Deprecate CONTEXT?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
11-Feb-2007 18:51 GMT

Article #0059
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As you know, REBOL defines the word context as a shortcut for:

make object! [...]

I've noticed that many developers do not use context, electing to use make object! instead. That's fine. I'm often reluctant to use context myself, but I end up using it anyway because it's short and sweet.

The question is, do we want to keep context for REBOL 3.0?

This is one of those subtle naming problems. The context function creates an object, not really a context. There is a close relationship between the two, but they are not identical. So, context as a function is a misnomer.

All of this may seem trivial, and in the bigger picture, it is. But, there are quite a few of these little "loose ends" that I'd like to resolve and nail down for REBOL 3.0.

If we want to deprecate context, as perhaps we should, what do you think we would use instead?

Using a pattern similar to the func function shortcut, some possibilities are:

object [...]
obj [...]
to-object [...] ; assuming TO does what we want

Other ideas?


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