Web Browser Plugin Demos

The plugin currently works for IE only. It will automatically download now.

 After downloading a red-blue image should appear.
If it does not, click here to find out why.
Here are a few demos and examples of what the REBOL web browser plugin can do:


Rebtris Game
A game similar to Tetris.

Mine Sweeper Game
The classic find-the-mines type game.

Poker Squares
Two dimensional poker-style card game.

Splash Banner
Animated banner ad example.

Penguin Solitaire
A variation on solitaire card game. Click "?" for rules.

Tiny Paint Program
World's smallest paint program with undo and redo.

Tiny Calculator
A really simple, but very small, calculator.

Gel Image Effects
Shows a sampling of the built-in image effects.

Tile Game
Sliding tile game in about 1K of code.

Challenging stacking block game.

Pongo Game
Arkanoid style block game.

RIM Micro-Messenger
Very simple peer-to-peer instant messenger.

Plugin Test Panel
A few basic tests of the plugin system.

Submit a Plugin Demo
Allows users to submit plugin demos (in special area).

AnaMonitor Browser
A REBOL object and block browser.

User-submitted demo page
REBOL/Plugin Developer Guide