PARSE: split the function?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
9-Oct-2009 18:56 GMT

Article #0266
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As you know, parse has two modes:

  1. A major-mode: parse according to BNFish rules specified in layered blocks. Returns TRUE or FALSE.
  2. A mini-mode: split a string according to simple delimiting rules. Returns a block of results.

The second is a shortcut for very common types of string delimiting, such as CSV. In fact the first can implement the second.

It has been suggested that these two behaviors do not belong in the same function. An important point is that they return different types of results.

This change is not difficult, other than picking a new name. In fact, the new function could be a mezzanine, not a native.

I want to poll the userbase to determine the level of interest in this change.


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