1361GrahamCarl should use it to save time13-Jan-10 4:55
1360GrahamI note has frontpage extensions enabled ..13-Jan-10 4:55
1359GrahamLOL13-Jan-10 4:55
1358BrianHNo swearing.13-Jan-10 4:54
1357GrahamJust use FrontPage13-Jan-10 4:54
1356MaximI might even offer a bit of tutoring for those who don't understand it.

with all the web's ubiquity, most people (non programmers) still don't really know what they are doing when it comes to building sites.

13-Jan-10 4:45
1355Maximfunny in one of my courses I have to build a web page... hehehe a web 1.0 type web page... the kind that I can write using notepad in an hour hehe13-Jan-10 4:39
1354Maximyep. Visual Arts, part time (although this semester I am doing a full time semester, since the courses I took are easy for me).13-Jan-10 4:38
1353Grahamuniversity???13-Jan-10 4:37
1352Maximthe C language parser, although I haven't done a lot in more than a week. with university starting up and wanting to use up my last days of vacation.13-Jan-10 4:36
1351GrahamI think having SSL is essential ..13-Jan-10 4:35
1350GrahamWhat are you working on now?13-Jan-10 4:31
1349Maximthe putty code was very nice, and well documented on top of it.13-Jan-10 4:29
1348Maximyes I am... but just thinking out loud... if someone really needs it how one could approach the project.13-Jan-10 4:29
1347GrahamI thought you were doing other stuff?13-Jan-10 4:28
1346Maximshouldn't13-Jan-10 4:28
1345MaximI looked at the putty code about a year ago... and If it had compiled under DevC I would have played around with it... now that I've got MSVC, I should be able to build the sources... maybe we could just repackage the executable loader as a DLL. it should be too much work.13-Jan-10 4:28
1344BrianHIt works as well as it always has, and it went in when the developer (Holger) was still working for RT.13-Jan-10 4:25
1343GrahamHmm... sounds a serious lapse to let code no one understands be placed into r/command ...13-Jan-10 4:24
1342BrianHAnd it hasn't been updated in longer than Putty.13-Jan-10 4:24
1341BrianHBecause noone understands it, it doesn't do what we need it to, and the port model is different.13-Jan-10 4:23
1340GrahamI wonder why Carl can't reuse the r2 code ...13-Jan-10 4:22
1339BrianHPutty hasn't been updated in a while and never reached 1.0. Still, I agree that it is the best bet.13-Jan-10 4:21
1338BrianHThe only tricks are to see if it has proper TLS support and whether it is suceptible to the recently discovered SSL/TLS protocol vulns.13-Jan-10 4:20
1337Maximputty is the best place to start work on adding SSL to R3. its all there, in MIT it is 100% stand alone and the code is compact and clean.13-Jan-10 4:19
1336BrianHStick with BSD or similar licenses, like OpenSSL or the Putty SSL stack.13-Jan-10 4:11
1335BrianHOnly if you write it yourself and relicense it. No point to including it otherwise. In theory you could dynamicly link LGPL or Classpath code to the host, but you can't staticly link or otherwise incorporate it and distribute it. If you can't distribute it, there's no point in using the code.13-Jan-10 4:10
1334Grahamnot even if you compile it in yourself??13-Jan-10 4:08
1333BrianHNot even LGPL.13-Jan-10 4:07
1332BrianHNo GPL stuff can be included in the host kit.13-Jan-10 4:07
1331GrahamSHA256 ...need this for Amazon signing ...13-Jan-10 4:05
1330GrahamGNU TLS supports

Certificate types: X.509, OPENPGP Protocols: TLS1.2, TLS1.1, TLS1.0, SSL3.0 Ciphers: AES-256-CBC, AES-128-CBC, 3DES-CBC, CAMELLIA-128, CAMELLIA-256, ARCFOUR, ARCFOUR-40 MACs: SHA512, SHA384, SHA256, SHA1, RMD160, MD5 Key exchange algorithms: RSA, RSA-EXPORT, DHE-DSS, DHE-RSA, DHE-PSK, PSK, SRP, SRP-RSA, SRP-DSS, ANON-DH Compression methods: DEFLATE, LZO, NULL Extensions: Max record size, Cert Type (OpenPGP), Server Name, SRP, TLS/IA, Opaque PRF Input

