Expanded console return values?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
29-Sep-2006 22:24 GMT

Article #0046
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Do you want to see more values printed as the default return in the console?

In R2.0, if you type:

>> obj: make object! [a: 10 b: 20]

you see no result. This is intentional. It saves you from seeing what could be a very large return value (imagine SYSTEM object here).

Currently, in R3, the console returns this result:

>> obj: make object! [a: 10 b: 20]
== make object! [
    a: 10
    b: 20

This has been useful to me, due to the required level of testing necessary for building a new REBOL.

The question for you is this: Would that result be useful to you as well?

It may be possible to make it a "mode" option of the console.

I realize this is a little issue. But, there is a very long list of such little issues that require thought and discussion. Also, it's not really as little it may seem. Consider the shocked reaction a new user may have the first time he types the word SYSTEM at the console.


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