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|[http://www.rebol.net/plugin/tests/plugin-guide.html REBOL Web Plugin] |[http://www.rebol.net/plugin/tests/plugin-guide.html REBOL Web Plugin]
|Documentation for the REBOL Internet Explorer Plugin |Documentation for the REBOL Internet Explorer Plugin
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REBOL2 Official Documentation

REBOL Technologies has produced many manuals and guides for the REBOL platform. In the following table you will find links to this documentation.

Documentation Description
Documentation for the REBOL Language
Rebol Main Documentation page This is the homepage for the documentation you find listed here
REBOL/Core Documentation The REBOL/Core manual. Here you will find everything about REBOL. This manual ha been written by the REBOL creator and you will learn a lot of basic and advanced tecniques.
Updates to the documentation The REBOL/Core Manual has been created on REBOL 2.3.x. Here are the changes made on the programming language since then.
REBOL Function Dictionary All the REBOL words are documented here by area or from first to last.
REBOL Language FAQ A Frequently Asked Questions page
Documentation for the REBOL Graphics subsystem
Concepts and Features of REBOL/View This is the first developers guide to REBOL/View
REBOL Graphic System Documentation The most updated guide to rebol VIEW
Updates to View 1.3 All the updates to REBOL View 1.3
REBOL/View DRAW Dialect
(Older Docs:Here)
Documentation of the REBOL draw Dialect
REBOL Image Datatype The REBOL Image DataType

REBOL 2 Online Books/Guides

Name Type Description
Rebol Community Book Book A REBOL Programming book written by the community and hosted on WikiBooks
REBOL Web Plugin Guide Documentation for the REBOL Internet Explorer Plugin
REBOL Oneliners Guide What REBOL can do for you in one line:
Beginners Guides to
REBOL Visual Interfaces
Guide VID Is the Visual Interfaces Dialect. This is the first guide writte by REBOL Technologies.
REBOL Programming for
the Absolute Beginner
Guide Read this guide by Nick Antonaccio if you have never programmed win REBOL
REBOL Programming guide Guide Another guide by Nick Antonaccio more coincise, oriented to experienced programmers
REBOL Essential
(PDF Version)
Guide Another nice guide for REBOL
Programming with REBOL Guide Online guide hosted at Codeconscious with various topic on REBOL

REBOL 2 Commercial Books

Here is a list of commercial and non commercial REBOL books available

Book Language Author Description
REBOL/Core User Guide EN Rebol Tech. This is the official REBOL/Core documentation, it is available online.
REBOL For Dummies EN To be written
REBOL: The Official Guide EN To be written
REBOL Programming FR REBOL programming book written by Olivier Auverlot in French
REBOL Guide du Programmeur: FR An updated version of the previous book written by Olivier Auverlot
Rebol IOS Administration
et Programmation:
FR Book written by Olivier Auverlot about REBOL/IOS programming.

REBOL Tutorials

Name Description
http://plain.at/vpavlu/REBOL/tutorial/ REBOL tutorial for the beginners
Mini REBOL Tutorial A small tutorial for REBOL

REBOL Professional and Commercial Programming

Documentation Description
REBOL/SDK REBOL/SDK - Software Developer's Kit - Index to all SDK documentation:
REBOL/Command REBOL/Command - Professional Extensions - Index to all Command documentation:
REBOL/IOS REBOL/IOS - Collaboration Platform - Index page for all IOS documentation:

REBOL 2 Articles

Here is a list of useful REBOL articles.

Article Category Author Description
Reading CGI Data Safely CGI Sunanda An article about REBOL and CGI gateways
REBOL and Strings Strings Sunanda Article explaining various types of strings in REBOL and their working
Adjusting Fonts View Brian Wisti This article explains how to adjust fonts in VIEW
A cookie Jar Library Examples Gregg Irwin An example of REBOL code to access the Cookie-Jar file
Rebol Programmer Levels Various BTiffin The ten levels to the top. 10 Steps for the REBOL programmer
The REBOL.org library Various BTiffin A deep overview of the REBOL.org archive
Beginners Guide Language Nick Antonaccio An introductory guide to the REBOL language
Quine Examples Sunanda Quine is a program which outputs its own source
IRUA Various BTiffin The REBOL International User Association
Programming TIPS Language Sunanda Some tips for the REBOL programmer
REBOL Tutorial Guide Nick Antonaccio Another REBOL Programming tutorial
About REBOL series Series Ladislav Mecir An in-depth look at REBOL's series! datatype and the conceptual influence it has on the language
How is the source code interpreted Language Ladislav Mecir Describing the MAKE, LOAD and DO phases of the REBOL interpreter
How many arguments can a REBOL function take Language Ladislav Mecir NARGS
About two REBOL expressions yelding one value Language Ladislav Mecir Identity, Equivalence and Mutability in REBOL
All about REBOL Binding Language Ladislav Mecir BINDOLOGY 101
Errors as results Language Ladislav Mecir Description how errors behave and what can be changed in the future
Function attributes article Language Ladislav Mecir Notes on [catch throw] and TFUNC
Parse versus regular expressions Language Ladislav Mecir Parse versus regular expressions etc.
Parse compendium Language Various A detailed Parse description
More than Just Code - A Deep Lake Language Carl Sassenrath You can write your programs to be as clear as possible.
Context-dependent vs.
Context-independent Computer Languages
Language Carl Sassenrath Description to be written
REBOL Functions are not Commands Language Carl Sassenrath The Do dialect of REBOL is a functional language not having commands.
Associative Arrays in REBOL - Hash! Language Carl Sassenrath The advantages of the hash! datatype.
REBOL Concepts Basic Guid Codeconscious Article explaining the Rebol Basic Concepts, datatypes, words, functions and some traps for beginners
Parse Tutorial Parse Codeconscious Extensive article describing the working of PARSE, an essential function for parsing input
REBOL Security Issues Security Codeconscious The X-Internet poses some security risks. Here you will find a small tutorial to avoid them.
REBOL Tips and Techniques Various Codeconscious A collection of small articles on REBOL programming.
REBOL and the Net Net Codeconscious A collection of articles on REBOL net related operations
REBOL and Notetab Editors Codeconscious REBOL and NoteTab
REBOL Dialects Dialects Codeconscious Dialects are domain specific languages. Explore the prower of REBOL dialecting with this small article
REBOL/View Tips View Codeconscious REBOL and its Video Interface Dialect

Advanced topics

Article Category Author Description
RebCode ReboCode Carl Sasenrath The Rebcode Virtual Machine Overview
REBOL/Services Services Carl Sasenrath REBOL Services, similar to Web Services but only in few KB of REBOL code
ODBC Access in Core Database Olivier Auverlot Accessing ODBC Sources via the ODBC Socket server. Translation by Anton Rolls
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