REBOL View 1.3 Build Change Log - Project Concluded

New Alpha-Beta Releases
Completed: 10-Jun-2005
For testing purposes only.
Builds may contain serious new bugs.
Use at your own risk.


View 1.3.0 -- 10-June-2005 on Win32 031 -- FINAL
View 1.2.125 -- 9-June-2005 on Win32 031
View 1.2.124 -- 8-June-2005 on Win32 031
View 1.2.123, Core 2.5.123 -- 8-June-2005 on Win32 031
View 1.2.122 -- 7-June-2005 on Win32 031
View 1.2.121 -- 7-June-2005 on Win32 031
View 1.2.120 -- 7-June-2005 on Win32 031
View 1.2.119 -- 6-June-2005 on Win32 031
Core 1.2.118 -- 4-June-2005
View 1.2.118 -- 4-June-2005 on Win32 031
View 1.2.117 -- 2-June-2005 on Win32 031
REBOL/Core Beta 2.5.116 - 1-Jun-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.116 -- 31-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.115 -- 27-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.114 -- 27-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.113 -- 24-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.112 -- 24-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.111 -- 24-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.110 -- 20-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.109 -- 20-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.108 -- 20-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.107 -- 15-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.106 -- 15-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.105 -- 14-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.104 -- 14-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.103 -- 11-May-2005 on Win32 031
Beta 1.2.102 -- 6-May-2005 on Win32 031, Linux 042
Beta 1.2.101 -- 5-May-2005 (not released)
Beta 1.2.100 -- 4-May-2005 on Win32 031, Linux 042

View 1.3.0 -- 10-June-2005 on Win32 031 -- FINAL

View 1.2.125 -- 9-June-2005 on Win32 031

Final Beta Build

Short of any major bugs, this is the final beta release. Release of 1.3.0 for Win32 is scheduled for 10-Jun-2005. Other platforms will follow, but there are various issues related to graphics and installation that will take some time for those versions.

View 1.2.124 -- 8-June-2005 on Win32 031

  • Viewtop icon text that is too long now wraps (to a maximum of 32 chars, then it is clipped with "...").
  • Viewtop has been optimized for folder backdrops. Now complex DRAW-based folder rendering is only done when necessary.
  • In Viewtop, folder effects can now refer to a variable FULL-SIZE to get the full size of the folder face. This can be used in EFFECT and DRAW blocks to allow proper scaling.
  • Disabled functions like set-browser-path, create-link, and others. These are not allowed for obvious security reasons (and they were not exposed in 1.2.1 either). Fixes RAMBO 3765, 3766.
  • Fixes RAMBO 3768 (Uninstall when no .r associations were selected on install.)
  • Fixes RAMBO 3769 - Problem caused by loss of Win32 focus when Security requestor popped up. Without focus, the default was to send the event to the console. The dialog now restores prior focus. The escape crash was also fixed.
  • Forall and forskip allow PORT arguments again.
  • Fixes RAMBO 3764 (popup background window resize events).
  • Fixes RAMBO 3767 (proxy settings in prefs panel)
  • Thanks again to Gabriele, Cyphre, Gregg for their dedication and energy in these fixes and updates (and those below too).

Reset your Viewtop Bookmarks

Go to the Tools folder and click on Reset Bookmarks to reset your bookmarks and see the new Public folder.

View 1.2.123, Core 2.5.123 -- 8-June-2005 on Win32 031

A "bookkeeping" release. This is a full merge between stable and unstable source branches. In theory, should be identical to 1.2.122. But, test this release really well, because it required merging hundreds of lines of code between branches.

View 1.2.122 -- 7-June-2005 on Win32 031

  • If you do not install, the "Completed" panel will not give you the option of running REBOL.
  • Prefs related functions moved into ctx-prefs context rather than global. It is quite possible that this created new bugs, so test it well.
  • Removed stats/types warning printout of non-terminated blocks. Those are special blocks that have unusual termination.
  • Download REBOL/View 1.2.122

View 1.2.121 -- 7-June-2005 on Win32 031

  • Fixes display of Local when local. Was being cleared by folder and file loader.
  • Better hint to user if installer cannot copy the exe file (because it is running somewhere).
  • Download REBOL/View 1.2.121

