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This blog provides advanced technical notes and discussions regarding the design and implementation of the new REBOL 3.0 system. It is intended for experts.

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20-Feb-2011 - Relative speeds from compiler optimizations [0352]

As an experiment for A111, I compared various compiler optimizations using the simple technique shown in this line:

r3 --do "print [size? system/options/boot speed?]"

Here are the results for different optimizations:


You can see that the default -O2 used for releases produces a good blend of results.

Measurements taken on a mid-priced CPU: Intel i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz (quad core.)


12-Feb-2011 - Is Git working ok for R3? [0351]

A few months back we set-up Git for the R3 Host Kit source code control. This was a suggestion from a REBOL user for tracking releases and changes. We picked Git for the reasons listed in the above link.

It has come time to release R3 A111, and I'm looking at Git for source submissions. On github, I see changes from Oldes. That's great, thanks Oldes. So, are there any other change submissions? If so, where might they be posted?

The purpose of github was to use a well-supported central source management service. But, if Oldes and I are the only github users, I'm not sure it's worth the effort. It's easier for me to use R3 devbase to fetch and post source code changes, and it works on every target platform, and I've got the full power of R3 scripting behind it. Perhaps that's what I should use, and someone else can become a "gateway" back and forth to github.

Also, I will admit that these days I'm very busy with special projects that I don't have time to follow various discussions and message threads. But, I check in with BrianH, Cyphre, Ladislav, RobertM, Henrik, Gregg, and DocKimbel on a regular basis. If you need to reach me, contacting one of them might be the best path.

Anyway... R3 A111 is ready for release. If I can find any other changes this weekend, I will merge them. Otherwise, A111 will be released as is, and we can merge other changes into A112.


12-Nov-2010 - The SPEC-OF an Object [0350]

In R3, functions have "specs". These are interface and operational specifications. For example, arguments passed to a function, help strings, return values, exception handling, trace/profile controls, etc.

It is intended for objects (hence modules) to also accept a spec. This is one way to provide help strings for an object, enforce typing of the object's fields, along with other features.

The problem is: what should be done with specs when a sub-object is made. If we keep the spec, it would be nice to make it a reference, not a copy.

Then, there's the issue of mold: would all sub-objects mold the spec back or not?

So, it's not well defined. It may need to wait for post 3.0.0.


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