13-Jan-10 4:04
1329GrahamOr, would this be core RT stuff ...?13-Jan-10 4:03
1328GrahamAre there any issues with the lesser GPL and the open host kit?13-Jan-10 4:02
1327Graham Lesser GPL ... can this work?13-Jan-10 4:01
1326eFishAntUnderstand all that. Just what was done in 2.7.7 to test it? I have tried without success.13-Jan-10 4:01
1325BrianHIt's unlikely that tests would be portable - the port model is completely different in R3.13-Jan-10 3:59
1324eFishAntI know, but a good point for heading in R3...use a common test case between the 2.13-Jan-10 3:58
1323GrahamThis is R3 group.13-Jan-10 3:56
1322eFishAntR2 2.7.7 has mention in notes about TLS SSL. My question is what is the test case these were tried on? I just want to verify they work in R2.13-Jan-10 3:52
1321GrahamThe lack of TLS and SSL is going to be a big problem since so many people now use secure protocols.13-Jan-10 3:48
1320Grahamprot-send.r is just a function and not a scheme. But it relies on system objects such as email ... I guess we can include these in the function until some decision is made about where they should go.13-Jan-10 0:55
1319Grahamjust read ...12-Jan-10 22:27
1318eFishAntso the old read-io of R2 ... is it just now read in R3? Or must I know more than that? I am porting my product to R3, so I am trying to get that part figured. It's almost running now, besides this (maybe...fingers crossed)12-Jan-10 21:55
1317PekrGraham - we have all world REBOL developers here ... 5-10 ... so basically yes, we are interested, just pressed for the time :-)12-Jan-10 20:56
1316GrahamAnyone else where interested in helping polishing up these schemes?12-Jan-10 20:54
1315GrahamI just sent you an awake handler!12-Jan-10 10:02
1314Grahamoh .. and then create the higher abstraction so that it supports the R2 of of reading and writing files ...12-Jan-10 10:01
1313Steevei just wake up :-)12-Jan-10 10:01
1312Grahamnot much else to do .. just delete, create directory, rename .... and append to existing file12-Jan-10 10:00
1311GrahamUploaded latest version with this change, and the STOR command .. just in time for bed!12-Jan-10 10:00
1310Grahamworks12-Jan-10 9:53
1309Steeveyou will receive a connect event but no lookup12-Jan-10 9:52
1308Grahamoh .. yeah ... ok. Good point.12-Jan-10 9:52
1307Steeveyou don't need to, the first attempt is the right one12-Jan-10 9:51
1306Grahamso I put the open port where?12-Jan-10 9:50
1305SteeveSmall optimization:

Graham, if you try to connect to a host with an ip as a string, then a DNS lookup is performed even if it's useless. On the other side, if you provide an ip as a tuple, no lookup is performed and it's a straight connection.

So as an example, when you enter in PASV mode (ftp proto) try this instead.

data-address: to-tuple to-block form copy/part tmp 4

12-Jan-10 9:46

Holger's linkedin details ... wonder if someone could persuade him to do SSL again but for R3 ?