View 1.2.120 -- 7-June-2005 on Win32 031

  • Fixes user preferences bug: RAMBO 3757
  • Fixes RAMBO 3751: Rendering of draw block may be aborted by image draw command.
  • Reblets cannot WRITE to sandbox above their current launch directory location, even within the view-root tree.
  • Download REBOL/View 1.2.120

View 1.2.119 -- 6-June-2005 on Win32 031

  • Fixed desktop default icons. Rather than downloading the required icons, the default "generic" icon was being used.
  • Show progress bar at start of network download request. This makes it obvious that REBOL is trying to download, and prevents users from thinking that it is hung in cases when the net is slow.
  • Obey the auto-start desktop option. It was being ignored.
  • Fixed emailer to call user prefs panel when email has not been setup.
  • Make LOCAL status stand out more... because otherwise users wonder why their folder is not redownloading on an explicit request.
  • Download REBOL/View 1.2.119

Core 1.2.118 -- 4-June-2005

View 1.2.118 -- 4-June-2005 on Win32 031

  • This is a nearly final release of the 1.3.0 beta.
  • Adds the User preferences panel back into the View desktop (Viewtop). Many thanks to Gabriele for programming this on short notice.
  • Another default folder, "Public", has been added to the bookmark (left side) of the viewtop.
  • View folders and files with effect graphics now allow draw commands. This allows you to get a larger number of cool folder backgrounds with no image downloading.
  • Fixed save/header problem (RAMBO 3741) where "make object!" was incorrectly added.
  • Forall and forskip have been changed to return their body block results the same as other iteration (loop) functions (e.g. foreach). We concluded it was easier for programmers to remember a single rule for all iteration functions.
  • Fixed endian problems related to bitwise logical operations and, or, and xor on strings/binaries (RAMBO 3687), and also fixed random/secure on strings (RAMBO 3474).
  • Fixed results of reverse on list datatypes. (RAMBO 3724)
  • To make security somewhat better the user.r and rebol.r startup files are no longer loaded from the current directory.
  • Non-windows systems will again clear their console (shell) windows before outputing. We had stopped doing this for many builds, but it makes cursor controls problematic on some operating systems. The reason we removed the clear was because in many cases you do not want to erase or scroll the display of prior shell commands.
  • Changed some of the text on the installer.
  • Download REBOL/View 1.2.118

View 1.2.117 -- 2-June-2005 on Win32 031

  • This release includes a rough draft of the installer. It is likely that there are a number of bugs, so keep good beta test notes.
  • The graphic image on the installer screen is still preliminary. It is created by a cool DRAW program made by Cyphre. I glued the REBOL logo on top of it. If you have ideas, let us know - but the image must be generated with DRAW, not stored in bitmap format.
  • Normal installation will create the necessary directories, add a registry entry for REBOL/View, add links to icons and start menu, and add the .r file association.
  • You can bypass the installation by unclicking the checkbox on the first screen. In that case, no installation to the registry, no links, and no .r association is done.
  • The installer will ask you for 2 directories: the first is where REBOL.exe is to be located. This is the home directory (system/options/home). The second is where temporary files, such as the public desktop/Reb files are located. This will be in your user profile application data directory (on newer systems it is located in "documents and settings" area). The installer suggests defaults to both fields.
  • The desktop will display as the default. This option can be changed with the User settings, but that panel is still missing.
  • You can uninstall from Windows Add/Remove program, by typing "uninstall" in the console window, by clicking the uninstall option under the user menu, or by passing -u on the command line.
  • The -i (do not install) and +i (force reinstall) options are working.
  • The DELETE-DIR function which was only within the installer context has been exported. It is now a supported feature of REBOL. Note that this is a recursive directory delete.
  • FORM of an object or a port and have it do something useful. The object block and the make object! part is stripped. Fields are output in human readable mold (construct) format. This format is very handy if you need to store or view an object. For example, if your application saves a preferences object in an easy-to-edit format. Here are a few examples:
print system/script
write %example.txt system/script
write %example.txt [";Script settings file" newline system/script]

REBOL/Core Beta 2.5.116 - 1-Jun-2005 on Win32 031

  • Here is a build of Core that contains all nongraphical changes made in 1.3. Please let us know immediately if you discover any problems with this build.

