SECURE secure, debug, and protect

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-Aug-2009 18:10 GMT

Article #0228
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These policies have been added to the SECURE function:

 securesecure usage of the SECURE function from changes. This is important, because otherwise any program can change security to whatever it wants.
 protectsecure the PROTECT function that protects values, series, objects, and hiding.
 debugsecure the TRACE and STACK debugging functions.

For example:

secure [secure quit]

will protect your code from changes in security. (Note that not even your own program can change security after that... which is actually the way you want it to work.)

It is likely that there are a few other enhancements needed. One we need for sure is the security requestor (popup) to request changes to security (the ASK action.)

See the SECURE function for details.


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