12-Jan-10 9:42
1303GrahamOr do we hack our own and hope that someone comes along and unifies all the schemes12-Jan-10 9:20
1302GrahamIs there going to be an approved method of implementing these things?12-Jan-10 9:19
1301GrahamAlso need a way to stop a file transfer that is in progress ...12-Jan-10 9:19
1300GrahamJust wondering .. if we want a graphic file transfer progress meter, we need a way to tap into the event handler to catch the number of bytes being written/read ...12-Jan-10 9:18
1299Grahamftp STOR now supported ..12-Jan-10 9:06
1298GrahamThanks muchly.12-Jan-10 3:28
1297Andreaswell, see you around12-Jan-10 3:26
1296GrahamMines a bit long ...12-Jan-10 2:59
1295Andreasif we can keep the awake handler at this size, i'm fine with false at the bottom12-Jan-10 2:58
1294Andreasyeah, that's it12-Jan-10 2:58
1293Andreasundecided about that12-Jan-10 2:58
1292Grahamor is it the readability thing?12-Jan-10 2:58
1291GrahamWhy not put false at the bottom ...12-Jan-10 2:57
1290Andreasi think that'll be a rather typical skeleton for request/response protocols12-Jan-10 2:55
1289Andreaswritten for readability12-Jan-10 2:54
1288Andreasa minimal ftp login skeleton, no error handling: [temporary url]12-Jan-10 2:54
1287Andreasso do i, for some things :)12-Jan-10 2:54
1286GrahamI'm still using xmlrpc12-Jan-10 2:50
1285Andreasi could port some xmlrpc stuff over12-Jan-10 2:46
1284Andreashehe12-Jan-10 2:46
1283Grahamoh yeah.. we need that other scheme ... rpc://12-Jan-10 2:45
1282Andreasmhm12-Jan-10 2:44
1281Grahamfile! => stream binary! => just write12-Jan-10 2:44
1280Grahamagain, STOR should stream a file from local storage ... and write a binary type12-Jan-10 2:44
1279Grahamoops .. need to do a STOR12-Jan-10 2:43
1278GrahamI should start work on a hylafax scheme12-Jan-10 2:41
1277Andreashehe12-Jan-10 2:40
1276GrahamHylafax :)12-Jan-10 2:40
1275Andreasso anything that once was ftp is now either http or ssh :)12-Jan-10 2:40
1274Andreasbetween machines ssh (i.e. scp/sftp) and http are my main mechanisms of file transfer12-Jan-10 2:39
1273Grahamfor scripting backups?12-Jan-10 2:38
1272Andreasi'd rather need ssh12-Jan-10 2:38
1271Andreas(was it gabriele's?)12-Jan-10 2:38
1270Grahamwell, I still occasionally use ftp across my network ...12-Jan-10 2:38
1269Andreasbut well, maybe for something like gabriele's spam stuff12-Jan-10 2:38
1268Andreasat least to be useful for something besides the most basic throwaway scripts12-Jan-10 2:37
1267Andreasfor pop3/imap4 the scheme alone is not enough anyway12-Jan-10 2:37
1266GrahamImap4 ... Gabriele has something .. but I'm not sure if he can release it or not .12-Jan-10 2:37
1265Andreasdns is very rudimentary on linux12-Jan-10 2:36
1264Andreaspop3, imap4, smtp12-Jan-10 2:36
1263Grahamdns is done12-Jan-10 2:36
1262Grahamwhy are we doing it ? as an exercise I guess12-Jan-10 2:35
1261Andreasdns, whois12-Jan-10 2:35
1260Andreasshould rather do something more useful, like ... dunno12-Jan-10 2:35