  • Download REBOL/Core 2.5.116

Beta 1.2.116 -- 31-May-2005 on Win32 031

  • Repeat function fixed to allow better recursion. A deep copy of the evaluated block is now bound (with bind) to the iteration variable. (RAMBO 3438)
  • The forall and forskip functions have been modified. These functions now reset their series to their original positions unless a break occurs. They no longer return with the series at the tail position. Many thanks to Gregg Irwin and Ladislav Mecir for researching, contributing, and testing these changes. Here is an example (and also see Lots of feedback on FORALL for more details.)
block: [1 2 3]
n: 0
forall block [n: n + block/1]
print n
probe block
[1 2 3]
  • To-local-file allows relative paths and now returns string datatype. (RAMBO 3738)
to-local-file %rebol.exe
  • Call function accepts relative file paths. (RAMBO 3737)
call %rebol.exe
  • Index files for Reb sites now allow simplified date and size specification for file icons. Only use this change if and when you expect no 1.2 visitors to your site, because they will ignore the info. For example:
file "Draw Test" %draw-test.r [31-May-2005/16:35-7:00] ; no size needed

Beta 1.2.115 -- 27-May-2005 on Win32 031

  • Changes have been made to face verification. Negative face sizes no longer throw an error, but invalid offset values will throw an error or be ignored. If you use negative sizes, please watch for errors during your testing.
  • Throw-on-error has been revised to allow any value (including unset).
  • Changes made to DRAW mode keywords to get closer to the final dialect:
diagonal replaces xy-axis
cubic replaces sqrt-xy-axis
nearest replaces nearest-neighbour
butt replaces butt-cap
square replaces square-cap
round replaces rount-cap
miter replaces miter-join
miter-bevel replaces miter-join-revert
round replaces round-join
bevel replaces bevel-join

Beta 1.2.114 -- 27-May-2005 on Win32 031

  • Fixes a number of RAMBO bugs. (See RAMBO for list.)
  • Adds mode words to DRAW effect. Rough draft - send comments. See the DRAW Command Summary. Here is a little test script:
examples: [

        fill-pen radial 65x75 0 100 0 1 1 black red green blue black
        box 10x10 90x90
    [fill-pen red  arc 50x50 30x30 0 90 closed]
    [pen gold  image logo.gif border]
        image-filter nearest scale 2 2 image logo.gif border
        image-filter bilinear image 0x25 logo.gif border
        line-join round-join line-width 6 fill-pen red polygon 
        10x10 30x60 60x10 80x30 line-cap round-cap line 7x50 90x50
    [line-width 3 spline 16 10x10 30x60 80x30 closed]

view layout [
    img: box 100x100 edge [size: 1x1 color: gray]
    indent 14
    btn 72 "Next" [
        img/effect: join [draw] [first examples]
        show img
        examples: next examples
        if tail? examples [examples: head examples]

Beta 1.2.113 -- 24-May-2005 on Win32 031

  • Fixes while return value.
  • Fix to draw stroke command.
  • Request-dir function added.
  • Fixes minor bug in Editor. Executing non-file buffer is ignored.
  • Download REBOL/View 1.2.113 now

Beta 1.2.112 -- 24-May-2005 on Win32 031

This release includes the long awaited changes from Gabriele Santilli that are related to the modal window system (popups). He provides these notes:

The system is now capable of handling many modal popups at the same time. They are handled like in a stack, with the "topmost" popup being the active one.

Event filtering is not done in the wake-event function anymore. (This also makes the function simpler.) Each popup face can have a filtering function in pop-face/feel/pop-detect. Show-popup will install the correct one depending on the refinements used and whether the pop-face has faces with an action in it. See system/view/popface-feel for an example of how to do your filtering. Actually, this object is probably enough for most of your needs, just by changing some of its parameters.

Inform/timeout is handled correctly. (Yes, you can safely have a request/timeout inside an inform, and yes, it will close the popup and return correctly.) For this Gabriele added a /timeout refinement to hide-popup. Normal users will ever need to use it, and if they do, they will probably know what they are doing (i.e. a guru).

Note: this will likely break some event filtering hacks, since the wake-event function has been changed. Users with those hacks should be warned.

