Status: R3 A30 released to larger group

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
12-Jan-2009 23:13 GMT

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Today R3-A30 was released to a larger group of developers for testing. If this test goes well, we will make R3 available to even more developers in coming releases.

Included within this release are mechanisms for:

  • Communicating about it - the CHAT function
  • Browsing the main document wiki - the DOCS function
  • Keeping it updated - the UPGRADE function
  • Browsing the bug database - the BUGS function

Special notes:

  • All developers should carefully read the banner that comes up when R3 is run.
  • To test, you must have direct TCP/IP access to HTTP (not via proxy).
  • There is no sandbox in this release, so...
  • Use only at your own risk. This is a test prototype, not yet for building your applications.
  • Please read: R3 Alpha - contains important notes.

With feedback and help from developers, we hope to advance R3 more quickly now.


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