Web Browser Plugin Problems

Reasons why the REBOL browser plugin may not work for you:

1. Currently, only Internet Explorer is supported.
We plan to support other browsers too, but they are not available yet.

2. You must allow ActiveX controls to run.
Go to the IE Internet Options menu and change your security settings to medium or set a custom option to allow ActiveX from certified (signed) providers. Some schools and businesses may not allow ActiveX controls. If you are not sure what is allowed, contact your administrator.

3. You must allow the plugin to install.
The first time you use the plugin, or when it updates, you must reply "yes" to the certificate confirmation dialog ("do you trust content from REBOL Technologies").

4. You may need to uninstall an earlier version.
If you downloaded the beta 1 or beta 2 versions of the plugin do this: Go to your Windows system directory, open the "Downloaded Programs and Files" folder, right click on the REBOL/Plugin file, and select the remove option. Then go back to the plugin demo page to re-install the newer plugin.

5. You are using a web proxy server.
We support the most common proxy servers; however, some may have special filtering or authentication that we do not support.

6. IE Version 4.0 or greater is required.
This is not likely the problem.

Contact us if necessary.

View REBOL/Plugin developer documentation.