Accept all characters in direct lexical form?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-Oct-2009 23:50 GMT

Article #0261
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Here is a simple question, but perhaps not a simple answer:

Do we allow non-printing characters within a character literal?

For example, we now accept chars like:

>> to integer! #"^J"
== 10

But, what if the ^J is actually a char code 10?

Currently, R3 allows that. However, CureCode #1232 reports this feature as a bug.

Arguments can be made both ways, for and against.

If we decide not to allow it, then we should not allow any such literals below U+0020. (As for possible unprintable literals above that, I think we need to accept them all.)

Not that this does not affect how strings and files deal with such characters. We're only talking about the char literal format here.


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