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Version 2.7.0 - Base Build

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
18-Nov-2006 18:57 GMT

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The purpose of this update is to build a base REBOL 2.* that serves as a foundation for further incremental weekly updates.

There were enough changes in the code to warrant an updated revision number (from 2.6 to 2.7).

In addition, this version brings all REBOL products (/Core, /View, etc.) to the same version number level. Products like /View will no longer use separate version numbers.


Due to number of changes, current target builds are only /Core and /View for MS Windows platform.

If this release seems stable and correct, we will build other platforms (BSD, Linux, OSX, etc.) and SDK updated files.

Possible Unstable Release
  • This release is essentially untested.
  • The stability of this release is not proven.
  • Do not use this release for mission critical applications.
  • Use at your own risk.

REBOL Test Versions - Download Archive


Here are the specifics of this update:

  • Version Consistency
    All products use same version numbers. For example, REBOL/View is now 2.7.0, just like REBOL/Core.
  • Different Compiler
    This build was done on a different compiler (from the last 6 years). Although in theory this should make very little difference, it is always possible for new problems to occur.
  • Expanded Main Frame (Word Table)
    The main-frame has been expanded from 8K to 32K entries. This is sometimes called the word table, although that term is not precise. It is the global context frame, and it is locked in memory due to direct access via C functions. (The REBOL 3.0 module architecture removes this restriction entirely).
  • Explore Viewtop Folders
    Alt-clicking (right mouse button) on the background of a viewtop folder now allows an explore option. On platforms that support it (e.g. Windows) this will call the file directory explorer application. On others, it will open the browser to the directory location.
  • Crash Alert
    The REBOL crash dialog box has been updated to be more "friendly" (in REBOL 3.0 style).
  • Internal String Changes
    C strings and word symbols have been consolidated into REBOL code. Makes the program binary smaller. Watch for bugs in REBOL dialects such as parse, draw, effects, etc.
  • System/Standard
    Many internal standard objects are now exported. Type: help system/standard. This is a result of the string change above.
  • System/Console/Lookup
    There is now a small internal function used for console filename completion lookup. This resulted from the string change made above.


Users have already reported these problems on this release:

  • No BOUND? Function
    Users requested that BIND? be renamed to BOUND? This is consistent with FIND and FOUND? -- Moved to next release.
  • Draw Oddities
    Something wrong with DRAW function. Results do not look correct. This is the result of changes made to the DRAW dialect words.
  • Proxy Problem
    User reported that network proxy is being ignored for some reason.


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