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Updated: 20-Jul-2013 changes in progress...

The domain and servers are beginning a complete makeover with the main idea of transitioning to a network of related websites accessed through a common domain. The main idea is to enable greater communication and access within the Rebol community.

The main page of this website will switch to being a continuously updated summary and news feed, aggregating from various other Rebol-related sites and feeds.

These changes are likely to disrupt various services, web documents, and web links of various sorts. We will try to preserve as many as possible during the transition, and also try to minimize damage to search engine ranking/results.

Also... we are looking for developers and administrators to set this up using Linux and Rebol technologies (based on Rebol3 wherever possible.) Drop by [rebol and red] on Stackoverflow to reach key members of the community.


Current Articles

Is Git working ok for R3?
It's time to merge A111 changes.

Clarifying the REBOL Library Design
How the Host, R3 Lib, and Extensions interface.

REBOL Quick Reference Card
Finally, it's a part of the website.

REBOL Hosting Service Providers
Looking for a server to host REBOL scripts? Here are a few.

New Bitset Documentation
Useful for character-maps, allocation tables, and more.

PARSE Summary Updated
Many powerful new features added to R3

REBOL Extensions
First draft (was plugins, but renamed)

Example Extension Released
Includes source code and binary.

REBOL Trace Function
Updated documentation worth reading.

SECURE function does more now
New features can be controlled.

Consistency of comparison functions
We've made some important changes in R3.

REBOL 3.0 Development
All the main links can be found here.




Common Links

Carl's REBOL Blog

REBOL 3.0 Blog

REBOL 3.0 Docs

REBOL DocBase (old Wiki)

REBOLWeek News

REBOL Community


Cheyenne Web Server

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