REBOL Cookbook of Code Examples

This cookbook provides small, clean, and useful REBOL code examples.

It was created for beginners who want to learn REBOL but don't want to read the entire user manual just to do something simple. You can cut and paste the code provided here to quickly create your own custom REBOL programs.

0001codeFetch Web Pages (Web HTTP Files)
0002codeConvert Text File Formats (Line Terminators)
0003codeSearch a File
0004codeReplace Text in a File
0005codeGet a Directory File List
0006codeCreate HTML Code
0007tipPassing Single Values and Blocks to Functions By Gregg Irwin
0008codeTime and Date Stamps
0009codeComputing Time Differences
0010codeSimple Text Form Window
0011codeCopy all Files in a Directory
0012codeA Micro Database
0013tipNote About Series Data
0014codeOpen Two Windows
0015tipCreating Text with Form, Mold, Join, etc.
0016tipChanging Text Font Attributes
0017tipCircular Series of Values By Patrick Philipot
0018tipReading Delimited Text Files (Like CSV) By Gregg Irwin
0019codeStrong Authentication Method
0020codeTrapping Errors
0021tipMatch File Extensions By Anton Rolls
0022codeGet and Set Text Fields
0023codeCloaking (Encrypting) Strings
0024codeWriting a Program File (Executable)
0025codeLast Modified Date/Time (Within a REBOL Script) By Carl Read
0026codeUploading a File with HTTP (Post)
0027codeRetrieve Specific Lines from a File By Ashley Truter
0028codeTwo Simple Scripts Talking Over TCP By Cal Dixon
0029codeAdding a Scrollbar to Text
0030codeGetting A Text List Value By r v.d.Zee
0031codeAutomated FTP Script By Carlos Lorenz
0032codeAdd a Style to Default VID Stylesheet By PIQUET Johan
0033codeLowercase Clipboard By Josť Antonio Meira da Rocha
0034tipCreating a Server Port By Paul Tretter
0035codeScrolling an Image
0036codeScrolling a GUI Panel
0037codeSimple Web Site Monitor
0038codeWriting a Log File
0039codeProgress Bar
0040codeHTML Thumbnail Photo Directory Maker
0041codeTiny HTML to Text Converter
0042codeREBOL Parser in 10 Lines (plus Pretty Printer)
0043codeMultiple Web Site Monitor with Email Alerts
0044codeFetch All IP Addresses By Norman Deppenbroek
0045codeUsing HTTP Cookies By Viktor Pavlu
0046codeA Different Time(r) By Norman Deppenbroek
0047codeSimple Animation with View/Draw By Carl Read
0048codeStoring Image Files in a Script (Embedded Images)
0049codeIncrement / Decrement a word value By Ashley Truter
0050codeRSA Key Encryption over TCP By Matt MacDonald
0051codeUnix Date Format Converter By Josť Antonio Meira da Rocha
0052codeCASE By Marco
0053codeOne Line Network Port Checker
0054codeDNS and Reverse DNS Lookup
0055codeSimple TCP Port-Forwarder By Norman Deppenbroek
0056codeMouse Move Events - Raw Over and Hover Events
0057codeTiny Web Server
0058codeSend Binary (Image) Using a TCP Socket
0059codeRaw HTTP Web Requests
0060codeGetting Raw Keyboard Characters in the Console
0061codeGraphical Internet and Website Server Monitor
0062codeREBOL Scripts Embedded Within Web Pages

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