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What Is MakeDoc?

MakeDoc lets you focus on writing documents without worrying about the formatting.

MakeDoc was created in 2000 to provide a portable, easy-to-edit format for technical documentation.

MakeDoc is the standard used for all REBOL documentation, including REBOL websites, manuals, notes, blogs, and more.

Main Advantages

  • Produces clean professional results
  • Simple to use - takes only minutes
  • Highly portable - any text editor works
  • Very fast - formats in a blink of an eye
  • Easy to modify - extend it as you need
  • A REBOL standard - for all our docs
  • Free to use - saves you money

What Does It Do?

MakeDoc converts text files into nicely formatted HTML (and eventually other formats). Any text editor can be used to create nice looking documents. The editor can even be a web form, such as that used for blogs, wikis, and message boards.

The beauty of the MakeDoc format is that it is not cluttered with markup. The text remains very clear to read, even when you are viewing it in a text editor. That also makes it easier to write.

MakeDoc News

How To Use MakeDoc

To use MakeDoc, all you need is REBOL, and the MakeDoc program that can be downloaded below.


MakeDoc 2 is licensed under the terms of the BSD open source license.

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MakeDoc's Creator Says...

"MakeDoc is the fastest way to write documents I've ever found. It is better than word processors like Word because you don't need to fumble around with undoing the "smart formatting" that gets in your way. You get to focus on your words and structure and not worry about the formatting."

--Carl Sassenrath, REBOL Founder

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