Retrieve Specific Lines from a File

Author: Ashley Truter
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This example will show you how to retrieve specific lines directly from a file. This can be useful when you have large files or memory is at a premium.

First, for the examples below, we need to create a sample file with three lines of text:

    write/lines %data.txt ["one" "two" "three"]

Ordinarily, we would load this file as lines into memory with:

    data: read/lines %data.txt

and then access it like an array:

    print data/1
    print first data

What we want to do in this example, however, is read lines from the file without having to load it into memory. REBOL lets us access a file directly by way of a port. We can open and close our sample file with the following code:

    file: open/lines/direct %data.txt
    close file

Using SKIP we can now write a simple seek function:

    print-seek: function [fname [file!] pos [integer!]] [file] [
        file: open/lines/direct fname
        print first skip file pos - 1
        close file

    print-seek %data.txt 2

The magic occurs with

    print first skip file pos - 1

which is just saying, "Print the first value of the remaining values in the file, *after* skipping ahead a number of lines less one (for the line I am interested in)".

With just a few more lines of code we can retrieve more than one line at a time with:

    print-seek: function [fname [file!] block [block!]] [file offset] [
        offset: 1
        file: open/lines/direct fname
        foreach pos block [
            file: skip file (pos - offset)
            offset: pos + 1
            print first file
        close file

    print-seek %data.txt [1 3]

which is doing what our first example did but "remembering" where we are in the file.

This function can obviously be improved in a number of ways. What happens when a non-integer is provided as input? A number smaller or larger than the number of lines? What happens if the numbers are not provided in ascending order or the provided file name does not exist?

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