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How to get a problem fixed...

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
19-Nov-2006 20:13 GMT

Article #0003
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Ok... so you wrote a program, but an apparent REBOL bug prevents it from running correctly.

Now that we do weekly updates... here's what to do...

  1. Verify the problem - Yes, many problems are user mistakes, not REBOL. Generally, REBOL is quite reliable. (For example, there are REBOL servers that run for years without problems.) But, yes, bugs do occur, so then...
  2. Search RAMBO - to see if anyone else reported the same problem.
  3. Ask others - It's always good to get a second opinion. Is it really a problem, or is it a design feature? Ask users on the email list or in one of the AltME worlds.
  4. Report it to RAMBO - That is how the problem will get scheduled to be fixed. However note: temporary new problems created in new releases or in alpha experimentals should not be reported to RAMBO. Post a comment for it.
  5. Tell us - If it's really important to you, then get our attention!
  6. Try a workaround - Don't just give up! You can often find some other solution to problems until they are fixed. I even do this myself if I run into a rare bug.

The easier the bug to fix, the more likely we can include it in a new update. The more complex the problem, the more you will need to help us to locate and fix it. If the bug is in the mezzanine code, you can often fix it yourself, then send us your solution so other users can benefit from it.


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