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These might be good ways to get the most from the wiki

Reference Card

This is a good reference page for mediaWiki syntax

Use Categories

Start to use Categories like the one at the bottom of this page to allow separation of a large number of pages


Install the DAL extension which gives some good recent changes view within categories - it is the base for the Semantic Wiki

Use Templates

They are easy to do and get standardized and flexible format

To Do in the wiki content

this one looks useful for ToDo items embedded in the documentation (but haven't tried it).

Embedded Content Re-use

Embedded pages work well - here is how to embed another article content - R3 Releases

{{:R3 Releases}}

Standards Approach on Wiki

The JISC Standards Catalogue on mediaWiki looks like a good example including a PrintAll option which pulls them together (hopefully dynamically using the wiki engine)

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