1259Andreasso why do we do ftp, then :) ?12-Jan-10 2:35
1258Andreaslast time i used it was years ago12-Jan-10 2:34
1257Grahamme hardly much either!12-Jan-10 2:34
1256Andreasnever :)12-Jan-10 2:34
1255Andreasnope12-Jan-10 2:34
1254GrahamDo you actually use ftp much ?12-Jan-10 2:34
1253Grahammakes sense12-Jan-10 2:21
1252Andreascan't remember the link, though :)12-Jan-10 2:21
1251Andreassomeone had a link the other day which mentioned that the series protocol should be available completely12-Jan-10 2:21
1250Grahamwhere are the available actors documented?12-Jan-10 2:20
1249Andreaswow, there is a tail? actor12-Jan-10 2:18
1248Grahamdown boy down12-Jan-10 2:14
1247Andreasgood12-Jan-10 2:14
1246GrahamHOLD12-Jan-10 2:14
1245Andreashold me back12-Jan-10 2:13
1244Andreasah, graham .... :)12-Jan-10 2:13
1243Andreasso if the event machinery already is in full swing :)12-Jan-10 2:13
1242Andreasbut it'll be buffered anyway12-Jan-10 2:13
1241Grahamok, that's the important thing12-Jan-10 2:13
1240Andreasfrom the outside: no12-Jan-10 2:12
1239Andreasfrom within the awake handler: yes12-Jan-10 2:12
1238Grahamguess it needs another read ..12-Jan-10 2:12
1237GrahamDoes the WRITE set off the handler again?12-Jan-10 2:12
1236Andreasyou'll at least need another PASV before the 2nd RETR12-Jan-10 2:11
1235Grahamdunno if two consecutive RETR wil work though12-Jan-10 2:11
1234Grahamand you can just queue commands with the WRITE12-Jan-10 2:10
1233Grahamgreat ...12-Jan-10 2:10
1232Andreasyeah, works fine12-Jan-10 2:10
1231Andreasshould work, iirc12-Jan-10 2:10
1230Grahamtry it ..12-Jan-10 2:10
1229Andreasi'll try :)12-Jan-10 2:09
1228GrahamI don't know if the server will accept a path ...12-Jan-10 2:09
1227Andreasyes12-Jan-10 2:09
1226AndreasTYPE I would be needed as well12-Jan-10 2:09
1225GrahamTYPE12-Jan-10 2:09
1224Andreascould i have a minimal FTP thingie with just USER/PASS/PASV/RETR?12-Jan-10 2:08
1223GrahamI don't know if the ftp server will take a full path but the client can12-Jan-10 2:08
1222Grahamfor where?12-Jan-10 2:08
1221Andreasdas RETR take full paths?12-Jan-10 2:08
1220Andreasand that with all the debug output12-Jan-10 2:07
1219Andreasyes12-Jan-10 2:07
1218GrahamImpressive .. it works fast!12-Jan-10 2:07
1217Grahamahh... I wondered how that worked12-Jan-10 2:05
1216Andreasas there's a WAIT on the ftp scheme port already, simply OPENing the dataport suffices to have it scheduled and receiving events12-Jan-10 2:03
1215Andreasyour dataport is never WAITed on12-Jan-10 2:02
1214Andreasthere's also a lovely gem contained in that code, btw12-Jan-10 2:02
1213Andreashere's the updated version (i also bumped the version number):, here's the full diff to 0.0.5: 2:00
1212Grahammust be why when I login to chat .. .I start getting more messages from my ftp handler!12-Jan-10 1:59
1211Grahamok, need to close12-Jan-10 1:58
1210GrahamClients closing connections

