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11-Nov-2008 - Spam removed [0030] 11 Cmts
2-Jul-2008 - This blog is resting. [0029] 11 Cmts
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11-Nov-2008 - Spam removed [0030]

Quite a few spams were posted in this blog's comment sections, and we have cleared them out. Sorry about that.

Our thanks go to Didier for bringing this to our attention.


2-Jul-2008 - This blog is resting. [0029]

Just a note: this blog is basically... in standby archive mode these days. Our focus has been on REBOL 3.0 development, so nothing much new is happening on 2.7 right now.


17-Mar-2008 - Post REBOL 2.7.6 compatibility problems here [0028]

This blog is for posting any compatibility problems you have found in 2.7.* relative to 2.6.*.

The purpose of doing this is to help other coders who might be searching for some answers.

For example, using 2.7, the script that builds REBOL stopped working. It is a complex script, and I finally tracked it down to this little change that came from the new SWITCH added back in 2.7.2:

In 2.6.*:

>> switch [x] [y [1] x [2]]
== 2

In 2.7.6:

>> switch [x] [y [1] x [2]]
== none

It make sense because 'x is not the same thing as [x]. The problem is the result of the 2.6 SWITCH code which used SELECT and that allows this kind of selection. (Search for a value or a block sequence of values.) But, in 2.7, SWITCH is a native function and does not have that subtle effect.

And, if you are asking "is this a good coding practice" in general (to use a block with a word as a switch value), the answer is no. It is not good practice, and I avoid that in my own code. (Note: I did not write the above build script.)


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