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Version 2.7.5 - OSX SDK Encap Build

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-Jan-2007 7:58 GMT

Article #0014
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Due to popular demand, a few of the SDK 2.7 tools have been uploaded for OS X. Give them a try. You can find them where the OSX versions are kept.

This build should also fix the endian byte order OSX problems from earlier 2.7 versions, but not much else.


OSX version of REBOL still has a few missing parts. For example, it's not an app bundle, so there is no icon or other OS X app-like features to it. In addition, some modules, such as sound support, are still missing, and there are a few bugs, such as in window positioning.

However, complex REBOL networking applications such as AltME do run, so it can achieve useful results as is.

OSX Testing Keys

You will need a REBOL/SDK license.key file. If you don't have one, go to the SDK Quick Order page, hit purchase, then use the Purchase Order option to provide your info. In address line 2, type "OSX Tester", and Cindy will get you a key the next time she processes orders.


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