Fetch All IP Addresses

Author: Norman Deppenbroek
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Its very easy to display all the ip-addresses on your machine from within REBOL.

First create a block where you want to store the addresses:

    addresses: copy []

We will investigate the 'interfaces on the machine by using 'get-modes. The example below will return an object of all interfaces. In this example we used tcp-port 65432 and we dont need to open the tcp:// port first.

    >> probe get-modes tcp://:65432 'interfaces

Actualy, we want to have all the addresses of the 'interfaces ( addr ) inside the object, thus we create a 'foreach loop and store its result in our 'addresses block.

    foreach x (get-modes tcp://:65432 'interfaces) [append addresses x/addr]

Now the 'addresses contains something like:

    >> probe addresses
    == []

To print the result on screen you could use a simple

    forall addresses [print first addresses]

'get-modes can of course also be used on other 'ports beside tcp.

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