The client can simply close the connection without sending QUIT. This saves time and memory for both the client and the server. There are a few broken TCP implementations, such as MacTCP 2.0.6, that fail to acknowledge TCP FINs after a local close. If the client is running on such a host, it shouldn't close the connection until after it sends QUIT and sees the server close the connection; otherwise the server will waste time repeatedly transmitting the FIN until it times out.

12-Jan-10 1:58
1209Andreasif the dataport is closed on you, you need to close it as well12-Jan-10 1:57
1208Grahamoh .. misunderstood ... what I read12-Jan-10 1:57
1207Grahamoh ... I read that I don't need to close the port ...12-Jan-10 1:56
1206GrahamI close cmd ...12-Jan-10 1:55
1205Andreasor even more plainly: in the dataport's close handler, you need to close the port as well12-Jan-10 1:55
1204Andreasi.e. even if the server closes it's side, until the client also closes, the connection is still open12-Jan-10 1:55
1203Andreasit takes two to takedown a TCP connection12-Jan-10 1:54
1202Andreasah, found it12-Jan-10 1:54
1201Andreaswow, stalls for precisely 3 minutes12-Jan-10 1:52
1200Andreasclosed 12-Jan-2010/2:48:18+1:00 fin 12-Jan-2010/2:51:18+1:0012-Jan-10 1:52
1199Andreassec, still debugging12-Jan-10 1:51
1198GrahamOr upload it ... using the credentials I sent you.12-Jan-10 1:49
1197Grahamcan you email the new version? mine is corrupted now ...with the manually applied diff's!12-Jan-10 1:48
1196Grahamall those can be ignored12-Jan-10 1:48
1195Andreasok12-Jan-10 1:48
1194Graham150 is just a mark ... comment12-Jan-10 1:48
1193Andreasbut now i know that it's 150 for when the transfer starts and 226 when it finishes12-Jan-10 1:47
1192Andreasi'll have to print timestamps to even get an idea how long that stalls :)12-Jan-10 1:46
1191Andreasit completes :)12-Jan-10 1:45
1190Andreasah!!12-Jan-10 1:45
1189Andreasnow what's expected sequence on the cmd connection for RETR?12-Jan-10 1:45
1188Andreashehe :)12-Jan-10 1:44
1187Grahamwow .. you managed to nuke my 'read !12-Jan-10 1:44
1186Andreasthat's a diff against the 0.0.5 from wik.is12-Jan-10 1:40
1185Andreashere's a diff of my changes: 1:38
1184Grahamso where do I set the state then?12-Jan-10 1:36
1183Grahamwrite-cmdport/only client [SYST]12-Jan-10 1:36
1182Grahamso just comment out line 261 ?12-Jan-10 1:36
1181Grahamon a successful download12-Jan-10 1:35
1180Grahamhmm... my 0.0.5 added a return true12-Jan-10 1:34
1179Andreasone problem remains: the read after RETR does not return12-Jan-10 1:34
1178Andreasreturned "client/spec/ready" instead of "false" from the awake12-Jan-10 1:34
1177Graham:)12-Jan-10 1:33
1176Grahamin case it's an Amiga ftp server ...12-Jan-10 1:33
1175Andreasmade the last "read client" in the read event handler block conditional: unless client/spec/ready [read client]12-Jan-10 1:33
1174GrahamI think that might help with directory parsing ...12-Jan-10 1:33
1173Andreasdropped the SYST write from 23012-Jan-10 1:33
1172Grahamso what's the fix?12-Jan-10 1:32
1171Andreasand if you'd be using it too, developing protos together would be much more fun :)12-Jan-10 1:32
1170GrahamI know I installed something which failed to work for me ... in downloading from the ubuntu repository12-Jan-10 1:32
1169Andreasi use git12-Jan-10 1:32
1168GrahamUmm... does Ubuntu use git ??12-Jan-10 1:32
1167Andreaswow, fixed it :)12-Jan-10 1:31
1166Grahamnope ...12-Jan-10 1:31
1165Grahamyes :)12-Jan-10 1:31
1164Andreasused it, by any chance?12-Jan-10 1:31
1163Andreasyep12-Jan-10 1:31
1162Grahamrepository thingy?12-Jan-10 1:31
1161Andreasbtw graham, do you happen to have heard of git?12-Jan-10 1:30
1160Andreas:)12-Jan-10 1:30
1159Grahamnot if they don't support pipelining!12-Jan-10 1:30
1158Andreasdon't they like that :) ?12-Jan-10 1:30
1157GrahamI did this as otherwise I ended up pipelining the ftp server :(12-Jan-10 1:30
1156Andreasi'll abuse ready is the return value from the awake handler, for now :)12-Jan-10 1:28
1155Grahamready is set to true so I can process the SYST12-Jan-10 1:27
1154Andreasassuming that the SYST is rather worthless anyway, i drop the write12-Jan-10 1:26
1153Andreasunfortunatly, in the AUTH 230 handler, you set both ready to true _and_ issue another write12-Jan-10 1:26
1152Andreasclient/spec/ready seems to be a good flag to use as return value for the awake handler12-Jan-10 1:25
1151Andreasbut, as expected, it does not :)12-Jan-10 1:24
1150Andreaswuah, huge switch :)12-Jan-10 1:23
1149Andreasnext step: tracing if your awake handler returns true in this case12-Jan-10 1:23
1148Andreasand yes it does, hangs after SYST12-Jan-10 1:23
1147Andreasso i started by changing the read actor to: read: func [port [port!]] [ wait port/state/connection ] which should break things hard :)12-Jan-10 1:22