Beta 1.2.111 -- 24-May-2005 on Win32 031

  • Numerous fixes to RAMBO bugs, including new bugs created during prior versions. See RAMBO for details.
  • Fixes: ctx-edit and ctx-email contexts, JPEG grayscale images, DRAW bugs, reverse function, while function, help, more.
  • Improvements: viewtop, editor, emailer, read-cgi, other.
  • Warning: image! is no longer part of the any-string datatype set.
  • Note: you can now type editor from the keyboard and provide a string, block, or other datatype in addition to the normal file or url. For example:
editor %example.txt               ; as before

editor      ; as before

editor system/options             ; new!

editor mold :set-net              ; new!

editor system/view/vid/vid-styles ; new, large!

Beta 1.2.110 -- 20-May-2005 on Win32 031

  • Entirely new FTP protocol handler by Romano Paolo Tenca. You should test all your FTP scripts to verify proper operation. This handler should be much better than prior version.
  • Minor fixes to a few mezz and VID functions.
  • Download REBOL/View 1.2.110 now

Beta 1.2.109 -- 20-May-2005 on Win32 031

  • Viewtop (View Desktop) cleanup. Mostly cosmetic changes that were needed, with a few minor functional changes. Let us know how it works for you. Note: the "User" preferences window is still disabled.
  • Download REBOL/View 1.2.109 now

Beta 1.2.108 -- 20-May-2005 on Win32 031

Many changes and fixes have been made thanks to the new involvement of Gabriele Santilli, Richard "Cyphre" Smolak, with some mezz code from Romano Paolo Tenca. In addition, many lower level C bugs were fixed by Carl Sassenrath. The team effort is accelerating progress quickly now.

See RAMBO for full list of bug and wish related changes.

In addition to bug fixes, some important new changes have been made by Gabriele:

  • Added new esmtp:// scheme handler. Example:
port: open esmtp://
insert port [from@email.addr [to@email.addr] "message with header"]
close port

;See source for send for a working example.
  • Set-net now allows setting esmtp user and password
set-net [email-addr default-server pop-server 
  proxy-server proxy-port-id proxy-type esmtp-user esmtp-pass]

;if esmtp-user = 'ask thenit sets up functions to ask for user and password
;when sending email for the first time.
  • Send now uses esmtp:// for email.
  • Changed HTTP scheme so that query now does an HTTP HEAD request (instead of GET). this means now you can safely write info: info? http://somehost/some-big-file

Richard reports that all the primary bugs reported for the new DRAW function based on AGG engine have been fixed in this release. There are a few more small details to take care of before DRAW is finalized, mainly the use of keywords for some of the special draw modes and command attributes.

Beta 1.2.107 -- 15-May-2005 on Win32 031

Beta 1.2.106 -- 15-May-2005 on Win32 031

  • Includes the new DRAW effect and draw function for scalar vector graphics (SVG). This is the same version of DRAW used in the Async alpha test versions of REBOL. We will update to a newer DRAW once we know this one is stable.
  • Changes to how script/header/needs value is parsed. Fixes some problems and allows better specification of the needs block. However, use of these new features is limited if you want backward compatibility with older versions of REBOL (the primary purpose of the needs field). Examples:
Existing /needs format supports:

    needs: core          ; product name
    needs: view
    needs: [2.5.6]       ; product version
    needs: [sound]       ; component existence
    needs: [sound 1.2.2] ; component version
    needs: [sound 1.2.2 shell 1.5.2]

New /needs also allows:

    needs: 1.3.0        ; accepts version w/o block
    needs: [view 1.3.0] ; product name, not component name
    needs: [core 2.6.1] ; matches to system/core version (all prods)
    needs: [view 1.3.0 sound 1.2.4]

Beta 1.2.105 -- 14-May-2005 on Win32 031

This release updates the Win32 file access and control functions. It only affects REBOL 3.1 platforms and has no affect on Linux, BSD, etc. With this release, REBOL uses the newer Win32 file system API, rather than the old Windows "compatibility mode" functions.

This change modified many lines of code. The result may not be stable for some types of operations. In order to release these improvements, we need to test everything possible that worked on earlier versions of REBOL.

