Datatype Specs

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
4-May-2006 18:41 GMT

Article #0022
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How many times have you wanted to type:

help time!


help event!

to get more information about the specific features of a datatype?

In REBOL 3.0 datatypes will include a specs block similar to that found in functions. This will allow you to query any datatype to find out more about it, such as a short description, general category (block or string), range or limits, and what path fields or indexes have meaning to it (e.g. date/yearday, time/hour, event/type).

This addition will make the help function more useful and make REBOL more friendly to new users.

One issue to think about: should the spec be a block or an object? A block is consistent with functions, but an object is simpler (not a spec dialect) and easier to access. Post your comments.


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