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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
4-Feb-2009 4:10 GMT

Article #0172
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R3 needs a small amount of code to make its Linux release more usable.

Specifically, we are looking for implementations of:

  • CALL - Forks an external application. We're looking for something fairly short and simple. (Note we already have R2 code for this which we could use, but it's quite long and complex, dealing with redirection/pipes, etc., and we'd prefer something simpler.)
  • BROWSE - Opens the web browser to a given URL. This requires that we know what the default browser is on a Linux system. We need code to do that. We hope Linux has an official standard here now. (It didn't used to.)
  • EXPLORE - Opens a given folder at the Desktop level of Linux. (BTW, this name is not final, that's just what it's called on Win32.)
  • THREAD - Spawns a thread in Linux (with its own thread-local variable space).

We're not experts on more recent Linux architectural improvements, so if you know how to do any of the above, please let me know via RebDev, Feedback, or a comment here (I will review them every few days.)


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