Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
14-Aug-2009 15:23 GMT

Article #0235
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I need a lot more from REPLACE than what it offers... and for quite some time now.

I know some of you do too, and that some of you have already made your own functions. I'm not suggesting a fancy dialect here (we can use PARSE enhancements for that) nor a nice template substitution like REWORD.

What I want are those few common replacement features you would find elsewhere, but at high speed. I've said it before.

For example, I often want to replace one set of chars with another. E.g. change all "-" to "_"... along with a few other chars at the same time. Such replacement can be very high speed.

This is fairly easy to write and can be done as a native. We just have a few basic decisions to make.


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