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Set the line pattern. The line pattern will remain in effect until it is set to a new value or disabled using off.

Arg Type Description Values
dash-color [tuple!]
stroke-size [decimal!]
dash-size [decimal!]
stroke-size [decimal!]
dash-size [decimal!]
... [decimal!]

Notes and Examples

Set it to 5 of yellow and 5 of red.

anti-alias off
pen yellow
line-pattern red 5 5
line-width 3
box 20x20 200x200

LINE-PATTERN example 1

To draw a dashed line, with a transparent pen, the off pen color must come first.

To clear the current line pattern, set it to off.

anti-alias off
pen off
line-width 4
line-pattern yellow 7 2
box 20x20 200x200
line-pattern off
box 40x40 240x240
pen blue
box 60x60 260x260

LINE-PATTERN example 2

Complex patterns can be specified by repeating values for stroke and dash sizes

anti-alias off
line-width 4
pen blue
line-pattern red 7 2 4 4 3 6
box 20x20 380x380
pen red
line-pattern yellow 1 5
box 40x40 360x360
line-pattern off
box 60x60 340x340
line-pattern blue 10 20 40 80
box 80x80 320x320
line-pattern green 1 4 4 4
box 100x100 300x300
line-pattern yellow 4 8 12 16
box 120x120 280x280
line-pattern yellow 4 4
box 140x140 260x260

LINE-PATTERN example 3

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