1146Andreasport/state/connection is your cmdport, if i'm not mistaken12-Jan-10 1:21
1145Andreasok, the flow should be, imho: - read WAITs on the cmdport - if the cmdport needs to open a dataport, cmdport WAITS on dataport12-Jan-10 1:20
1144Andreasonly chasing thru your code, atm :)12-Jan-10 1:17
1143Andreasmhm12-Jan-10 1:17
1142Grahamok, working with line removed .. but still delays12-Jan-10 1:17
1141Andreasbecause a WRITE on the tcp port from within the tcp port's awake handler automatically re-schedules the tcp port for event handling12-Jan-10 1:16
1140Andreasin fact, you can drop this line completely, i think12-Jan-10 1:16
1139Andreasdoesn't fix the long lags, though12-Jan-10 1:15
1138Andreaschange line 212 from `wait cmdport` to `read cmdport`12-Jan-10 1:15
1137Grahamfix it please :)12-Jan-10 1:14
1136Andreasinside write-cmdport*12-Jan-10 1:14
1135Andreasyeah, but inside wait-cmdport you're WAITing on the cmdport12-Jan-10 1:14
1134Grahamand my read actor does a wait12-Jan-10 1:13
1133Andreasbut the system then dispatches this to the read actor12-Jan-10 1:13
1132Andreaseven for the scheme port, there's only system read12-Jan-10 1:13
1131Grahamno binding for me12-Jan-10 1:12
1130Andreasunless you do something special, there's only system reads for tcp ports12-Jan-10 1:12
1129Grahama system read?12-Jan-10 1:11
1128Andreasbut changing the WAIT inside the awake to a READ doesn't change things :)12-Jan-10 1:11
1127Grahamso fish .. where's your codec ??12-Jan-10 1:11
1126Andreassomeone said so, yes :)12-Jan-10 1:10
1125eFishAntwow, you guys are rockin! Thanks Steeve, for the dns2. Funny, that's how my wife says my name when she wants something..."Oh Steeeeve."12-Jan-10 1:10
1124GrahamI guess that's a no no ...12-Jan-10 1:10
1123Andreasah, i think the culprit is that you WAIT inside the awake handler12-Jan-10 1:08
1122Grahamyes ... shouldn't happen12-Jan-10 1:07
1121Andreasthen after 227 PASV12-Jan-10 1:06
1120Andreasok, still. long wait after SYST12-Jan-10 1:06
1119Andreasah, i guess i should try with the win32 r3 instead12-Jan-10 1:05
1118Andreasi have a huge wait after SYST12-Jan-10 1:05
1117Grahamwell try it and you may see it ...12-Jan-10 1:04
1116Andreasstrange12-Jan-10 1:03
1115Grahamyes12-Jan-10 1:03
1114Andreasyou wait [port timeout] ?12-Jan-10 1:03
1113Grahamso every command uses the timeout .. so don't understand that12-Jan-10 1:02
1112Grahambut using a timeout for some reason means that it defaults to the timeout value ?12-Jan-10 1:02
1111Andreasi guess i'll try a local ubuntu mirror12-Jan-10 1:02
1110Grahamthe debian server was really slow ... I had to wait 7 seconds for it to respond12-Jan-10 1:01
1109Andreasor maybe the server is so slow :)12-Jan-10 1:01
1108GrahamI haven't done it yet, but if one gets an error code, it should probably throw an error.12-Jan-10 1:01
1107Andreaswe really ned to get rid of those WAITs :)12-Jan-10 1:01
1106GrahamUploaded my latest version which by default downloads ubi.exe which is a 1.5mb file ( ubuntu windows installer. ) You can uncomment the 650 mb download if you want to try :)12-Jan-10 0:54
1105Andreasgreat12-Jan-10 0:47
1104Graham7zip opens it up ..12-Jan-10 0:46
1103Andreasmd5sums match :) ?12-Jan-10 0:46
1102Andreasnice12-Jan-10 0:46
1101Graham640mb iso image downloaded successfuly!12-Jan-10 0:46
1100Andreasif R3 modules wouldn't suck so hard :)12-Jan-10 0:43
1099Andreasor even netkit :)12-Jan-10 0:43
1098Andreasnet-tools12-Jan-10 0:42
1097Andreasa module12-Jan-10 0:42
1096Andreasmost definitely, yes12-Jan-10 0:42
1095Grahambut these things should be defined in a common network kit12-Jan-10 0:42
1094GrahamI just use Gabriele's http-error ...12-Jan-10 0:41
1093Grahamyeah ...12-Jan-10 0:41
1092Andreasjust raise some standardised error!?12-Jan-10 0:40
1091Andreaswhat would you like the error handler to do in case the password is wrong?12-Jan-10 0:39
1090Andreastough issues12-Jan-10 0:38
1089Grahamso instead of directly interacting with the scheme, we need an intermediate level ...12-Jan-10 0:34
1088Andreasi think a COPY actor will be there, but i guess tail? won't12-Jan-10 0:33
1087Grahamso we had to hack the schemes to add eg. 'TOP in r2 prot-pop12-Jan-10 0:33
1086Andreasyeah. don't know if that's even possible in R3 at the moment12-Jan-10 0:33
1085GrahamMy issue with the schemes is that the interface to them was always too restricted ...12-Jan-10 0:32
1084Andreaswrap a `while [not tail? ftp] [....]` around this12-Jan-10 0:32
1083Andreas(I don't)12-Jan-10 0:31
1082Andreasdon't care about R2 :)12-Jan-10 0:31
1081Andreasftp: open ftp://... write/append %... copy/part ftp 1024012-Jan-10 0:31
1080Grahamexcept the r2 ftp scheme doesn't support that ... AFAIK12-Jan-10 0:31
1079Andreas(for your data streaming question)12-Jan-10 0:29

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