Beta 1.2.104 -- 14-May-2005 on Win32 031

Fixes a number of problems:

  • In general, 104 fixes many high priority bugs and problems. See RAMBO's "most currently changed" list to view the complete set of fixes. There are too many to go into detail here.
  • A variety of bugs related "index past end" in series have been fixed. These functions are much more strict now, and will force the index to the tail position in those cases. (However, it is possible there are still many more places where this is needed.)
  • Integer math has changed. Some of the "border conditions" such as the maximum negative integer, were not properly handled. These should work better now.
  • A number of important PARSE errors have been fixed. One that is very important has to do with the way a PAREN would side-effect the parse. If a paren appeared after then end of the input stream was encountered, the paren would execute but might also terminate the parse. That meant that if the paren removed data from the stream, the expression that followed the paren may not be done. This problem is shown in RAMBO 3685.
  • Better stack checking algorithm. The method now provides a fixed amount of recovery space to be able to emit error messages without recursing in the stack check error handler. Note also that stack default is now 2.8MB allowing much greater recursion in REBOL functions.
  • Face related warnings like "face in more than one pane" and "invalid face" are no longer printed to the console. They now throw errors and you can catch them or let them go to the console. The warning that a face is shown in non-visible pane or closed window type errors have been removed. Programmers can determine that for themselves.
  • Very large series allocation or expansion will no longer cause a CRASH popup, but will throw an error "Out of range or past end". This does not mean you are out of memory. It means that you are expanding a series by so much (2**30), REBOL suspects that it is an error.
  • Download 104 now

Beta 1.2.103 -- 11-May-2005 on Win32 031

Fixes these problems:

  • Read/lines bug RAMBO 3403. This bug caused memory pointer corruption due to references to strings created by the /lines action that had been garbage collected.
  • Various "index past past end" bugs such as RAMBO 3537. This will affect more than just the insert function, so watch for possible side effects.
  • Crash caused by browser call RAMBO 3624.
  • Maximum negative integer! RAMBO 3099. Watch for side effects.
  • Changed decimal equality comparision (coef = 0.1) RAMBO 3680. This is a "compromise value" that produces print results that are similar to those of cmparision. Of course, in floating point, nothing is perfect. Use round function for more control.
  • A few critical crash related errors have been changed to cause the pop-up ("CRASH") error message rather than just printing to console.
  • Modified the GC to perform more validation of series values ("Invalid string width" and "Invalid block width"). If you see such errors pop up please contact me immediately so I can track them down and fix them.
  • The GC recycles less often (ballast set to 3M). This means REBOL will boot faster and recycle less, but the recycle time may take longer. Let me know if this has any negative effect on real-time apps.
  • Download 103 now

Beta 1.2.102 -- 6-May-2005 on Win32 031, Linux 042

Uses new GC (garbage collector) methods from async version.

This change modified hundreds of lines of code. The result may not be stable for some types of operations. In order to release these improvements, we need to test everything possible that worked on earlier versions of REBOL.

Uploaded new Win32 version on 7-May-2005 to fix startup problem. Same version.

Beta 1.2.101 -- 5-May-2005 (not released)

Fixes these problems:

  • Post-boot use of the native function (RAMBO #3436)
  • General series past end type bugs (RAMBO #3511)
  • Invalid error-object/code indexing (that would cause crashes)
  • Expanded stack limit to 3MB for deeper recursion (and compensation for XP usage)

Beta 1.2.100 -- 4-May-2005 on Win32 031, Linux 042

Consisted of these merges from Async kernel 1.2.58:

  • upper-case and lower-case functions accept a single character
  • as-string and as-binary storage alias functions
  • case function
  • various path! datatype and evaluation changes
  • get and set on objects
  • new-line and new-line? controls over hidden source line markers
  • parse allows return and throw functions
  • parse recursion limit increased
  • reduce/only refinement (used for dialect evaluation)
  • functions that pass datatypes within specifications (from other func defs)
  • catch errors on non-block function specs or bodies
  • to-word conversion of datatypes
  • mold treatment of line breaks within blocks
  • mold/all of files and issues (left alone)
  • quit exit values
  • better emergency quit error messages
  • scanner optimizes integer 0 and 1
  • parse allows variables and paths
  • call used with %filename argument
  • shell security check requestors
  • fixes to error handling crash (when msgs not a block)
  • removed XML parser version output
  • to-string properly terminates on char conversions
  • reverse function returns same index as passed
  • VID btn styles use color depth of 128 as default
  • non-object used as a port handler gives error, not crash
  • removed misplaced join from protocol header code
  • crash in console returns better info
  • request-file fixed to keep file names used for saves
  • View desktop "user" btn shows an alert
  • Prevent crash from invalid socket host address

Base build was 1.2.48.

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