Faces, Widgets, or Gadgets?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
23-May-2008 20:40 GMT

Article #0134
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So, on the lighter side, I need your help...

What do we want to call our primary GUI element?

The choices are:

 FaceFrom the word interface. R2 used this name because it is short, unique, and accurate. (It also makes some fun function names, like make-face, show-face, hide-face, etc.) However, this word is not standard in the world of GUI's, and in the font domain it has another meaning. And we used the related word facet to refer to a property of a face.
 GadgetThe word that the Amiga operating system used for graphical objects. The word was selected by master wordsmith RJ Mical (creator of the Intuition GUI) because of its inference to small mechanically interactive objects.
 WidgetA word used by many GUI systems which came from the fact that no good word could be thought of for the concept. (Prior to this usage, the word widget was a reference to generic unnamed objects.) However, the name has become fairly standard, and unfortunately, some systems (OSX, Konfabulator, etc.) also use this word for a class of applets (a higher level concept, more than just a GUI element.)

There are trade-offs to whatever word we select, but I want to query the user-base before we make any final decisions. Please make your opinion known in the comment section. Thanks.


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