The purpose of this blog.

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
12-Feb-2008 21:33 GMT

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There are many topics related to REBOL that require greater discussion within the community, with the goal of making a decision and moving on to the next thing.

That's the purpose of this blog. To talk about those topics and issues and reach a conclusion for each one.

This approach of using my blogger.r script may not be perfect in every way, but it should work, and it is easy to get it running, and easy to modify it as we need.

So, each topic or issue will be posted as an article, and then we will discuss it in the comment area. Once we conclude on a topic, I will restate the conclusion and modify the topic line to indicate that it has been concluded.

There are a few important rules to keep in mind:

  1. Be concise in your comments. Make your point clear, and you will be doing all of us, and yourself a favor.
  2. Proofread your comments. You cannot modify them after they are submitted.
  3. Be fair and be kind. We're trying to make progress, we don't want heated debates. We are open to all ideas here.
  4. It is ok to reference these blogs via URL links, but don't broadcast them in a major way. We want to be as open as possible without it haunting us in the future.
  5. If you have a topic you want discussed, you can suggest it by making a comment to article 2 below.
  6. For additional notices, I will alert you via the comment section of this first article.

In addition...

  1. I would like to modify (or if someone else wants to send it to me) this blog script to set up an R data feed as well. That way if one of you feels like writing a small client, then those of us who do not like using the web can use that client instead. It can include a "direct post" method too, so people can reply via the client.
  2. Also, if someone wants to add user-id cookies to blogger.r, that would be great, so repliers don't need to type their name each time, etc. Here is the current source code to this blog program. The program (and configuration) is about 28 KB.

Ok, so that's it. Let's get started.


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