AltME Web Chat Publisher

What is it?

This is a small REBOL script that is used to generate public web page copies of specific AltME chat groups. The REBOL Developer Forum uses this script. Any chat group that includes [web-public] in its title will be published to our web site.

Open for improvements

You can help improve the AltME public web pages by enhancing the script that generates them.

The genweb.r source code can be found here.

If you make changes, please be sure to test them first on your own AltME chat groups (you can easily create and run an AltME test world to do that, see

Once you know your changes work, send the new script to feedback along with a few notes about the changes. We will diff your source contribution and accept or deny specific changes to the script.

It is better to make small changes that are easy for us to scan and accept. Larger changes will take more time to review.

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