Delayed init of built-in modules

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
23-Oct-2009 20:08 GMT

Article #0280
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As I start to use R3 more for real apps, specific needs pop up. For example, for writing R3 CGI, I'd really like CGI built-in, but unlike R2, I don't want them to init if I don't need it.

That is I want delayed loading of certain boot modules. This goes for various other useful functions.

The mechanism would work the same was as it does with import. I'd write:

import 'cgi

and it would check first if it's built-in and load/init if so.

This way REBOL can have all the general features it needs, but not require boot time or memory when those modules are not needed. Because such modules are compressed, they don't take much memory when not used... and it let's us put quite a lot of what we need into the standard distribution: protocols, DB interfaces, toolboxes, etc.

Your thoughts?


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