The no-boot option

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
25-Sep-2009 19:27 GMT

Article #0253
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R3 A83 includes a no-boot option for gurus.

rebol --no-boot

It was necessary to add this command line option to allows experts to test changes to the begin function which establishes and adjusts the primary environment, boot options, and security.

This option is tested after host level mezzanine inclusions (Reb_Init_Code) in host-main.c at:

if (!(Main_Args.options & RO_NO_BOOT))
    n = REBOL_Start(0); // returns TRUE on halt

This prevents REBOL_Start which simply does a bind and try on what's called the root-script... which these days is simply:

do [

But, note... very soon it will be moved from /intrinsic into the system context, making it just:


Anyway, I'm documenting this for those of you who feel confident enough to edit system/intrinsics/begin, the source of which can be found in the chat #26 mezz archive. But, BrianH is the guru there, so be sure to check with him on any changes.


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